Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth begins Wavespell 13 on Lunar Silio 21

Red Magnetic Earth

Red Magnetic Earth
Blue Magnetic Hand Red Magnetic Earth White Magnetic Wind
  Yellow Cosmic Seed
I Unify in order to Evolve,  Attracting Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Analog is GAP Kin 222:   Magnetic Wind; 2.1 is reminiscent of Hunab Ku Day 21.  The Antipode, Kin 27, Magnetic Hand (7.1) reminds us of the 7.1 Earthquake 8 days ago. The G-Force of Magnetic Synchrotron is Blue Self-Existing Hand, whose 7.4 is the Mayan way to denote 144  🙂  Lunar 21 corresponds to the PSI of Galactic Wizard.
Postulate 17.1The purely fourth-dimensional radiosonic mass released from third-dimensional anchoring within its radiantly perfected transport vehicle or soul boat, encounters the future in all of its luminously radial hyperdimensionality.  Absorbed into the pure future of post-organic hyperdimensional time, the radiosonic mass enters true timelessness, experienced as the quality of  “always existing“.”

   Chakra04.gif  Silio 21:  HEART;  Discharge

Codon Cube 47, and the Blue Occult Telepathic Time Atom to the HEART of our EARTH.
Red Earth Wavespell  13:  Power of Navigation 

Red Magnetic Earth

White Lunar Mirror
Red Cosmic Moon

Yellow Crystal Star

Blue Electric Storm
Blue Spectral Hand

Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Planetary Worldbridger

Red Overtone Dragon

White Rhytmic Wind

Blue Resonant Night

Yellow Galactic Seed

Red Solar Serpent

TELEKTONON Day 21New Heaven-New Earth:  2000-2011Establishment of the Noosphere as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Cube Fifteen:  VISION  8th Weaving: Victory of the 144,000 becomes the measure of New Heaven, New Earth.  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle power of Vision, may the 13 Moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised Second Creation Peace!”

Here is a  fascinating and informative video about “Mars,  Planet of a Thousand Mysteries”: 

Here is an example of the beautiful results as “the solar wind stream continues to hit Earth‘s magnetic field”, energizing her radial plasmas during the  powerful solar storm happening now:Spectacular Northern Lights display pictured after violent space storm

For a vaster view of our Universe and beyond, see this beautiful video about the incomprehensibly largest Black Holes:

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThen back on Earth            Moi  Planetary Serpent brings us information about Michael Reynolds who transforms Waste into Wonder(ful homes)  These beautiful self-sustaining homes are built from tires filled with sand, then sculpturally molded via adobe into abodes  🙂  Years ago, TMQ saw a  video of Dennis Weaver’s stunning  Earthship home, and agrees with Moi that these would be great in oUR Cube Community!  It will also be wonderful to implement her wish for us to gather on the same place on Earth.

Moi also liked us a  “concept (that) was originally presented by architect Nader Khalili to NASA for building habitats on the moon and Mars, as “Velcro-adobe”. It comes from years of meditation, hands-on research and development, and searching for simple answers to build with Earth”  “Cal-Earth believes that the whole family should be able to build together, men and women, from grandma to the youngest child…”  They are converting the results of war into homes of Peace.

This Red Earth Wavespell 13 of Synchronicity begins with an amazing report of SYNCHRONICITIES from GSC 154:  Rachel Rhythmic Night, Sarah Overtone Moon and Michael Cosmic Wind “Since writing in on Kin 154, we experienced some incredible synchonicities involving two visiting family members of Kin 123.  We’d like to add these Kin  {Rachel’s  Mother,  Janet  Rhythmic Wizard, and James Crystal Eagle} to our 144-441 Cube of Truth.” 

We happily welcome  Janet and  James from the Eagle bio-region, along with Gg who is  Blue Solar Night.  🙂   Does anyone know which Bio-Region contains the Hawaiian Islands?  Pedro Self-Existing Warrior  recently joined us from Brasil, our first Kin in the  EARTH region.  Scott Resonant Star is also from the  Eagle Region, and we recently welcomed young Valentin Spectral Hand from the Sun bio-region  🙂

The Yellow Castle of Giving  began with  MoiS’ace,  ChristineMike,  GgScott and GSC 154 giving  inspiring and  enlightening comments.   🙂  Many of you have already enjoyed ArajarA‘s musical gifts, and James Galactic Seed gave us the chance to see his Art, including this for Hunab Ku 21: ImageShack, free image hosting, free video hosting, image hosting, video hosting, photo image hosting site, video hosting siteELF  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 21.   { Hunab Ku 21 Cube Fifteen:  VISION      Kin 157

9 thoughts on “Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth begins Wavespell 13 on Lunar Silio 21

  1. By my spacial distance proportion mecha I would guess that “The Pineapple State” is in Hand territory.

  2. the momentum gesture envowed to me to put a Question ::ward:

    “What does the noo Y ear starting from 912/2010 aka MagneticEarth bring us, the TMQ crew?”

    i draw it here on the YI simple Yarrow

    and saw the result shortly:

    Hexagram 44 (oops as in 441 414 144 combined with 1-ness?)



    Woman power.
    No use to grab the woman

    The great image says:
    Everywhere under Heaven there is Wind: the heir.
    The prince carries out his mandate, proclaiming it to the four regions

    THEN the changeline on 3 spoke:

    Hexagram 06


    The Gong speaks

    If one has truth there is obstruction
    Alert and central: auspicious
    To the end: pitfall
    Harvest: seeing great people
    No harvest: crossing the great stream

    The great image says:
    Heaven associating with water is incompatible movement: contention.
    The noble one, when he sets up affairs, plans ahead.


    EARTH is the planets navigathor ~ including all its lifecrew longing :: transcedance (?)

  3. well some resources give a big laugh

    when someone invite you in his bathroom

    mayba bathroom iz b’earthroom as the showhere and the river to get a beadtieD which are incredible great moments to see aGain for what was transformed in ur very existenceYE

    “BUDDHA is not a referred person but it means AWAKENED ONE”

    As my good ol free-end ST’eve (of constructions) wrote : “today ur here and tomorrow u are Gone”

    Geeeeeeeeee (Q responded him) ONE

    how spiritual iz our very langu’age in the neocorteX’traordinary UniQ

  4. The “official” start of American Football started today – an easy replacement for staid, hokey third dimensional religion – it’s in HD! With beer! And boobies! Weird message placement:

    You don’t need to watch any of this. What’s funny is that the program calendar in the lower right hand corner below the video widgit lists Thursday’s program:

    Cosmic Schein

    The mess/ages are coming thru whether they noo it or not. 😉

  5. Oh and over there it’s already my Electric Mirror Biomother’s 64th solar retURn. 😉

    Reflection Mirror Mama Claire.

    So grateful for UR timeless energy in guiding us.

  6. Thank you for mentioning my music TMQ! There is much more on the horizon which I would love to share as it comes about. In fact I did write a song in Italian which recites the 20 Solar Seals. I will post that up at the next available opportunity.


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