Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star ends Warrior Wavespell 16 on Self-Existing Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

Yellow Cosmic Star
Yellow Cosmic Human
White Cosmic Mirror Yellow Cosmic Star Blue Cosmic Monkey
  Red Magnetic Skywalker
I Endure in order to Beautify,  Transcending Art.
I seal the store of Elegance with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Free Will.
Postulate 8.13:  “Celestial harmonics are fourth-dimensional 13:20 ratios mentally perceivable and capable of inducing and being induced by neuro-sensory oscillations in conformity with primary projective geometries. The neuro-sensory oscillations and primary projective geometries are dependent on the coordinated interaction of AC-CA currents yogically integrated in a synchronized sense-body in whose mind no thought can cling.”
 Chakra01.gifSELI:    FLOWS;  ROOT /Muladhara
 Go to fullsize image            Go to fullsize image      Go to fullsize image
SELI:  After a few minutes of Natural Mind Meditation, when your mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention to your ROOT Chakra“Book of the Transcendence” tells us that it is a KEY Chakra in awakening our vital force, and it is the conjunction of 72.000 pairs (for a total of 144,000) of nerve endings in the body.  “The Muladhara Root chakra is governed by the  feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Dakini (security)”
When it is pure and pulsing at your Root, allow it to dissolve into a four-petaled red lotus.  Here is the Muladhara  Affirmation:  “May the highest Yogic force within the Planetary consciousness direct all manifestation to its fulfillment!”
Breathe deeply through your nose and bring your awareness to the inner SELI plasma at the center of your Root Chakra.  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the Light.”
“Feel this luminosity (Light) emanate from your Root, moving up your spinal column to your Crown chakra, and then permeating your body to the tips of your fingers and toes.”  Experience yourself as a pillar of light, grounded in the Earth, and extending upward to the Crown of Cosmic Consciousness.  “)
SELI engages the Second Mental Sphere  (which houses our Sub- or Unconscious)  This mental sphere is activated by through Meditation and by contemplation of the Law of Time.  Go to fullsize image
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceHappy Galactic RetURn to this Cosmic Star, author of another great site  that Moi Planetary Serpent has switched us on to:  Heed his advice!  Moi shares these words from Kin 208:  Cosmic Star
Space of Love
November is here
Our money crunches
People have no clue
Barter requires trade
Leadership is internal
Walk your own path
Expanding Consciousness

Knowledge requires
Perspective – a frame
Roles develop via
Morality and ethics
Balanced throughout
By a need to breathe…
Souls breed love, a warm smooth glow…
Thyme is an illusion
Dissipate into circumstance
To be wherever necessary
Howdt of touch. howdt of mind
Enrapt in a space of love
enrapt in a Space of love
wrapped in our space of LOVE…2010 lemme howdt

We also heard from Moi’s Occult, Pedro Self-Existing Warrior in Brasil, who sent us  LOVE  from Brasil, along with Angel Crystal Moon in the MonKEY Region of oUR Planet’s Holon.  

As many of oUR 441 Cube Kin are wandering upon our Earth, Gypsies were a theme this past Wavespell

 (The part contributed by Cosmic Night disappeared from here (about the Gypsies dance, etc)…it now seems that maybe the computer problems begin in the longer posts (?)  The appearance of this one is different from the original–This post was cut short when the computer  frustrations began, so not every Kin (-such as Christine Electric Skywaker, whose seal is today’s Hidden Power) was acknowledged at oUR Round Table: sorry)

 Mike Kiwi Allegiance Overtone World-Bridger  is leading the 12:60 Challenge through  C.R.A.N.Z. =PV 60  🙂
He shared:  “Disaster means disassociated from stars in heaven.”
“Science has proven we human’s have a brain in our hearts that sends signals to the brain in our heads. Our heart mind bio-rhythms are as unique as our fingerprints”  
S’ace Solar Wind is currently in Spain, but managed to post several messages for oUR Round Table, including  “hint for 11/3
the 7th day of galactic mayan awareness level is entered planetary wide…can we sense the shift enduring the comin’ night
(envision yourself with the spirits aligned on 11/1)  take this with cosmic star enearGee  🙂 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
Tomorrow we begin the Red Moon Wavespell, of the Red Overtone Moon year  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 16.  Cube Ten:  LOVE    Kin 208

6 thoughts on “Kin 208: Yellow Cosmic Star ends Warrior Wavespell 16 on Self-Existing Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

  1. Je T’aime, mon K-in.

    The F-arc-e is in F-or-Ceee?

    The ex-C-it-a-T-i-ON cycle: the perceived -? of th[e]-R-eat: self-con-sum-P-T-ion.

    Flux strengthen-in-G…

  2. ha, later i realized myself this cosmic star was one kin before the MOON1 which marks my o´22 kinship year aka suncycle

    it pureposes 13 kin in a row ending up on 221 the cosmic dragon(dear)

    do we have a schedule omane by higher ordears

    • hmmm small typo:

      do we have a schedule omane by higher ordears

      do we have a schedule commanded by higher ordears

      i Questioned myself on OMANE
      44 is its bivideotex outcome

  3. C.H.C.
    Volume 6

    Page 67

    “The fourth level, opening, the heptad gates, is an advanced level that integrates the first three levels and introduces us to the seven solar mantras and the seven gates of the holomind perceiver, the basis of the 441 matrix practice. This level is also meant to introduce us to the system of Synchronotron, the yoga of unification of the higher mind with the science of time as practiced by the star masters. It is the yoga of the nine star gates of Sirius. This will be further elucidated in CHC Vol. 7: Book of Cube.”


  4. …per aspera et dis-astera ad astra…

    where is the second link, TMQ,¿— the first came thru at the end of your latest ‘beauty’, but only in the email……..–_ – …Two links for yoUR discernment, both predicting events during this Moon: (Cliff High’s analysis based on webbot research, and this from an entity some believe is the Galactic Federation:


    …nice outlook, though, of 1/2 pasthuman : obsessed monkey minds, riding on herds of consensus reality …, and they are greedy beyond comprehension of most humans, and they are basically a bit stupid.

    as, concerning middleTime,, the expanding dimensional SideSlipway sinks smoothly thru oUR vegetable perceptionantennas, while the world’s winding wall of misguided self-preservation is settled into the landscape, flickering with translucent shadows of wolve’s fire on it’s stony sURface:


    and around the corner of the void, Amitakh Stanford in…’The Light is NOT the Source’, says:
    “As beings of Light become more and more in tune with the True Light, they will become more and more vibrant, shining sparks of the True Light. Beings of Light and beings of Darkness will then become more and more intolerant and uncomfortable with one another. While this separation of the two Lights is in progress, True-Light beings and False-Light beings will both be undertaking their respective “metamorphoses”.

    The Miniature Galaxy that has been discussed in the past is a “Half-Way House” for the viable when they are evacuated from this Evil Creation. True-Light beings who have been contaminated by Darkness will reside there until all the necessary “metamorphoses” is completed so that they can safely be re-assimilated into the Branch of Light. Thus, once again, they will be re-united with the Source and become an integral part of the True Creation.

    It is then that True-Light beings will exist in the love, purity, timelessness, harmony, joy and beauty of the True Creation. Even the being known as “Time” will have been liberated from Darkness.
    in LOVE, in lak’ech darkCosmicNight

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