Kin 175: Blue Rhythmic Eagle codes Blue Catalytic Kali on Electric 11

Blue Rhythmic Eagle

Blue Rhytmic Eagle
Red Rhytmic Serpent Blue Rhytmic Eagle Yellow Rhytmic Seed
  White Galactic Worldbridger
I Organise in order to Create,  Balancing Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Red Rhythmic Serpent is the Antipode and G-Force today.  Kin 41, Lunar Dragon  “The Interval of God” is the PSI for Electric 11.
Postulate 15.6.  Lift-off for galactic time travel also signals fulfillment of the harmonic rearrangements of the genetic synchronic order, meaning that the 13:20 codes are now a part of the conscious innate evolutionarily self-generating programs of the human biomass. The human biomass autonomously self-adjusting to whatever external conditions, weaving itself within the radiosonic architecture of the planetary art spore, is liberated from the need of any further external props: technology, clothing or learning material.”
  Catalytic BLUE KALIEstablish;  Secret Center“My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I catalyze the light-heat within.”  KALI establishes the link between the White Sensory Quantum we built these first 3 days, and the White Telepathic Quantum we begin building tomorrow.  Today we ‘create’ the Back of the Radion Cube and of the Codon Cube 49:  ____ TIME.
Chakra02.gifSvadisthana is another name for our second chakra.  It’s sacred Sound is HRIM.
TELEKTONON Day 11:  Baktun 11;  AD 830:  Holy WarsPacal Votan returns to Earth Core to supervise “Book of Clear Records  Quetzalcoatl closes First millenium with Prophecy of 13 Heavens, 9 Hells.  Holy Wars exile ChristMuhammed as Witness of Truth.  “Sacred Overcome by War
Cube Five:  Sex;  By my Warrior Serpent Sex power, guided by the power of Prophecy, may the aggressive force of War be transcended and overcome by sexual Life- Force.”  “May PEACE and LOVE Prevail for all!”

Overton Hill, nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 26th September.  A 7th  (secret circle/wheel) lies a short distance away.  Map Ref: SU133666  The last 4 numbers here add up to 15 and 6=15.6

Here are four Rhythmic Eagles who were each influential visionaries in their different realms:

Rudolf Steiner:  Influential German occultist/anthroposophy/Waldorf schools/biodynamic gardening;  Max Planck:  German physicist credited with quantum theory;  C.S. Lewis: Irish born-British novelist;  and Pablo Picasso: the Prominent Spanish  painter; icon, who epitomizes what Cube Five is all about. 

As Picasso’s numerous biographers – and the artist himself – have confirmed, sex and the women in his life had an enormous influence on his work.     He was a Pacifist who refused to fight  in the Spanish Civil War, and he demonstrated the horrors of War in his large painting;  Guernica.  He celebrated passion, and this was commemorated in an exhibition this past decade, called “The Picasso Érotique show”. Pablo Picasso blue period, self portrait Self-portrait of this Blue Rhythmic Eagle Artist.

“A deep earthquake 90 km. north of White Island in Bay of Plenty was widely felt across the North Island this evening…(Overtone Wizard  14.5) The quake, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, struck at 5.14 p.m. at a depth of 280 km, GNS Science reported.”White Island. File photo / Supplied  The numbers are synchronistic (90 and 6.4 were mentioned in the Self-Existing post, and the time mirrored the Kin’s Seal and Tone), and the Earthquake brought our attention to White Island.  This is the 2nd largest earthquake to strike New Zealand this year.  {TMQ read, post-posting, that this was preceded two minutes earlier by two earthquakes in Papua New Guinea:  a 7.2 and a 6.2.  The 3 magnitudes equal a total of 19.8} 

It has been two Wavespells (26 days) since the 7.1 Christchurch Earthquake on 9.6 (Rhythmic Moon)  and many Christchurch residents are still without sewer services,  and/or are still waiting to learn if they can rebuild.

