Kin 177: Red Galactic Earth codes Electric Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment



Red Galactic Dragon
Blue Galactic Hand Red Galactic Earth White Galactic Wind
  Yellow Rhytmic Seed
I Harmonize in order to Evolve,  Modeling Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Galactic tone of Integrity.
I am guided by the power of Birth.
Hunab Ku  Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon  Guides us today.  The G-Force of Kin 177 is Kin 51:  Crystal MonKEY, which codes Madame Blavatsky;  Precursor of the Red Queen“.    The  PSI  for Electric 13 is Kin 44:  Overtone Seed.
Postulate 17.8:  “As fractal free wave form feedback of God, angels are always at God, in God’s presence. As feedback of God, angels personify the nature and directive level of God’s “thoughts.” At the same time, all angels are attuned to bodies in time which they have selected, or to which they have been appointed as guides. As the coordinated intelligence of the angelic order in its comprehensive guiding capacity, the Galactic Federation maintains the complete evolving record of the thought and actions of all “creatures”.’
Chakra03.gif   LIMI 13:  Purify;  Solar Plexus/Manipura:  “I consume dualistic thoughts as food.  I purify the Mental Electron at theNorth Pole.”  LEFT side of Radion Cube;  SPACE ___     ___ on Top of Cube for Codon 49.
UR EARTH 4:  Night Earth.
TELEKTONON Day 13:  Baktun 13:  Babylon Planet;   Transformation of Matter.  Pacal Votan calls on Bolon Ik to fulfill her pledge to bring the 13 Moons back to life.This 13th Baktun ends in 28 Moons and 26 days!
Cube Seven:  Accomplishment;  “By the Self-Generating power of the prophecy Hand Warrior, may Divine Truth Prevail!”

This day coded by  Seal 17EARTH, has already revealed several SYNCHRONICITIES.  This morning, TMQ received an e-mail from Neil and Sandra, who were at her Solar Birthday celebration on Lunar Skywalker.  That caused her to  realize that they coded the day of her significant experience at Tahunanui 4 days ago.  Sandra is a Self-Existing Skywalker and her husband, Neil,  is White Crystal Wizard, which codes the First Solar Witness. 
The Kins coding the Moon (12.3) Year (9.5) and that day (13.4) equal 14.12Crystal Wizard!  That day coded the discovery of the Tomb of the Red Queen in Temple XIII at Palenque on June 1, 1994.  The PSI of that day is 9.5, Overtone Moon, which always codes the 3rd day of the Crystal Moon (12/3):  12.3 Electric Human codes this Moon, and at 9.06 a.m. here, it was still the ‘Extreme’ Magic Turtle Day of Electric Human for most of you.
The  only numbers associated with the Red Queen are 13 (The Temple’s number) and 8 (The only inscription on her unadorned Tomb).  These numbers (the 5th and 6th in the Fibonacci sequence) are an anagram for 18.3 which codes the Heart Oracle of the 5th Solar Witness:  Supreme Golden Maiden. 
Today’s Kin 17.8 plus the combined Moon and Year (1.8)  adds up to 18.3, White Electric Mirror.   Neil and Sandra were present when TMQ said she was hoping for a ‘Birthday crop circle’ related to Supreme Golden Maiden.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe next day,  Reimar, Cosmic Night showed us this formation that appeared in his country, Switzerland:
There are 18 circles in each of the 3 arms. The total number of circles and shapes = 79:  (Magnetic Storm) known as the Noosphere Constant.
Today’s 18.3 is reiterated by recent comments from Cube of Truth Kin.  S’ace Solar Wind shared the poem of Richard Cory;  Initials = 18 & 3.  Christine Electric Skywalker offered this succinct reply to Mike Overtone World-Bridger’s comment which was shared here yesterday:  “Me 3”  M=13, e=5 ==18 3  🙂   Reimar, 3.13, and Christine 13.3 reflect today’s 13 Moon date:  Moon 3;  Day 13  🙂
The Earthquake on Kin 9.6 and the Tahunanui event at 9.06 a.m. on 13.4 might serve to shift more than the consciousness of The Mystery Queen.  The letters in Tahunanui add up to  109:   Overtone Moon.  These words were written at  4:41 p.m.  🙂 
After a break for errands and dinner, this post will close with the news that Galactic Mirror bought tickets for tonight’s Lottery.  It is an unusually high $20 Million, and the drawing is at 8, less than an hour away.  You will be the first to learn of oUR windfall! peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
Kin 174:  Self-Existing Skywalker began a week where the combined Kins equal the 7 Solar Witnesses. Moon 3; Day  9; (  3.9) and Kin 174’s G-Force, Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm, yield another opportunity   to repeat the phrase found so often in the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan; whose Tomb was discovered on the 17th day of the  White Crystal Wizard Moon  🙂
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N  S.  1. 23. 3. 13.      Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT  UR EARTH 4    Kin 177
 Here are some current articles regarding our EarthThe Cove 

This presents another way the BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe is impacting our Earth.  According to a scientist who monitors oxygen levels, they are  declining at an alarming level.

