Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard codes Electric 10; Cube 4: Flowering

White Overtone Wizard

White Overtone Wind
Yellow Overtone Seed White Overtone Wizard Red Overtone Serpent
  Blue Solar Hand
I Empower in order to Enchant,  Commanding Receptivity.
I seal the output of Timelessness with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Spirit.
The Occult is a Pacal Votan Clear SignBlue Solar Hand.  The G-Force is 12.3, Electric Human, which codes this 3rd Electric Moon.  Electric 10 is coded by the PSI of  Kin 40:  Magnetic Sun, which is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign  🙂
Postulate 14.5:  “14.5. Stellar excitation is a registration of the life of higher analog functions of other stellar masses whose heliocosmic consciousness has advanced to super and subliminal consciousness.  Stellar excitations peak in moments of galactic synchronization: the subliminal conscious feedback of the galactic fifth force overtone stabilizes universal life at new plateaus between peak excitation crescendos. Stellar plateaus define different evolutionary epochs of planet and star system”.
GAMMA 10:  Pacify;  Third Eye:  “My lineage is the Union of intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I attain the Power of Peace.”  FRONT of Radion Cube.  TIME: _____ on LEFT of Cube for Codon 49.
Chakra06.gifThe 6th Chakra is also called the ‘Brow’ chakra or AJNA.  It’s Sacred Sound is:  HRAHA.
TELEKTONON Day 10:  ” Baktun 10;    AD 435;  MAYA.  Great era of Maya time science on Earth. 
Cube Four:  Flowering  “By my warrior seed flowering power, may the enlightening power of maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”
Cube Four:  Flowering “By my warrior seed flowering power, may the enlightening power of Maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”
 Merci Beaucoup to Reimar Cosmic Night peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 

    for this lovely image of an angelic Wizard, Overtoned by  the Sacred Cube, and   The Metatron’s Cube crop circle which appeared on August 1, 2007.  As revealed here, that day was Pacal Votan’s 27th Solar-Galactic Return, i.e., the 27th time his Solar Birthday (August 1) coincided with his Galactic Birthday, Kin 60;  Yellow Galactic Sun

Pacal Votan’s current incarnation confirmed (while we were meeting at the Waitaha’s sacred grounds on the North Island) that he projected this Crop Circle through his AJNA!  He writes about it here: Is this the analysis  you referred to , Kin 143

This crop circle was laid on 11.11 Long Count, at Sugar Hill, Upper Upham.  Initials 19, 8, 21, 21.  Kin 198 codes the Heart oracle of the 5th Bolon Tiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden (mentioned in Valum Votan’s article above).  21×21=441, the Ultimate 441 Cube Matrix  revealed to us by Kin 11.11The Metatron’s Cube/Galactic Sun formation appeared during a  visit  from a Waitaha Woman, who came from the home of Kin 11 and 185 in Nelson to Kin 138’s home (and stayed 6+ hours).  Thanks to Reimar for bringing it into our discussion on the day we telepathically redeem Baktun 10: The Great era of Maya time science on Earth.   🙂 Mazlan Othman  This 58-year-old Malaysian (minus la-si=Mayan) astro-phsicist has been chosen to be the U.N.’s Ambassador tasked with greeting the first extra-terrestrials  to be officially recognized on Earth.   The numerical value of the letters of her prominently displayed name equals 138:  Galactic Mirror  🙂peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe Galactic Mirror writing these words greatly appreciates your wonderful comments, which made Self-Existing Skywalker even more special.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 10.    Cube Four:  MAYA Flowering         Kin 174


6 thoughts on “Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard codes Electric 10; Cube 4: Flowering

  1. In la’kech
    yes, thanks, it is, kin138.
    …so, malayzian- lazy= maian, lol, , … ,

    what would then be, :
    (swisz or germon) – lazy = 0 (plus a cheese and a beer) a psychologist might say, because the swizzzzzs and the tchairmons are in all ways….. ever so hardworkin on their 12/60-ILLusiOn, to enlarge their outer abundance,
    and so lazyness is greatly disavowed landupp landddown…, in italy things are different, lol.

