GAP Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon codes Electric Blue Kali 25: Self-Generation Recharge

Red Resonant Moon

Red Resonant Dragon
Blue Resonant Storm Red Resonant Moon White Resonant Dog
  Yellow Resonant Human
I Channel in order to Purify,  Inspiring Flow.
I seal the process of  Universal Water with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of Birth.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The Challenge is Resonant Storm, which also codes the year  the 13 Baktuns end  on the 2012 Solstice.  The G-Force, is Kin 191: Solar MonKEY.  This is the Resonant center of   Night Wavespell 15.
Postulate 9.7:  The release of radion is intensified by yogic activity and sexual-sensory excitation, consciously augmented as sensory teleportation. This category of activity and experience establishes a primary level of radiosonics or radiosonic architecture, the creation of telepathic imaginative structures capable of “transport.’
These paintings by Resonant Moon William Blake seems to resonate with ‘(t)his Postulate’
  Chakra02.gifCatalytic BLUE KALI 25Catalyze;  Secret Center/Svadhistana“My name is th Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat within.”  BACK of both the Radion Cube and the Codon Cube.   Extended Cube 19:  Self-Generation Recharge.
TELEKTONON Day 25:    Bolon Ik receives the power of Fifth Force, and learns to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation.”
On her Kin day of  Moon, Power  of Universal Water,  Angel Crystal Moon offers this:
“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”  🙂
Christine Electric Skywalker tells of a female humpbackwhale who made the longest ever  journey through water: ” at a minimum, the whale must have traveled about 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) to get from Brazil to Madagascar, off the coast of east Africa. No other mammal has been seen to move between two places that are further apart”  As Kin 133 observes:  The migration came from the border of Human/Skywalker holon territory to travel all the way to Mirrorland…and they know way more than we can cURrently apprehend. It is also quite close to the antipode of the Gulf of Mexico spill.”
This 2001 photo released by F. Johansen and taken ...
Reimar Cosmic Night shares this image, reminiscent of Red Moons surrounding a Resonant colorful central column/wormhole. 
He also suggests: “and thank you, all of you kin, for providing this very lifely comment-box of oUR 2013SPaceShuttle with so many mysterious links, we should install a treasury in oUR 441-cube,  Great idea;  how do we proceed with that?
Thanks S’ace Solar Wind for the wonderful video “Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles
This day of  “Inspiring Flow” ends with Reimar Kin 143’s inspiring words about Flow:  ““WE now know that WE are a Cosmic Force, for WE are consciousness, a flow. In fact, WE are LIFE!
Nothing is planned in the Flow, for that would require a “past.”
Nothing will happen next, as that would involve a “future.”
Within the Flow there is only HERE, only NOW.

As you Flow through the Cycles of Life, reality simply IS and
Desire is released for the sake of Destiny.

However, within the Flow, Destiny is unknown.
All you Know is that that when you stay in the Flow
Destiny IS revealing itself to you in every moment.”  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 25.         SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE          Kin 189

9 thoughts on “GAP Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon codes Electric Blue Kali 25: Self-Generation Recharge

  1. On this Resonant Moon it seems a perfect opportunity to share a thing i discovered this night by some finger-practice.

    The trigger is the 40 day birthday of my Resonant Doggy Jerôme aka Geronimo.
    He celebrates this in some GER’s and live music.
    I had to see for something special so i tried to figure out what to do with the KweakSpell for it was only by him that i got on that track by some wires merging a fuse, so to saya.
    So, i calculated his 3K-kinnumber by having DS150 + LC92 into 3K242

    242? hmmm, that iz my own 3K i “cried out”: 22+220=>242

    So there we are both matching White Galactic Wind breathing the spiritual vortex in our fields of communi-KA-tion …

    This Moon is special too while it iz 80 days after 109 en so it is the 81th daya of this MOON year … and 81 is wonderful because it implies a 4th dimensional origin seeing 3x3x3x3 as its foundation.


