Kin 156: Yellow Cosmic Warrior codes 9th Anniversary of “The Puncture in the Technosphere” and the end of Kin 144s Wavespell


Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Yellow Cosmic Sun
White Cosmic Worldbridger Yellow Cosmic Warrior Blue Cosmic Night
  Red Magnetic Serpent
I endure in order to question
transcending fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Today’s Analog is a P.V.C.S.:  Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger.   Cosmic Night, Reimar,  is our Analog, and 20.13  🙂 Cosmic Sun Guides us today.  The G-Force is Magnetic Dog, and Kin 33, Red Resonant Skywalker is the PSI for Lunar 20
 Chakra03.gif LIMI 20:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS
TELEKTONON Day 20:  13 Moons brings about the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition
Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness;  “May Victory discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons Way as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”  “MAY UNIVERSAL PEACE PREVAIL!”
 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceTHANK YOU  for all of yoUR comments, which  transformed the disappointment at losing the Crystal Eagle blog into something Positive and Unifying!

JamesYellow Galactic Seed was the G-Force on the day (Spectral Warrior) he had a parallel experience, in the physical world.  A stranger gave him so much help after his tire blew out.  “I believe she could have been an angel disguised as a human.”  That describes how all of yoUR recent comments make me feel about all of you!  🙂

After writing these words in yesterday’s  ‘disappeared blog’

ArajarA, Solar Mirror believes that G.A.Ps afford us omni-directional movement  “through time and space to alternate landscapes, lifetimes, and life stations.”  TMQ regrets she didn’t discover the omni-talented Jara before she left the Bay Area.  🙂 

TMQ checked her e-mail and learned from Christine Kin 133 about this event in the Bay Area:

(9/9/2010)  SAN BRUNO“A massive gas-fueled blaze which residents said looked like an apocalypse tore through a San Bruno neighborhood Thursday evening..a loud explosion shot a fireball more than 1,000 feet into the air”The area where the fire is burning in a residential area with several homes now engulfed in flamesThe numerical value of the letters in San Bruno equal 178.  178= White Solar Mirror, ArajarA!   In the method described by Valum Votan in CHC IV, San Bruno = 653-520 = 133=Electric Skywalker, Christine!

This happened during the P.V.C.S. Lunar World-Bridger  watch of Spectral Wizard. (14.11)Wizards Eleven by Sheri S. Tepper  Part of Moi Planetary Serpent’s inspiration for her/oUR wonderful Round Table Journey came from the author of this book:   Sheri S. Tepper, kin 174, Overtone Wizard (14.5)  That day, 14.11 plus the combined Kins for the Moon and Year (9.5 11.2= PV 20.7) equaled 14.5, Overtone Wizard! 

It seems oUR COOPERATION is increasing as much as oUR synchronicities  🙂 

This  from S’ace Solar Wind (his Guide is Solar Mirror ArajarA) struck several chords.  “As we allow that Truth to Shine forth from our hearts, it illumines the pathway to Unity – the Universal Christ Consciousness and destiny of Humanity”….”This imprint of a Geometric Tesseract is being referred to as  the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000″…many earthquakes on our planetary body (the macrocosm) this year have been shaking us to get ready to open our own personal body “seal”. (the microcosm). Additionally this “opening seal” and the “mark it left as an imprint on our forehead” created some scarily intense physical symptoms around our skull, brains, nerves and eyes (TMQ has been experiencing those physical symptoms since the beginning of this Lunar Moon) 

The article also mentioned The City Four Square or New Jerusalem, which Mike Overtone World-Bridger  recently brought to the attention of our 144- 441 Cube of TRUTH  🙂  Perhaps Mike‘s often extended, and graciously welcoming  invitation prompted Gg to write this today:  “Lately Nz seems to b on my mind. If u guys aren’t suppose 2 come here, mayb i’m suppose 2 go there? Hmm..”  Gg, what is your Galactic Signature?

The idea of our Cube of Truth gathering in New Jerusalem feels prophetic.  Perhaps the 7.1 will shift New Zealand’s immigration policy, or the Waitaha People of Peace  (which includes all genetic types) will Prevail.  They prophesied that people would be drawn here at the end of the 13 Baktuns to become The Rainbow Nation  🙂  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace6 is the number of sides on our Cube.  The 7.1 Earthquake on Lunar 13; Cube 7 and our Crystal Round Table on Lunar 19, Cube 13  all have the 6 in common:  Each pair of numbers are 6 apart, and each pair of numbers are 6 away from each other.

