Kin 193: Red Spectral Skywalker codes Dali 1 of Fourth SELF-EXISTING Skywalker MOON of FORM

Red Spectral Skywalker

Red Spectral Skywalker
Blue Spectral Night Red Spectral Skywalker White Spectral Worldbridger
  Yellow Electric Star
I dissolve in order to explore
releasing wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

 The first long Spectral Skywalker post disappeared just as the Publish button was pushed last night.  This morning, when half of it was re-written, that too vanished.  While writing a shorter version just now, when I pushed ‘Save’, that too disappeared. 

Considering what happened to TMQ on the ‘Self-existing Skywalker’ day 20 days ago, perhaps its wise to carefully examine the question we ask during the
Fourth Moon of Form:  “What FORM shall my SERVICE take?” 
 GAP Kin 173 Self-Existing Skywalker codes this Moon.
Today‘s Kin is the G-Force of Madame Blavatsky (Crystal MonKEY).  Today, Christine Electric Skywalker alerted us to the death of   Benoit Mandelbrot,  Father of Fractal Geometry’  who died on Resonant MonKEY.
This (2 year old) vibrant video is a beautiful tribute to him:
Here is the Star People’s tribute to him, discovered on  August 12, 1991. (on the RIGHT)
While searching for this, these KEYS appeared:
Valum Votan refers to Madame Blavatsky as ‘Turning the KEY’ to the 2012-2013 shiftAugust 12, 1991  was the 160th birthday of Madame BlavatsKEY (and the Solar Birthday of this blog)  August 12, 1991 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 211:  Blue Electric MonKEY!
There are 3 Thirteens today.  (Curiously, after this was written in last night’s vanished post, TMQ received a one word  comment from our newest responder:  Mehdi Magnetic Moon:  13.    See ‘About’  He has 3 M’s, 3 13s for initials  :))
This is the 13th Week.  This Day and Moon are coded by seal 13:  Skywalker3 x 13 = 39.
The G-Force for this Moon is Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 1.    UR EARTH 1         PROPHECY Tower      Kin 193

7 thoughts on “Kin 193: Red Spectral Skywalker codes Dali 1 of Fourth SELF-EXISTING Skywalker MOON of FORM

  1. Dear TMQ, I am waiting to hear back from local newspaper about free community add inviting people over as a discussion group about the law of time natures law of time the 13 moon cycles, starting 7pm 9pm every Thursday Gregorian.. Aotearoa New Zealand Calendar Reform, 30 Camelot place Glenfield, come on up to Auckland and slum it in the week to week poverty trap, at least we have the love of each other over the fear of no money. I choose love over fear, i just regret no funds to on mass free the minds from Gregorian brainwash program, of the Rothchild so call Elite. Love over fear everytime. i am another yourself aroha and koha

  2. i feel guilty!!! US Skywalkers are shorting the grid, haha! It’s jUSt a testament to the contin-unity that when the energy tells you to dis/solve, ya gotta pay attention. Eye found back on the Wired site an amazing lectURe he gave on Solar 9, Kin 244 Planetary Seed, March 23, 2010. Planetary Warrior NOOS what’s up!

    My Galactic Mirror and eye found you dear Clair, on last Spectral Skywalker. Maya perspective has been F-RA-C-T-ALL-Y broadened and yoUR PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, LOVE, DISCIPLINE, WISDOM and ENERGY are changing the world becaUSe you’ve changed mine. Much love and good juju to all in the Noo!

    On the same page! Kin 71 La Michio! Aye swear i want to put him in my pocket.


    • Dear Christine;

      YoUR many splendid contributions during oUR first Galactic Spin are a constant source of delight and enlightenment!

      YoUR comments today are especially appreciated after the frustrating challenges in writing what turned out to be yoUR and Galactic Mirror’s ‘galactic anniversary’ Skywalker blog 🙂


  3. CRANZ, Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, Kiwiallegiance and mission statement, follow thirteen months of 28 days following the star Sirius. My Grandfather whom was a Maori Ratana church Minister told me God came over in a cloud and spoke to T.W.Ratana the Maori Prophet The same way he spoke to Noah, God said i have been to the for corners of the world and Aotearoa New Zealand is the Alpha Omega the land of the rising sun and it’s up to the people of this land to lead the way in love peace and harmony, i understand now knowing synchronicity of Galactic clock and all it opens the 4th dimension to access ourselves collectively to dream free time for all that can handle it. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, everything else is just another trainsmash of the Gregorian Frequency of disconnected heart bio-rhythm. i am another yourself in the tree of life holo deck 5, choosing Love over fear.
    Starting this Red Lunar Earth first community discussion group at 30 Camelot place from 7 pm-9pm all welcome every cube there after same time, tea and coffee coin donation “natures law of time” awesome

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