GAP Kin 168: Yellow Crystal Star codes our Round Table on Electric Kali 4

Yellow Crystal Star

Yellow Crystal Sun
White Crystal Mirror Yellow Crystal Star Blue Crystal Monkey
  Red Lunar Skywalker
I Dedicate in order to Beautifiy, Universalizing Art.
I seal the store of Elegance with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
20.12 (Crystal Sun) Guides us today.  The G-Force of Crystal Star  is Kin 230:  Spectral Dog.
The PSI for theses 3 days is GAP and Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 58.  White Rhythmic Mirror coded Pacal Votan’s Disincarnation in 683 AD.
Seal 18:  Mirror, which also codes today’s Challenge, corresponds to Neptune, which was discovered 164 years ago today.
Postulate 8.12The intelligent coordination of different time vector potentialities, through sensory teleportation,  is the primary means for activating different celestial harmonics and establishing the correct foundation for time travel.”
      CATALYTIC BLUE KALI:  Establish;  Secret Center
“My name is the glorious lotus-born.  I catalyze the light-heat within.”
BACK of Radion Cube;  TIME:  ____ on BACK of Cube for Codon 17.
TELEKTONON Day 4:  Baktun 4:  BC 1930;  Sacred Mountain.  “Pacal Votan extends himself into the Sacred Mountain of the West-in the Adoration of the Lamb”  Witnesses Abraham at the Ancient House”.  “(5) By power of Fifth Force, power of 7 becomes conscious power of 28. (7×4)”
These lines remind one of the numbers contained in the report of 74 Stranded Whales” yesterday.  7.4 is Mayan Notation for 144.  49 Whales were still alive, 25 had died.  Square root of 49=7; square root of 25=5, yielding the sacred ratio of 7 Galactic Spins (260 days) tto every Solar Spin (365 days). 
That initial report led to a stream of synchronicities and realizations that lasted till after the Full Moon at 3:18 a.m. during this morning’s Crystal MonKEY watch (Kin 51 which codes H.P.Blavatsky, who is a KEY in the evolutionary leap currently unfolding).  Kaitai = 51, which was also the G-Force of that day’s G-Force. (5×5=25) (which was why Galactic Earth was in red before the discovery of the Whales)
The 36 of the Ajna/Third Eye Chakra’s Sacred Sound (HRAHA = 36) was encountered while re-reading Cosmic History Volume 2 last night:  The 36 compressors of the “Quantinomio Citiobarico or Sole Atom Plasmic Generator”, page 245.  The 138 (18.8) of Spirit’s Bay was reiterated on page 247:  “According to Cosmic Science, there are 8 universes and 18 dimensions”. 
A modified form of the sole atom with its radion producing potential is loaded into the human chakra system”.  This, and the most recently received communication from the Law of Time,  “Activating the Noospheric Human into Solar Consciousness” indicates that a synchronized meditation for  our Crystal Star Round Table  should focus on the Chakra’s. 
That idea was reinforced by this:  Today, 8.12, plus 5.3 (which codes 10/10/2010) equals today’s Hidden/Secret Power:  13.2: Lunar Skywalker.  Today,  let’s focus on the Chakra’s, and today’s Secret Center Chakra in particular.  Chakra02.gifn69Svadhistana (sva = vital force; dhistana = seat). 
This   practice of “Crystal Cooperation”  will help us participate more powerfully in the larger synchronized meditation on the Magic Turtle Meditation 17 days from now. 
We also create our link with the co-authors of Cosmic History Chronicles by ‘meeting‘ at 11:11 a.m. PST (Valum Votan’s Galactic Signature) to ‘prepare’ for the Synchronized Meditation on 10/10/2010 which is coded by 5.3, Stephanie South’s Galactic Signature  🙂   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 
These  graphics from their   soon-to-be-received C.H.C. Volume 6:  Book of the Transcendence” will aid in orienting ourselves.

 4By 11:11 a.m. PSDT (6:11 a.m. on kin 169 in the Night Bio-region) let’s each imagine ourselves elevated in our respective Bio-Regions, looking down upon the Earth.  Image

After a few minutes of feeling our connection with each other, and the Earth below,  let’s begin with the  Prayer of Seven Galactic Directions.

1The image on the right shows us each oriented as transducers of the Plasmas/cosmic energies originating from Hunab Ku, signified by the 441 Cube Matrix.

They pass through the Noosphere shown as the 8×8 matrix of the 64 DNA Codons.

