Kin 180: Yellow Spectral Sun codes Electric Seli 16: Cube 10: LOVE

Yellow Spectral Sun

Yellow Spectral Sun
White Spectral Dog Yellow Spectral Sun Blue Spectral Storm
  Red Electric Dragon
I Dissolve in order to Enlighten,  Releasing Life.
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Spectral tone of Liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
10 is a dominant number today:  it codes the Gregorian month, the Cube Day,  the Antipode, and the G-ForceWhite Galactic Dog.  The PSI for Electric 16 is Blue Galactic Hand.
Postulate 0.11.  “Celestial harmonics, the dynamics of time, are to the fourth dimension what space dynamics or celestial mechanics are to the third dimension. Just as the plotting of coordinates according to the principles of space dynamics allows the deployment of an object from one body in space, “Earth” to another body in space, “Mars,” so the plotting of time vectors allows movement from one body in time to another body in time. These bodies in time are called vector point potentialities.”

Chakra01.gifSELI 16:  Flow;  Root/Muladhara

My Mother is the ultimate Sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion Cube.

TELEKTONON Day 16:   Seal 3:  Kin 94;  Electric Wizard.

Cube TEN:  LOVE  “By my Dog power of LOVE, may Prophecy Pacify the Victory of the Righteous!”  “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring TRUTH, PEACE and LOVE to this afflicted Earth!”

The Law of Time reminds us on  Yellow Spectral Sun:

“Consider that the sun is the coordinating consciousness and mind of the solar system.   According to ancient prophecies our Sun is the Fifth Sun, the sun of the shaking earth. We are transitioning into the Sixth Sun; the Sun of Consciousness.  The ancient Mayans were attuned to and in resonance with this solar consciousness.   This is what is meant by the Sixth Sun of Consciousness, the coming Solar Age that occurs through a time change“.

 Activating the Noospheric Human into Solar Consciousness – We are One with the Sun!
10/10/10 – Electric Moon Silio 21,  Red Electric Serpent, Magic Turtle Day








This Magic Turtle Meditation on the Gregorian version of a Magic Turtle Day:  10/10/10 is in 5 days.

This face reminds us that this is the 5th day of the month of Vegetarian Awareness:  

One  ‘rule of thumb’ is:   Don’t eat any creatures that have a face  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 16.  Cube Ten:  LOVE   Kin 180


20 thoughts on “Kin 180: Yellow Spectral Sun codes Electric Seli 16: Cube 10: LOVE

  1. Dear Galactic Community, i love you all, im rejoicing in another 20 spins on my fingers and toes and here we are again on the Alpha Omega day 0 -20 the Sun on my thumb, third cube of third moon, my electric hip moon of BEarthday. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand lets go Galactic, Acknowledge our Universal declaration of human rights and Global Conciousness will activate our universal galactic connection. Sing the songs “it’s not too late, too re-deliberate plug in the positive “13 MOONS ” push-out the negative “Gregorian Calendar”. Realign in natures time real time natures time. Know your Orbit, know television is designed to disconnect heart bio-rhythms. Telescoped vision of hollywood stars wrong stars just like the NEW MOON has no moon. Please it’s not too late too redeliberate calendar reform lets go crew i’m doing my best learning to BE the media FREE THE MINDS what sort of me would i BE if i didn’t try, i am another yourself

    • Oh wow…i’m sURe others will see confluence from this arc…

      Wrote the above…

      He lived in Battersea, South London, with his Austrian wife Lila Schwarzenberg (HSH Princess Anna Carolina of Schwarzenberg, daughter of Czech politician Karel Schwarzenberg) and their daughters and three sons. Peter Morgan and his family relocated to Vienna in the winter of 2006.

