Kin 161: Red Overtone Dragon codes Lunar Catalytic Blue KALI 25

Red Overtone Dragon

Red Overtone Moon
Blue Overtone Monkey Red Overtone Dragon White Overtone Mirror
  Yellow Solar Sun
I empower in order to Nurture,  Commanding Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
The G-Force is Kin 159:  Blue Electric Storm.  .  Red Overtone Moon codes today’s Guide, this Year, and GSC 154 member;   Sarah.  The Hidden Power is Kin 100:  Solar Sun, which codes Sky, who actually has been Hidden/quiet’ for a while   🙂
Postulate 1.5The frequency of time is responsible for governing the purpose and levels of consciousness of evolving bodiesTime factors primal mass  into preconscious energy and atomic structure.  Time evolves energy from inorganic  atomic to  organic cellular mass.  Time factors cellular mass into unconscious energy called life.  All of life possesses unconscious energy.”
     Catalytic Blue KALI 25:  Catalyze/Establish; Secret Center Chakra.Chakra02.gifOur Secret Center Chakra is located in our Sacral region.  “Physically, Svadisthana governs reproduction, mentally it governs creativity, emotionally it governs joy, and spiritually it governs enthusiasm.” 
Thanks to Mike Overtone World-Bridger and Scott Resonant Star for sharing your Third Eye experiences.  Together, these two kin equal 14.12, Crystal Wizard, the First Solar Witness.
KALI 25 corresponds to the extended Cube day:  19: Self-Generation Recharge.
TELEKTONON Day 255×5.  Today we focus on the telecosmic number power of 5:  Fifth Force.  This is especially powerful on this Kin (1.5)  and Year (9.5) both (over)toned by 5  🙂  “Bow in submission to the God, the Universal principle of Divine Creation.”  The Fifth Force is the principle of the center which animates all things.”  That also describes the way Hunab Ku 21 Overtones and animates the 20 seals, and our (21×21=) 441Cube  🙂
As we complete another run of solar seals, I finally got the MP3 up of the “Venti Tribú” song I wrote and recorded with some kin from PAN Pescara, Italy way back in 2002 (Red Planetary Moon year).  Here is ArajarA  Solar Mirror’s very delightful song of the  20 Seals   Grazie mille Jara, Specchio Solare Bianco!
Here is the beginning of a message from   “The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation“, recently posted at


You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.
Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour!
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your garden?  Know your Garden.
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.”

 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceIt is time to begin shifting  our Cube of Truth from the cybersphere into a  garden community.   TMQ is planning a visit to the North Island during the Electric Moon to meet Mike Overtone World-Bridger and to see the site he suggests. 

Our next Round Table is in one week:  Crystal Star, on Electric Moon Day 3;  Let’s take this opportunity to explore the Community that is reiterated by the Hopi Elders.  This will be a Full Moon, perfect for manifesting our magical intentions for a 13 Moon Community.

How many of you would  move to New Zealand?  Is it viable in terms of its strict immigration policy which has already declined the Closer of the Cycle,  Red Queen, James Crystal Eagle, and other whom most countries would welcome?  Where else would you suggest for our community?   What do you envision would be included in such a community, etc.  Let’s begin our Round Table discussion now.  Believe and know that the funds will materialize when we are prepared

 Image Preview  Image Preview

In four days we begin the Third Electric Moon of Service, Bonding and Activation, coded by Kin 172:  Yellow Electric Human.  12.3 plus  this year:  9.5 (today’s Guide) = 21.8, Galactic Hunab Ku Kin 21:   Galactic Dragon.  Let this be a sign that during this next Moon, we are to identify and Activate  a 13 Moon garden community (New Jerusalem) for our 144-441 Cube of Truth!  🙂

Here are some walruses who are also creating a new community: high on the barrier Island beaches near Pt Lay, Alaska, 2010 10,000 to 20,000 of the animals, mainly mothers and calves, are now congregating in tightly packed herds on the Alaskan side of the Chukchi Sea, in the first such exodus of its kind.”

Here is something the scientists are calling aCosmic Corkscrew”

Photos: Rare Space Spiral Found    It resembles the Norway appeared on Overtone Moon Day25,  exactly ten Moons ago  🙂

Today, 1.5, plus 18.8 =Cosmic Storm,  Kin 39.  