  2. S’ace Solar Wind for the wonderful video “Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles“
    Where is this video? I can’t seem to find it in all that’s going on. I have been following the clues left by my soul back seven generations to my 5g grandmother. This photo is google earth near the spot where she was born. I would say that “X” marks the spot, but in this case, it is the spiral marks the spot. /Users/bonsalot/Desktop/Ancestry/Spiral Park Birmingham, England.jpg

    From a stitchery that my 3g grandmother made of our pedigree, I have been staring at Mary Burr since I was a child. Of all the names on the tree, this one has stood out. Her birthday was 11-14-1803 and she codes to Red Cosmic Serpent which is my galactic signature. The date of 11-14 is the same as the day the Cheetah Alliance was launched in the 3rd grade classroom of Sacred Hearts School (another portal). Going back in time to 1668, I find another Mary Burr in Massachusetts whose Gregorian birthday 3-4-1668 codes with my own (3-4-54) (blue cosmic eagle). I am finding out who I was then and pulling forth wisdom through the portals. I am going to the mainland next week to interview my 95 yo father and set things in motion for the teleportation. My 5g grandmother codes with my father, as Yellow Resonant Warrior. We have been aligned for a quantum leap into the Cosmos through the wormholes of the www. Cheetah Cosmic Serpent

    • Dear Cosmic Serpent;

      Looks like you’re on a very synchronistic joURney 🙂 Your Father and 5thG Grandmother are Pacal Votan Clear Signs (Resonant Warrior)

      S’ace’s wonderful video is the first comment on Kin 188-Enjoy!

      In Lak’esh, Galactic Mirror

  3. dear kin
    i found something on a sister site (didn’t visit it yet) that is of importance regarding the 12/60 mechanisms, that keep us down on a daily basis, when we’re on the job, etc.
    …that kind of memetic poison that ever tries to divert us from oUR essence
    and it goes like this:

    “I’ve noticed that issues and events often come up in the media that
    seem to demand your opinion. There’s something about the way these
    topics are presented that forces people to take a side and to start
    debating and/or gossiping immediately. The strange thing is the sense
    of urgency transmitted with these news items. It seems like the point
    is to make sure that when you hear a story about the latest celebrity
    dirt or controversial ethical question, you must not think too deeply
    about it, but must react immediately with your position. No research is
    to be done, no time of reflection is to be had, and no related issue is
    to be discussed – the story is designed to make you open your mouth and
    speak reflexively.

    It seems to me that one of the purposes for these stories is to
    periodically “shock” the social organism that is the modern human
    communications network in order to see how it operates. It’s like
    injecting radioactive dye into a person’s bloodstream so that their
    circulatory system shows up better in an x-ray. When the story is
    injected into the mass mind, the powers that be can analyze the way it
    travels from person to person, from system to system, across all
    demographics. This is useful to them for many reasons. It shows which
    nodes are most efficient at spreading propaganda, which subjects are
    most useful as carriers of propaganda, how fast it spreads, who is
    immune to it, how it mutates, how long it lives, what its lasting
    effects are, and probably a lot more. As the media shifts from
    monolithic TV news outlets to the fractured system of blogs and social
    circles of the internet, it’s important for the powers that be to
    understand how this complex system works. If they get locked out, they
    lose control.

    On the personal level, I think it’s healthy to avoid discussing these
    “engineered” stories with people in the dualistic mindset because of
    the polarizing effect it may have on you. Of course, if you are strong
    enough to avoid getting sucked into a debate and losing energy, and if
    you can use the discussion to dissect the person trying to infect you
    with his paradigm and the system that infected him, then more power to
    you! Just look out for any wrong assumptions that the information may
    be using to get a hold on you – such as the assumption that you have
    the whole story. Is anybody else engaging in such a boycott? What are
    your thoughts on the meaning of these memetic stories that explode
    every few weeks? How are they constructed? How do they infect? How do
    you stay immune? (“czyx” – Noble Realms Forum Member) –

    in lake’ch night143

  4. Reimar. Stop tripping me out. 😉

    Eye had a dream this morning that was very vague and dark – void – and seemingly only personified by the repeating concept that was reverberating as i began to be pulled back into 3d – “You are operating at a higher frequency of energy now. You are connected. You are operating at a higher frequency now…,” but right before i bURst back into my body a dirty, oily disembodied white male hand flashed itself inches from my “face” and then was gone. i opened my eyes to see the time and it was 10:20 – galactic respiration sequence.

    S’ace…did not have time to see the whole speaking engagment by Mike Bara that you posted two daya ago…until this morning. His noobook, “The Choice,” publication date, 10/10/10. Will repost becaUSe it’s that good.

    Soooo…the May 20-21, 2012 eclipse [Spectral 19-20, Kins 252-253 Overtone Human and Rhythmic Skywalker, anoother indication of the 12 to 13 shift, and the final week of the T’zolkin before the final 260 cycle,] he mathmatically models that it will begin in Mainland China, reach its center as it passes over the UT international dateline, and have it’s culmination at Mt. Shasta, California. The joining of the male and female planetary energies.

