Kin 178: White Solar Mirror codes Electric Silio 14; Cube 8: Art

White Solar Mirror

White Solar Wizard
Yellow Solar Star White Solar Mirror Red Solar Dragon
  Blue Overtone Night
I Pulse in order to Reflect,  Realising Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness
with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Timelessness.
Happy Galactic Return to Solar Mirror ArajarAHis G-force is Lunar Seed, and the PSI of Electric 14 is Rhythmic Seed.
Today, the Kins of the Year, Moon and day equal Kin 199:  Self-Existing Storm; HEART oracle of the 6th Solar Witness, whom we awakened this past year:  Vast Awesome Blue Sky.
This post is later than usual, in part because Magnetic Mirror (18.8+20.6) spent Solar Mirror (18.9) at Rabbit Island (initials 18, 9) at New Zealand’s longest Solar– (North) facing beach  🙂

Postulate 18.9:   “As a sub-order of the angelic ranks, the Buddha-fields or ranks of awakened hyperdimensional Bodhisattvas are unified as a telepathic radio-intelligence service piloted by the supreme awakened intelligence (Buddha-mind) of God.

Chakra04.gifSILIO 14:  Discharge;  Heart/AnahatA:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  We infuse the Heart of the White  Antipode Time Atom and the Cube for Codon 49 with our Spirit.  Visualize the Radion Cube around the Codon Cube, with the Time Atom within, and the Tetrahedron around them, before discharging all to the Heart of the Earth.  From there, we meditate the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.
Image The  two triangles {which represents the union of the Male and Female)  in the  symbol for AnahatA was found in this cave in the Carpathian mountains.  It’s thought to have been made around 1.800 B.C.  Here is a quote about the HEART from a ‘Wingmaker’s teacher:  “The human family is a single organism that connects through the heart. This single organism is the savior we have sought; the intermediary we have been told was required”.
TELEKTONON Day 14:  The aphasic seal-linking and Bolon Ik’s 8 weavings begin today.  Seal One, DALI is coded by Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic SeedSong of the 144,000 redeems the First lost tribe of White Crystal Wizard.
Cube Eight:  ART   “By my Star power, may Prophecy target the Victory of the Righteous.”  “May Free Will, Peace, Art & Harmony prevail!”

Two e-mails received from readers on Galactic Earth show that TMQ’s birth in Japan has (understandably) caused some Kin to believe she is half Japanese.  This 414th (144: 414 : 441) post on the Mirror day of Truth seems a good day to ‘clairify’ some of this ‘Mystery‘  🙂 

My ancestry is equal parts Swedish, Welsh, French and Irish.  My Mother was a Lieutenant in the Women’s Army Corp, and served in Tokyo as  General MacArthur’s secretary.  My Father,  as a member of  the General’s Honor Guard, was stationed at the entrance to Gen. MacArthur’s office where she worked.  They eventually met, courted and married on 7/1,  and I was born 1 year and 9 days later.  (Today’s Analog=1.9)  We  moved to the United States during my Galactic Mirror year. 

My American parents were Pacifists, and my Mother would tell the heart-breaking story of typing up the deployment orders of the entire graduating class of  the West Point Military Academy (where her Father, a Colonel,  taught Mathematics, Engineering and Polo) to go to the Korean War, where they were all slaughtered within days of their arrival.  I visited Japan 19 years ago, and loved Kyoto,  the city of many Buddha’s and Temples, where one is able to experience the traditional sacred aspects of Japan.  At the Meditation retreat several Moons ago, a lovely young woman,  from Kyoto (anagram of  my birthplace, Tokyo) and I became friends, and the Rainbow Bridge connects us still. 

Like the Leader of the Waitaha, whose  child born at Tahunanui was the first to be born in New Zealand, TMQ has blue eyes and blonde hair. Jud Nephew Jud, our Overtone Sun who is competing in the Survivor show currently filming in Nicuaraga, is representative of most of our family.  The Waitaha,  People of Peace were like our 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth Community, which embrace all genetic types, and seeks to include and unite everyone on  Earth!peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

Here is a work of ART from the STAR People that is connected to this 13 Moon date of 3.14 in the 10th week:

  An astro-physicist figured out that this formation depicts Pi (3.14) to the 10th place.,2933,368422,00.html  The 10 numbers synchronized perfectly with  information TMQ had just published regarding celestial signs that indicated the Blue Electric Storm year which began with the Moon coded by Kin 144  🙂


” Green comet 103P/Hartley 2 is approaching Earth for a ‘close’ encounter on Oct. 20th”.  It will be 11 million miles away then.

