Kin 181: Red Crystal Dragon codes Round Table on Electric Gamma 17

Red Crystal Dragon

Red Crystal Skywalker
Blue Crystal Monkey Red Crystal Dragon White Crystal Mirror
  Yellow Lunar Sun
I Dedicate in order to Nurture,  Universalizing Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Space.
Crystal MonKEY is the Antipode, today Madame Blavatsky’s signature reminds us of Cube 11:  Magic.  The G-Force of Kin 181 is Blue Spectral Night.  The PSI for Electric 17 is Kin 48:  Solar Star.  Dragon can be perceived as the 21st Hunab Ku Kin, which would make today 21.12, a reminder of the 12/21/2012 Solstice.  When we ‘square’ those numbers, we get 144;  and 441 for the Cube Matrix and our 441 Cube of Truth.
Postulate 1.12:   “Only in a telepathically integrated field of consciousness is the potential for the construction of vehicles for time travel possible. The study of celestial harmonics is an integrated field inseparable from the social conditions and needs which occasion the possibility and necessity of time travel.”
Chakra06.gif  GAMMA 17Pacify;  Third Eye/Ajna“My lineage is the union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I attain the Power of PEACE.”  FRONT of Radion Cube.
TELEKTONON Day 17:    Seal Four coded by Kin 199;  Self-Existing Storm.  4th Lost Generation led by 4th Solar Witness;  Red Lunar Earth.  13 Moons PEACE restores sacred vision of Heaven as new social form.
Cube Eleven:  MAGIC  4th weaving:  “By my MonKEY power of Magic may Prophecy establish victory of the  13 Moons as the Righteous way of Heaven on Earth.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace    Thank You Christine Electric Skywalker for providing the link to this powerful MAGICIAN, Morgan le Fay (the Fairy).  She was  King Arthur’s half-sister, and a prominent figure in the Arthurian Legends and his Round Table.  “Morgan throws Excalibur‘s protective scabbard into a lake.” presumably  “as a test for Arthur and his Knights“.  “The name Excalibur apparently derives from the Welsh Caledfwlch which combines the elements caled (“battle, hard”), and bwlch (“breach, gap, notch”).  “Geoffrey of Monmouth Latinised this to Caliburnus”
The seductive Sorceress, Morgan is used to describe the elusive phenomenon known as the   Fata Morgana (which) is an unusual and very complex form of mirage, a form of superior mirage.”
 A Fata Morgana of the Santa Cruz shoreline.
Kin 133 also (Thanks again Christine) links us to an online Perpetual 13 Moon Calendar  🙂hunab ku See Christine’s correlation of the Lunar MonKEY crop circle to the 13 tones of creation  🙂
The supreme importance of adapting the 13 Moons Way is reiterated in CHC V:  Book of the TimespaceThe perpetual 13 Moon/28 Day Calendar is the basis of ending the drama on Earth-bringing the human consciousness into the correct frequency with the Solar Ring…That is why the work we are doing  is so urgent, because it says in the Prophecy that if by 2012, human consciousness…is still operating on Civilizational Advance (12:60 frequency) then…”
Apocalyptic shakedown has to occur for purification to be complete.  Knowledge of the Solar Ring and the 13 Moon-28 Day Calendar is the salvation of Planet Earth.“”Once the human mind is established in the 13:20 timing frequency, then the frequency locks will open”.  (from pages 74-75, written by Valum Votan and Stephanie South.)

Christine Kin 133 also provided us this fascinating link:
While Cessair relates new (to TMQ)  information about the biblical Flood, 
Mike Overtone World-Bridger (who  is making a  stand for 13:20 in the 12:60 ‘Court‘ on Cosmic Wind) writes of what the cess-ation of the Gulf Stream is causing“Prayer is in order. Stirling Forecasters say this winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years.
The change is reportedly connected with the speed of the Gulf Stream, which has shrunk in half in just the last couple of years.”  “it’s not enough for mankind and humanity to sit in your bubble of comfort and think meditation alone without concious free will of “art of action”.

