Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon begins the Red Moon Wavespell 17 on Self-Existing Gamma 17

Red Magnetic Moon

Red Magnetic Moon
Blue Magnetic Storm Red Magnetic Moon White Magnetic Dog
  Yellow Cosmic Human
I Unify in order to Purify,  Attracting Flow.
I seal the process of Universal Water
with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Analog is Kin 79:  Magnetic Storm, known as “The Noosphere Constant”.  The G-force is Self-Existing Storm (6th Solar Witness, and the PSI for 11.3 is Cosmic Monkey.  Magnetic Moon coded the 3rd Year of the Mystery of the Stone (2006-2007)

Postulate 9.1:  “Hyperorganic evolution is the normalization of the practice of sensory teleportation.

Kin 208 completed the MonKEY Genesis, and we’ve taken “Magic Flight” to the Green Central Castle of Enchantment  🙂 Court of the Matrix

Red Moon Wavespell Seventeen;  Power of Universal Water

Red Magnetic Moon

White Lunar Dog
Red Cosmic Dragon

Yellow Crystal Sun

Blue Electric Monkey
Blue Spectral Storm

Yellow Self-existing Human
White Planetary Mirror

Red Overtone Skywalker

White Rhytmic Wizard

Blue Resonant Eagle

Yellow Galactic Warrior

Red Solar Earth
****** Vinal 6  XUL:  Where with Great Wisdom a Seed is Sown.******

GAMMA 17:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE/AJNA  (today, due to computer issues here,  you’ll need to search for yoUR own visuals for the two-petaled Indigo lotus Third Eye chakra.)  Concentration on this chakra awakens the Pineal gland, opening oUR receptivity to the receptivity of higher forces.”    Ajna Affirmation:  May we be granted Galactic Vision to transform all matter into the pURifying radiance of the higher dream!”

Visualize the two=petaled lotus Ajna chakra with the white Gamma plasma superimposed over it at your brow.” 

 Synchronistically, Gamma corresponds to UR Rune 91.  Today’s Kin is 9.1, and the G-force is kin 91  🙂

Harmonic  UR Rune 91:  Galactic Art Whole Defines Space.

Cube 11:  MAGIC;  a perfect time to enter the 52 days of the 5th Central Castle of Enchantment!

Today, 1/2 way thru writing this, pasting stopped working, so here is the link for a global meditation on 11/11 (Solar Earth, moon 4, day 25) at 11:11 p.m. EST:   

This is a brief post, to allow time for this computer to be ‘fixed’ so the next blog can be properly written.  Enjoy the great comments from YOU,  from which excerpts dissappeared from yesterday’s blog.  MAY THE ENCHANTMENT BEGIN!

N. S. 1. 23. 4. 17.    Cube 11:  MAGIC   Kin 209


9 thoughts on “Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon begins the Red Moon Wavespell 17 on Self-Existing Gamma 17

  1. Postulate 9.1: “Hyperorganic evolution is the normalization of the practice of sensory teleportation.”

    Eye calculated the antipode of Mt. Merapi…

    It leads to here…

    It is also said that is the spiritual capital of Venezuela, and it is recognizable for its tourism, and where many events take place.

    First narrated on September 8, 1862 – Lunar Moon 17, Kin 3 Blue Electric Night, my natURal antipode.

    Statue of Virgin of Coromoto in Guanare.[edit] Apparition
    When the city of Guanare (capital of Portuguesa state) was founded in 1591, the Indian tribe who inhabited the region, the Cospes, fled to the north jungle. Then the evangelization of that lands began. The first apparition of the Virgin Mary was in the forest where the Cospes had fled, on September 8, 1652, when the Virgin appeared to the Cacique (ruler) of the Cospes Coromoto and his wife, saying in his own language: “Go to the white house and ask them to pour water into their head to go to heaven”; [Hmmm…] then, the Virgin asked him and his tribe to be baptized. According to the oral tradition, Cacique Coromoto told the encomendero don Juan Sánchez about this vision, saying that after eight days of a brief teaching of cathecism, the entire tribe would had been ready to receive baptism.

    Several indigenous Cospes converted and were baptized, but not the chief, because he did not feel at ease: under a new religion he feared not to be recognized as the legitime chief. {Always go with yoUR gut.} Indian Chief Coromoto fled, and took refuge in the forest, the Virgin appeared to him again, and Chief Coromoto, blinded by anger, raised his arm to order the apparition to grab and go. This appearance was confirmed by a miraculous mark made of wood fibers, which were then searched and found. The relic is venerated today in the National Shrine of Our Lady of Coromoto.

