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  1. As a Wizard Wave 9’er mobilizing on Mandel”bread” i give some parameters “from a distanth shore”:

    N. S. 1. 23. 4. 2. Kin 194
    aligns kweakwise to
    3K 369.4.1.2 KIN454

    as u see the 109 is reset into the kweakspell full number based on 9 tzolkin cycles speedup turbo from 73 cyclic rage from ol’cultural behaviourals as “freaud” … facilitating pivotal shift’inGee

    Day number 2 is a wholly year labelled as NESSdaya
    Kweak 1 is as one of the 2 trinities at the Mandelbreath, the other one Kweak 2; resp. LOVEkweak and LIFEkweak.
    Then the middle sections has 2 spheres embracing and 1 below that as the Earth Descended … All 3 giving impulse to “The Void” – kweak 3 VOIDkweak.

    The lowest sphere is the FLAME that navigates the 3×3 spheres … which we have on each 28th daya also each daya on FIRE ~ laying down …

    Having 454 as a kweaknumber immediately strikes number 13 – mysterious “4” , a 4 doubled and handed over by central 5 (1 thumb and 4 fingears)


  2. i am not trying to be a nut, but i got a massive charley horse bruise on Solar MonKEY that looks like the sun ring. No joke. 😉

    …and once again, my hunches are jUSt too weird to believe. As a proportional puzzle/joke, the bruise = sun leads my head to notions of Gulliver’s Travels – written by Jonathan Swift, born Kin 101 Planetary Dragon November 30, 1667 and died; you guessed it, 265 years ago TODAYA October 19, 1745 GAP Kin 189 Resonant Moon.

    DUDE!!! i now jUSt looked for a clip from the 30’s cartoon and this came up. The clip actually opens with Skywalker talk! i give up! Satirists!

    Love and freakout,

  3. Something to note,

    Pacal Votan’s head seems to be elongated. In this book that I’m reading, “Initiation” by Elizabeth Haiach, she channels her memories of being an acolyte in Egypt with an elongated shaped head. She proclaims that the “Son’s of God” had elongated shaped heads, and the “Son’s of man” had round shaped heads. What we are is a combination of these two types of human structure. The more dense animalistic Man archetype, and the more spiritualistic minded God seeking archetype.

    Long time, but:

    In Lak’ech

    -Galactic Seed

  4. dear TMQ , i’ld like to add an kin on the Galactic Team.

    it iz KIN257, planetary tone on STARwave.

    His name is characterized as GG in full trinity GMG, havin’ the M as the Mirror in 2 worlds igniting the third one …

    He was a teacher on a European School in Wales, UK.

    He iz as an Angel poppin’up in a special energy fluX as we all spice just that on coördination coöperative pulse reflectin’Gee (u all know what is meanT)

    tomorrow 10/20/2010 or dutch written 20-10-2010 we have my youngest brothers kin on cosmic eagle – his font name is Christian Martin , funny C and that M shape inherited from my father “Martin John”

    just getting the simplicity beacons straight ahead 😉

    my Father is kin025 ! hey is is in my wave! Crystal Serpent
    LC186 Electric Worldbridger
    Givin’ 211 in TreeKweak: Electric MonKey* – GAP in about 16 daya

    just NaviGatinGee as a PC reïncarnate Partnear U’kNow :-))

    • Some add on the previous request:
      Gerrit is his name.
      Yesterday he told me he got some message from the later famous Dutch writer Gerard Reve. He – a teacher in Dutch Language – is writing a book.

      He is a late may(a) Gemini , 5/30/1955
      His LongCount iz 195, this very day in DreamSpellOrder – Cosmic Eagle
      TreeKweak (a Dryad Revisiting Planet Earth) gives 195+297=>492=>132
      3K Yellow Lunar Human

      The simplified trinity team gives Earth ~ Eagle ~ Human in SealMakeUpLanguage; it combines Lunar~Planetary~Cosmic tones on a Palette


      • Hee hee! I’ll have to do sum reconnaissance on la Tiger. 😉
        Hmmm…wish me luck!