Heptad 11 begins shortly for the 90% of our Human Family who live in the Northern Hemisphere  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 14.     Cube Eight:  ART     Kin 178

11 thoughts on “Kin 178: White Solar Mirror codes Electric Silio 14; Cube 8: Art

  1. You are Kiwi, dear mystery queen, white, black, brown, yellow, blue or green. Your love for the babies and your desire to free peoples minds from the Gregorian prison system by giving them there global positioning system that empowers our individual bio-rhythms following 13 moons. Calendar reform Aotearoa New Zealand.

    • Amen, dear Mike!

      And that is why we all resonate so strongly together 🙂

      And, we even transcend Kiwi, by being Planetary and Galactic beings.

      You (and your date in 3 days) are receiving strong postive vibes from the South Island and from around the world.

    • Thank You Christine;

      If my technological skills weren’t so lame, there would have been a photo before now. You are only the 3rd person (4th counting Kin 132’s family) I’ve encountered who also had relatives on the Mayflower, documented by that Society. The memory of those two brave ancestors from Wales (related, like Princess Diana, to the Royal Stuarts) gave me the courage to leave all behind, for the unknown. Some of us may need to invoke that strength, like that of the People of Peace and all pioneers.
      C Kin 138

  2. on “the two triangles”
    i’ld say they pulse the human being to imagine the 3rd triangle

    the top of that triangle is the breathing itself …
    that opens to the world as a cosmos that makes one wonder how to live …

    joan armatrading once recorded a title “me, myself and i”

    we can see those 3 functions in that triangle by havin’
    me as all my ac(t)ing
    myself as the rhythm through all acting
    i iz the one becoming near

    and they go with all my relation(s~hips):
    m & u & the other one as well

    • some draw on joan here:

      her kin is within 8 kin from here …

      Red Electric Serpent
      Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
      Earth family- Polar Clan- Blood

      I activate in order to survive
      Bonding instinct
      I seal the store of life force
      With the electric tone of service
      I am guided by the power of universal water
      I am a polar kin I establish the red galactic spectrum

      NOTE the line : I am guided by the power of universal water

      & also see how the red galactic spectrum fits the red serpent seal of blood

      (blood is the spiced water fluid within circling & nurturing)

  3. The “MacArthur” key unmasks & wires into this song of Rich’arD Harris:

    Do you ever have a recipe again ?

    ~~~ is this truely a Park in LA?

    know this trickster on LA: 12 + 1 => 13 ;-))

    • Yes S’ace,
      Mac Arthur Park is in Los Angeles, and on her lunch hours (from her paralegal job) TMQ used to ride her bike there to play Speed Chess. 🙂

      The blog about to be posted asks for input from Kin for the last two weeks recipes.

      • ah Speed Chess Player ~ i knew this all the time 😉

        MAP is the shorty for the park , dear “Bobby”

        13 1 16 =) 30 on the classic decode
        13 1 11 =) 25 from the bivideotex experience

        for PI-fanatics i wrote a little peace on the 9′ phenomenon in the PI-string …

        from an opinion i took this take:
        * the ninth dimension is where we live …
        * ten is beyond the infinity within which infinity resides …
        * 11, 22, 33, … 111, 222, 999 … are clues to unravel the symmetry of the cosmos

        considering a fuse on this thought with the moontones i focus on the labels planetary for 10, spectral for 11, crystal for 12 & cosmic for 13.
        which gives 10 as our ground for being earthlings magnetized by this planets weaving
        12 catalyzes the serial 22, 33, 44, … 99
        13 catalyzes the serial 111, 222, … 999
        as a thought where the 1000th petals of the lotus reach out

        thank u dear solar mirror for guiding my track
        including what comes with that … 🙂

  4. TMQ,

    Got to this post late as well. So many thankyous for wishing me well on my “star birthday”. It was good and am now spinning into this new galactic spin.

    Mayflower society? I am eligible in that too, by way of William Brewster.

    In Lake’ch, Jara Ra

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