19.13“All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 25.    Cube 19SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE  Kin 161



16 thoughts on “Kin 161: Red Overtone Dragon codes Lunar Catalytic Blue KALI 25

  1. Its called the Bay of plenty the area around mt Hikurangi, i am ashamed of our immagration department, for not allowing Valum Votan the closer of the cycle. We must act on calendar reform, their are ways around everything when following heart bio-rhythm of planets 13 moons. Please allow me the honour to meet you at the airport our most inspiring mystery queen, my chariot is not that impressive but will get us home safe and well and please most welcome to stay for as long as you like, will be here at service for everyone, i am another yourself.

    • Thank You dear Mike!

      Have picked an auspicious date for arrival, and am so looking forward to meeting you and your sons 🙂 Will call to discuss, before this Moon ends 🙂

      In Lak’ ech,
      Galactic Mirror

  2. “A strange spiral light appeared across the skies of Norway last night, baffling scientists, who thus far have not been able to pin down the unusual phenomenon. The sighting, which lasted 2-3 minutes, occurred the night before Barack Obama delivered his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo on December 10, 2009.”

    Here is a question. Which kinds of energies could be exchanged by the most powerful leader on earth visiting that location the next day?

    • Resonant Star,

      You have asked a very intriguing question! Do you have any answers, ideas? TMQ had thought the spiral was generated by TPTB’s own H… installation.

    • Hopefully you mean the Gregorian NYE -Will also be the best weather then. Kin will be glad to see you whenever you can arrange your ‘Antipodal’ trip 🙂

  3. 3 quite interesting things pop up: Cosmic Corkscrew, the Walrus and the OverTone Dragon itself } ~!~ {

    let me explain from my center that is as a Cosmic Corkscrew Pulse itself:

    a) the CorkScrewP. rule was introduced by me in a Salon EveNing of CHE/NL 16 daya ago … where P stands for PULL but indeed could also be PUSH and/or PULSE and/or PURE~POSE … (and fill in YO-UR-S)

    1st think about 2 forces working together in a leveled plain (as People see the Netherlands as a very tight plain while being a DELTA formed by 3 giant rivers).
    Those forces can be two people executing “something for the interest of both”; when they aim on the centerpoint … there would occur a stuck situation: nothing will happen but getting a whole lotta energy in the centerpoint.

    2nd then think about the 2 forces moving out of the centerpoint and taking opposite position against the center … now a thing is happening according the CorkScrewP.-rule: the spiral (love-form) “hook” goes into the cork … and from some intelligent design at a certain moment -when the hook got in the cork at a crucial effective moment- the cork moves out of the bottle …

    3th motive for this equipment driven by 2 forces that give impulse to a 3rd one iz that they wake up the 4th one (fire) and what happens iz that both human/groups/sides get at peace while that bottle became some fluid essence that can facilitates the sphere (the central powerpoint)

    B ~ The WALRUS
    iz a great power pet -as every animal in the self-existing quality perspective- in the human linguistical approach … which requires some Magic Motive in the Imagination Comics …
    S’ace happened to be acting in a Fools Festival on March 31 which actually was 1st EasterDaya … that Year (SolarSeed). And the song “I AM THE WALRUS” was played and it was sort of affirmed by the very word “WALRUS” by this trick(ster):

    W’ALL R US

    can u see that; well of course we see that and this simply is why those walruses are acting as they do (from my station in the noosphere ally )

    bivideotex WALRUS => 4 1 12 9 6 8 => 40 (for zero as the 28th daya in kweak iz labelled as just that)

    empower “i am the EGGman” 😉

    C-pop up from the OverTone Dragon is RADIANT understanding :: BIRTH

    The act for the pionear; and as mass awakening momentum getting the center reason for self-existence as self-experience motiv …

    In my life this sort of happened by meeting a special KIN 296 – planetary earth at DreamSpell “leg”; also Kin195 – cosmic eagle in LongCount and by combination spelling 192 in kweak : Planetary Human: Wisdom Manifesting itself …

    Quite a story which also imploded my brains into 142837 which is linked here (keeping this articlues moderate 😉

    BonVoYaGe S’ace, Bolon Ik in IXwave from MM (magnetic moon star)

    • Thanks S’ace!

      You make such interesting connections 🙂 That song was going through my mind while writing, so thanks for that link.

      Not sure from where your Magnetic Moon Star derives, but you and Resonant Star are both helping the ‘water situation’ on our planet, and would have plenty to discuss.

      Happy ‘Seal’ (Wind/Walrus) day

  4. Thanks for sharing magnetic moon star. I wonder what would happen if we combined your energy and that of a yellow resonant star? Magnetic Resonance Imaging??? Be well.


