Kin 207: Blue Crystal Hand codes Dali 15; The 2012 Solstice; and oUR Round Table

Blue Crystal Hand

Blue Crystal Storm
Red Crystal Earth Blue Crystal Hand Yellow Crystal Human
  White Lunar Wizard
I Dedicate in order to Know,  Universalizing Healing.
I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.
Today’s Analog is 12.12, Crystal Human and the 5 part oracle for Crystal Hand contains two recent year bearers Guide Crystal Storm coded the First Year of the Mystery of the Stone (2004-2005) and the Hidden Power, Lunar Wizard coded the pivotal ‘Kali” year in 2007-2008.  The Challenge, Crystal Earth reminds us of the Rainbow Bridge we will manifest from Earth’s Crystal Core on 12/21/2012, which is coded by Blue Crystal Hand, in exactly 780 days from now.
Today’s G-force is 9.11;  Blue Spectral Moon, reminding us of the crop circle of 39 circles, found on 20.12 (Crystal Sun), connected to two twin electrical towers [on 6/17/2004, 20 miles from TMQ’s house].  The PSI for Self-Existing Dali 15 is 6.1;  [Today there was a    6.1 earthquake in Papa New Guinea ]
Postulate 7.12:  “Interplanetary celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time based upon a specific interplanetary event-point which then defines the specific interplanetary space-points and their time vector potentials. Through celestial harmonics the flux tubes, which were made dysfunctional and became unconscious, may be re-established and utilized for synchronic interplanetary rearrangement programs dependent upon the completion of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge experiment.”
  DALI 15:  TARGET;  CROWN;Chakra07.gif
Here are images of oUR Crown Chakra to TARGET oUR AWARENESS upon, in preparation for a more detailed Meditation  on a subsequent DALI.  Today, let’s practice seeing the DALI symbol and the 1,000 petaled violet LOTUS in oUR Meditation.
“Feel the textures of light/heat, warmth and nuturance balancing yoUR pineal gland and cerebral cortex, bringing all of yoUR chakras into harmony.”
A new SAHASRARA/Crown affirmation to add to oUR DALI Meditation practice is:  “May the pURe  light universe infuse oUR Soul’s joURney, that the Planetary Noosphere may become the CROWN of pURe Radiance!”
Also be aware that DALI and the Crown chakra are ‘connected’ to the First Mental Sphere (Preconscious).  “This sphere is the resonant chamber of the body and governs the right rear lobe of the brain.” 
After focusing on the Crown chakra, “bring yoUR awareness to the inner DALI plasma at the center of the chakra.  Visualize the Yellow symbol radiating healing charges of Heat.”  While focusing on the Dali symbol in your Crown chakra, repeat:  “My Father is intrinsic awarensess.  I feel the heat”                                      Sahasrara
DALI:  Om;  Location on 441 Cube Matrix:  GM 108 X.
Harmonic UR RUne 84:  ‘Galactic Life Whole Becomes Medium of Transmission”
This 15th Heptad corresponds to Codon 56:  VOYAGING:  “Time Travel Unifies the Mind
DALI:  Space __   __:  BOTTOM;   SELI:  Space on Right;  GAMMA:  Time ____ on Left;  KALI: Time on  Back;  ALPHA:  Space on   Front;  LIMI: Time on  Top.
 In the Land of the Maya,Day of the Dead featival  All Saint’s Day/Halloween is a huge celebration: Spanish conquerors tried to abolish this ancient pagan ritual, but for the Mexican natives, festivities and death were intricately entwined. Instead the festival was ‘christianised’ and the date was changed to align with the catholic celebration: All Saints Day.”  This year’s celebration was coded by the   ‘most appropriate  kin’Spectral World-Bridger  🙂
On the day of post 441, when this blog’s ‘Birth‘ on Madame BlavatsKEY’s birthday was discussed,  Hawaii (=51, HPB’s Galactic Signature) received a 4.1 Earthquake. 4.1= Kin 144, mirror of 441.  That day was also the mid=point of the 39 day Venus Retrograde Cycle.  🙂
As noted in TMQ’s  13th talk in Nelson on 11/1/10: Blue Crystal Hand, she arrived in New Zealand 6 years ago today  🙂
4′s have been prevalent in New Zealand during the middle of  Self-Existing Skywalker (13.4)  Moon 4  “.. three earthquakes shook the region in the past four days.”  “A magnitude 4 earthquake struck Gisborne at 4.13 am today”  “That followed one yesterday morning, also magnitude 4, which was 40 km northwest of Gisborne”  “On Saturday afternoon,  a magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck, 40km northwest of Gisborne, at a depth of 30km.  
3 of these earthquakes were at a depth of 30 km., as we ended the week during which we built the Cube for Codon 30:  VISION:  Sun CrystalKin 30 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, and Crystal Sun = 20.12, another reminder that the ultimate Crystal Hand Round Table on the 2012 Solstice  is  only 3 Galactic Spins from today!  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
The  contributions from the 441 Cube of Truth Kin for this Crystal Hand Round Table will be shared  on Yellow Cosmic Star.  An abunDANCE of LOVE was generated and felt during these past few days  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 15.   Cube 9:  Purification       Kin 207:   Crystal Hand Round Table

9 thoughts on “Kin 207: Blue Crystal Hand codes Dali 15; The 2012 Solstice; and oUR Round Table

  1. To our dear incarcerated soul’s

    Your release from incarceration will be immediately actioned after C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is initiated.

