Kin 196: Yellow Magnetic Warrior codes the start of Warrior Wavespell 16 on Kali 4 of Moon 4

Yellow Magnetic Warrior

Yellow Magnetic Warrior
White Magnetic Worldbridger Yellow Magnetic Warrior Blue Magnetic Night
  Red Cosmic Serpent
I Unify in order to Question,  Attracting Fearlessness.
I seal the output of Intelligence
with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Third Solar Witness, Magnetic Warrior, is the combined kin of the co-authors of Cosmic History Chronicles, Valum Votan (11.11) and Stephanie South (5.3).  It’s G-Force is Self-Existing World-Bridger, which codes Valum Votan’s current year.  The PSI for Self-Existing 4, 5, and 6 is GAP Kin 51:  Blue Crystal MonKEY, which codes a KEY to our 2012-2013 EvolutionMadame BlavatsKEY.
Postulate 16.1:  “The evolution from primary stellar mass to post-organic pre-primary super-novae is a curve or cycle of incidence of critical moments which mark the junctures between different stages of the evolution of time as consciousness.  Consciousness cannot be separated from time. Time evolves consciousness as increasing orders of self-reflection according to the equation T(E)=Art.”
M97.jpg This image of the Owl Nebula (complements of Christine Kin 133) is reminiscent of  KALI and today’s Analog:   Magnetic Night
    Catalytic BLUE KALIEstablish/Catalyze;  Secret Center/Svadhistana“My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the light-heat within.”  Today we create the BACK of both the Radion cube and the Cube for Codon 22:  Temple of Vision.  Love Recharge.
TELEKTONON Day 4:  Baktun 4:  BC 1930;  Sacred Mountain of the West.  Pacal Votan extends  himself into the Sacred Mountain of the West–in the Adoration of the Lamb”  Focus on Telecosmic power of 5:  Fifth Force.
Moon 4; and Day 4 of each Moon correspond to the Baktun of  The Sacred Mountain of the West.   The Navajo Indians consider the San Fransisco Mountains in Colorado/Arizona to be “The Sacred Mountain(s) of the West: 

Telektonon Day 4: 

Yellow Warrior Wavespell 16:    Power of Intelligence

The 16th Wavespell is also coded by Seal 16

Yellow Magnetic Warrior

Red Lunar Earth
Yellow Cosmic Star

Blue Crystal Hand

White Electric Mirror
White Spectral Worldbridger

Blue Self-existing Storm
Red Planetary Serpent

Yellow Overtone Sun

Red Rhytmic Dragon

White Resonant Wind

Cosmic History Chronicles V:  Book of the Timespace says this about Seal 16,  Warrior, also known as Pathfinder, Intelligence Agent, “Code-Breaker”  and Cosmic Scientist.:  “By the power of intelligence, I cut through ignorance of the illusory world, following the signs…”My fearless Spirit clears obstacles along the way, so that others may find paths of increasing Intelligence.”

These  words today from the author of  “Smoking Mirrors” blog seem appropriate for this  this Wavespell of Courage and Intelligence “This is the critical fact that escaped the incredible complexity of their plans for controlling the world. They may control a lot of things here in the visible world but they control very little in the world unseen. They don’t have a say in the automatic reflex of the universe in response to their deeds.”….”Those who are in search of what is true,  find that their faith in what they could not see has provided a light to illuminate its presence.” 

Let’s make the most of  these 13 days of ‘Code-Breaking’ and Cosmic Science   🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 4.            LOVE  RECHARGE           Kin 196

17 thoughts on “Kin 196: Yellow Magnetic Warrior codes the start of Warrior Wavespell 16 on Kali 4 of Moon 4

  1. Had first informal community discussion group meeting, topic “Natures law of time” The local rag didn’t advertise it this week, we wern’t quite ready any way. However Joseph 11yrs kin44 and Jack kin 231 are really grasping the synchronicities of our galactic brains and the power of the planets television of/for us. Always emphasizing the power of our combined kin numbers 241 and then my trouble kin111 partner and her perfect storm the five of us resonate the magic monkey kin 51. Having started community discussion group has strenghtened my CV and confidence to go out and drum the drums for some funding. Ultimately calendar reform Aotearoa New Zealand, but will start with community funding for discussion group premises, and possible youth work activities this i would love, coming from my martial arts side, awesome this 13 day wave spell BE the media all welcome 30 Camelot place Glenfield northshore Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand every Thursday (Gregorian) 7pm-9pm, i am another yourself .

