Kin 191: Blue Solar MonKEY codes Electric Limi 27

Blue Solar Monkey

Blue Solar Hand
Red Solar Dragon Blue Solar Monkey Yellow Solar Star
  White Overtone Dog

I Pulse in order to Play,  Realising Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic
with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.
P.V.C.S. Solar Hand Guides us today.  The G-Force is Lunar Earth.  Today’s Hidden Power is Overtone Dog:  You’ll enjoy this short video  from Angel  Crystal Moon of a Dog saying I Love You  🙂
Postulate 11.9:  “Cultivation of the secondary personality through the structure of the assemblage points is for the empowerment of the fourth-dimensional holon to facilitate or capacitate construction of vehicles for time travel. The secondary personality is like the “armor and weaponry” of the holon to ride its time transport vehicle to destinations where unknown forces may need to be tamed or domesticated.”
This postulate brings to mind the latest offering from  S’ace Solar Wind:  Although it is almost 11 years  old, it still seems pertinent.  Synchronistically,  while reading it, TMQ received a phone call asking her to speak on Dec. 5th–the date of the article.
   Chakra03.gifLIMI 27:  Purify;  Solar Plexus/Manipura“I consume dualistic thoughts as food.  I purify the Mental Electron at the South Pole.”   Right Side of the Radion Cube.  Extended  Cube Hunab Ku 21Telepathic Meditation.
TELEKTONON Day 27:  (9 x 3) Summoning of the  9 BOLON TIKU, the 9 Lords of Destiny and Time. 

During this  12th (3 x 4) Heptad of the year,   3 s have been appearing in the news, and in our Cube of Truth comments.  The third letter of the alphabet, C figured prominently in the news of the 33 Chileans trapped underground in a Copper mine  in Copiapo Chile for 69 (3 x 23) days. The rescue Capsule was 3 meters high and contained 3 compression tanks. 
On the day of the rescue on, C.C. (Christine, 3  Skywalker) noted it was 585 days until the eclipse beginning on Spectral 19 of the Rhythmic Wizard year.   The eclipse (on 5/20/2012)  begins in China, and ends in California.  585 = 3 x 195.  S’ace Solar Wind noted that 3x3x3x3x3= 243 for Solar Night (3.9, more 3 s) and for 24.3, our Earth, the 3rd planet from the Sun.
TMQ agrees with Reimar, Cosmic 3 who thinks news is used as a distraction.  The Chilean mine rescue illustrates that, but it also kept 33 (Resonant Skywalker with its 13:20 numbers) in the public awareness, and it emphasized  the synchronization of the Night (3) Wavespell during Moon 3.  On the day of the rescue, the number of subscribers to this blog was 333.
Today’s  G-force is coded by 17:  Earth also known as  ‘Navigator‘ and ‘Synchrotron‘.  Synchronistically, it’s description in CHC Volume V:  Book of the Timespace  includes the numbers for today’s Seal (11),  this  Moon Day (27), the Hunab ku 21 squared (441) and for Kin 33:     “The 13 and 7 code is above and below;  in the center is the 441, and on either side, the 11 and 27, keys to the synchronic power of Seven.”
We’ll follow today’s Number Play with some Alphabet Play:  Snychronistic Anagrams  🙂
ASTRONOMER:                       MOON STARER
THE EYES:                                 THEY SEE
ANIMOSITY:                            IS NO AMITY
THE EARTHQUAKE:              THAT QUEER SHAKE   (More on that tomorrow)
Today, is the 27th day of  (3x3x3) of Moon 3:  Service and Activation.




Since all letters equate to numbers, this seems to be another example of 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
 WordPress or TMQ’s computer are also Playing up on this MonKEY day, so please excuse the appearance of today’s post.
N. S.  1. 23. 3. 27.   TELEPATHIC MEDITATION    Kin 191 

4 thoughts on “Kin 191: Blue Solar MonKEY codes Electric Limi 27

  1. Hi, i`m from Chile, and i like to add more info about the miners rescue.
    -The machine who made the hole from the miners rescue was the T-130 (13)
    -The miners spend 70 days trapped (7)
    – In the Tzolkin armonic 33 is in the center and in the 7 row
    – The day when they trapped ( august 5), was blue lunar storm and the hidden kin was White cristal wind, in the I ching code for this kin is 33 hexagram
    – number 7 doesn`t have a mirror (4:7:7:13), in the same way miners was 16 pairs of chilian (32) and one bolivian.

    Namaste !!

  2. Welcome Javier Spectral Hand 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing all these synchronicities you discovered–You took it to another level!
    You were a PVCS Cosmic World-Bridger on the day it began. It ended on 10-13-10, which also adds up to 33.
    Glad to hear from you in Chile 🙂 Have you ever visited Easter Island?

    Galactic Mirror

  3. TMQ gives me a thought by “During this 12th (3 x 4) Heptad of the year, 3 s have been appearing in the news, and in our Cube of Truth comments. The third letter of the alphabet, C figured prominently in the news of the 33 Chileans trapped underground in a Copper mine in Copiapo Chile for 69 (3 x 23) days. The rescue Capsule was 3 meters high and contained 3 compression tanks.”

    point in relation to ma weavings is this :

    “S’ace” is a phonetic merge / sol’ution to the Dutch “Cees”, which was ma grandfathers name. “phoney” was the Dutch Trickster to shout at him as “Kees”, which was actually meant to pronounce “Caesar” / Kaiser / Emperor.

    So there u are : anoother “C” … and get a focus on S … isn’t that a fuse of 2 c’s one mirrored against the centrepoint as a mirror-point?

    😉 may i hear some laughter , after all :- ))

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