The preceding (and the part below his contribution) was already written when, at 12:21 (!) Reimar Cosmic Night’s synchronistic comment was  read:

“Interplanetary Noosphere ringcycle is a sequence of
4×10(9+1) daypulsations.
20 above the solar horizon, 20 below the solar horizon. Now how does this correlate to The …tsolkin….?
Each ring is 13 moons/baktuns or 13 fractalequivalents or major articulation of the etheric body of a bolontiku : oUR frequency has chanGed now.
“…so we’re talking here about tele-pathy   and tele-portation.
Plotting means accessing and processing the codes….in the    O«.»Ë
The primary configuration is the primal cube matrix of evolutionary becoming ––441––”
The whole thing, of oUR 13moon calender turns and bows  all around the G-force, seemingly. “we have 13 qualities every wavespell and we have unlimited amounts of fiber correlation connection possibilities in oUR  441CubE
 Dragon (which follows Kin 20) can be perceived as the  Hunab Ku Kin 21, which would make today 21.12, a reminder of the 12/21/2012 Solstice.  When we ‘square’ those numbers, we get 144;  and 441 for the Cube Matrix and our 441 Cube of Truth.
The 21st Archetype:  Hunab Ku 21  is described in CHC Volume V: 
 “Of all the hidden treasures come to light, none exist vaster than Hunab Ku;  Unity of Totality–secret of the 441.
Lords of the Cube, we emante and radiate the powers of seven….With celestial ears we hear the sacred holy sounds.
To know us is to know totality.  To know totality is to know Peace.  To know Peace is to enter fully into the awesome, endless splendor of Galactic unfolding.” 
This is the seventh year of the Mystery of the Stone;  The Year of the Cube.
Thank You Cosmic Night for this Magnificent  Red Dragon-like Fractal
  to contemplate on oUR Hunab Ku BE ROUND TABLE.peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
The abundant Telepathic Cooperation today elevates our 441 Cube of Truth.  Later contributions will be shared tomorrow, as our cyber Crystal Hunab Ku 21 Round Table bridges the Hemispheres.  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 3. 17.     Cube 11 during Heptad 11:  MAGIC  Crystal Dragon Round Table. 

10 thoughts on “Kin 181: Red Crystal Dragon codes Round Table on Electric Gamma 17

  1. On “Cess” i wonder how the English pronounce this : “Sess” or “Kess”

    “Sess” would be my choice because the “e” is following the “C”.
    Rule Here: CaCeCiCoCu is pronounced as KáCéCíKóKú …
    ( See how KA pops up as first if this rule with 5 syllables: “the witch” / “witchcraft” / intuïtion)

    Actually this was part of the trigger that caused a change of my name:
    from “Kees” via “Cees” into “S’ace.

    “Kees” was a kin’o fraud, so i reset it into my grandfathers “Cees”.
    But then the Dutch forgot the rule and got comforted into articulating “Cees” into “Kees” – which triggered the English based “S’ace” while “ace” is a wellknown card in cardgames. And the S’ can refer to many things and “rôles” too/as well.

    More close to the root of that process is the word Caesar …
    and also the storylines that “narrate” on that phenomenon, the Roman Emperor.

    Just see for the German word “Kaiser”, which is as the pronunciation for “Caesar” where the A follows the “C”.

    From TMQ teaching -i’ld say- the game between the C and the K sets focus on the idea “to make a folly out of the emperor all the time”

    hmmm , why?

    well definitely C is the 3rd character and K the 11th one … and 11 is marker for the celebration we label as CARNIVAL.

    ~~~ closing with the oracle for that word:
    3 1 9 13 9 5 1 12 => 13 22 18 => 53 => 4×13+1 (again’)

    this :: the moment on this daya, S’ace aka Moon1Born White Solar Wind
    (crystal sun in LC & galactic wind in 3K => column 13, pos. 2)

    ‘) last week number 53 also popped up and it is dreamspell kin for REED1 – QuetzalcoatL

  2. Cannot give another resonsponce – nooterm?

    See? Sea? Si? Vision – Universal Water – Affinity
    (Colloquial: Okay?

    • How true u are “KrisTien”
      Tien is 10 in Dutch Language
      A Kris is an Indonesian Dagger

      It can also be associated to the MIRROR and to the CRYSTAL Clear Cut.