  5. You noo what jUSt occUR-red 😉 to me…when the messages appeared on yoUR computer on 9/11/2004 – perhaps they were extra-dimensional in natURe…and perhaps yoUR disappearing posts are bleeding through to other fractals…

    Noothing in oUR mayands can be lost.


  6. 2012 Emergent Featured Global Crisis Know Your Culture Prevailing Culture ty
    Written by Rohaan Solare on Monday, September 14, 2009 18:01 – 2 Comments
    Toward a Balanced Worldview: Order out of Chaos and the Emergence of a Holistic Science: ARTSOS 3
    Tags: Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Reform, Deprogramming, Emergent Culture, Psychology, Social Science, Synchronicity, Synchronicity Theory, Western Civilization, Western culture

    Series Title: The Tzolkin Code and the Art and Science of Synchronicity: A New Way to See and Experience the World. ARTSOS Pt. 3
    Core Reality Constructs and Our Ideological Inheritance

    In part 1 of the Arts and Science of Synchronicity I made mention of what I term a core reality construct.

    A core reality construct (CRC) is comprised of either proven and or, unproven concepts describing how we think the phenomenal world operates.

    It is how we explain the how, when and why of what happens, has happened or will happen in our universe and with regards to human to human interaction and between humans and their environment.

    In part 1 of the Art and Science of Synchronicity I go on to describe how the foundation of the Western worldview is based on a CRC devised over 5000 years ago by the founders of Western Civilization. The foundation of the Western worldview is all too well preserved in the form of Biblical scripture.

    The first “book” of the Bible, Genesis, laid down the core reality constructs that have governed Western thought and behavior for the last 5000 years or so. Those wanting a deeper review of the foundational ideology of Western Civilization may review my article entitled Deconstructing the Biblical “Fall of Man”: Insight into the Source of our Misery–Ancient and Modern.

    The JCCC: A Dysfunctional Worldview
    The key point made in my introduction to the Art and Science of Synchronicity, as far as core reality constructs are concerned, is that the Western worldview is anti-nature, anti-women and anti-other at its core and therefore ill equipped to accurately and effectively relate its adherents to the whole of nature in a healthy and ecological way.
    An artists impression of what happened in the Cradle of Western Civilization. “The Fall of Man” according to Peter Breughel, the elder
    I go on denounce the Western worldview as a dysfunctional and incoherent thought complex at the root of the world’s social, economic and environmental problems.

    As a way to increase social coherence and ecological integration I propose the Art and Science of Synchronicity as a knowledge base founded on our verifiable understanding of nature and with the intent to reconcile science with the mythosophical (art/spirituality/religion/philosophy).

    The Art and Science of Synchronicity deals with a visible, but culturally obscured order permeating our world at every level. An order responsible for every detail of our lives.

    I assert, every event is a synchronicity and that our present understanding of reality allows us to recognize only the most obvious of synchronicities.

    Given the magnitude with which the Western CRC has contaminated most of our thinking, I offer to first to deconstruct the Western world’s CRC before delving into the Art and Science of Synchronicity.

    I liken the process to the de-installation of an obsolete computer operating system so that a new and improved version may be put in its place.

    There is a great deal of introductory information in part 1 of the Art and Science of Synchronicity (ARTSOS) on the fragmented nature of the Western worldview or the Judeo-Christian Culture Complex.
    The JCCC: A traumatized culture born and raised of catastrophe and afflicted to this very day.
    Those encountering the ARTSOS for the first time may be better suited to assimilate this report by first reading part 1 of the ARTSOS.

    The label of Judeo-Christian Culture Complex (JCCC) reflects the Westerns world’s ideological origins. And it also serves to underscore the ideological foundation of the Western secular world or the non-overtly religious realms.

    The values, ethics and general worldview that has carried the JCCC through out its over 5000 year history are essentially the same ones governing the modern secular realm.

    The superficial separation of church and state simply created another faction of the JCCC that for the most part sought to shift political power over to the secularists.

