G.A.P. Kin 154: White Spectral Wizard codes Lunar Kali 18: Cube 12: FREE Will

White Spectral Wizard

White Spectral Wizard
Yellow Spectral Seed White Spectral Wizard Red Spectral Serpent
  Blue Electric Hand
I Dissolve in order to Enchant
releasing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Happy Galactic Birthday to Galactic Synchronization Crew 154!  This Crew in the MonKEY Bio-Region is composed of  Rachel Rhythmic Night, Sarah Overtone Moon and Michael Cosmic Wind  🙂
The Analog is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Spectral Serpent.  The G-force is Yellow Galactic Seed, which also codes our Galactic Synchronization on July 26, 2013.  The PSI for Lunar 18 is Overtone Monkey.
Postulate 14.11:  “The self-evolving planetary network of radiosonic architecture registering the analog functions of the higher analog functions is enhanced by the development of  “soul boats“:   radiosonically crafted carriers of the fourth-dimensional double that extends the activity of the double far beyond the biological life span of the current era.  The human species itself evolves into a race of Wizard people whose third-dimensional body take root in a type of elementary garden culture, while forms of deep meditation and trance activity allow the projected doubles greater and greater extension into the galactic order of the universal life.”  (This  longest Postulate is great  “food for thought’  :))
The following addresses Gg’s question about the Galactic Activation Portals:
Reimar, Cosmic Night called the GAPs a filter for the Divine.  That is echoed by this site:  http://dusan.satori.sk/tzolkin/portal.htm  which says that the Galactic Activation Portals are an opportunity to  “Become a vessel for the Divine”
“The grid of Galactic Activations reminds us of two spiraling strings of DNA – a fractal of life’s core-structure. Graphic of 13:20 Tzolkin/Harmonic Module

“Also, one can see two pyramids holding a diamond-shaped crystal. The upper pyramid is standing upside-down, drawing energy from above, from cosmic source – the lower one is symbolizing nourishment from the Earth. The diamond-shaped pattern at the center symbolizes the seed. Nourished from above and below the potentials of heaven and earth are uniting and giving birth to creation.

 Portal days are energy nodes between common Earth-time and Galactic time, time-wave intersections that facilitate the reception of cosmic knowledge.

Stand aside and become a passage for the divine  🙂

   Catalytic Blue KALICatalyze;  Secret Center:  “My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat within.”   BACK of the Radion Cube;  TIME: _____ on BACK of Codon Cube 47.

UR EARTH 5:   Day Earth;  4th Solar Witness:  Red Lunar Earth;  4th year of the Mystery of the Stone:  2007-2008.

TELEKTONON Day 18:   Seal Five coded by Kin 44:  Yellow Overtone Seed.  5T lost generation;  White Electric Mirror.

Cube Twelve:  FREE WILL.  “By my continuing conscious power of FREE WILL, may prophesy release victory of the 13 moons as the power of Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!”  “MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”

Here is a new video from Rysa  called “Galactic Telepathic Imagination“: http://www.youtube.com/user/rysa5#p/a/u/2/29SxSKkYZPM 

Thanks to S’ace  Solar Wind for these illustrations of affordable houses:  Gers or Yurts.



S’ace also sent  this beautiful Spectral  image  🙂

Tomorrow is our Crystal Eagle Round Table, on Lunar 19;  Cube 13:  PROPHECY. 

On Lunar 13, Cube 7, there was a life-shattering, Earth-shifting 7.1 Quake in Christchurch, on the middle 7th day  of the 13 days  between Crystal Wind and Crystal Eagle. 

For several reasons/synchronicities, it feels right to begin our Synchronized Crystal Round Table at 11:11. a.m. (Pacific Daylight Time)   This is a reminder of 11:11, Valum Votan, who brought us the Rainbow Bridge Meditation,  and who closes the Cycle at 11:11 a.m. on Blue Crystal Hand, 12/21/201211:11 a.m. falls during the Blue Crystal Hand Watch of Crystal Eagle  🙂 

It also reminds us of the 11 feet the Earth shifted on Red Rhythmic Moon on the 41st day of the Red Overtone Moon year.  11:11 also connects us to the first Rainbow Bridge Meditation at 11:11 a.m. on our GM108X Day-out-of-Time in Christchurch.