    • Christine,

      Thank you VERY MUCH for that Morgan Le Fey link, particularly 🙂 It has provided some valuable clues and fantastic inspiration in a morning already filled with magic: brilliant sunshine, cloudless blue skies, and my ‘resident’ 🙂 pair of bald eagles ‘singing’ to each other ~ something I’ve only just discovered. Very distinctive!

      meLovIA (from the Apple Isle 😉 )

    • a “serendipitious” scan delivered this “rod”:

      “Morgan first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Vita Merlini (The Life of Merlin) in the 12th century.”


      Merlini denotes to 13 5 9 12 9 13 9 vibration aka 27 21 22 => 70
      which could be written as 69+1 / 3×23+1
      where 69 is a number indicating the CANCER image we relate to june22 – july21
      69 cancer image

      keep on wondering how noo guides oUR CO*Tact

  2. Coldest winter in 1,000 Years on its way ~ link ~ This is the story that Dr. Bill Deagle and I broke almost two months ago. Sorry to say, we were and are correct. The weather patterns are confirming this. Prayer is in order. Stirling
    Forecasters say this winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years.
    The change is reportedly connected with the speed of the Gulf Stream, which has shrunk in half in just the last couple of years. Polish scientists say that it means the stream will not be able to compensate for the cold from the Arctic winds. According to them, when the stream is completely stopped, a new Ice Age will begin in Europe.
    Report that Russia needs corn helps drive market up 6 cents ~ link ~ People, you need to lay in a years supply of food and water and supplies NOW, while you still can. Stirling .Aotearoa New Zealand come on crew “art of action” it’s not enough for mankind and humanity to sit in your bubble of comfort and think meditation alone without concious free will of “art of action”. First is faith and with that faith is free will, thy will BE done on earth, as in heaven. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand. Lets go to New Jerusalem in the Bay of Plenty the first to greet our fathers intrinsic awareness, i feel the heat, TARGET. i am another yourself, step out of the comfort zone and come too God’s Zone.

    • Mike, let me say first that I love you and respect you for your honesty and openness, and for your commitment to Natural Time. And yet I must say that in my own understanding, the greatest lies that have been perpetrated upon us are the belief in scarcity and the belief in our powerless to do anything about our consensus reality. Whatever you believe is true for you. That is a truth. Whatever you focus on, you give your energy to, and that appearance comes back to you, so that is what you become or experience. Because fear is exactly where they want you to go; fear and focus on the horrors, on the lack, on the war, on the pollution, on the starvation….. whatever. I say, no, no, no, I don’t buy it. We are all equally powerful, and we came into this world with everything we could possibly need: our power to think, our power to imagine, our power to feel, our power to focus our attention and our power to join one another in using our powers only for the Highest Good for All.

      The artificial calendar was but one of the ways in which we have been led astray (albeit the one most ubiquitous and least understood); the others are money, religion, war, disease, and the mass media, all of which have had the effect of co-opting our inherent creative power by means of grabbing our attention and influencing our beliefs about the very nature of life and our Selves.

      Is it really okay if those who can afford it hoard all the food and supplies? Forgive me, but I feel that it is that kind of thinking that got us into this mess.

      What no one wants us to know is how powerful we really are, and how. “The same kind of thinking that created our problems is not going to solve them.”

      To all appearances and conditions which I have helped create by my own misuse of power, my own fear, my own negative beliefs, my own harsh words, my own willingness to abide the suffering of even one other living thing, my own lack of peace and harmony, I say, forgive me. I am sorry. I take full responsibility. Now I am awake and aware and I am doing my best to ensure that I remain in harmony, and that all of my thought, imaginings, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, words and actions are in alignment with the Truth of our power, our sovereignty, and the inherent abundance and goodness of all Life.

      To freedom!

      I am another yourself.