    No Gregorian date on any document will stand up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    In 1919 the league of nations forerunner of the United nation’s was formed after the “Great war” the war to end war’s.

    In 1930 after years of mustering western support it was agreed to adopt the indigenous peoples ancient calendar following natures time frame, of 28 days per month and 13 months with1 day out of time for nature to recalibrate.

    So there it was: In 1933 January 1st we would start, Tricember being the thirteenth month. The bill got stopped by the church and Hollywood and co.

    After the radio broadcast of the war of the worlds brainwashing experiment in 1938 and the start of another world war, the Rothchild/Rockerfeller foundation invented Television, 50 years of Tele-scope the vision of the Hollywood stars and in doing so made over 800 billionaires by 2008 this has kept the masses disconnected from natures law of time.

    The moon governs the birds, bees oceans and the seas and yes Humans.Quarter moon builds to fullmoon then wanes to a 3quarter moon then wanes back to a no moon called a new moon cycle.
    Writers like Raoal Dahl write under the light of the new moon!!! There is no moon in a new moon cycle. The cycle flows and repeats every 28 days following our human heart bio-Rhythms of the 13 month moon cycle.

    Science has proven we human’s have a brain in our hearts that sends signals to the brain in our heads. Our heart mind bio-rhythms are as unique as our fingerprints yet collectively we are traveling on this planet at 66,666 miles per hour. In knowing these cycles of time and living in natures moon cycle, we collectively will engage our heart bio-rhythms in this bio-sphere no-osphere.
    We as the masses refuse to work as cash cows under a calendar that has been deliberately designed to make money and disconnect our heart bio-rhythms. The labels for marking time mon,tue, jan, feb etc invoke old karmic, tapu connotations associated with Gregorian calendar programme of tele-scope vision of Hollywood and co stars, not our stars in heaven. Disaster means disassociated from stars in heaven.

    C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is supported by Kiwiallegiance. Please understand the importance of the tv of our minds we on mass create our reality, we write the book of love, peace and harmony. Aotearoa New Zealand our time is ahead of the world, land of the rising sun, Alpha Omega BE the media BE the blessing, I am another yourself, resonating love.

  2. on 30 m under ground as a kin perspective
    i offer this thought to CdM aka TMQ aka EtznaB8:

    it could be interpreted as minus 30 from a certain whole number …
    that certain whole number is 261 according o’22 whole system approach

    double 261 is the magic square number of 522
    522 vibrates the thumbling Bolon Ik at the 5th finger which is a thumb – the creative well from both sides L&R : L for the Change ; R for the Eye/I/me/myself

    261 minus 30 gives 231 which by Tzolkin decode gives Planetary Monkey aka Moonkey; see how planet denotes to play=neat and sing your song “ARIA”

    In a bout 23 daya from now onwards this KIN pops up : nov 25

    To daya it is 6 years ago a relative of Vincent van Gogh was killed in the streets of A’dam, the Netherlands, on a bright new morning … (planetary mirror)

    local time 08:45, november 2, 2004
    DS098 & LT 049 give 3K 147 =) self existing hand :: / 4

    to be complete DS231 & LC 183 give 3K 414 / 154
    see how 414 shows the 4 shaped figures again

    i myself see how 2 thumbs crossed make my hands form the 414 vibration
    allow to envision a hole on the spot where the thumbs cross 😉

    that is the unifying creative spot where we all kin’

  3. hint for 11/3
    the 7th day of galactic mayan awareness level is entered planetary wide

    can we sense the shift enduring the comin’ night
    (envision yourself with the spirits aligned on 11/1)

    take this with cosmic star enearGee!

      • then the timestamp oracle reading on this one

        o’22 (10:26:53) :

        10 pinpointing to the digital revolution feeding technosolutions as the internet which binds the many singulars (that do overcome)
        – also number for planetary perfection

        26 signifies the 2×13 double star sirius marriage of earth and moon binded by sunlight

        53 is both the kinnumber for REEDONE (ree done and skywalker1 !) and the number of moons in 4 years + 1 (honoring the +1 phenomenon as divine spicey)

        this as a moment ofr joY

  4. Доброго времени суток!
    Админ. Хотелось бы поговорить насчёт рекламы в вашем блоге. Если вы согласны, отпишите ваши условия на e-mail. Благодарю.

    • …..oh where is my dictionary……., but greetings from ‘old tolstoj’, we have him atm in my museum…©¡ª®ß {cheers} nigh

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