Today, September 11, is the 6 year anniversary  of  the mysterious ‘Prophetic Message” (described in the 9/11/2009 blog coded by Crystal Monkey {which 18.9 and 13.3 add up to, and which codes Madame Blavatsky}  :)) whichThe Mystery Queen received on her computer at 7:13 p.m. (19:13) on 9/11/2004.  That was 9 weeks after she finished her Solar-Galactic Return Year as a White Galactic Mirror.  The day of the message (6.7) plus the Moon (13.2: { TMQ is currently in her Lunar Skywalker year}) and First year of the Mystery of the Stone (19.12) added up to 18.8:  Galactic Mirror!

The message caused TMQ to do a Yahoo search for Solano County crop circles the next morning, thinking there might be clues in the several crop circles that had appeared 20 miles from her home  in Benicia, shortly after she had moved there in 2003.  Instead the search showed a newer circle also 20 miles from her home.6-17-04-solano-ctycawheat-blog
Solano County, CALIFORNIA –  June 17, 2004  (”bearded” wheat)
“A 300′ 11-circle “pictogram” style formation with an 185′ long “tail” made up of 28 evenly-spaced 6′6″ diam. circles which ended next to two high-tension electric transmission towers…”

June 17th,  Crystal 19 (precursor of  Blue Crystal Storm year?) was coded by 20.13, Yellow Crystal Sun.  This was 19 days before the end of TMQ’s Galactic Mirror year.

The message, combined with this crop circle of 39 (11 +28) Circles caused TMQ to drive to Ashland the following day.  At the Law of Time Gallery there, she was able to buy her first 13 Moon Calendar and several books.  She decided to read Valum Votan’s most recent book first:  Time and the Technosphere”, which actually has the 11-circled body from this crop circle on its cover! 

 “Time and the Technosphere” explains how the 9/11 event which struck the world’s financial center actually punctured the Technosphere, and ultimately leads to The Biosphere Noosphere Transition.  Then it became clear that the crop circle illustrates this:  The two electrical towers represent the twin towers, while the 28 Circles/ 28 days in a MOON are the Way to the Solution, the main body of this pictogram which is explained in this book.

Today, 16.13 and the combined Moon/Year;  PV Kin 2020.7 equals another Pacal Votan Clear Sign16.7, Yellow Resonant Warrior. 

Tomorrow we enter the Yellow Southern Castle of GIVING,  and we begin Red Earth Wavespell 13:  Power of NAVIGATION and SYNCHRONICITY. 

The 39 circles remind us of Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm.

19.13:  “All is number.  God is number.  God is in all.”  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 20.   Cube Fourteen:  TIMELESSNESS   Kin 156


19 thoughts on “Kin 156: Yellow Cosmic Warrior codes 9th Anniversary of “The Puncture in the Technosphere” and the end of Kin 144s Wavespell

  1. SAN BRUNO leads to number 178 in some map …

    in the bivideotex map i checked up SAN as 8/1/12=>21

    and we know 21 is also familiar in tha cardgame BLACK JACK as the winner takes it ALL

    BRUNO 2/9/6/13/12=>42 plus 21 gives 63 which spells 7 to 9 or also 7x3x3

    notye that BRUNO iz actually doubling the value of 21-the black jack

    so we have a triple black jack from BIVIDEOTEX perspective – which iz pretty cool to experience , i -as a living wavespell- can say that!

    Iz it a clue here that UNO or UN-O iz actually within the name of the spot that teases us with fire?

    may i have ur bursting lov ))) * (((

  2. I had a very powerful experience this morning at Stereo. I declared that two partners were my Ying and Yan. I then witnessed something powerful.

    I am available for calls now at 9:01am EST Sept 11th, 2010 +1 514 806 1223

  3. this morninG’s card drawn from an online deck;

    flowers mandaling…table blossoming…

    eye confess. A wave of tiredness washed over mi during oUR 11:11…
    (my time it was 2:11pm)….Eye actually fell asleep around 12 and slept solid until three. Upon waking eye had a deep sinking feeling…and sat up promtly to join. Eye remember a map from my dream…All the Ocean’s were re-named… Reflecting ‘Eel’s’….eye read the names of a few…then realized they wer all renamed for the Eel. Swimming deep in the waters…

    lingering table for mi…’after shocks’ of spinal jolts…
    bursts of brilliant colors and flowers that call mi to them from across the street. Spinal mess-age…mass-age 2daya…
    drawing reflections of table…admiring skin…
    questioning tiredness that could not wait to speak.

    Dr. Edward Bach, man of many flowers; Rythmic Moon
    And the Bach center;
    tone 9 plus seal 6…age-in…and aG-in…

    Time and the Technosphere inspired mi to link in all mi works. He links in the Tarot cards in the book….which led mi to do the same…and then the metals…and the trees and the elements…

    Yes. Thank you for the Nibiru link/mess-age.
    time-vessal of the in-time-Ate Krewship of Sychrono-City!

    • hi moi, i wondered about ur draw:

      Traditional Archetype: The Tower
      Planetary ruler: Mars

      think about 2 towers …
      what is the planetary ruler at that cooperation form?