Today, the Law of Time communicated that CHC VI: Book of the Transcendence will arrive a Heptad later than originally expected, and spoke for most of us when they wrote:  “We are very excited about this book and look forward to telepathically synchronizing with everyone in the studying and activation of its various practices!”  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 11.      Cube Five:  SEX          Kin 175.


13 thoughts on “Kin 175: Blue Rhythmic Eagle codes Blue Catalytic Kali on Electric 11

  1. Oh Fifth Force Monkey Paw Circle!!! So how do we responsibly wish? That is the question.

    Koala’s are dying of chlamydia. Wow.

    i know how much noothers are suffering in kin. i am for-tune-it!

    Spent Self-existing Skywalker with me 133
    Overtone Wizard Noochild 174
    Lunar Human Noochild 132
    Self-existing Seed 4
    443-260 t’zolkin cycle = 183, Magnetic Night CHALLENGE spell for this maya…Reimar eye will humbly request yoUR gui-DANCE!

    Here…mUSe ILLUMINATED in Sacramento, Seli, Electric 9
    Matthew Bellamy – Self-existing Wind 82
    Dominic Howard – Lunar Mirror 158
    Christopher Wolstenholme – Spectral Mirror 258 =
    238, Self-existing Mirror – REFLECT REFLECT REFLECT

    On this Wiz here at this resaURant at the end of the Universe, eye have been waiting for the appropriate clip that conveyed the magic…

    It shall be posted manana here presently…that makes sense in the infinite improbability drive…

    On Alpha, Electric 12, the noother GAP this week 😉 i will be attending the
    FLAMING LIPS with maya self 133
    Lunar Human Noosband 😉 132
    Noochild Planetary Earth 257 =
    Lunar Wind 2…and it is CHALLENGINGLY funny

    Wayne Coyne – Solar Dog 230
    Michael Ivins – Solar Night 243
    Steven Drozd – Plantetary Storm 179 😉
    Kliph Scurlock – (Percussionist, duh 😉 ) Rhythmic Seed 84 =
    Galactic Warrior 216, next Self-existing 24 fruit….

    Do you realize???

    This is the nearend of oUR physical constraint. Aye’m utterly in thrall of oUR potential. Maya neck hURts from headbanging tho’.

    Fully embracing the G-race to the nexUS!!!


    • i remember flaming lips, dear red hot skywalker. i saw them 20 years ago in zürich, in the ‘red factory’. They were wild and young and sreaming,
      big, wet show. the megafon and i remember the riff from 7nation army, but was not so my dancestyle, but good for drinkin lot of beer and flippin around. Was a great festival we had, youg american rock, firehose was another band. Nice adventure for you earthbound human skydancerfamily, cruisin thru the night, love reimar143

      • Their shows are so joyful! Especially after decades of centering, kicking bad habits and mind expansion! I will hold oUR cube in my heart and radiate the vibes via zuvuya… 😉


    i have 22nd printing, pURchased USed. It has been sitting like Claymore mine on my floor adjacent to my bed for the last three months. Aye adore Clive Staples Lewis.

    i fully endorse reading the entire Wiki entry. It’s a karmic sudoku.

    Kin 201, Rhythmic Dragon Comedian Greg Giraldo died of a drug overdose on Overtone Wizard. Anoother sacrifice of humor to the 12:60 machine.

    eye mUSt answer this hideoUS strength.

  3. again i meditate on the given chakra symbol

    the petals are formed from 6 leaves circling aroundabout … 12 halfleaves as an idea make the circle similar as a clock that indicates time in the 2×12 world.

    (why 6 and not 4 or 8? <= a question that electrifies my field of intelligence essential to maintain the fearless lifemode)

    anyway … the 3 circles are directly known as sun, earth and moon.

    sensing this images form with the 2nd chakra makes me attune with the tides running my blood bio rhythms. About a week after a full moon declining.

    The bodypart holding that chakra is my pelvis ~ which will be activated this eve when i practice some "biodanza".