 Your feedback, ideas and questions about our first Synchronized Crystal Round Table are appreciated, so that our second one will be even more powerful.  “Practice makes Perfect”  🙂 

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 18.   Cube 12:  FREE WILL     UR EARTH 5  Kin 154


24 thoughts on “G.A.P. Kin 154: White Spectral Wizard codes Lunar Kali 18: Cube 12: FREE Will

  1. Hi TMQ & alah kin 😉

    thX :: giving attention to those GERs …
    i also give notice to the word YURT which is originally the place where a GER is located (for a while); so it is actually refering to a CAMP(US).

    i sense this as a crucial motiv in the both wor(l)ds !

    here is the crown of the GER

    See how it exemplifies the EYES of the organic structure 🙂

    When you are in such a living “creature” it behaves as a WOMB where the family comes together in guided performances that align to the intuit essence of each member.

    Anyway i had the privilege to host such a GER which was built by my friend Jeroen out of one tree : a LARCH-tree ; that was sacredly asked to cut it down in the wish for living in it … (Tree Spirit is by then given opportunity to leave the tree for the human being that utilizes natural gifts)

    The GER is a practical way of livin for many climate variations … well of course this is only valid if the stove can get its food (wood to feed the fire) … althought solarcells might even work out in applied constructs 😉

    may all wizards feed the rainbowww!

  2. i was surprised to see the dusan satori site raise in the article …

    here is a mapping that once fed me on AWE … given its references and cooperation by references as Jose Arguelles and Ken Wilber …


    Mark number 13 and see how the symbols communicate something special …

    see for symbol 13 in the array:

    i saw a clip on the TED shows: http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/560

    There i see the term SINGULAR UNIVERSITY rise as HighTechTerm to “claim” that attitude to the world that envowes and develops into noosphere alliance.

    Silence is the most rewarded “Science” people adore and are magnetized by(e) …


    ?What is the bivideotex conversion to SILENCE ?

    8 9 12 5 13 3 5 => 55 (5×11)

    numb’oracle read?
    11 iz in sync with todaya SPECTRAL TONE
    5 refers to the SEAL SERPENT which colors from LIFEFORCE into INSTINCT

    hmmm … how does that feel , my pruDancees?

    } note that SCIENCE is 12-3=9 points down to 55: 46 {

    • hmmm at 1st glance i couldnot see the implication made by 46 – SCIENCE numerical de-mirrored value – but then the AHA-moment flamed my sync-mode: didnt we lately decoded GOD into 23 (7+12+4)

      } GO=19 and 4 the mystery ? {

      so there we are … SCIENCE is as the doubled GOD … which includes the D’ualistic Mode for Creating -wilDguess- “TRADE”

      but then the co-urse must be the triple-gate … 3×23=69 AHA

      what does 69 mean?

      (let me be silent for a while on this)

      • (in the silent mode)


        7 9 1 4 9 => 28

        there u are … twentyeight!

        in 7777 mode this means 13×28=364 daya a yearcycle + the sync one 365th ; in 4 year”camp” this means 365+1 for the road … :: time’space

        which pivotes the wholly thing in 9991 at a glanc~eye …


        WIND itself makes 4 9 13 4 => 30 but see how :: 9 13 :: shows up 22 as the KA tha lysher

        :-))) we are on a schedule!

      • Dear S’ace;

        Thank You for your many enlightening contributions!

        Actually, since 0 is the 15th letter of the alphabet, GOD = 7+15(=22 :))+ 4 = 26.
        This makes GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) a perfect fractal of our 260 Kin Tzolkin, and of course, All that Is 🙂


    • hi GeeGee 😉

      i received a nice clip from the round T’able:

      (a must for about 535 seconds)

      in fact i’ve been at that place several (2?) times …

      and also was charmed by the 4 birch trees above a hill …


  3. wizard’s eleven;
    found at library…by Sheri S. Tepper, kin 174, Overtone Wizard.
    Who appeared several times while eye was at ‘The Labyrinth’ in Beaverton Oregon, ‘Eating My Way to Heaven’ in the dome…
    174 said it could help…
    Wizard’s Eleven…
    Barish…sounds like Barrisah…

