Kin 202 White Resonant Wind codes Moon 4; Gamma 10: Cube 4; Maya Flowering

White Resonant Wind

White Resonant Wizard
Yellow Resonant Human White Resonant Wind Red Resonant Earth
  Blue Resonant Storm
I channel in order to communicate
inspiring breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
The blog for Kin 202 vanished as it was close to being posted yesterday afternoon.  TMQ felt more drawn to read Book of the Transcendence, than to spend hours recreating it. 
There are many synchronicities between the 13 Moon Date, the Cube and Pacal Votan, whose signature PVCS Galactic Sun codes the PSI every Moon 4;  day 10.  This is Moon 4 of our annual wavespell coded by Seal 10.
The G-Force of Solar Seed reinforces the Telektonon Cube 4 Solar enlightening power off Maya Flowering.
The Analog today is 17.7 which codes the Lord Seven Earth, who mediates the Radial Plasmas streaming from the Galactic Core.
Resonant Wind codes the first of the Seven Mystic Moons, and today’s Occult Resonant Storm codes the year that contains the last 5 Moons of the 13th Baktun, the 12/21/2012 /Solstice, and the Seven Mystic Moons which culminate in our Galactic Synchronization on July 26, 2013, coded by:  Galactic Seed.
GAMMA 10Pacify;  Third Eye“I attain the Power of Peace”
Telektonon Day 10:  Baktun 10:  MAYA:  Great Era of Maya Time Science on Earth.
Cube Four:  Flowering  “May the enlightening SOLAR power of MAYA flower as the Fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”
The following line is all that remains of the original post:

Their example empowers Peace and the Return of the Sacred Warrior”.  It linked to an article about The Elders, a group of former World leaders, including Jimmy Carter who are in Jerusalem this week, workding for Peace.

There are many interesting comments from 441 Cube of Truth Kin to view, including some whose links TMQ couldn’t open.  Mike Kin 166 mentioned sunspot activity aimed at the Southern Hemisphere, and Christine Kin 133’s  link:  corroborates a possibility of a significant Earthquake.  The next day, a 7.7 Earthquake devastated  Indonesia.   Here is an interesting site which  gives you an idea of how Christchurch has been constantly shaken (by almost 3,000 aftershocks) since the Earthquake on  Kin 149:  Rhythmic Moon, 53 days ago.  Let’s consciously aid Lord Seven Earth in mediating the effects of  Sunspot 1117  (Spectral Earth) which Mike’s quote shows is hitting Earth next.

 It would be great to hear from Kin who  are reading Book of the Transcendence

Zecharia  Sitchin departed Earth on Lunar Seed (10/9/10) 78 days after the year he ‘coded‘:  Self-Existing Seed ended.

  He appeared to be  a pioneer in bringing up the topic of extra-terrestrial life, and perhaps ultimately helped to open people’s minds to the idea of Galactic Mayans, and their Time Science  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 10.     Cube Four:  MAYA FLOWERING        Kin 202

3 thoughts on “Kin 202 White Resonant Wind codes Moon 4; Gamma 10: Cube 4; Maya Flowering

  1. C.H.C.
    Volume 6
    Red Queen/Valum Votan

    Page 107

    “The human species is in the ultimate stage of a process where the experiment in the laws of karma and intentional thinking(as they have evolved on a number of different star systems in the Velatropa zone) have now all come to be focused on this particular planet. For this reason, at this time, specific beings have incarnated in order to serve as principle information probes for this cosmic intelligence plan. This is the part of a larger planetary engineering project.”

    I am completely absorbed in studying this Volume at the present time. The descriptions of the 7 Plasma’s are very Helpful in monitoring Thoughts/Senses……
    The SynchroGalactic Yoga practices are becoming very Important to the collective Galactic Whole Community..
    441 Cube of Truth:We are the Ones:
    Communicating through the Matrix:
    Im another You.
    Good day Mates.

  2. the funny thing in the name of Zecharia SitchiN
    i focus on iz the start with a Z and ending with a N
    they are the similar shape
    within this Z and N are 13 positions …
    3i 2a 2ch 9
    enrstz 6
    9 and 6 sum to 15

    the maya saying “in lak´ech” ends in ech (O?)
    ernst is a dutch word for being serious

    just to exercise is legacy from a blunt/open/weird/unknown/infant(ile) init

    anyway his dying/burial came to me with the flash to rename the Daya of Year Experience in kweakspell into Daya of Sun Experience – see here

    i sense the ZN similar form and a rotation of 90 or 270 degrees as a fundamental thing in the 26 and 14th character in a familiar alphabeth – know tha A-M and N-Z are serials of 13 unique symbols ; it could all be a monk way to sav the feminine power in the language itself – u might agree upon that wise “spell”

  3. Dear Claire,
    You really might want to consider investigating whether or not you can write up the blog in a normal word processing program and then cutting and pasting after the fact and just filling in with the graphics after – that way at least yoUR carefully expressed thoughts can stop punking out. 😉


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