      ~~~ (take ur split second)

      first the bivideotex vibration on TOWER
      (is that toWHERE too?)
      7 12 4 5 9 => 37

      didn’t we meet that number recently?
      the link meets on TURTH and RHYME

      might give a thought


      Planetary Ruler for 2 Towers might be VENUS …
      do u agree ? does it make sense ?

      Then i invite to see character 25 (or 2 in bivideotex’: Y
      the 2 heavens on top ? 1 earth below ? human in between ?

      So what is the program?
      How do EARTH and MOON fit in the Planetary Rulers?

      How do the characters above 20(T) speak: U V W X Y Z ?

      my draw on 911:
      U r ONE
      V enus
      W aka double U might be double star SIRIUS
      X pinpoints to MARS & pentagram ‘)
      Y iz Earth
      Z iz as a lightning idea that changes something inside on “)

      ‘) X should have a blank axis : that is the more true image that the human decision shows up; in handwriting the 4 ! lines comfortly fill the blank spot ~ which is of course the meditation point that illuminates the idea u as a whole person are really free to make up the mind onto its splendor
      The changed “X” implements VENUS are lifeforce relevant.
      ( yinyang effective 😉

      “) note that Z is the similar form as N , it is rotated 90 or even better 279 degrees clockwise or (at the same move) counterclockwise
      [this iz a reason for bivideotex that it came into existence]

      • hmmm i seem on sync with my brrrother dogon in some respect seeing his snapshot on character Z:

        “A part of the 1985 initial flowing included number and letter suggestions. The letters, H, Q and Z seemed interesting as a humorous rendition of entertainment. The letter H, as a single aspect relative to a numerology base, we see as symbolizing the piston power generating potential. The letter Q, as a doubled aspect linked to the letter H, represents the tapping of atomics. The letter Z, as the tripled aspect linked to both letters H and Q, represents the basic illusion processing ways. We refer to this as the triple zed processor setting. ”

        well anyway his reasoning base is different than mine (this happens and can endeepen the debug interval)

      • Eye will sit with U V W X Y and Z….
        let them map them-sea-elves….
        eye sea however that each time one clicks upon the card of the day link that eye provided…the card changes. For mi, it was the seven of wands…showing seven butterflies in the colors of the chakaura’s with a flower fairy in the middle…blossoming.
        so for mi, it was 7 W-ands.
        It would be intresting to ‘See’ what each memeber got when they clicked on the link….
        for U…it was the Tower….which is the very card Jose shows in the Time and the Technoshpere book mentioned in today’s post on 9/11.It is the Twin Tower card….
        my, how in synch you are.
        For mi, my meditation was still on the plasma’s and our table… so eye appropriately got the 7 wands card.

        feeling ur calculations…

  4. Here is a warrior to add to the list of Guy Laliberte (Thank you One Drop!), Anastasia (Thank you Space of Love!) , David Wolfe (Elements for life) and our beloved V.V. , TMQ and the Red Queen!

    Micheal Reynolds;

    Thank you Earthships!!
    Think we can get him ‘on board’ with building sum of his ships at the Crest13 locations? Perhaps him and V.V. could have High Tea…

    sum images;,25657,25901,26446,26515&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&cp=30&rlz=1T4ACGW_enUS302US302&wrapid=tljp1284219553285126&q=michael+reynolds,+earthships,&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=qqKLTMSxHsK88gbInOzrCg&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=4&sqi=2&ved=0CDIQsAQwAw&biw=1243&bih=514

    • This iz anoother sync dear MOI

      it iz about 7 years ago i met a guy Theo from Rotterdam who preached the Garbage Bible from Reynolds …

      in Zwolle, Netherlands such a TeaRoom was built from oct2009 and opened in Spring 2010

      Not all materials are garbage but a lot of it is used in the building structure; i’ld say an earth filled wall is no garbage at all (unless it is poisoned by man)

      }}} T’ouch {{{

  5. And in the header of this website, we sea US!!!
    Cheers to oUR Earth Warriors!!
    Nader Khalili;

    Mi inner child says,
    ” Can’t we have a black-book party and invite these Warriors to a Crest13 location…to gather….and all of US kin can come and we can create a Magical Time where we get oUR assignments and learn oUR skills and then go DO. The Event can be put together for very little…bring your own food and such…and then Warriors can contribute some (because they are in more of a position to) and US kin who have the desire and energy can learn and form GSC teams to carry out our various visions.”

    dreaming the day a-way…


    911 Agamemnon is a trojan asteroid that orbits the Sun at the same distance as the planet Jupiter. It is located in the leading Lagrangian point L4.

    It was discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth on March 19, 1919, Solar 13, Rhythmic Serpent, in Heidelberg, Germany. It is named after King Agamemnon, a main character of the Iliad.

