Kin 195: Blue Cosmic Eagle ends the Blue Night Wavespell on Self-Existing Gamma 3

Blue Cosmic Eagle

Blue Cosmic Storm
Red Cosmic Serpent Blue Cosmic Eagle Yellow Cosmic Seed
  White Magnetic Worldbridger
I Endure in order to Create,  Transcending Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.
Blue Cosmic Eagle is the Second Solar Witness, and Kin 195 also codes the Heart Oracle of the Second Lord of the Ring,   who was awakened during the Second year of the Mystery of  the Stone.  Today’s G-Force is Magnetic Moon.
Postulate 15.13:  Auto-regulated planetary/stellar increase of incidence of subliminal consciousness as feedback effect on planetary and stellar pulses establishes self-radiant properties as electro-molecular norm. Transformation of third-dimensional atomic structures into fourth-dimensional spectral weightless volume complete.
Chakra06.gifGAMMA 3:  Pacify;  Third Eye/Ajna:  “My lineage is the Union of intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere I ATTAIN THE POWER OF PEACE”  Front of Radion Cube.  Purification Recharge
It’s such an Orwellian world,  with Christian leaders advocating the opposite of PEACE, and demonizing Yoga.   An American pastor warns:  “Yoga is demonic. If you just sign up for a little yoga class, you’re signing up for a little demon class,” he said, according to The Seattle Times.
His comments appeared to reflect a growing concern among Christian preachers in the United States as the number of people practicing yoga has soared beyond 15 million.”
TELEKTONON Day 3:  Baktun 3;  BC 2324:  The Wheel  Pacal Votan enters Meditation that moves the Wheel.  Conscious power of 7 sent to people of Earth.
On Crystal Wizard, the world lost another TruthTellerJoan Veon, Kin 14.4 Self-Existing Wizard

“As an international reporter I have made it a point to ask the crucial questions in order that the unspoken agenda may be put into words. I have also sought to keep abreast of evolving global changes, how the world will be affected, and to report what is truth.” JOAN VEON
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Like another whose name begins with V,  Joan was a Twin  🙂

 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceBlue Night Wavespell 15:  Power of Abundance and Dreaming is ending with an abundance of new Kin and an exponential increase of readers  🙂 

Since our Crystal Dragon Round Table, we have welcomed these ‘new’  Kin from around our Planet Holon:  Angel Michael, Crystal Moon, from the MonKEY Region;  Samsara, Javier Spectral Hand from Chile (Human zone), Cablli-Mehdi G Magnetic Moon   (MonKEY zone) and  17 Hermit on Cosmic Wind,
 S’ace  Kin 22 added several Kin to oUR Cube, including his Brother Christian Martin whose Galactic Birthday is today:  Cosmic Eagle, and his Father, who is coded by Kin 25:  Crystal Serpent.  Synchronistically, the 3rd Kin he added,  writer/teacher Gerritt  is coded by Cosmic Eagle in the Long Count, and Planetary Earth is oUR DREAMspell Count. 
Cheetah Cosmic Serpent, Code+E Lunar SkywalkerMari Planetary Human, James Galactic Seed,  and Ygraine Penndragon, Melovia Crystal Moon and Moi Planetary Serpent all checked in during this past wavespell. 
 Today, the webmaster at  commented on the Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon blog, the date of the Christchurch Earthquake. TMQ wrote back, asking if it’s normal for Christchurch to be experiencing so many aftershocks (over 2,000) and such strong ones (a 5.0  5.2 a few days ago)  An hour later, this was posted: ; in which a New Zealand TV anchor asks the same questions of a geologist (who happened to be conveniently in Christchurch for an earthquake conference on Rhythmic Moon)
Mike  Overtone World-Bridger is beginning the Warrior Wavespell of Intelligence by teaching a Weekly/Cubely class (first one on Magnetic Warrior) , offering Intelligence about the 13 Moon Calendar of Harmony and the 2012-2013 shiftChristine Electric Skywalker noted one full spin since her discovery of this blog on Spectral Skywalker, and provides almost daily Intelligence to oUR Cube of TruthReimar Cosmic Night is gently urging the next technological step in oUR 441Cube of Truth, and TMQ is open to all ideas and offers of help.  
S’ace Solar Wind linked us to this site, from which these words apply to the Night Wavespell just ending, and the joURney we have embarked upon:   “If you can imagine it, you can create it.  If you can dream it, you can become it.”  William Arthur Ward  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
The notice at Law of Time for Book of the Transcendence says:  Synchronize with the Highest DREAM and Assume your COSMIC Essence.”    This COSMIC end to the Night Wavespell of DREAMING will continue in a different form as we begin exploring Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VI.  (Has anyone received their copy yet?)
Sunstar Detail
Today’s Guide, Blue Cosmic Storm gives us another opportunity to end this post with the KEY Postulate, found many times in Pacal Votan’s Telektonon Prophecy, and offered by our newest contributor, Kin 141, Spectral Dragon:
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 3.                      PURIFICATION RECHARGE        Kin 195
{Due to a bizarre computer glitch, the post for Kin 194:  Crystal Wizard had to be removed, and replaced here:}