    Quite an Experience that revitalizes my “bodily intraconnections” 😉

  4. YES
    “Lift-off for galactic time travel “

    ON certain large planets, whose climates, owing to the proximity of a violent sun, were very much hotter than our tropics, we sometimes found an intelligent fish-like race. It was bewildering to us to discover that a
    submarine world could rise to mentality of human rank, and to that drama of the spirit, which we had now so
    often encountered.

    Of these worlds, one, an immense and very aqueous sphere,
    produced in time a dominant race which was not a single species but an intimate symbiotic partnership of two very alien creatures. The one came of a fish-like stock. The other was in appearance something like a
    crustacean. In form it was a sort of paddle-footed crab or marine spider.

    Unlike our crustaceans, it was covered not with a brittle carapace but with a tough pachydermatous hide. Inmaturity this serviceable jerkin
    was more or less rigid, save at the joints; but in youth it was very pliant to the still-expanding brain. This creature lived on the coasts and in the coastal waters of the many islands of the planet. Both species were mentally of human rank, though each had specific temperament and ability.
    In primitive times each had attained by its own route and in its own hemisphere of the great aqueousplanet to what might be called the
    last stage of the subhuman mentality. The two species had then come into contact, and had grappled desperately. Their battle-ground was the shallow coastal water. The “crustaceans,” though crudely amphibian, could not spend long under the sea; the “fish” could not emerge from it. The two races did not seriously compete with one another in economic life, for the “fish” were mainly vegetarian, the “crustaceans” mainly carnivorous; yet neither could tolerate the presence of the other. Both were sufficiently human to be aware of one another as rival aristocrats in a subhuman world, but neither was human enough to realize that for each race the way of life lay in cooperation with the other. The fish-like creatures, which I shall call “ichthyoids,” had speed and range of travel. They had also the security of bulk. The crab-like or spider-like “crustaceans,” which I shall call
    “arachnoids,” had greater manual dexterity, and had also access to the dry land.
    Cooperation would have been very beneficial to both species, for one of the staple foods of the arachnoids was parasitic to the ichthyoids.

    In spite of the possibility of mutual aid, the two races strove to exterminate one another, and almost succeeded. After an age of blind mutual slaughter, certain of the less pugnacious and more flexible varieties of the two species gradually discovered profit in fraternization with the enemy.
    This was the beginning of a very remarkable partnership. Soon the arachnoids took to riding on the backs of the swift ichthyoids, and thus gained access to more remote hunting grounds.
    As the epochs passed, the two species molded one another to form a well-integrated union. The little arachnoid, no bigger than a chimpanzee, rode in a snug hollow behind the great “fish’s” skull, his back being stream-lined with the con-tours of the larger creature. The tentacles of the ichthyoid were specialized for large-scale manipulation, those of the arachnoid for minute work. A biochemical interdependence also evolved. Through a membrane in the ichthyoid’s pouch an exchange of endocrine products took place. The mechanism enabled the arachnoid to become fully aquatic. So long as it had frequent contact with its host, it could stay under water for any length of time and descend to any depth. A striking mental adaptation also occurred in the two species. The ichthyoids became on the whole more introvert, the arachnoids more extrovert.

    49 lines of stapledon starmakerCHAPTER VII .
    Aided no doubt by its great mobility and ease of communication, the dual race soon built up a world-wide and unarmed federation of cities. We learned also with wonder that at the height of the pre-mechanical civilization of this planet, when in our worlds the cleavage into masters and economic slaves would already have become serious, the communal spirit of the citytriumphed over all individualistic enterprise. Very soon this world became a tissue of interdependent but independent municipal communes.