    You are, same, allways appreciated, wonderful silverKIte
    white galactic mirror,
    as you lead us between the timelines, with relentless p(E)ace,
    envelOp(n)ing SPace with sYnchrOnies and … red, yellow, blue….
    G – Keys..sprOuting magnificently, fALLinG on fertile ground.
    apprOaching the critical threshold of infinity minus one,
    …..ALL are included…..NOOne is leftOut
    and i can’t help but help, brinGinG US on the ROad , so to say
    as these sweet syncs cross my wAys in the meantime, that i never arrive in being greatful enough for this blessing…..and it HAS to be passed on…or it trickles awaY……and it was your wish, dear japan originated, New-Zealandian colöoured Yogini with a french name, to enhance this, your, and our frabric here, wasn’t it?

    and i read on, the next day, the next cosmic zuvuYa-oracle…..riding the red skywalkerelectrons……..readinG with a joyfrul heART , actually
    yesterday, i paid 81.81 for my (enlarged) grocery-shoppinG
    (many sweets,lol) .

    Well, i came upon 41
    as the nOospere cOnstant, di(O)iding SP- and GK-Currents

    i just learn 82944 , the MISSinG interval of god
    is then somehow reduced to 91, : 1-13 summed up
    the gap between physical and psychical BeingEXistence, that has ever puzzzled me……..

    but 81 ?! … how nOw !? …
    and the Ultimate 441 Cube Matrix is this the same as the basic preliminar Cube? well…why do i look so far :
    8=4+4 and the ONE
    cosmic night

      • ….n then them CUBE goes 3D marking extraordinary traces on glyphdebris
        Farbrausch: Debris (2007, PC)

        FRom the vid-InfO: “Making this gem took us all more than two years of hobby part time work _after_ we had five years of experience with this kind of technology.”

  2. On this daya of Over~T’one Wizz’Art i’m looking ::ward to a contreebution of a prominent DreamSpell Initiathor ~ and we respect the act of any KIN to illustrate the prime core act decided upon from authentic field …

    In this field of interest i promote the reading of a letter to pres. Obama from a Dutch Research Field in Economic Programs doubling, tripling, multiplying Human Controlled Affairs in and on the Planet we pass over to the next generations to come …

    Click to access letter-to-obama-positive-and-negative-side-of-a-time-bomb.pdf

    In our field of synchronization as a focus of research i recommend this para’graph : “The bookkeeping gift was written from right to left and it would probably never have survived in Naples without a brilliant other part of the gift. Nine illustrations of nine numbers. Those illustrations showed each number by a number of small lines that formed the illustration. One line for the 1, two lines for the 2, 3 for the 3 and so on. The number zero became expressed by a period. It were the Naples people that developed the 0 for null/void and became excited by calculating with ten decimal numbers. They learned the art of calculating with decimal numbers and became excited by the possibility of the registration of values in the matching bookkeeping system. The Roman numerals, still in use at that time, became history since the 7th era. Europe started decimal calculating.”

    This is see as an indication that 3 to nine is both the educational program to each individual bookkeeping its harmoniq and the unity synchronized by each full moon while … 27 + 1 – 28 and 28 + 1 = 29

    27 as all 26 arabic character plus space/blank;
    28 as all words in sentences closed by a firing execution aka dot aka point aka ENTER …
    29 as the future set free to pioneer the best human impulse from the cleared field …

    Over~T’one Wizz’ArTH 174 aka 434 in kweakspell notation

    FAdaya ( … 0 / zero 😉

  3. To be Kiwi of this land, Aotearoa New Zealand, is to know the love of the babies, the love of our un-born babies and the children need to learn and teach natures time real time of 13 moon synchronicity bio-rhythm grounding we all share the same moon keeping our planet and us in orbit, following the moon’s orbit firstly it forces you to know you have an orbit, and then how to own it. The coincidences in my 44 orbits, have brought me to this point in time, to share a beleif, that has grown in me since following mother natures clock, which has enabled me to seperate Gregorian thought rhythms, for true comfort in gratitude and love. It’s with a fathers love that i ask is now the hour, free will, shake off the chains, any doubts read kiwiallegiance mission statement and read the prophecy’s, i am the way, i am another yourself.

  4. This quote from Lord Stirlings Europe.blogspot. The Western commercial system exists to extract more from consumers than it supplies in products and services. Its goal is profit and has never been to improve the human condition but to exploit it. When governments institutionalize this system, they place their nations on suicidal paths, because as Jefferson recognized, “Merchants have no country.” It is not terrorism that threatens the security of the Western World, it is the Western World’s commercial system. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand the first to see the sun Alpha Omega.

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