      Both numerical sayings are true:
      * 10 is the 1 of the serial 10, 11, … 18 (the 2nd bird in the Kweak)
      * 10 is the exemplification for the binary and digital world / technosphere
      * 10 is Planetary and Manifests
      * 10 is leading the LIFE kweak which iz a lineair form as a chroniclue

      3rd “10” (numerical 1) is “19” which both associates to STORM and to the Quran (which is why we have a guy labelled WILDERS who reigns our new government and the rebellating ) & that leads to the 4th and mystery “1” which is “28” and that should/could/would be a synchronizing GLORYdaYa.

      ~~~ interesting FORM meanings beyond the scene

      C. what does the form “C” pop up in the “suspicious mind” or rather “investigating ones”?

      K. what does “K” imply?

      ~~~ ma dime

      C. iz as the open eye/mind that receives the light
      mind could be “my end” which is a Babelonic shaman as chief

      K. iz an arrow that resets to the standing woo/man

      K’eep it S’impl*

      • The kris usually has a curved pistol-grip hilt that aids in stabbing strikes. It allows the palm of the holding hand to add pressure to the blade while stabbing. A kris only offers minimal protection for the hand by the broad blade at the hilt. In rare cases, the blade may be forged so its axis lies at an angle to the hilt’s axis. 😉 The intention is to get the blade automatically turning to slip past the ribs but this works poorly and makes the weapon less durable. Just like US.

        There are several ways of testing whether a kris is lucky or not. A series of cuts on a leaf, based on blade width and other factors, could determine if a blade was good or bad. Also, if the owner slept with the blade under their pillow, the spirit of the kris would communicate with the owner via dream. If the owner had a bad dream, the blade was unlucky and had to be discarded, whereas if the owner had a good dream the dagger would bring good fortune. However, just because a blade was bad for one person didn’t mean it would be bad for another. Harmony between the weapon and its owner was critical.

        Because some kris are considered sacred and believed to possess magical powers, specific rites needed to be completed to avoid calling down evil fates which is the reason warriors often made offerings to their kris at a shrine. There is also the belief that pointing a kris at someone means they will die soon, so silat practitioners precede their demonstrations by touching the points of the blades to the ground so as to neutralise this effect.

        Are you a good witch/which or a bad which/witch??? 😉 Neither –

    • i had to invetigate on the word u used, ma dearone:

      1, 2. Colloquial, conversational, informal refer to types of speech or to usages not on a formal level. Colloquial is often mistakenly used with a connotation of disapproval, as if it meant “vulgar” or “bad” or “incorrect” usage, whereas it is merely a familiar style used in speaking and writing. Conversational refers to a style used in the oral exchange of ideas, opinions, etc.: an easy conversational style. Informal means without formality, without strict attention to set forms, unceremonious: an informal manner of speaking; it describes the ordinary, everyday language of cultivated speakers”

      then i asked myself whether the last “frame” was appropriate:
      “everyday language of cultivated speakers” especially in our sphere for pulsing noo …; or is that exactly what our beloved one here means to practice (every now and then)?

      :-{ just trying to under & upper stand

      • More and m-ore i have been contemplating phonetics as a sound fractal. No matter the language, word sounds (audio shape) to my mind should have some primal quality or base root meaning – we’re the ones who ‘babelized’ speech. We convoluted the songs…to me colloquial represents oUR noospeak/thought/transmission – the simplest terma aid in oUR pURsuit for unity. And the idea of ‘cultivated’ is quite a play on words – we wish to grow a garden economy with oUR meditative reverence for the mere state of grace that infuses and accompanies oUR arising perception of telepathy – by grow-in-g oUR mayands and see the solutions before they are made corporeal we can help buffer the coming short/ages – in the words of Dr. Frankenfurter, “dream it, be it.”


  3. Sorry – interface spotty – both are my initials – so
    Very thankful for us all – eye get so light sometimes aye might float away…
    Sacred T-ethers

    In Lak’ech,

  4. Ha! The numbers look good for adding 181 to our Kin # for ‘fill in’ the 144-441 Cube of Truth, no? Or at least until greater wisdom prevails 🙂


  5. i use the 181 as a perfect kin to share this vision of drunvalo.

    it also gives insights on the oil-water “Colloquial”.

    it seems true that Drunvalo doesnot need his title to dream and be “himself” … so that may guide dr. Frankenfurter and the ones that follow his teachings.

    all teachings are worms as in character Q

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