  2. Forgot to add a good tool for staying in the here and now is to think horizontal is past and future vertical is in the here and now. works for us got it off emergent culture. love you all wishing your physical presence here as well as receiving your love and giving, choosing love over fear naturally.

  3. something in this warrior wave flashed into my central known as Hunab’Ku powearpoint …

    it iz the Resonant Wind … and i have one to be added in the Hall of Fume …
    ma ol’chap TzuJean , he is a Resonant Wind 202 – “two o’too”

    in kweaklineup it notes 462 while we run the 2nd out of 9 roundabouts
    which both marksup seal 12 Human and tone Crystal Clear H2O …

    This brings me to the “Code-Breaker” and Cosmic Scientist rôle assigned to the warrior/worrior SEAL … which is not about the verb worrying but more to the act of alchemistical adventure from the whole body alignment(age).

    This is: on my about 2 year ago designed visit card it notes:
    Chief Chaos2Order

    hmmm, pretty not acceptible suggestion to most of the ones receiving the c’ard at the executing moment … but then this was a long distanced time vector raised by the mutual act …

    This week i discovered the key “cH2O” decoded message:

    i simply had to write : cHief cHaos2Order …

    cH2 signifies both cHief and cHaos …
    and 2O means “to Order” which pinpoints to the things we are doing here … noogridding the noodigm intervals

    cH2 and 2O simply are again 2 legs walking the fuse … from a merging alchemistical doinGee

    just smile me awaYa

    • Dearest S’ace, I note that for the duration of this Self-Existing Moon, the year, coded by Kin 109 (9.5) and moon, coded by Kin 173 (13.4) add up to Kin 022 (2.9). U know I love UR number!! 🙂

      (Which reminds me to ask of TMQ or …: How does one find the Kin coding the year and moon of historical dates?)

      Also, I recently discovered what seemed to me an interesting ‘regularity’: if you add a Kin number, its Occult, and the G-Forces of both, the result will always be 006. Just building bridges between the worlds… 😉

      • thX MeloVia!

        marching throught the line thrown i see for the numbers on the 022 postion in 9 kweakyears on a rowww:

        22 282 542 802 1062 1322 1582 1842 2102 2362(-2340=22 again)

        in this way we together see how 1062 is the mid number having the 22 kin as a focus … this “means” it is a true bird attuning both wings in the next table which adds the correlating navigation points:


        hmmm, there is some mirroring logic active …
        and 2124 is a 9’er havin’ 236 as a fractal … 2360 as the ten’th

        is kin236 – lunar warrior a special kin underwater spiralin’ KIN022?
        the S’aints are Mar’ChinG on Oracle Readings!

      • Man…U numbers people hURt my noggin. 😉 On the 006 discuss-ion:

        Next Kin 6 Rhythmic Worldbridger will be in:
        70 Daya – Overtone Doggod, in Overtone Wizard year
        10 Weeks – Planetary Doggod, Over Overtone – Galactic Inhalation
        December 30, 2010 – 364th day of the year – a preDOOT

        Rhythmic Moon [Tone 6] 18 [6×3, or 6/6/6]

        Your Tone is Tone 6 – Rhythmic Receptivity, ability to respond, dynamic equilibrium, roots in many directions. Six is the ray of organic balance, the dynamic equilibrium of the foundation of self combined with the one point of unity. Organic balance is an active process, not a static or fixed state. It is rooted in the totality of who you are. Let your receptive roots run deep, grounding your ability to respond in this world. Bring your Essence Self into your present expression. Aliveness is derived from essence.

        You are the unity that creats organic balance. You are free to choose, respond, give, and receive. Six asks you to respond to life with love, to bring heaven to Earth (*anacronym for Heart!) through your embodiment of the six-pointed star. Embody the Divine in your organic form. As you are infused with the vibration of heave, heaven is brought to Earth. As you journey homeward, Earth is brough to heaven. Thus is created organic balance, heaven and Earth in symbiotic union.

        The Bees noo all about it.