Intriguing implications  could result from this experiment/article-1315655/Could-magnet-head-turn-right-left-handed.html 

A very prominent  left-handed man is  coded by Red Galactic Earth:  Leonardo DaVinci , the Italian  Genius, Painter, Inventor, Philosopher known as the “Renaissance Man 


10 thoughts on “Kin 177: Red Galactic Earth codes Electric Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

  1. having focus on the NooSphere Constant 79
    i’ld say the numbers count into 16
    which number is a 4th of 64 the DNA mystery number also 63+1 (7×9+1)
    => we see how 7 and 9 are also there because of the interrupt to make the daya of tomorrow visable in the factor +1
    This is not a trick, because the trick is to hide that one by just having a program running on the cube idea such as 2x2x2x2x2x2=64

    We can also see this phenomenon in the crop at stage:
    * we count 18 circles in each arm
    * but then 2 extra circles are on the end of each arm: 18+1+1=>20
    * the 2 “dots” at the beginning from the centre are just “shadows” no circles
    * then we have 3×4 mystery fields at the centre circle (21?)

    So in this idea we have 12 mystery fields shared by 3 arms …
    and 12 is the WATER-constant when we see the H2O form in a Y construct:
    Y sets 2 Hydrogen Atoms above and the Oxygen below.
    And 12 is also hidden in the Clock of 2×12 hours a full daya …
    (where i promote the idea to have 1 earthclock that runs 3×8 hours a daya)

    Seeing the centre between the 3×2 dots makes us aware of 12+1 shapes: 13
    3 arms makes aware of several trinities working together in a merging fuse:
    * Sun – Sirius – Central Sun (Hunab’Ku)
    * Moon – Earth – Sun
    * Mars – Earth – Venus
    * Uranus – Jupiter – Moon (?)

    The last one is a striking guess as in a Lottery:
    the numbers 27 – 61 – 1 combine and sum into 89
    And 89 strange enough was all the time my wondering number while 8 & 9 go on top of 7 also confirming the crown of the crown and the root of the root as reality chakra centers that cooperate all human beings in and as a force field …

    in the form-pattern X*Y+1 it raises to 8×11+1 & 2×33+1
    as a thought in a geometrical form

    AHAU galactic earthlings!

    • Nice analysis S’ace.

      Your kin is what each of the arms of 18 plus a pair of circles at each end equals (22) 🙂

      • thX in regarding perspective, dear TMQ clairvoyanthem in UniQversal Redemption 😉

        iz regardening within the desire to regard?

        anyway i saw for this word analysis and thought what could be its partner as a member of the same ball as coin.

        simple mind suspected for being enfant/en’fin terrible whispered to me:

        “analiesys” comforted into analisys – pretty homebound i’ld say

        ~~~ how does it numerically behave – take “analysis”:

        classic: 1 14 1 12 25 19 9 19 => 28 44 28 => 100
        bivideotex: 1 12 1 12 2 8 9 8 => 14 14 25 => 53

        53 = 4×13+1
        aka 4 years 13 moons 1 sovereign timecycle?

  2. HA some error? occured in
    8×11+1 & 2×33+1
    this was caused by having the construct 2**3 in mind for 8;
    the token construct was 2*3 which is just 6 …

    was it a true error or did this signal a thing to me personally?
    i thought about the results of the 2 calculations 89 and 67 …

    what do they communicate?
    striking is the offering from the 89 minus 67 result: 22

    that is my tzolkin number …
    “do i add of substract myself to/from this world(view)”

    • The eyedea strikes me as a visual polarity – just as a ra-in-bow (visual color spectrum) reveals itself as the color conundrum – whatever you see is everything else absorbed. 😉