White Crystal Worldbridger
Yellow Crystal Seed White Crystal Wizard Red Crystal Serpent
  Blue Lunar Hand




Kin 194;  White Crystal Wizard is significant in several ways.  It codes the First Solar Witness, and the Heart oracle of the First Lord of Time/Bolontiku:  Single Luminous White A, who was awakened during the first year of the Mystery of the Stone (2004-2005)
Crystal Wizard coded the Moon of the discovery of Pacal Votan’s Tomb in Palenque on June 14, 1952 (Crysal Moon Day 17).  The Year (Planetary Moon; 9.10) Moon (14.12) and Day (Planetary Mirror;  18.10) all add up to 41.32 reduced by factors of 20.13 equals 1.6, Red Rhythmic Moon.   Pacal Votan’s Tomb was dedicated in 692, (9 years after his death) precisely 1260 years before its discovery in 1952, and 1320 years before the year 2012.  These were clues to the 13:20  timing frequency we need to attune with by 2012.  Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image
The precise timing of the discovery of Votan’s Tomb on the combined Kin of Rhythmic Dragon points to the Moon-out-of-Time, between the end of the 13 Baktuns and the beginning of the 7 Mystic Moons.  The Rhythmic Dragon Moon contains the December 21 Solstice on Crystal Hand.
Kin 194 also coded the Katun (of 20 years) during which Pacal Votan’s Tomb was Dedicated.
The Tomb of the Red Queen (who, like Pacal,  was buried with the Jade mask which denoted the highest spiritual attainment) was discovered on June 1, 1994 (Crystal Moon Day 3).  That day was coded by White Crystal Wizard,  and the year was coded by Kin 144:  Yellow Magnetic Seed.  The Moon was coded by 20.12, (Kin 220;  Yellow Crystal Sun) another reference to the long-prophesied Solstice of 2012 Image Preview
Crystal Wizard makes another auspicious appearance as it codes the Crystal Moon in 2012, the First of the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns (for which we telepathically  practice during the 4th Week of each Moon).
Postulate 14.12“Through the super conscious hyperorganic life style, the solar consciousness functions transform the biosphere’s appearance. Radiosonically intertwined functions of crystal, plant, animal and super human are bound into new radiantly realized forms through new combinations of mental electrons, neutrons and photons.”
Developments in this local Biosphere of the Night Region, and our Heliosphere, during the end of the Night Wavespell:   Today, three large aftershocks/Earthquakes in Christchurch caused power and phone outages along with additional damage.  The 5.0 “hit  at 11.32 a.m. and was centred 10km southwest of Christchurch at a depth of 9km”.

‘What is this strange ring that has been developing on the Sun during 16-Oct?’  (SOLAR MonKEY

it is now currently directly facing the Earth. If sunspot 1112 does erupt, could the entire filament explode into a massive CME?  This particular phenomenon will be all over in a few days as it rotates around the Sun, but it serves to remind us that there are more and more events happening on the Sun as we transit into the next solar cycle maximum (peaking ~ 2012 into 2013).

  Chakra01.gif  SELI 2:   Flow;  Root/Muladhara “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the light.”  Bottom of the Radion Cube. 

 TELEKTONON Day 2:  Baktun 2:  BC 2718;  The Pyramid.  Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid, Vows to remainin the Earthly tomb of materialism until the return of Bolon Ik.
Go to fullsize image Frame - Frida Kahlo -
Artist Frieda Kahlo is a  Crystal Wizard, from the land that contains Palenque.
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 2.     WALK IN BEAUTY     Kin 194; 



I Dedicate in order to Enchant,  Universalizing Receptivity.
I seal the output of Timelessness with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Death.
Today’s G-Force is Spectral Warrior, and the first 3 days of each Self-Existing Moon correlate with the PSI of Spectral Dog.





2 thoughts on “Kin 195: Blue Cosmic Eagle ends the Blue Night Wavespell on Self-Existing Gamma 3


    So after RANG-in-G all daya yesterday, eye found this hilarioUS “blasphemy” on Netflix. JesUS comes back to Earth in 2003 and can’t identify with people. He is told, “well, spreading of religion is more or less just a marketing issue, right?” He needs BRAND IDENTITY! He becomes a spandex clad superhero! Jung would be proud. 😉 He event-U-ally comes to grasp that all expressions of LOVE are worthy. Christ/insanity would be a better terma to describe the absolute polemic nonsense that those too/two/to wrapped in the ecclesi-ASS-tical pursuit of CONTROL exhibit. They can’t jeopardize their income stream – and “The Church” is such an unbelievably fragmented “Stained” glass fractal it’s a wonder that wherever two or three are gathered I AM there with “them.” Their external terma, not mine.

    We are ALL HERE NOW.

    Ray Kurzweil is todaya kin. 😉

    In The Singularity is Near he expresses his belief in a need for a new religion based on the principle of mutual respect between sentient life forms, and on the principle of respecting knowledge. This religion would not have a leader, instead being purely personal to adherents.

    Can you say YOGA???


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