Kin 200: Yellow Overtone Sun codes Moon Day 8, Cube Two: SPIRIT

Yellow Overtone Sun

Yellow Overtone Star
White Overtone Dog Yellow Overtone Sun Blue Overtone Storm
  Red Solar Dragon
I Empower in order to Enlighten,  Commanding Life.
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
Today, Kin 200 codes the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time we are awakening this yearSingle Wing Red Fire.
 Overtone Sun  is the only Solar Witness to have its G-Force  be  another Solar Witness:  Electric Mirror.  The PSI for Self-Existing 8 is Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 157: Red Overtone Earth
Postulate 0.5:  “Synchronic order is a “vertical,” now-centered, all-inclusive fourth-dimensional order in relation to the “horizontal” order of the third-dimensional space. Synchronic order can only be comprehended mentally or consciously as a whole system construct.”
This is the 14th Week of the 14th Year in the 16 Year Cube:  Wizard:  Timelessness and Enchantment, and during this Week/Heptad, we  build the Cube for Codon 30:  VISION/Sun Crystal:  Radiance of Space builds Defines Cosmic Awarenss.
Today:  Time____    on   Bottom/Base of Cube
Chakra07.gifDALI 8:  Target;  Crown:  “My father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I feel the heat.”  Top of Radion Cube.  UR EARTH 3Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube.  Each day this week corresponds to a Solar Witness, beginning with White Crystal Wizard today. 
TELEKTONON Day 8:   Baktun 8;  BC 353:  The Annointed One.   The rise of 13:20 civilization in New World.  Bolon Ik inspires Founding of Palenque;  Spread of Buddha’s teachings;  Coming of Christ.
Cube Two:  SPIRIT  Reclaim and Redeem Baktun 8  “By my Wind Spirit Warrior power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself.”  “May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”
Besides coding the 7th Solar Witness, Kin 200,  Overtone Sun, codes the very last Moon of the 13 Baktuns of History, which ends on 12/12/12 (December 12, 2012)  The following Moon, which is the  Moon-out-of-Time (Rhythmic Dragon Moon) contains the 12/21/12 Solstice.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
Synchronistically (and ironically  :)), oUR  representative for the Seventh Solar Witness brings focus to the 12 (12×12=144) and 21 (21×21=441) through the 12:60 medium of television.
21 year old Judson Birza (Overtone Sun) is still surviving the 21st episode of Survivor (=144), held in Nicaragua. (=75, his Aunt’s  (TMQ) Long Count signature)  Survivor Nicaragua (144 +  75) = 219 = Spectral Storm 19.11
Overtone Sun (20.5) plus 19.11 equals 19.3, Blue Electric Storm, which coded the year we awakened the 5th Bolontiku, Supreme Golden Maiden.  Her Heart Oracle is coded by 18.3, White Electric Mirror, which is the G-Force for the 7th Solar Witness, Overtone Sun.  🙂
Home - SurvivorStill of Jud Birza in Survivor  Still of Shannon Elkins and Jud Birza in Survivor
 Happy Galactic Birthday to Jud,  Yellow Overtone Sun,
from the 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truthpeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
(Jud’s fellow Survivors have nicknamed him Fabio, which equals 33;  Resonant Skywalker:  13.7  🙂
(When Fabio is calculated by the formula presented in one of the Cosmic History Chronicles, (6+1+2+9+60) it equals 78, White Cosmic Mirror.  The Signatures of Jud (20.5) and his Aunt (18.8) equal  18.13:    Cosmic Mirror.)
May these synchronicities  EMPOWER oUR AWAKENING of the Seventh LORD of the RING.
On this  first day of the 14th Week of the 14th Wizard  year of the 16 year Spirit Warrior’s Cube ending in 2013, we declare the Vision of Single Wing Red Fire“:
“By my Wizard power of Timelessness and the mystic Letter “B” may I enchant Excalibur with the Starborn Remembrance of the Nine Lords of Time!”
“May the Triumph of the Mystery of the Stone be fulfilled in the Enlightenment of the world soul!”
The 21st Survivor show lasts 39 daysSurvivor Nicaragua Logo.jpgKin 39   Cosmic Storm
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 8.     Cube Two:  SPIRIT      UR EARTH 3        Kin 200 

11 thoughts on “Kin 200: Yellow Overtone Sun codes Moon Day 8, Cube Two: SPIRIT

  1. Another sync with today’s energy is a simple one; the Overtone Tone of today’s energy resonates with the Red Overtone Moon year’s energy.