      The magnetic puzzle…
      i had anoother strange crown chakra dream/experience on Overtone Wizard, (of which i have two in my intimate sphere, 😉 ) i was in bed, in the dream, in the physical posit-ion i was actually in, and i had my eyes closed visualizing about two inches “displaced,” hovering above my own corporeal being, face down, and there was again this insane amount of energy adamantly seiving (it felt like sand rapidly flowing in) through the top of my head. My heart rate immediately began to raise and i knew i was in danger of losing the connect-ion – waking up – and i felt with my right hand first (i’m left handed) my husband’s hand (he had already gone to work,) and then felt my ex-husband’s (whom i harbor 0 emnity,) hand but did not see him with my left – i jUSt tried to hold the circuit – it was exhilirating and con-fusing. 😉

      The concert was AMAZING. A hypercolored loop of film with a beautiful young tattooed woman dancing naked and free eventually led to her laying down to appear as if in position to give birth – with a large rainbow portal coming out of her vagina, and the band all came out of the screengina down a short ramp to start the show. True worship.

      There’s a LOT of wooing at the beginning – falling in love…


  3. I love the quote attributed to Kin 177 Leonardo da Vinci in the 13-Moon Almanac todaya: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Indeed :):

    • i am also galactic earth kin 177 ,the synchronicity today has been perfecto today white resonant wind,IK.. kin 202..i was able to pull together supreme golden maiden ,electric mirror, veus transit UNDERSTANDING OF TONY SHEARER KUKULKAN,QUETZACOATL.. MORNINGSTAR ENERGY OF REMEMBERANCE CONNECTING TO TELEKTONON..WITH JOSE ,VALUM BEING THE NAVIGATOR IM MORE ALLIGHNED AS THE MOON IS ALSO HALF MOON SO IM HAPPY THE MOON I WAS BORN INTO YEA XXX

  4. Deceptions, A brilliant Clarion to save the Internet ~ link ~ In Deceptions, filmmaker Chris Pratt briefly covers 911, but then explores Bush-Obama as puppets, and their masters, the banksters. He looks deeply at world government, and New World Order plans to shut down the last venue of free speech that remains: the Internet. “I feel very strongly that the world needs to see, to consider, to be aware that there are some very dark and sinister forces at play shaping what we think is an independent opinion,” he told me via email.
    Pratt shows how BP’s control of the US government over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe supports his theme that a shadow government of the world’s wealthiest are bent on further concentration of wealth, regardless of cost to the environment or human lives.
    The swine flu hoax, ObamaCare and fraudulent elections get a mention, but the focus is predominantly on mind control via mass media. Netrooters understand better than most that the free flow of ideas in today’s electronic world only occurs when people can access any website they want, any time they want. Obama seeks to shut down this access via the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act.” Talk about a 21st century police state. Above is an article from Europe.blogspot, Lord Stirling. Aotearoa New Zealand calendar reform. Sorry i never got a lotto ticket, couldn’t afford one the screws are tightening, but i refuse to steal from anyone, unless it’s a reserve bank which are globally named and owned by illuminate bankster. I’m too heart connected to steal or harm anyone, learning to pray and meditate, be great to have like minded people sharing and living together for support. Day dreaming love and kindness as divine universal galactic human beings with a universal declaration of human rights and a synchronic order of time to hold my brothers and sisters in orbit on this planet travelling 66,666 miles per hour, unless you know about your orbit you can’t hold your orbit leaving an opening to blame and justify. i am another yourself.

  5. simply while TMQ “misses todaya” i answer that GAP by:

    White Solar Mirror
    Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
    Earth family- Signal Clan- Sky

    I pulse in order to reflect
    Realizing order
    I seal the matrix of endlessness
    With the solar tone of intention
    I am guided by the power of timelessness

    then u all here might know white solar mirror iz the guiding kin for WIND9 – o’22; here we kweakwise say it trembles at 260+178=> 438
    while the 2nd kweakcycle iz on the run as a Band on the Run
    is just a draw but then what a result! it is the dreamspell sunc to 52×365
    and -extravaGant- 7×3=>21 aka black jack jumber in the ancient gallery
    (remember Jim Morrison Lyrics at “The End”)

    73 also gives 2 mystery numbers -4 and +4 and they cover a field of 9 kin/daya/supRAarchetypes where 0 frames the mid

    9+5=>14 daya we have in moon3 – the electric moon URdaya in the kweak dynamic mirror where human specie confused the quest for the passion, both journey types …

    prefer kweak for a passion at a destiny gathering earthlings in a Lay D’own Weave }}}*|*{{{

  6. hello!This was a really excellent post!
    I come from roma, I was luck to come cross your website in bing
    Also I learn much in your blog really thank your very much i will come again

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