After the plasmas enter through our Crown chakra, they activate our own polar axis, as they pass through our Chakras.  Today  we’ll be receiving/transducing the Catalytic Blue Kali Plasma in our Secret Center

Feel your Secret Center as the Sole Atom Plasmic Generator shown in the center of the first graphic.  Men will be churning the Catalytic Blue KALI  in a counter-clockwise motion;  women will be swirling it in a clock-wise direction.   See the Earth’s Crystal Core below, which is  the ultimate destination of this powerful, sacred catalyzing fluid. 

Visualize Kali as the outer symbol of the plasma within your Secret center as you begin to:

“1. Breathe in through both nostrils (4 counts)
2. Hold breath in (4 counts)
3. Breath out through both nostrils (4 counts)
4. Hold breath out (4 counts)

Follow the pranayams with  natural mind meditation. Really focus on the technique – dissolve the thoughts with the outbreath and cultivate the GAP between the thoughts where your true face resides.’ 

After about 20 minutes of meditation chant the mantra for HRIM (Secret Center – Kali)
for one whole breath, visualizing this chakra and the Blue Kali inside it. Visualize the chakra opening to Solar Consciousness, then send the Blue Kali to the HEART of the Earth.”

Close with: HRAIM (3x) for your  Heart Chakra and the Heart of our Earth.  When ready, reconnect with your body, and with all of us around the Planet’s Holon.   Give Thanks to the Star People who joined us, and to Lord Seven Earth, who mediates these sacred Plasmas on behalf of all.  Image

We’ll conclude the Cyber Sphere of  our Yellow Crystal Star Round Table on the Red Cosmic Moon post.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 4.   G.A.P. Kin 168:  Crystal Star

11 thoughts on “GAP Kin 168: Yellow Crystal Star codes our Round Table on Electric Kali 4

  1. letting the article breeze through ma new cells make me aware of the resonance in number 49 (living whales) and (HRAHA =) 36


    then 36 sets the tzolkin focus on the 2nd warrior in the serial of 260 kin;
    it spells the Planetary Warrior which manifests fearlessness as spice that gathers into the breakthrough …

    then 49 might be seen as an indication for 13 while 4+9=13
    and also it spells the number of the hearth while 9-4=5

    in this way 9 and 4 stimulate the outcome of the passion, the emotion overcomic product as a learned skill aware of all bodily talents equip(ed) and wakened …

    what does 49/36 give as a factor?
    can we breath that number as oneness?
    1 subject
    3 boddhisatva / electric / service / abundance / …
    6 shared 3 on both sides – therefor rhythm and worldbridger i.e.
    1 as infinite unique individuals

    this as a thought to the crystal clear star

  2. Ansuz-the breathe of Votan that initiates the Initiation.
    Perfect…while we see kin 58 todaya–the disincarnation of our Beloved Votan…
    Riding the Ryhmical Mirrior we feel the breathe 2daya…
    much wind dancing this way and that…
    even eerie how it so suddenly changes directions the calms for you to catch UR breathe-then ROARS in UR face…
    The Breathe of Votan fills this daya.

    oUR Harmonic 42: Crystal Store falls PERFECTLY on oUR crystal day, reminding us to “Remember the Elegance of Cooperation”.

    Drawing out todayas oracle eye was reminded that yes, every crystal day (when we come 2-G-Ether to cooperate, our Hidden Power is always of the Lunar Tone–which is challenge, polarize and stabilizing…SO NICE to have that visual that when our hidden power can be in our challenges–we are always 2-G-Ether for Stabilizing the Polar effects.
    Then coming to todaya’s blog–Eye sea our beloved TMQ mentions just that.

    In my secret center…while minding the G.A.P.S. to sea my true face…
    Eye saw that eye don’t really want to slow what is happening. Eye was appauled at first…dismissed…breathed…felt the breathe….swirl the spine…secret center open…’Eye don’t want to slow it down.’
    Eye saw the cracks, and envisioned the core…sat with death…
    And asked to open the door.
    Our worldbridger days continue to be INTENSE for mi…this past planetary daya–eye felt ‘deathly’ sick…wanted SO bad to LEAVE MY SKIN….almost cut all my hair off (did get a trim)…vomitted then the night was topped off with the flashlights and I.D. checks.
    Hand, our healing daya was SO HEALING…eye rested with the elements, read fairytales, listened to the crickets and thanked them for their song which helped to drown out the hummmmmmm of the lights….EYE WANT THE DARK! the night with no buzz and no hummmmmmm and no flashlights and no blinking artificials…….Eye watched the sun set and turned around to see the moon directly behnd me…FULL in her Splendor.
    Yes. I knew it was Equinox…though for the past few dayas eye have been keeping the dayas and plasmas in mi head…EYE FELT the equinox…EYE remembered what it was to FEEL the EQUINOX. It has happened before…but his was a DEEP remembering. Eye cried…and listend to the cranberries, ‘war child’