    Western secularism is simply another offspring of the JCCC, but with less mention of Godliness and religious doctrine. Secularism is the educational, practical, commercial, governing and teeth bearing branch of the JCCC.

    While supporting religiosity and retaining certain basic prejudices (anti-women, anti-nature, anti-other, Christian white male privilege) Western secularism is also ideologically unbound to cherry pick the brain of the JCCC’s problem child–science. I am alluding to the fact that institutionalized religion must reject key scientific discoveries in order to preserve itself.

    The Problem Child
    Science maybe likened to the rebellious child who runs away from home due to mentally and physically abusive parents. Rejecting most of, but not all of its inherited and encultured parental wisdom, science strikes out on it own to discover the world for itself.

    Western science has been struggling for over 500 years to emerge bias free from the ultra-dysfunctional worldview of the JCCC.

    A key point made in part 1 of ARTSOS is that any ideology emerging from the cultural matrix of the JCCC would to some degree be afflicted by some of the most pernicious and insidious cultural biases that are passed on during our pre-adult lives and therefore incorporated into the deepest parts of our subconscious.
    Enculturation: Culture’s Default and Automatic Pilot Program.

    The brain automates and incorporates not only routine behaviors, but also routine observations. Meaning that if a child grows up watching his or her mother be the only gender to do certain household chores, the brain then assumes by observational default that certain duties are the sole province of women.
    In turn boys grow into men expecting women to fulfill the duties they have been accustomed to via observational and unstated behavioral conditioning. The previous is a simplified example of what I mean by enculturation.

    That is self-propelled behavioral and ideological conditioning occurring without the intention of indoctrination. In other words we simply imitate what we see due to our hardwired propensity to imitate uncritically during childhood.

    In spite of the well intentioned efforts by scientists to remove as much bias as possible from their observations they are still hampered by biases laid down via the subtle and insidious mechanism of enculturation. To this day we know that the bias against the female gender is all too alive and well in the engineering and science fields.

    The core reality construct of the JCCC would have us believe in the superiority of a male godhead who created the world and set all things in motion about 6000 years ago. Meaning all causes are the will of a male God. They would also have us believe reams of other literalized mythic lore.

    Enculturation coupled with an intensive religious indoctrination and a limited scientific education helps explains why so many people in the modern Western world still believe in a literal interpretation of Bibilical mytho-symbolism.

    Surveys of peoples beliefs and scientific knowledge have confirmed the efficacy of a leadership culture preferring to maintain unsubstantiated beliefs over well founded scientific observation.

    Those of us aware of the JCCC’s mythic illiteracy know what I am talking about. And those of us aware were fortunate to have been weakly encultured along such treacherous lines. We were also lucky to have received enough scientific education along with a few other uncommon experiences to help us escape the gravity of the JCCC and other literalized religio-mystical concepts imported from other cultures.

    It is a well known fact that a science education helps eradicate the artificiality of religious doctrine and its erroneous views of nature. Science improves our knowledge of nature by observing how nature works and then attempts to interpret those observations via a methodology designed to remove hidden biases.

    Science is a self-correcting and self-evolving thought complex.
    Science is the only ideology that can make that claim and that is why science reigns supreme as a way to arrive at our clearest understanding of reality. Every belief striving to be more than just that must be evaluated before the rigors of the scientific method.

    And to be fair science must not dismiss any phenomena before it has been thoroughly investigated.

    Some encultured dogmas have become so entrenched that they have escaped our attention. How many of us have ever questioned the Western concept of time and calendars? Ideas of time and calendars are central to the Art and Science of Synchronicity (ARTSOS)

    Western concepts of time and calendars are two of the least questioned aspects of the JCCC.

    The foregoing is the primary reason for my time spent on the subject of deeply encultured ideas before I get into the crux of the ARTSOS .

    Our Ungrounded and Disconnected Split Brain Culture
    On one hand we have the maladapted and incoherent ideology of the JCCC who seeks to dominate nature and “other” by force of will.