    Consulting GeoDiosa Oracle, Ix-Chel blows in with the winds…

    Crystal Table set…
    a walk up the spinal cord…visioning plasmas placed…
    Life-Force pumps thru veins…fingertips…lips…eyes pulse…
    Now cube begins to form…
    Again…ley the lines…place the plasmas…
    for mi, the plasmas radiate their rainbow colors;
    feel the cube surround-sound…
    feel the son-ik boom in-case…
    now sides of cube pulse and become pi-ra-mids…
    cube is cube and star,
    this heptad; blue sphere surrounds…
    feel the codon…see the codon slip into UR/oUR spine…
    pulse thru the DNA charging oUR journey—
    envision US–these batteries pulsing all over Gaia..
    Rainbow Balls of Light…
    Pre-pairing to go within to the crystal-core…
    time-atoms in hand…
    (build small one with toothpicks)
    this ‘TIME’ coversing with Niobium…elemental 41
    highly magnetic…
    when ready-slip, fly, soar or seep into the Core-of-All…
    Great Waterfall of Plasma rushes up and out the Axis…
    When mi eyes see this–Eye feel the chords of all Life pulse brighter for an instant…the trees, birds, bugs…
    we all recieve a ‘power surge’.
    Flow con-tin-ues..
    Sphere…Time Atoms…
    Eye see many at the Core…
    At oUR Round Table of I.D.Era’s….
    we speak with telepathy….
    Like chi-all-d-ren…”Tell US a Path of E!”
    And the Wizard Speaks…
    not with words…
    with e=Motions and V.V.-Eye-Be-Raw-At-IONS..
    Eye clear my skin…
    let it be imprinted upon so that on my return path eye might
    re-member…tales and gnoses…mi-oaths and EAR’s…
    Eye give my breathe to this space…
    and recieve a different sort of air.
    empty and full
    IX-change of chi-channAll…
    Veins Ley the Lines…
    Key Holes Pulse…
    Stars Dreams Are Heard at the Core
    Place Time Atoms at the Crystal Core…
    sum-times eye leave it near Rainbow Life-Force WaterFall…
    Back into Cube…
    Activate by Visioning the Plasmas…
    Light Genie-E-Ra-Tors…
    Feel Spine Flow…
    Melt back to the Senses…
    Back to the Surface…
    Listen to the sounds…
    watch with eyes still closed as others return from the Round Table Crystal Core…
    Thank Them.
    Thank the Speaking tubes…
    the Life-Force…
    The G.A.P.s and Portals and Mystary’s that be…
    Thank the Air and Earth and Fire and Water…
    Slowly… (at a turtle’s pace)

  4. while at the core…
    practice breathe ix-er-size…

    breathe in (input) for five counts imaging five red seals; dragon
    STORE breath for five counts imaging white seals; wind

    OUTPUT breathe for five counts imaging blue seals; knight

    PROCESS MATRIX for five counts with breathe pushed out; suspended in no(noo-breathe) while in-visioning yellow seals; seed

    AGE-IN….while we feel the round table wizz around us…
    When U feel all present at the table and breathe has made it’s journey…
    continue to ix-plore the core-of-all…and do what U/WE/EYE do there…
    when ready…power up cube for journey back via Rainbow
    sprouting fountain from the Spine…
    (from this View it looks like the blow hole of a whale cum-inG our of the North Pole and circling the Whale Earth Mama and then going back into her stomache via gills/bellybutton/south pole…

    Eye turn in all directons to be sure the bridge is a sphere donut….


  5. As we walk through the steps of the Tzolkin Harmonic Module, there is a forward movement through the Solar Seals and Galactic Tones of time. Of course we can move backwards as well.

    I like to think of the GAPs as being places where we can suddenly move side-to-side and upwards and downwards with much more ease than on the other steps, thus bridging through time and space to alternate landscapes, lifetimes, and life stations.

    Smell how the air changes.

    -Jara Ra – solar mirror

    • hi ArajarA 😉 i like your palindrome which sort of includes a mirror (too) , which is character J, number 10 (planetary)

      in fact u are a’kin to my GUIDE which is SOLAR MIRROR KIN178 guiding a pathway :: SOLAR WIND – KIN022

      in my path the kweakspell is active and in its 2nd roundabout in a serial of 9×260=2340 (a number that breathes 1 because that is in the serial of 0*234′)

      your kin178 will therefor be spiced as (178+260=)438 which might open up some alternative clues to wonder on …

      i checked our kin on 10/3 and see it has WIZARD9 as a GUIDE …

      that is funny because Yaniq and me sum into 52+22=>74 WIZARD9
      a sort of a palindrome while we interact in various streams …

      well anyway GLAD u are here!

      ‘) 0*234 also indicates the second serie of 4 seals in the memory lane (seal 5-8) as crucial to reach for the stars 😉 => that is why this serie has no seal as a label for the 4 years as seed-moon-wizard-storm => note that red seal serpent is therefor the “thumb” considering the 4 as red fin-gears (fin=end and includes a noo beginning)

  6. dear TMQ,

    i like the idea O = 15 (3×5)

    but then my “destiny” map bivideotex declares O to be number/vibration 12

    And 12 is as character Y : 1 below and 2 above … inviting :: – as the center – to illustrate its decision how to interAct …

    does this make sense?