      • In the MOST respectfully insouciant, tone, yes. In the most loving, respectful tone YES! Mike, you are
        Living Word. 😉


  3. i wondered on the “creatures with a fase” whether that iz exactly what
    “creatures on a phase” illustrate …

    to get some oracle angle i use the bivideotex wondering magnet:
    face trembles on 6/1/3/5 => 15
    phase on 11/8/1/8/5 => 33

    they differ 18 point which is a 9 as well a 7

    18 is as seal 18 in between earth and storm

  4. My vessel that speaks is an accumalation of experiences of coincidences that i feel have created this reality, along with the disconnected masses following the unconcious Gregorian program. However in my accumalated experiences of synchronicity through realtime reflection i know the knowing of perceptions and there powers of negative vibrations, i let my galactic web of thoughts touch look and disregard if against my higher evolution of exceptance excepting only that is congruent with bio-rhythm and mother earth, our physical bodily application to the realtime program is required and New Jerusalem is a physical place here in Aotearoa New Zealand i cant be sorry, i only know we are together already, but why not physical presence. Aroha and Koha . As a warrior of realtime peace calendar reform, whom is part of writing the book on the “art of peace” . I know the vessel we speak through should also be able to physically defend the word. Mind, body and spirit like Bruce Lee he said i am dead if i can’t teach martial arts so i challange the world to produce a fighter to beat him, then he would not teach the westerners the way of enlightenment through martial arts. The body knows the mind and spirit train, train, train nothing is hard nothing is a struggle, love, love, love i am another yourself

    • so then start practising martial arts and stop mourning. with this behavior you only create more of the same for your own life and there’s noone to blame, not even that one that gives rise to your misfortune, that one has only fineally to concur to his transformation!….in lak’ech

  5. in lak’ech
    plotting of coordinates in space ; causes bodies to move thru space

    plotting of time vectors : allows movement from one vector point
    potentiality, in time – to another one in time.

    …so we’re talking here about tele-pathy and tele-portation.
    Plotting means accessing and processing the codes….in the O«.»Ë
    The primary configuration is the primal cube matrix of evolutionary becoming ––441––

    We know that the whole velatropa-system runs electromagnetically as a battery, with the sun as the +pole and an (unknown9 mass of debris
    beyond the last planet as-pole
    The solar Interplanetary Noosphere ringcycle is a sequence of
    4×10(9+1) daypulsations.
    20 above the solar horizon, 20 below the solar horizon. Now how does this correlate to The …tsolkin….?
    Each ring is 13 moons/baktuns or 13 fractalequivalents or major articulation of the etheric body of a bolontiku : oUR frequency has chanGed now.

    The whole thing, of oUR 13moon calender turns and bows all around the G-force, seemingly.

    Elements” = Neutrons +energy created by motion of neutrons orbiting one another at the speed of light. Depending on the complexity of the bond many
    combinations can emerge from groups of 2 – 266and we call those groups “The Elements”.
     The “stron“G“ FORCE” in all elements is Only microgravity at work. Depending on the arrangement of this powerful micro gravity bond you could get “GOLD” if you had 196-197 micro singularities in the right ‘order’.
    These {synchronic} orders are natural points of resonance or frequency
    that the spinning micro singularities nest into as stable
    combinations. These frequencies of the individual elements can be clearly distinguished from each other on a spectrograph. for further research : (walk thru the D…)

    Every daily kin is the centerpeace of a 5th force oracle.

    Each 5thforce-oracle is the centerpoint of internal operating circuits of the bolontiku. Itzamná is  Hunab Ku’s son :god of medicine, earth and fire
    5th force is the –––WAVESPELL––VORTEX–MOTION a slighting movement of 24 earth-hoURs
    the 5th force spectrally arranges a 52-part rotating destiny-castle, whereby every kin is kind of a hue, an impermanent condensation, serves as a part.
    so , look out for the 5th force, the fractal slide-ruler.
    ….and i can imagine, its influence on those signs, that you have as your birth glyphs , as it bleeds thru, can tell you some things about our current karmic situation…
    by the way…, best is of course to cut carmic debris at the roots thru inner work etc…..

    and… remember the oracle is alWAYs POSITIVE!
    that is the main difference to the greg.stuff, which of course, wants to rob time it’s main feature: quality.
    we have 13 qualities every wavespell and we have unlimited mounts of fiber correlation connection possibilities in oUR 441CubE.