      • Thanks Christine;

        The Wolframalpha site will save some time, though it’s interesting to see how entrenched it is in the 12:60, forcing one to calculate how many days are in the interval months. It all serves to bring more appreciation of the harmonious 13 Moons 🙂

      • well , this iz a very powerful combo u are bringing ::ward , dear B/C

        i just allowed myself 3 picks:
        1) Piet Hein 11/25/1577 Birth Dutch naval commander and folk hero
        2) it is 2 months and 9 daya until 12/30 => 2.9 iz o’22
        3) 11/30/1936 – In London the Crystal Palace is destroyed by fire

        but then why did i took this combo myself ???

        one hint?
        the Dutch have a song on Piet Hein

        ” Heb je wel gehoord van de zilveren vloot,
        De zilveren vloot van Spanje?
        Die had er veel Spaanse matten aan boord,
        En appeltjes van Oranje.
        Piet Hein!, Piet Hein!,
        Piet Hein, zijn naam is klein,
        Zijn daden benne groot,
        Zijn daden benne groot:
        Hij heeft gewonnen de Zilveren Vloot,
        die heeft gewonnen, gewonnen de Zilveren Vloot.
        die heeft gewonnen de Zilvervloot.”

        He was a bloody Pirate! fighting/robbing the Spain Conquistadors

        it was also the name of a Danish scientist, mathematician, inventor, designer, author, and poet


        Losing one glove
        is certainly painful,
        but nothing
        compared to the pain,
        of losing one,
        throwing away the other,
        and finding
        the first one again.

        This as a morphogenetic pingpong history “blame game”

      • Wow. The Lame C-UR-V-E (sorry, no accent grave on my menu,) is HILARIOUS on so many levels!

        Zombie program reactivate!


  4. .The yellow warrior wavespell 16 lead us to do the things intelligently, but you can help to do better. For exemple: when we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is to stretch the body, but very few people do it consciously, and it gives such a pleasure that is curious that we don’t make use of it in the maximum… learn how to deepen body stretching in the morning and everything will follow well for the rest of the day. I promise. Word of yellow warrior.


  5. .The Yellow Warrior Wavespell 16 lead us to do the things intelligently, but you can help to do better. For exemple: when we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is to stretch the body, but very few people do it consciously, and it gives such a pleasure that is curious that we don’t make use of it in the maximum… learn how to deepen body stretching in the morning and everything will follow well for the rest of the day. I promise. Word of yellow warrior.


  6. The Mystery seems to be on number 4 as the starter of the NineBird, as i found the Bird on 22 … this is also true for each number lower or higher in paces of 9:

    4 13 22 31 40 49 58 67 76 85 94 103 112 121 130
    139 148 157 166 175 184 193 202 211 220 229 238 247 256
    4/13 map => all numbers count in themselves to 4 or 13 and higher later on in the growing tree

    take 4 within kweak serial of 9 cycles, delivers:
    4 264 524 784 1044 1304 1564 1824 2084 2344(=4)
    analogue to the discovery on 236 as kin022 mystery kin, we get
    232 is the fractal9 of that constant
    so kin232 is the mystery kin on 4 – self-existing seed

    take 49:
    49 309 569 829 1089 1349 1609 1869 2129 2389 (=49)
    we get
    242 is the fractal9 of that constant
    so kin242 is the mystery kin on 49 – galactic wind

    nb. it was just a lucky hit to find my personal TreeKweak here – the DRYAD of the KIN / human aligned!

    Planetary Moon & Galactic Wind are Mystery Twin Travellers

    Other Ones may find Demystifying Circuits on all kin out of the given 4/13map

    ~~~ last one may be interesting to see for its outcome 256
    256 516 776 1036 1296 1556 1816 2076 2336 2596(=256)
    we get
    288 is the fractal9 of that constant
    so 288 minus 260 gives 28 as the kin partner of 256
    Solar Warrior matches Lunar Star

    Then someone might ask: “what does this bring us?”

    From this moment onwards i could only sense the guiding markers for stories that make a click in the memory hall as a mammall property of oUR specie.

  7. C.H.C Volume 6
    Pacal/Red Queen
    Page 14

    “(17.) We are evolving from our present human nature, mutating as a unified humanity and transforming into a new state of being. At this stage, personal transcendence is insufficient; we must strive for collective planetary transcendence. Transcend. Evolve. Mutate. Transform. These are powerful, loaded words. By evolutionary necessity-the survival of consciousness-we are now in a time of accelerated transcendence.”

    True to My reflection.
    441 Truth.
    SkyWalker to Navigator.
    Of Lunar Clan.


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