    Although not the equal of Achilles in bravery, Agamemnon was a dignified representative of kingly authority. As commander-in-chief, he summoned the princes to the council and led the army in battle. He took the field himself, and performed many heroic deeds until he was wounded and forced to withdraw to his tent. His chief fault was his overwhelming haughtiness. An over-exalted opinion of his position led him to insult Chryses and Achilles, thereby bringing great disaster upon the Greeks.

    After the capture of Troy, Cassandra, doomed prophetess and daughter of Priam, fell to Agamemnon’s lot in the distribution of the prizes of war.

    In Greek mythology, Cassandra (Greek: Κασσάνδρα, “she who entangles men”,[1] also known as Alexandra[2]) was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy. In an alternative version, she spent a night at Apollo’s temple, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean so that she was able to hear the future. This is a recurring theme in Greek mythology, though sometimes it brings an ability to understand the language of animals rather than an ability to know the future.[3] However, when she did not return his love, Apollo placed a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her predictions. She is a figure both of the epic tradition and of tragedy, where her combination of deep understanding and powerlessness exemplify the tragic condition of humankind.

    Skywalker program enact…emergency 911 code…help me to hear…

  7. Hello to All of the 144-441 Cube of Truth Family Members!!!

    Since writing in on Kin 154, we experienced some incredible synchonicities involving two visiting family members of Kin 123 from the Eagle Bio-Region who arrived on Kin 155 (an Eagle day!). We’d like to add these Kin to our 144-441 Cube of Truth, and here are a few reasons why it is meant to Be:

    1. Rachel’s mother, Janet, is Kin 214 which happens to code next year’s Year Bearer.

    2. Another important member of her family, James, is Kin 155, the Kin coding the day he arrived! Incidentally, We were unaware of this until yesterday.

    3. James (155) and Janet (214) together equal 109, Kin of GSC member Sarah and the current Year Bearer.

    4. James (155), Janet (214), and GSC member Rachel (123) together equal 232, the combined Kin of Rachel (123) and Sarah (109).

    5. The combined G-Forces of James (34), Janet (84), and GSC Members Michael (196), Sarah (107), and Rachel (253) equals 154!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blew us away!

    6. 154 can also be seen as 15.4, Kin 95, or 9.5, Kin of GSC Member Sarah and the current Year Bearer!

    7. The combined Kin of Rachel (123) and her mom (214) equals 77. The combined G-Force of Rachel (253) and her mom (84) also equals 77. 77 + 77 = 154! The combined Kin of Michael (182) and James (155) is also 77. Kin 77 is Crystal Earth, and it is our Resonance with the Earth’s Octahedral Crystal Core that is necessary to spring the Rainbow Bridge.

    8. The combined Kin of Sarah (109) and her mother Liz (46) equals 155. The combined G-Forces of Sarah (107) and Liz (48) also equals 155!

    9. Lastly, James (155) revealed that his blood family owns property in Wharekauhau County on the North Island of New Zealand. Although his attempts to become a citizen there were thwarted, we now have a personal connection to TMQ’s bio-region (and a place to stay when we visit!)

    Needless to say, We felt that yesterday was extremely significant, and the fact that We welcomed new family members into our home on the same day that our Cube of Truth Family meets at its telepathic home on the lawn of Camelot felt like the work of a great universal energy making itself known! Thank you for the shared energy. We definitely felt you all.

    In Lak’esh
    GSC 154

    Incidentally, James and Janet’s flight was scheduled to land at 11:11 AM that day 🙂 However, it arrived ahead of schedule and Rachel received a text saying so at 10:33 AM. 1033 reduces to Kin 253, Rachel’s G-Force!

  8. knight tone 9 Gg, Thats us bro. Aotearoa New Zealand alpha omega land of the rising sun, makes sense we lead the world in realigning planets bio-rhythm of thirteen moons and our human internal clocks bio-rhythms of the quartermoon, fullmoon, threequartermoon and the no moon called a new moon, there is no moon in a new moon cycle, then builds again 13 times of synchronicity harmony the rest will sort it self out. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand First Galactic Community. The Maori’s that live on and around the mountain that rises like a ROCK straight out of the ground and the top of this Mt Hikurangi is more often than not in the clouds, it is impressive. The Maori honour this mountain and we may need to rewarm there hearts to the message of the Ancients. This is where the settlement New Jerusalem is and where i believe the 13 crest project should start asap, i didn’t win lotto still feel rich with whats important. Godbless my door is open ph 09 4447534

  9. Always Kiwi.
    Exemplary. 😉

    Had many reconnections todaya – carried gene/meme/biochemical reaction exactly 1.1 miles down my street to love my neighbors. So rare in this age of utter disconnect. We must speak as often as possible about natural time.

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