  7. There has just been a huge explosion in San Bruno – no explanation yet – dozens of houses on FIRE. San Bruno – in catholic iconography, he is depicted with a skull that he holds and contemplates with a book and a cross. He may be crowned with a halo of seven stars, or with a role bearing the device ??? “O bonitas.”


    • Thanks for letting us know, Christine.

      San Bruno is where San Francisco Airport is. Hmmm….

    • Hi Gg;

      If we seem vague, keep asking questions, and we’ll continue to clarify. Some of us have been studying the Law of Time materials for many years, others come upon this site knowing nothing, but stay because they’re curious, or the Truth strikes a chord: You for example 🙂

      The last two blogs (the 2nd one is still in progress) have answered your excellent questions, and there are probably many who were wondering the same. Thanks for enquiring; doing so helps everyone! There is no such thing as Too Many Questions: TMQ, to paraphrase you.

      Namaste, TMQ

  8. Hello!
    This is GSC 154, consisting of Rachel Kin 123 – Sarah Kin 109 – and Michael Kin 182, making our first comment as a Unified Whole, or as we like to call it in our Home, as a Family. We have been reading dear TMQ’s posts since Resonant Moon of the 4.4 year but had not been prepared to debut as a full-functioning GSC until now. We first received instruction to become a GSC, synchronistically on Kin 109 (Sarah’s Galactic Signature and the Kin that codes this year), of the 4.4 year, when we read Valum Votan’s “Call to Arms” of the Spiritual variety. That was when we were first introduced to the Idea of a Galactic Synchronization Crew and it has taken us until Now, to fully embody the Dream.

    In the Preface of Cosmic History Chronicles Vol.1, pg. VII, Cosmic History is defined as “the discourse of the soul in its stages of involution and in its stages of evolution”. Over the course of one Galactic Spin, the idea of being a GSC settled into our consciousnesses. We began to help each other out with our personal problems, and in so doing, learned to work together as a cohesive unit, but only internally. This was the involution. Now we are evolving outwardly and consciously, as this same unit.

    So here we find ourselves on Kin 154 of this Red Overtone Moon Year excited to be commenting on TMQ’s post and sharing our growth with you! Today – 14.11 – added to the Year – 9.5 – equals 263. When reduced by 260, Kin 3 (3.3 Blue Electric Night) encourages us to consciously Activate the Dream. Furthermore, 33 is the number of the Initiate and we have found ourselves now Initiated, Evolved, and Empowered to share the Mission with our 144-441 Cube of Truth Kin! We are dedicated to consistently commenting on this Blog from this moment forward in Time(lessness)! 🙂

    As an example of our individual strengths within this One Voice the first paragraph of this comment was written primarily by Kin 123, the second primarily by Kin 182, and the third primarily by Kin 109 while sitting together in our living room in the Monkey Bio-Region. Of course, input and encouragement were given throughout “our” paragraphs from the other members, but our own styles and personalities are integral as a display of the infinite possibilities contained within the Whole. And in our Vision, the Whole is a Living and Breathing Entity built on the Foundation that Peace, Harmony, and Love will prove Victorious as Prophesied. And here we are, GSC 154, charged by God to fulfill that Prophesy as that Living, Breathing Entity and we say Hello to you All. We’ll be with you at tomorrow’s Round Table.

    In Lak’esh
    ~ GSC 154

    • Dear Rachel, Sarah and Michael;

      How wonderful to hear from you on ‘your’ day, and to read that GSC 154 is

      “now Initiated, Evolved, and Empowered to share the Mission with our 144-441 Cube of Truth Kin! We are dedicated to consistently commenting on this Blog from this moment forward in Time(lessness)!”

      So glad you’ll be with us at 11:11 🙂
      Peace, Love & Truth, Kin 138

      • seeing those numbers 144 and 441 i add 414 because 154+260=414 😉

        that is a trinity-on-sync in the 2nd accumulating round of the Tzolkin!

  9. Awesome fellow truth and light vessels of harmony, Aotearoa New Zealand alpha omega land of the rising sun, makes sense we lead the world in realigning planets bio-rhythm of thirteen moons and our human internal clocks bio-rhythms of the quartermoon, fullmoon, threequartermoon and the no moon called a new moon, there is no moon in a new moon cycle, then builds again 13 times of synchronicity harmony the rest will sort it self out. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand First Galactic Community. Anything i can do to help with moving HERE, MY HOME IS YOUR HOME, 30 Camelot Place Glenfield, Auckland. Lets unite our physical with our dreamtime by coming together physically. i am another yourself.

    • Who are u speaking too?

      Lately Nz seems to b on my mind. If u guys aren’t suppose 2 come here, mayb i’m suppose 2 go there? Hmm..

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