Kin 201: Red Rhythmic Dragon codes Self-Existing Seli 9: Cube Three: Abundance

Red Rhythmic Dragon

Red Rhytmic Dragon
Blue Rhytmic Monkey Red Rhytmic Dragon White Rhytmic Mirror
  Yellow Galactic Sun
I Organize in order to Nurture,  Balancing Being.
I seal the input of Birth
with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Antipode and G-force for today’s Kin is Blue Rhythmic MonKEY.   Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature and Clear Sign Kin 60,  Galactic Sun is the Hidden Power of  Kin 201 which  codes the Moon-out-of-Time between the Last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun and the Seven Mystic Moons that lead to our Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed, July 26, 2013. 
The PSI for Self-Existing 9 is blue Resonant Storm, the Kin that codes the year which contains the last 5 moons of the Cycle, the end of the cycle on 12/21/2012, and the 7 Mystic Moons.

Postulate 1.6:  ” Biological evolution tends towards states of being capable of sustaining conscious moments in time. Evolved biological entities capable of sustaining conscious moments in time trigger self-reflective consciousness or naive experiences of time. These naive experiences of time are categorically referred to as mystical experiences. Mystical experience is predisposed to the naive experience of time because of the intent to approximate God, the center and director of all intelligence.”

 Chakra01.gifSELI 9:  Flow;  Root:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion cube;  2nd Solar Witness:  Kin 195.  Victory Flows;  Cosmic Eagle Flies Again.

TELEKTONON Day 9:  Baktun 9;  AD 41  Lords of the Red and Black  Pacal Votan Witnesses triumph of 13:20 civilization in  New World,  Teotihuacan & Tiwnanku.

Cube Three:  Abundance  “By my superconscious Warrior Night Abundance power, I regain my telepathic 13:20 Visionary power in Abundance.”  MAY TRUTH and PEACE PREVAIL!”

Here is an interesting article describing how the Star People directed the discovery of ancient plates–which bore the same design as the Crop Circle  they superimposed upon the buried plates!   The Grasdorf  crop circle was discovered on July 23, 1991 Blue Solar MonKEY in Germany. “The Mystery being that all three plates, including the gold plate, as far as photos show, bear engravings…representing miniatures of the actual crop circle

” The roughly 110yds (100m) long and 55 yds (50m) wide formation at Grasdorf near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony  covered an area of 6,000 sq yds! – and consisted of seven symbols and thirteen circles – with a cross within the circle in the middle, suggesting the ancient sun symbol.”

In other news from Germany: Paul the Octopus The Octopus, Paul,  who demonstrated 13:20 Telepathy /Visionary power to the world, has now departed this world.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Moi Kin 205,  Ygraine, Mike 226, S’ace 22, Reimar 143, added their Truth and Light to the blog for Kin 200: the Seventh Solar Witness/Lord of Time  🙂 

Shortly after posting that blog,  TMQ was delighted to recieve an e-mail from Overtone Sun (who she will watch tonight on the 2nd episode of Survivor 21), and  her copy of Cosmic History Chronicles Volume VI Book of the TRANSCENDENCE, by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles and Red Queen/Stephanie South!   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 9.         Cube 3:  ABUNDANCE            Kin 201

10 thoughts on “Kin 201: Red Rhythmic Dragon codes Self-Existing Seli 9: Cube Three: Abundance

  1. Okay –
    91 fractal
    12:60 ENDGAME

    Eye have little connection to my blood.

    Eye have every _=%¥ (and what’s
    Even funnier – no respect for
    Math symbology – in that it’s adherents have hidden their MAYAND – because eye don’t have a reliquary for their retention, and ZERO patience for semantics.

    Blood. Blood shed. Awful.


    Every single day.

    Keep breathing and yearning for peace.


  2. love peace and harmony in daydream and dreamtime, every day in every way love is the way, cause it’s over for the Gregorian calendar of death. lots of love from down under, i am another yourself, calendar reform Aotearoa New Zealand

  3. During this Tzolkin spin, yesterday on Kin 201 the PSI was P.V.C.S. Kin 60 and the Occult Kin 59. ‘Today’ on Kin 202, the PSI is Kin 59 and the Occult P.V.C.S. Kin 60.

    They switched places. Doesn’t seem that would happen very often1! 🙂

  4. 201 is the perfect 9 to 29 product

    29 the ultimate number for the next day or even noo/new daya

    i got a story on the trinity thought, although i cannot link it easily
    so i took it as okay to share the reading here in trusted mode


    There are occasions that you really experience severe trials in life, regardless of whether you’re in the light or not in the light, why? Because everything in Earth is just a fraction of life’s indenture, for all the rich, poor, strong and weak, influential, and slave, but life’s path is always duplicated with the mixtures of positive and negative circumstances in life, regardless of whatever standard of living.

    Man’s life exists in Earth is influenced by numbers called the number life activation of the trinity of man, the opening of life’s foundations of man’s life’s location in the trinity of the Universe as well. The first number life activation is 111, next is 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 then back to 111 equals 1. These number combination of life activation are expressing the trinity of man; of the physical body, the soul and the spirit. But, depending on name given to a person, the number life activation shall have an influence to man’s life foundation and destiny in life.

    The supreme power of the universe is BALANCE and the trinity of man; are, first, (the Sacrifice and loss), second, (the Balance and Victory) and third, (the Sacrifice and Happiness). Anyone shall have a corresponding life’s influence that he/she must be aware of. In the left trail, the influence of sacrifices and loss and in the right tail, the sacrifice and happiness. Except for the center where balance and victory can be met.