    And todaya eye am asked to go to my secret center…swirl and untwirl and bring about ‘Art’….
    Eye am confronted with the fact that eye am in the ‘Pain Body’…and eye am aware that eye can only spend so long here…but it’s as though eye am searching for sum-thing…a key? a lost chord?
    Eye am AWARE that during this process eye really need to search for stable ground…hold still…and have community around to translate visions and be support.
    Eye am aware that eye am not in that spot now–because my secret center says she is ‘fading out’…
    Eye need her to want to HEAL to want to make ART to want to draw the Portals and ‘backdoors’….and ‘fiber optics’ that she draws to connect the ‘DOTS’….
    Eye need her to ‘remember the elegance of cooperation’…remember the ‘keys’…PLANT ROOT…THEN dive deep. But the echo has mi in its trance…eye know the chord…EYE FEEL IT EYE’VE SUNG IT and it has mi locked onto it. Poor kin 200…eye cry at everything and he seems not to understand. PERFECTLY however, this year’s bolontiku’s heart oracle is Kin 200 and kin 200 is currently in his Cosmic Dog year which has him at the heart of the Tzolkin. May our cube give him strength and insight!!! Wisdom and Presence. His solar b-day is the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence (this year’s 23rd anniversary, 23 is the Lover’s reunion) Magnetic 22 is also the day that more ‘UFO’ sightings have been reported than any other daya.

    So, we are headed back west. yes. more oil. But Shasta roots and activtion have us set on the course. First, we will vision quest and restore strength with the 13 Grandmothers ,
    Last time eye was in their presence it invoked ALL sorts of happenings and visions…so, Fairfield here we come!

    todaya is the 60th daya in the Noo UR and we have skipped over oUR second ‘artificial’ element…laning us in 62-samarium. Number of neutrons, 88 and is used in ‘Optical Lasers’ and as a ‘Neutron absorber in nuclear reactors.

    (A=1 Z=26)line-ear male 19+1+13+1+18+9+21+13=95
    (A=1 Z=2)RA-dial female 16+1+25+1+18+17+12+25=115
    UNION 115+95= 210 Lunar Dog

    compass-portal to self-existing moon 18
    the daya the steps were discovered leading to the tomb of Tutankhaman.

    ‘Eye polarize in order to love
    Stabilizing Loyalty
    Eye seal the process of Heart
    With the lunar tone of Challenge
    I am guided by the power of Spirit.
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal–Enter Me!’

    After this these Round table reflections, we go to the Oracle board and look to see when 210 would be in the ‘Occult’ position…when this would be the Hidden Power. We sea that it is when the Crystal Monkey is Cooperating–the Crsystal Star is Supporting (hello 2daya) the Crystal Night would be Guiding–and the the Crytal Moon would be Challenging (Antipode).

    Daya 18 puts us in the Hall of the Hue-man where influence ripens unobstructedness of Will.

    the crystal moon’s universal waters are the challenge of samarium’s AlphaBeta count when we place it in the watch of the ‘hidden power’…
    Heart Core..
    Opitcal Lasers…
    Infuence Ripening

    To the Arts!
    May the 13 GMA’s bring peace through the remember essence of oUR ONE BLOOD stream!

    • When eye see yoUR path, i am so grateful for yoUR shining example of fearlessness.

      In Lakech,

    • In researching the Andromeda constellation – to-T-ally on whim…
      Beta [Antipode] Andromedae – lunar tone compels oppo-tune-ity [state of potential mirrored unity – vigesimal]

      Deep sky objects
      The most famous deep sky object in Andromeda is a spiral galaxy Messier 31, the Andromeda Galaxy, one of the most distant objects visible to the naked eye (Messier 33, the Triangulum Galaxy, is slightly farther). It is an enormous spiral galaxy much like the Milky Way. To find the galaxy, draw a line between β and μ And, and extend the line approximately the same distance again from μ And.