    Apparently i have a date in 585 daya. Reduced by 520 = 65 Cosmic Serpent, of which i personally know 3. In addition to oUR lovely Cheetah Cosmic Serpent. 😉 What was that 3x3x3x3…??? FoURth dimension program enact.

    I Endure in order to Survive
    Transcending Instinct
    I seal the store of life force
    With the Cosmic tone of Presence
    I am guided by the power of Universal Water

    The Judeo-Christian tradition traces the current state of humanity back to a woman, a serpent and a tree. Athena’s idol-image shows us the woman and the serpent, but where is the tree? The very core of the statue is wood—a tree. In both the Greek and Judeo-Christian traditions, a tree is at the core of what happened between a woman and a serpent in paradise.

    Note that the serpent rises up next to Athena as a friend. In Genesis, Yahweh had condemned the serpent to crawl on its belly as a deceiver of humanity, yet all who entered the Parthenon to worship or admire the great statue were forced to look up to both Athena and the serpent. That is because the Greek religious system, the very opposite of the Judeo-Christian, was based on the notion that the serpent had enlightened humanity in paradise.

    Athena holds Nike in her right hand, the hand of power. Nike symbolizes victory—Eve’s “victory”for humanity when she ate the fruit offered by the serpent. Athena is the only goddess in Greek art who is ever pictured holding Nike. Athena’s very name speaks of Eve. In Genesis 3:4, the serpent promised Eve that when she ate the fruit of the tree she would not die. In the most ancient Greek writing (Linear B), the name of the goddess first appears as Athana. The word thanatos in ancient Greek means death. A-thanatos signifies deathlessness. A-thana is the shortened form of Athanatos meaning the deathless one, or more specifically, the embodiment of the serpent’s promise to Eve that she would never die, but would be as the gods, knowing good and evil. Through Athana(tos), later called Athena, the serpent has made good his promise to Eve.

    Nooledge is now.

    • hi C/BarssiAH LLLovE’1 😉

      u noted the 3x3x3x3 Quest …

      and here i snapshot from the hope

      “1. Secrets of Abraham’s Names

      As noted in the chapter, the original first name – Abram (אברם pronounced “Avram”, literally “High Father”) has Gematria value of 243, which equals the fifth power of the number three (3x3x3x3x3 = 243). As noted in appendix 1-A, the raising of a number to the fifth power signifies its association with five dimensions (5D) and 5D constructs. Thus one to the fifth power still remains one, showing the unity of the One in all dimensions. Two to the fifth power equals 32 (2x2x2x2x2 = 32), the number of the “wondrous Paths of Wisdom” in God’s created world according to the opening of Sefer Yeẓirah, whereas the 5D World of Bri’ah (Creation), which is associated with the Sefirah of Wisdom (Ḥokhmah). We just noted three to the fifth power, and Four (Arbạ associated with plurality) to the fifth power amounts to 1,024 (4x4x4x4x4 = 1,024), which nowadays is considered as “k” (from “Kilo”, meaning “thousand”) that amounts to one thousand for most practical purposes.”

      so there we have a 5th dimension: 3×81 => 243 poppin up on ABRAHAM

      or iz that “a BRAHAM”? or is it the WORM in the WHOLLY APPLE?

      i’m curious on the thing thought that flashes from ur vains!

      😉 keep on breathing the pelvis area!

      • then suddenly this fact turned over in a thought of splendoUR:

        243 is the next number after 242 – two foUr two 😉

        it should be the SOLAR K’NIGHT …
        the one that iz intention moved radiance on the DREAM of ABUNDANT creation …

        and this is also vibrant: 2340 is the 9 to 260 outcome,
        as defined in KWEAKspell …

        Aye that is true 9 to 27 iz 2340 as well, of course …

        27 as the 3 kweaks jumping into 28 ~ daya of Moon Experience at Velatropa 24.3 ~ planet EARTH

        Quite a GameHear

  5. CRANZ, Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, Kiwiallegiance and mission statement, follow thirteen months of 28 days following the star Sirius. My Grandfather whom was a Maori Ratana church Minister told me God came over in a cloud and spoke to T.W.Ratana the Maori Prophet The same way he spoke to Noah, God said i have been to the for corners of the world and Aotearoa New Zealand is the Alpha Omega the land of the rising sun and it’s up to the people of this land to lead the way in love peace and harmony, i understand now knowing synchronicity of Galactic clock and all it opens the 4th dimension to access ourselves collectively to dream free time for all that can handle it. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, everything else is just another trainsmash of the Gregorian Frequency of disconnected heart bio-rhythm. i am another yourself in the tree of life holo deck 5, choosing Love over fear.

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