    Transparent Head Fish

    This bizarre deep-water fish called the Barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) has a transparent head and tubular eyes. It has extremely light-sensitive eyes that can rotate within his transparent, fluid-filled shield on its head, while the fish’s tubular eyes, well inside the head, are capped by bright green lenses. The eyes point upward (as shown here) when the fish is looking for food overhead. They point forward when the fish is feeding. The two spots above the fish’s mouth are not eyes: those are olfactory organs called nares, which are analogous to human nostrils.
    blubb in lake’ch reimar

      • HA!
        these kin’o answers do overwhelm, dear belowed kin 😉

        “me3” may indeed be the keyword that blows my uniQty

        it must be the feel’D of G’R~ace ‘) that make me dwell inNooSenseD

        bow / huG / kiss / stargazinG U’R S’ace

        ~~~ just checkin’ ma QueesT

        on “the feel’D of G’R~ace”

        D might be my mouth not shut up;
        but it is also D’emocrazy; D’welling ; D’ohm~in~anthem Vitality

        Gee is the (a)wakening sound affirming a change of insight pivot
        pretty Galactic; GlueinG KEYS and RelationShipRatios Geometricall

        RaDiatinG the Light in the Temples Battery where Pelvis Shakes the Water ReservoiR ~ ReviewinG what was close to the very wwwRong Rule fRauD but then LectUR2 eh 3: Sound Rhythm Melody as MelodiAH


      • HA HI HU B/C

        anoothere feedback trigger ignited from “MeTHree”
        (i swallow all ur glands)

        of course we have the BoddhiSattva Three right there!

        But then see the EAGLE’s affirmations last line here …

        “i am guided by my own power doubled”

        and following Barssiah 133 (ONE THREE * THREE aka ONE NINE))

        we might pivot the saying into:

        “i am guided by my own power tripled”

        THEN what is synchronizing this from a principle formula?

        (come in with your vision on that!)

        my vision here iz: 261!
        This is the true meaning of the serpent biting its own tail!
        The Start and the Beginning fuse in itself – that is in its KIN!
        So each current KIN is the synchronization of 260 kin +1, that is the current KIN is bothe the beginning (ZERO!) and the LAST KIN (260th) which makes it a BALL with a hole in it which is the current day to make it a pneumatic tool as each human being is right that! Breathing, u knowww 😉

        So , instantly each kin iz a doubling KIN in itself and sometimes as the EAGLE 175 KIN states from DREAMSPELL PROGRAMMING LINGUISTICAL TREASURE it also TRIPLES which promotes the synchronistical review on all things happening in the dynamic at stage …

        STAGE is as ST’AGE the SainT AGE or SilenT AGE

        bivideotex technical revies gives:
        9 7 1 7 5 => 29
        which both denotes:
        28+1 => MOON to SUN alignment => TOMORROW
        27+1 => EARTH to MOON alignment => TODAYA
        26+1 => HUMAN to EARTH alignment => SPIRIT

        all in a nut(s)Shell , DOne in a/ur harmoniQ

  5. There is an urgency in the air, i feel the countdown, know the knowing, thinking seriously for my children. Oct 1st,( they) are attacking the internet web. Lets not deliberate any longer, i have a timeframe of kin 222 before i disappear and do it alone if need be, build the garden deep in the bossom of mother nature, away from the grid, real time. Tired of the density around people that can’t grasp the truth, i carry no shame, an open book. Another day in court kin 182 tone 13, iv’e seen 3 pychiatrist and they believe i should get a new lawyer as he is the only one that thinks my defence of not being heart bio-rhythm connected to the synchronic order and the 13 moon 28 day calendar that caused me to be mentally un-balanced or not of sound mind is crazy. Before i weighed up the decision to grow marijuana to provide for my family, I grew an illegal plant for money and medicinal purpose, based on the need for money and stuff. Thanks to following natures time i have a greater understanding of myself and my place in this universe. i am another yourself Calendar Reform.

  6. welll welll welll
    i must have a deja vu daya on oct(opussy) ONE (176/128/304)

    simply because PI’casso set me checkMATE:

    LAST WORDS of PICASSO are recorded , here 2 clips

    2nd one is also registrating LINDA McCartney , Pauls 2nd Wife/Lover
    DRAW: New York City, 24 september 1941

    In Sync with a PVCS 😉 AYE

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