      Beta Andromedae (Beta And, β And, β Andromedae) is a red giant star in the constellation of Andromeda. It has the traditional name Mirach (also spelled Merach, Mirac, Mirak).[6] It has spectral class M0, and is approximately 200 light years away.[1] It is classified as a suspected semiregular variable star whose apparent visual magnitude varies from +2.01 to +2.10.[2] Kinda begs the question, eh 205 O-UR-O-B-OR-OS?

      O [portal]
      Universal Religion
      B [state of conscioUSness]
      OR [switch]
      OS Operating System [prepaid/dualistic/program]

      What’s you doin in Overtone MonKEY town? With that crazy Resonant Skywalker? Cosmic World-bridger! Magnetic Hand – mind yoUR peeps. 😉
      UR blowing oUR minds.

      GAP the mind.

      • hi B/C 😉

        i like ur version of decoding ouroboros

        indeed B(osons) are a state of consciousness immediately when u arrive on this world smelling nurturing spices 😉

        i promote the idea to get rid or the word and phenomenon “Religion”, which may feel agressive and offensive but then this is not the (s’ace)case – it iz deep-non-violent and fruitile~meant.

        Substitute might be (in line with VVRQ): Universal Redemption.

        Hoe does that sound within UR arhythmetic / (pn)eurithmics?


      • Hi S’ace;

        You’re so right about the word Religion. Though UR is translated as Universal Religion in big letters on the poster that accompanies the Mystery of the Stone, VV also refers to UR in CHC II as Universal Recollection, and your Universal Redemption also feels more applicable.

        UR can be our signal for all of the above. Universal Religion is a way to refer to all of humanity united in devotion to one Creator/Creatress: God (Galactic Ordering Dynamic)

        Universal Redemption unites us with the Divine 🙂


        Galactic Mirror

  3. Dear Moi eye see your wonderful IN-s-eye-ghtful chronicle came in at 22:22:04… that would have had me paying attention even if you hadn’t invoked my Kin 🙂

    As TMQ mentioned how Crystal Monkey (Madame Blavatsky) coded the watch containing the Full Moon, I see Kin 51falls next in its Tzolkin spin on Gregorian 2/13, whose PSI kin is the Blue Solar Storm Kin 139 of oUR beloved Princess.

    Last evening during the Equinox I made a lovely fire here at the Shire and my sister Mari Kin 192 Yellow Planetary Human came and I was glad especially as we haven’t always seen eye to eye but we could both feel the magic last night (sunset at 7:11 p.m. 🙂 ). And I am Universalizing Flow of Red Universal Water this Moon, very intense. My sister called to say that on her way home a large bear had run across the road in front of her vehicle. Bear: Awakening the power of the Unconscious;URsus Major and the 7 Stars of the Big Dipper “have links with the seven great rays of light of the Divine… Associated with the Diana, goddess of the Moon. Symbol for alchemy, the nigredo of prime matter….”.

    Autumnal Equinox on the 3rd day of the 3rd Moon….
    The 10/10/10 synchronized meditation falls on the 3rd day of the Night (3) Wavespell, on daya 21(3) of the Electric 3rd Moon….


  4. Hee hee!
    Eye live at 711 W. Morris. Ave – of the Nine lives. 😉 My Overtone Wizard “noochild” Robert was born on 7/11 – to get to my house from the “main drag” (as immortalized in American Graffitti) you tURn at the 711 mart – literally!

    Today is my nephew Drake’s 2nd tURn through the Tzolkin – he is as shiny as can be…yesterday was my “little brother’s” (my “mother” Galactic Mirror’s sire 😉 ) Tyler’s kin day as well – now for more weird – my brother in law Barry is Kin 32 Rhythmic Human (Drake’s poppa) and my “father” Matt (Tyler’s poppa) is Kin 33 Resonant Skywalker. i URge all out there to continue to decode and noo everyone you know. 😉 Even if you can’t have a dialogue with everyone necessarily about it – k-now-l-edge is empowering. The energy is all there jUSt waiting for US to see.

    Eye continue to be very concerned as i have been from the 4/20 wake up call about the methane clathrate hypothesis…it is incumbent upon all who B-ear witness to continue to practice practice practice the meditations – oUR network is only as strong as its servers. 😉

    Autumnal Equinox on the 3rd day of the 3rd Moon….
    The 10/10/10 synchronized meditation falls on the 3rd day of the Night (3) Wavespell, on daya 21(3) of the Electric 3rd Moon….

    Night is my challenge…Electric is my tone. At UR service,

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