    777 – is the most serious life’s path in the number life activation of the trinity of man. The number life activation shall operate as if a counter clockwise shifting at the right direction in the trail where it is set to operate. Meaning, it has a precise corresponding influences to anyone’s life aligning with it. So, anyone can easily conquer whatever trials that may try in life by aligning his/her life’s influence in the precise number life activation. But, what if anyone’s life is already governed with the left trail or Sacrifice and Loss? The remedy is to alter anyone’s life location in the number life activation of the trinity of man and the universe. It is done by knowing man’s precise star gate seed portal and star gate portal for activation of the man’s true light connection.

    Everything in the universe has an influence with numbers and no numbers without having influence in everyone’s life. Every letter in the name given represents number that has character with the life location in the number life activation of the trinity of man. These influences of life are of three kinds, the SACRIFICE AND LOSS, the BALANCE AND VICTORY and the SACRIFICE AND HAPPINESS, which all of these have significant with numbers.

    God’s Love is immeasurable that God’s light shall always be in someone’s side even in the most crucial time in someone’s life. Though, so often feel by the many, when drawing closer in the light, trials may start to mess up someone’s life. But take a heed, then you will see that trials in life are always happening whether anyone is resting life in the light or in the dim. Consequently, without God’s help, many should fall and lament in darkness. But, consciously or unconsciously, everyone is experiencing the unconditional love of the Highest Heaven.

    Living life is taking up the life’s lessons, whether anyone ought to like it or not, but without the right guidance, life can easily be failed. Whoever declines the light shall have larger burdens to come in life. It is through aligning with the core trail in the number life activation of the trinity of man where anyone can attain Balance and Victory in life By Divine Light, man is breathing life in the cycle of ten aging fraction in the number life activation of the trinity man. Until, anyone can pass the lessons in life, he/she can rest life in light of the Highest Infinite Daystar Light. Peace be with all!

    Pyram Solom 1—72”

    my support to the article:
    “i agree and enjoy the vision expressed here …

    i add the idea 37 to 3 is thebase fractal also while it is the 5th 1:
    1 10 19 27 37
    so 37 is the 4th 10 and the 5th 1 considering the numerical rules …

    4 to 5 is 20 and acts as the challenging sun, the light from both external sun as the internal one, “the batttery”

    add: i promote the idea to have weeks of 9 daya: 3×3
    and 3 kweaks a moon of 27 + 1 daya

    the trinity tripled itself by that struct-to-ur 😉 * (-:”

  5. …guided by timelessness on white wind 7, in middle time {(meaning, that not all has to be taken litterAllylol)} i looked after an old friend and spiritual anarchist u.g. krishnamurti…..finding out, this overtone night has the same kin ,like me, except is he guided by monKEY. { he ‘died on rhytmic star, 2007, but not in MiddleTime At the end of the KnOwn is the BigBang or Rang
    The collapse of the entire —thoughtstRUctURe— and with iT the notion of an independent self and an opposing 12/60-society. cause and effect ceases altogether right down to the physiology of every cell and chromosome.

    being untouched by our normally functioning preemptive conduct of thought, the quality of energy changes,,,,and, left alone by the crutches of our social conditioning based thought
    –—which is the mind–—

    –—which is Time–—

    –—left alone and lingering in the essence of inner anarchy

    that what once was ‘i’ –:-has nothinG to react to
    has nowhere to go and cannot find any escape
    from stillness
    In MiddleTime, UG states, i found myself a mammal, looking down on my body impartially, lost has ‘he’ the artificial limbs of his personal HIStory. the body no longer choked and suppressed by the accumulated knowledge of the ‘past’. his slate being miraculously wiped clean daily combustions
    beyond volition or any religious or spiritual practice
    (a guess about these numbers?)

    the senses freed from the ‘pale cast of thought begin their independent careers, while the ‘chatter in his forehead’ , all those useful traits of cultURe and preference dropp as it were into the background …..his body is now hermaphrodite….due to a metaphysical sexchange operation, a perfect union of animus-anima: his right brain responding to women, his left more to men. ….more on

    …strolling on through earth’s imaginal realm, i meet earthheart from the thuban-dragonfamily, whom i know back from the 80ies, when i met him on my annual Rainbowgatheringparticipations.
    ^Entering middleTime is choosing oUR thoughts in making our loOoving geomancy sprout in invisible fibers, kindling oUR spectralized ionian RainboBridge to uncouple oUR loveinduced magic holomind from the heavydense massrelation of the human collective to HunabKu21

    SooooOooo , oUR discipline in knOwing, that the basis of oUR lives is freedom, it’s pURpose is joy, allows for oUR intention to feel Gratitude, for ease speed and grace in manifesting this great Fullness and abundant Beyondness, flowing right thru us right now, a deep connection with this spAce where time has stopped, makinG us relax into oUR natural well being, a delight in oUR own PRESENCE
    in lake’ch cosmicnight143…

    • aNooEther enter-E that has mi G-rounded back to seaElf…
      float-in-G in the pri-sssssss-I-AMs…
      a re-member essence touch-up!
      G-RA-SEE cosmical night!

  6. Flash Warning: There has been a explosion of Sunspot 1115; the coronal mass ejection is expected to hit earth (most likely in the Southern Hemisphere) over the next few days. There is a proven link between coronal mass ejections and an increase in earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Further, Sunspot 1117, a truly massive sunspot, could also blow in the next few days. This would be the largest coronal mass ejection in many years and it is pointed directly at Earth, unlike Sunspot 1115 which will give only a glancing blow to the Southern Hemisphere, Sunspot 1117 will most likely hit us head on and could result in significant damage. This information came to me from Dr. Bill Deagle from the NutraMedical report as reported to him by scientist Ann Morrison. Stirling

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