  5. Goo goo g’joob! Eye can’t believe we’ve never crunched the Beatles! They add up to Kin 28, Lunar Star…which we visited on Spectral Alpha 5…fifth force enact…

    The Harmonic of Polar Light is 288, which, when reduced by 260 becomes today’s Kin; 28. From Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac”: “Lunar Star is the power of Telektonon, power of 7 x 4. Consider the triangular number of 7 is 28: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 28″

    Kin 133, Christine, just sent in this lovely Red Rainbow that appeared on Red Crystal Serpent. TMQ is even more excited by the first comment received from Christine this morning, in which Kin 133 related awakening this morning at precisely, 1:44, 4:14 and 4:41!

    Eye keep thinking about that dream/night/download…infinity…
    Remember, i is the imaginary number. 😉

    Eye read this great article in Wired June 2010 issue about terraforming – gardens that can take up as little as 3′ x 5′ on an apartment patio. The diagram links are in the lower left corner under the first illustration and the logistical info in this piece is very helpful to jump start oUR garden economy – no excuses!!!

    On this day of fifth force birth eye also found these photomicrographs of life beginning –

    Crystal dancing…

    Cube born…


    • PFFF

      CRIST i né … it took me some period (.) to recovear after ma brains were swallowed … (i thought it would be anoother Xperience)

      noow in the noo-era i ‘m becomonig as open as u lead the way, all te waya!

      may we share our kid;’knees ?

      by then we have an Xchange on the DynamiQ Spot as MU T U ALL

      }}}~*~{{{ solar breaze

  6. So my first comment supposedly went through – but i don’t seem to see it. If it doesn’t show up soon aye’ll reiterate…

    Todaya is Martin Gore, lead songwriter of Depeche Mode’s galactic signature. 😉 His words and music have saved me over and over and overtone…

    As my mayan-d has become ever more focUSed on oUR quest, my perceptions of all love songs have changed…take any torch song and replace the object of desire with yoUR eye-dea of the universe and make love to the world…the lyrics to the following are an acknowledgement of the last vestiges of being strapped to the karmic wheel…the galaxy that we’re destined to evolve with as a dear lover. The opening A synchronization will rattle up yoUR chakras if you have it on LOUD enough…which I always do. 😉

    The way you move
    Has got me yearning
    The way you move
    Has left me bURning
    I know you know what you’re doing to me
    I know my hands will never be free
    I know what it’s like to be in chains

    The way you move
    Is meant to haunt me
    The way you move
    To tempt and taunt me
    I know you knew on the day you were born
    I know somehow I should’ve been warned
    I know I’ll walk every midnight to dawn
    In chains
    In chains
    I’m in chains
    In chains
    I’m in chains

    You’ve got me dying for you
    It’s you that I’m living through
    You’ve got me praying to you
    Saying to you anything you want me to
    You’ve got me reaching for you
    My souls beseeching me to
    You’ve got me singing to you
    Bringing to you anything you ask me to

    The way you move
    Is mesmerizing
    The way you move
    It’s hypnotizing
    I know I’ll crumble when you are around
    Stutter, mumble a pitiful sound
    Stagger, stumble shackled and bound
    In chains
    I’m in chains
    In chains
    I’m in chains


  7. It’s good that you noticed your prior comment had not appeared…it was sitting in Spam, for some unknown reason.

    Thanks, Christine, for both of your wonderful comments 🙂

  8. TMQ,

    Well some ideas that pop in my head that derived from possibly reading way too much conspiracy stuff at one point:

    – Why would it coincide with his visit to the region?

    – Why was the guy getting a Noble Prize after just taking over the office and by many accounts just carrying on the policies of the former administration

    – I once read that there are certain powerful groups that worship the moon and the darkness. If this planet is greatly ruled by the Sun and Moon I guess that could mean some sort of balance???

    On a more positive note it, and Mr. President’s award certainly got all eyes of the world taking a peak at that part of the world 😉

  9. Realization that the poverty trap has us all in michael’s row the boat ashore, and immigration is a worry, this world cup rugby in nz could be the great excuse to gather, my home and i’m sure we will find accomadations we will be fine, we write the future policies together calendar reform. To start 13 moon crest project is now my priority, to google Bay of Plenty real estate, we must harness our television of our pure universal galactic minds, bodies, and spirit. They have harvested the power of our collective thoughts on the hollywood stars and co to accumalate wealth while brainwashing consumerism to disconnect our bio-rhythms of the true stars. Aotearoa New Zealand Calendar Reform i am another yourself

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