  2. G-reetings dear Kin!!!
    all-ways with you…and yet stepping ever deeper into the ‘time and space’ of mi Avatar. LOVE TO THE SPACES BETWEEN US!!!

    from todaya’s inbox; (though written on the 16th–which shows how often eye have been frequenting the screen)

    José Cortes October 16, 2010 at 7:54pm
    Subject: Time is you
    The clock measures “time” but time is not what the watch says it is. Time is you. You and the events you create are time. The Clock is a machine designed to control your pace and rythm.

    No, time is not. It is always now and it is always here. Synchronize withou the clock. You’ll never be too late or too soon. Always on the spot. Try: follow your intuition and your heart. Trust yourself. Not the clock.

    tic tac tic tac… (silence)

    More from ‘Change the Calendarium’ group here;


  3. Mike Kiwiallegiance here to let you all know, that the foundations of our court system and prisons are crumbling. On Red Magnetic Skywalker i start a court defence outlining for my defence, the negative effects of having my bio heart rhythm disconnected from my brain, following a Gregorian calendar. Science is only now coming out with the truth about our hearts bio rhythm, and how it sends signals to our brains. Natures heart rhythm of 13 moons, natures time realtime, has been proven, it is our true and only galactic universal mother planets heart rhythm for humanity to follow. My grandfather said God came over in a cloud and spoke to T.W Ratana the Maori prophet, the same way he spoke to Noah. God said he had been to the four corners of the earth and it was up to the people of this land to show the way for love, peace and harmony. By being found not guilty by 12 jury members due to the disconnection of my bio heart rhythem due solely to the current calendar i have had imposed on me my entire life. We as galactic universal human beings that are having all our Universal declaration of human rights trashed and ignored. There will be no choice but to review every and all documents with a Gregorian date. Aotearoa New Zealand will truly lead the world, by being the first country to adopt mother natures universal galactic clock of 13 moons, the land of the rising sun. SING…song …Stay under the rainbow, stay under the rainbow stay under the rainbow of the rising sun Alpha Omega beginning and end Aotearoa New Zealand…..Cause its over for the Gregorian calendar of death. and don’t forget the song …Its not too late to re-deliberate plug in the positive “13 MOONS” and push out the negative “GREGORIAN CALENDAR” re-align in real time natures time real time

  4. @kiwi : i’m curious and promoting Your court Process! I hope everyone here is affirming the attempt on the way it suits them kin.

    in the Netherlands i have experiences that the ministre of Justice just asks the citizen to understand the National Language. A simple understanding for an abbreviation in the context gives the only right conclusion from “a burocratic writing” where they actually missed the clue you as a pilot are handling as 1st commander.

    ahau !

    • Thanks Mike!

      For all that you are doing. 🙂

      The article you linked here has been saved on the bottom of my screen for 2 days. It’s nice to see New Zealand on the list.

      I also read yesterday that Canada is giving asylum seekers a 5 year reprieve!

      Kin 138

  5. The notion of global governance has taken an evolutionary path to the present day, with the principle global political and economic actors and institutions incrementally constructing the apparatus of a global government. In the modern world, global governance is an inter-lapping, intersecting, and intertwined web of international organizations, think tanks, multinational corporations, nations, NGOs, philanthropic foundations, military alliances, intelligence agencies, banks and interest groups. Globalization – a term which was popularized in the late 1980s to refer to the global spread of multinational corporations – has laid the principle ideological and institutional foundations for this process. Global social, economic and political integration do not occur at an equal pace; rather, economic integration and governance on a global level has and will continue to be ahead of the other sectors of human social interaction, in both the pace and degree of integration. In short, global economic governance will set the pace for social and political global governance to follow.

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