    Man is presumed to be superior to nature, women and those with other views of reality—essentially everybody not white, male and holding non-Judeo-Christian worldviews.
    Colonialism, neo-colonialism, social exploitation and environmental indifference are testament to the previous statement.

    On the other hand we have a confident and demonstrably competent scientific body who can accurately tell us about the universal truths of nature.
    Divorce is Painful
    Stories relating to our origins, our purpose and to the rest of nature are at the foundation of what I call the mythosophical, ie., mythology, art, religion, spirituality and philosophy.
    The process of scientific discovery obliged science to throw out the baby with the bath water–respectively mythology and religion. In doing so science left us without a story to relate us, the mythosophically disenfranchised, to the phenomenal world in a way which orients and connects us to the natural world in ways healthy and sane.
    Scientists by virtue of their training by and large develop an ecological worldview. An ecological worldview is sane and healthy and it also meshes perfectly with the way nature works.

    The mythosophically disenfranchised are those of us who have rejected traditional worldviews, but are not scientists or science oriented and therefore piecemeal our worldviews based on encounters with various ideas that “sound good” to our preferences. The goal of any healthy worldview should be that it mesh with reality according to the way nature works.
    The Splintered Split Brain
    In addition to the tortured and traumatized psyche of the JCCC, the Western Worldview now also has a splintered split brain.
    Its mythosophical right brain has splintered into over 38,000 Christian denominations, thousands of political labels, philosophies and spiritualities both homespun and imported from other cultures. Each view has its take on the nature of reality and how it works and/or should work.

    And then we have this increasingly coherent left brain that does have the proven ability to tell us how nature works. The miracle of the modern world is testimony to the success of science. However, science as it stands is in and of itself an incomplete story. Science nourishes the left brain, but it has thus far neglected the needs of the right side.

    Some might argue that it is not the work of science to nourish the right, but that it is the function of the arts to nourish the right side. To insist upon such a strict dichomtomy is symptomatic of what I mean by a split brain. The two sides of the brain are joined by what is known as the corspus collossum.

    Both sides of the brain communicate with each other to make the most sense of the world. We know that some people are more “left brained” and others more “right brained”. It is clear that both have their proper and rightful place in the scheme of things. The right and the left or art and science simply describe and perceive the world differently. In the simplest and briefest of terms the right brain is big picture focused and generalist while the left is preoccupied with procedure and specificity.
    My understanding is that they can both be accurate in what they describe, but that they simply use different terms to describe the same thing. My work on the Art and Science of Synchronicity hopes to reconcile the terminology to show how both views are accurate and valid ways of describing the phenomenal world.
    The Absence of a Unifying Story
    Our story telling heritage from time immemorial has sought to relate the realms of reality into a coherent whole.

    Tell me what ancient myth, story, legend or religion does not attempt to relate the individual with the invisible realm, plants, animals, the earth, the stars, behavioral expectations, society, our origins, destiny and our final fate?

    Science was correct to throw out the bath water (JCCC), but it has yet to compensate for the loss of an essential story that gives meaning to life in way that connects our temporal existence with the mystery of existence and all of its elements.

    Mythology is the study of our ancients stories, myths, legends, spiritualities, religions and rituals.

    Perhaps it is the job of a mythologist to relate our new found world of verifiable knowledge (science) in a way that tells the story of life and existence so as to create coherence out of an increasingly incoherent world.

    I believe that the Science of Synchronicity will begin to help fill the void, confusion and schism I have described in this report. You may read more on the theme of a unifying story in an article entitled Toward a Holistic Cosmology of the Planetary Culture.
    Getting into tune with the universe and staying there is the principal function of myth. ~
    Joseph Campbell
    Our Cultures Biggest Problem: The Sinister Secularists

    Science lags far behind in its study of the social sciences and human behavior relative to technological science. Science can tell us how to get to the moon with relative ease, but it cannot seem to solve our growing social, economic and environmental problems. The discontinuity is not an accident–it exists by design.

