Kin 187: Blue Overtone Hand codes Lover’s Reunion on Electric Seli 23

Blue Overtone Hand

Blue Overtone Eagle
Red Overtone Earth Blue Overtone Hand Yellow Overtone Human
  White Solar Wizard
I Empower in order to Know,  Commanding Healing.
I seal the store of Accomplishment
with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
Today’s Challenge is a Pacal Votan Clear SignOvertone Earth.  The G-Force is Electric Serpent, and the PSI for Electric 23, 24 and 25 is GAP Galactic Night (George Harrison’s Signature)
Postulate 7.5:  “The primal crystalline order of the evolutionary dynamic establishes an ongoing cultural time function defined as AC (Aboriginal Continuity).  The crystal-induced AC is balanced by its projective secondary reflex life dynamic, whose ongoing time function is defined as CA.”
  Chakra01.gifSELI 23:  Flows;  Root/Muladhara: “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the Light.”  BOTTOM of Radion Cube.  UR EARTH 6:  Inner Earth Navigation Tower of Heaven.
TELEKTONON Day 23Lover’s Reunion;  Earth-Uranus Time Tunnels Complete;  GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION 2013!  Emerge from the Warrior’s Labyrinth to celebrate the Reunion of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik;  Fulfill the sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force!
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceWe warmly welcome to Kin 224: Electric Seed:  “Awesome Posts. Eye would like to know more about conscience living communities in the USA as well as more about the one in NV. We have family in NV. and around the globe. It is not allways easy to be a light in the darkness. It would help to have more physical contact with other beings of light.  Thank you for all you do. Peace Love and Flowers…” Here is the lead to the community in NV:  you can send an e-mail to Resort Lady who wrote: “I invited anyone and everyone to visit/consider joining an existing community of spiritual seekers in Nevada a few days ago,   We’ve organized everything, have spaces for people to live, have work to do in a common cause — isn’t that what this online community is about?  Yet, no one has asked for more information — is this just a space for mental masturbation or action?  I understand that not every member lives in the US — but what about those of you who do?”  Let us know what you discover  🙂  Any other leads on Spiritual Communities anywhere?
Christine Kin 133 shared “The Red Queen Principle can be stated thus:  “For an evolutionary system, continuing development is needed just in order to maintain its fitness relative to the systems it is co-evolving with”.  Christine also shared about how to live in between the  5th and 3rd  dimensions on Kin 5.3.
Any 10/10 experiences to share?  Synchronistically, Mike Overtone World-Bridger, and his prayed-for son Joseph Overtone Seed combine to make 10.10:  Planetary Dog, a double-dose of Love  🙂  Combined with son Jack, also toned by 10, they equal GAP GSC Resonant Dragon, which anchors the right-hand corner of the Tzolkin, analogous to their anchoring of the Eastern-most part of our Planet Holon.  🙂
Reimar Kin 143 contributed these  images for today’s Lover’s Reunion of the Sacred Male and Female energies.peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
These graphics are from the analysis ( of the ‘fractal Star’ crop circle laid down at Milk Hill, under the “White Horse“.  Note the 13 Stars, and the initials M. H. =  13(Cosmic), 8(Star)  🙂 

“The Milk Hill ‘Koch* Fractal SnowFlake 2’ was the grand finale of the 1997 circle season. It measured 200 feet (c.60 m) across, with a record 198 circles and 144 straight edges (Kin 198 = Electric Mirror which codes the 5th Solar Witness, and the  5th Bolontiku: Supreme Golden Maiden)  .  This Star Crop Circle appeared  on 8/8/1997, which was coded by today’s Challenge:  Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Red Overtone Earth.

 N. S.  1. 23. 3. 23.        UR Earth 6;  LOVERS  REUNION       Kin 187  

8 thoughts on “Kin 187: Blue Overtone Hand codes Lover’s Reunion on Electric Seli 23

  1. Thank U, dear TMQ & Reimar for the wonderful images shared!

    I always adored the Green Man that i like to see as the Green Horse Yggdrasil.

    on the 7 star image i would add with this vision …

    by seeing and accepting the 7 star as a catalyser I and Thou are the 8th and 9th ONE, which is (a way of thinking into) accepting 9 as the better field to explore 3 – the trinity at the mass experience …

    DS Kin 187 HAND N. S. 1. 23. 3. 23. UR Earth 6; LOVERS REUNION
    is parallel world ::
    3K Kin 447 HAND NS’ URdaya in VOIDkweak REunites Souls

    :-] * [-:

  2. My latest know the knowing is, i found my place in my mind to meditate, i realize my true self is in the tree of life on level 5 the holograph deck, my mum and dad not of this 3rd dimension parents, but my parents of divine unconditional love stand behind me, letting me learn, to know my thoughts are so destructive when not in holo deck of tree of life. To know our thoughts are the diviness of us all, staying in the tree of life dreaming our galactic garden community of universal love. Calendar reform Aotearoa New Zealand, i am another yourself. Aroha and Koha from the land of the rising sun, where our time is ahead of the rest of the world.Calendar Reform of planets Bio-Rhythm our human Bio-Rhythm

  3. SWAK!!!

    Which drew me to Kin 175 Rhythmic Eagle Picasso’s [consequently he leaves this fractal on Kin 15, Lunar Eagle – what VISION and ACCOMPLISHMENT]continuing impact via the website…and my handy Babelfish…there are a few inside jokes via the translation – eye would imagine the French vernacular does not account for the time puns. 😉

    Here at a year d’ interval what Picasso does one October 8: Even prone, even composition: The 10 last years of its work between 1964 and 1973, Picasso will tighten the topics qu’ it will treat in its painting: the naked one, the couple, men in bust. The nude woman lengthened on a couch becomes her principal model, her woman-model as Marie-Laure Bernadac so precisely describes it in the catalogue of l’ exposure ” the last Picasso “. The woman becomes painting, the subject of the lengthened nude woman is l’ gasoline even of painting. This traditional subject of the great traditional painting since Titien is for Picasso l’ prototype of painting, the place of all the experiments. Picasso continues the furrow dug with l’ time cubist: will to assemble a body, an object in volume on a plane surface while renonçant with the rules of the prospect illusionist. The body of the woman undergoes a torsion, the face remains of face but buttocks and navel are on the same plan but these deformations do not endanger the cohesion of the body and its erotic dimension.

    Interesting link…

    “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterwards you can remove all trace of reality. There’s no danger then . . . because the idea of the object will have left an indelible mark.”

    The eye-deas will carry the noo. 😉


    • Chile has promised that its care of the miners won’t end for six months at least — not until they can be sure that each miner has readjusted.

      Psychiatrists and other experts in surviving extreme situations predict their lives will be anything but normal.

      Since Aug. 22, when a narrow bore hole broke through to their refuge and the miners stunned the world with a note, scrawled in red pen, disclosing their survival, their families have been exposed in ways they never imagined. Miners had to describe their physical and mental health in minute detail with teams of doctors and psychologists. In some cases, when both wives and lovers claimed the same man, everyone involved had to face the consequences.

      Lover’s Reunion 😉

  4. Buenos diaz ad¡amantes
    PicAss øOo: ) where this feuilletonist sees buttocGKs…..

    while..’.the lengthened nude woman is l’ gasoline even of painting’, …….and
    the “fuel” for oUR inter-dimensional travel is unconditional love, (witch raises the frequency of all it touches and is the force that will expand the Corridor to encompass the sixth dimension and beyond)

    i wonder, if if this funny episode is vibrating at what you would call an “infinite frequency,” the hunabku21 move-and beyond- measurefrequency..,

    if it ‘continues the furrow dug with l’- timed cubist: will’ … into something similar to sense! and i find the woman’s expression on picAssÒ’s “”KIss” resembles more the mood of this galactic warrior sitting on the peak of his rocket….

    miners mine in the womb of gaia other miners
    an active resort lady moans thru the cybernet:—) is this just a space for mental masturbation–:)
    whereas oUR arcturian allies would rejoice over the intelligence of this sense-SPore “…with multiple orgasms”, they agree voluptuary.

    …and while the camel walks comfortably thru the eye of a needle

    all of this serves(surfs) the one purpose:
    the re-establishment of the right relationship between the AC (Aboriginal Continuity) and the CA (Cosmic Awareness).

    while “It takes her all the running she can do, to keep in the same place.”
    Gaia is like a bird that will surrender her tail feathers in order to fly free from a predator. The bird knows that new tail feathers will quickly grow, and those who possess that which she has released will find little joy in that which they have stolen.”
    and another green horse comes running…knowing, that darkness cannot attack light; it can only expand oUR own inner darkness.

    WE now know that WE are a Cosmic Force, for WE are consciousness, a flow. In fact, WE are LIFE!
    Nothing is planned in the Flow, for that would require a “past.”
    Nothing will happen next, as that would involve a “future.”
    Within the Flow there is only HERE, only NOW.

    As you Flow through the Cycles of Life, reality simply IS and
    Desire is released for the sake of Destiny.

    However, within the Flow, Destiny is unknown.
    All you Know is that that when you stay in the Flow
    Destiny IS revealing itself to you in every moment.

    and thank you, all of you kin, for providing this very lifely comment-box of oUR 2013SPaceShuttle with so many mysterious links, we should install a treasury in oUR 441-cube, or is this just my jumble-folly?!.¿
    in lak’ech comicnight143

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