    So on this velatropa -battery-slide abounds, -bipolar + bilateral-
    with “INTELLIGENCE“, WHICH PULSES FROM THE SOLAR CORE (SP-stream)–outvolving loops. over the 10 planetary orbital rings and way back Galactic Karma– involving löoops. Is arranged thru 40 possibilities.
    paused in the middle of the 2 20-loops by a ‘noosphere pause’
    that makes 4 noospheric pauses each run.
    They quarter, so to say the 40loop, which i may call here:

    the fourfold purpose of the unspeakable,

    say Knowledge, Light, Existence and Presence.
    they correspond holographically to the bipolar bilateral (=radial) symmetry of the 4 quadrants of the solar thoughtform (us!!), which corresponds to an emanation of the hunab ku..
    ITs supradimensional galactic core imprints, on command of the Most High Supreme One, the 4part solar thought-form with the cosmology of divine self disclosure, and is so transferred to the solar interplanetary noosphere, hence to the rings of middletime…
    The Bolontiku communicate with their votaries through what we would call channeling and prophetic dreams, which to the Maya were as much a part of everyday life as the telephone and television are to us.  A dream prompted by the Bolontiku can be distinguished from a normal dream by the invariable presence of one personage who says nothing but who stands in the background of whatever scene is unfolding.Upon awakening the dreamer realizes that this mute personage was actually inducing and directing the entire experience, and is in fact one of the Nine revealing a message of importance.

    …..Purple Cloud was born in 1314 A.D., and 32 years later, he discovered an amazing secret. He invented gunpowder, from scratch. He and King Bolontiku, were close friends, friends…..

    love and space, lots of inner space for you, sweet kin of velatropa 24.3 reimar143

  6. they speak too, but
    the majority of communication is mental. Actually, empathic would be a more accurate term. It’s like setting up vibrations in each other.
    A ringing feeling which many people nowadays on Earth are beginning to instill in themselves. These people are very telepathic and very aware in all senses, especially touch.
    D: Do you mean their hands are very sensitive?
    P: Yes, and not only their hands but their entire being is very sensitive.
    The skin area as a whole is more sensitive than by human standards. More so in the hands, for these areas are directors of energies. (I asked for an explanation.) Energy is directed through and received in the hands. This is similar to a chakra, simply using the hands as nodes of energy.
    D: What do they use this energy for?
    P: Many things-healing, communication, manifestation or physical movement. Many sensoring perceptions are sensed with the energy through the hands.
    D: You said “communications with the hands, ” do you mean their mental communication is directed through the hands?
    P: Not so. For this is telepathic in nature and emanates from within the head. However, sensing at a distance can be accomplished through the hands. There is also the ability to move things at a distance with the energy directed through the hands. A manifestation of movement.
    D: You mean similar to levitation?
    P: That is correct. Telekinesis.
    D: Is it accomplished over a lage area, long distances?
    P: It can be accomplished most readily in the immediate area.
    However, with proper training and attunement this could be accomplished through great distances, even stellar distances from off the planet.

    from: an obe-monroe site

  7. Behaviour, behave yourself, the way of the Buddah is martial arts just like the “art of action ” is us. You dont do martial arts you are the martial arts, just like we are the time lords as we are time, can’t be sorry for speaking heart on the internet while it is still available, when internet goes in planets memory time, evolution will enable us our telepathic powers, excuses and pointing the finger won’t change anything principles over personalities, if you feel a need to vent on me personally, thats fine own your orbit but email me or , i am as human as the rest of our galactic community and have allowed negative perceptions into my thoughts but every day in everyway am getting stronger, for all, because i know true freedom is when we are all free. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand. i am another yourself.

  8. Hey! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!

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