    The third major splinter of the Western worldview is occupied by the ultra-secularists, the world of big business and big politics.

    The ultra-secularists believe wholly in might makes right and they are propelled by a rapacious biology justified as capitalism to acquire wealth and power at all costs.

    In my study of socio-cultural dynamics I affectionately refer to the ultra-secularists as the prevailing culture of the Western world and they are found in the upper echelons of GovCorp Inc.

    It is they who say what is to be done with the public’s resources–our taxes and natural resources.

    US GovCorp deems that it is most important to put over 50% of the public’s money into the military and only 6.8 percent into education.

    The US can boast about having the biggest and greatest weapons of all time, while also home to the most scientifically illiterate public of the Western world and a majority who believes in the literal interpretation of mythic texts (mythic illiteracy).

    Killing technology and militarism are exalted and over-funded while intellectualism is ridiculed and impoverished. This condition obliges the US to import scientists and engineers from “less developed” countries.
    Gadgets Galore and a Dumb downed Populace.

    The scientific revolution began a little over 500 years ago. The JCCC was left to govern the socio-political world while science preoccupied itself with machine technology and the study of the natural world. It would take another 400 years before science would begin to put the psycho-socio-political aspects of the JCCC under the microscope of scientific inquiry.

    The lag in the scientific investigation of the psycho-socio-political realm is reflected by the contrast of an extremely sophisticated machine culture in the presence of an extremely unsophisticated public and a savage political leadership culture. This is not an unintended consequence.

    The religio-political leadership of the JCCC is essentially anti-natural science (evolution vs mythic creator God) when it comes to the socio-political arena, but they are very friendly to technological science.

    Technological science means business opportunities, creature comforts and it has helped the leadership of JCCC maintain control of its subjects via TV, radio and print tech. Technological science also helps the JCCC with its worldly aspirations of global wide cultural and economic domination via military technology (neo-colonialism). Psychology and social science came around in the early to mid 1900′s and they too are used against the public.

    Fortunately for us the technological sword has begun cut both ways and the internet is now helping right the scales by providing an informational and social organizational medium not easily controlled by the religio-political leadership of Western civilization.

    Some Illusions Run Deep
    Despite the well intentioned efforts by Western science to discover the truth about nature it cannot help, but be affected by some of the most enduring and deeply embedded ideological bias’s of the JCCC.

    Ideas such as free will, linear time, object fixation, dualism, linear cause-effect, western calendrics, individualism and its own ethnocentrism.

    As I delve deeper into the Art and Science of Synchronicity I will show how the Western ideas just mentioned are the blind spots and illusions I make them out to be.

    Western science has uncovered many of its biases due to the force of experimental data obliging scientists to rethink their ideas. Ideas not their own. Ideas hatched in cradle of civilization and passed on via the socio-cultural mechanisms of enculturation and indoctrination.

    The encultured ideas of the JCCC run so deep that 500 years has not been enough for time for Western science to fully extricate itself from some of the JCCC’s most insidious, erroneous and life complicating worldviews.

    A human being’s primary liability upon being born, from an ideological perspective, is the process of enculturation.

    A concept you will encounter in many of my writings because it is so all important that we understand how it works and how each of us and our culture is affected by it. We must then learn how to counteract the undesirable aspects of enculturation.
    uantum physics)and is yet subject to historic change in time–is a very poor

  7. On this daya of the Eagle i still see the Wizard on top …

    I read a peace of writing which really is harmonic to our intend well of tapestry flyin’ – take this cosmic sound alignin’:

    “Whole-body resonance is the only way to move through the morphogenetic fields and create in the material world based on the total harmonic vibration of all system functions working collaboratively toward the function of the whole. In other words, resonance creation is a result of total vibrational alignment… meaning, sans discrepancy between what we think and what we feel.”

    more to read about this “linguistical gridding” here -) section galactic times

    the house of the noorizin’ sun ~ the AniMals

    Sin~eaD 😉 DS044 – LC245 – 3K029
    Seed – Serpent – Moon

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