    Cacique Coromoto told the story that he was bitten by a poisonous snake (how Luciferian; Daniel Webster would be proud, 😉 ) and returned to Guanare wounded and near death, and began to ask in order to receive baptism, which was administered in Barinas region. He got baptized, became an apostle of Christianism and asked the remant of the group of rebel Cospes Indian under his command to be baptized. Then, after several years, the Chied Coromoto, now with the Christian name of Angel Custodio, [GUARDIAN ANGEL/ANGLE]died at good old age.

    This is anoother re-T-race of the roots of this tree…but all is connected. 😉

    In the light, in the sound…in the sound, in the light…


  2. …the wolf is howling throu the starless night at the challenge of the moon of the invisible forces of simple beingness,
    Presence is ‘being there’ for whatever is. :is the path of innocence regained. Transparency of the new consciousness, riddinG of all social follies

    the riddle of the mind, The Mastery of Awareness is termed .

    This is the awesome infinity warriors perceive when
    they realise the incomprehensible mystery and extent of man’s
    ..registering the left side, the experience becomes completely different

    White Dog, access point for developing relationships with guides, totems, itAliens, allies and guardians…

    whow, it’s john mayALL-day, the father of the ‘white Bluuues’
    …a rooOOOoom to mooOoove….
    wizh ALL YOur LOVE…
    ..these clapton guitar solos burnt 12/60-Flight & fight-stampedePATTernings into my psychedelic translucent nOomind, and into my fingers…lol
    …while i was on my crocodile walk… -best wishes, hOpe, ALL goes well in monKEYlands b133-
    ,,,,on my hideaway -72 or so-…lookingG for a hOme…{as THAT familyhome could not have been IT, young rebel…}
    and so the bluuues dripped from the ceilings o’ my inner rooms… night143

  3. For those Kin who may find it of constructive 🙂 interest or encouragement:

    NIDLE 2.NOV-2010 (A message from the Sirians to Dr Sheldan Nidle):

    We come again with much to tell you. Our Earth allies are poised for the deliveries of the prosperity programs. Also, those involved in the change of government are ready at a moment’s notice to fulfill these vital tasks. Once these two requisites are manifested, the long-awaited announcements can happen. We are preparing our own scenario to ensure that this critical turn of events takes place at the right divine time.

    As you know only too well, the dark cabalists have hung on to their positions
    of power and wealth for far too long. Heaven has instructed us, therefore, to
    back up our Earth allies with a full range of contingency planning, which
    allows us to make sure that the various components of the plan are carried out
    as directed by heavenly decree. And so our personnel are now strategically placed
    to assure one and all that what our Earth allies do is done successfully. Over
    the past few months, we have monitored the activities of the dark’s minions
    very closely, and this surveillance has revealed a veritable bedlam of mischief

    In every corner of the globe the dark is busy with plots to delay the
    successful implementation of the new banking regulations. Its dark agents are
    working hard to put up obstacles to the reformation of the new banking system
    and these obstructions have been somewhat successful. However, most of those
    being roped in to these stratagems are deeply resistant to the dark’s
    overtures. Meanwhile, the present system is approaching a vast currency
    meltdown. This escalating rate of failure is undermining the way the banking
    system operates, which in turn triggers the systemic crash that will secure the
    failure of the worldwide chain of large interlocked banks. Ironically, it is
    these two coming collapses that will pull the rug out from under the cabal’s
    treacherous activities. Several weeks ago, we extracted a number of grudging
    agreements from the dark’s chief directorates to stand down and permit the
    grand changes to roll out unhindered. Naturally, these agreements are being
    reneged upon, and we quite understand their state of panic and the levels of
    anxiety that now beset them.

    Nevertheless, it is high time for an about-face, as the old dark order is on
    the brink of free fall. Indeed, all aspects of your world are in crisis mode. The ecosystems are losing their biodiversity and a mass extinction is underway. These things have been studied by a number of scientific councils and intergovernmental agencies, such as your UN. So far, the recommendations of these committees have been largely ignored. Sadly, this represents the normal approach to change on the part of the large corporations, but willful clinging to the status quo is unable to sustain your globe over the coming decades. The same modus operandi holds true for the major universities, whose role it is to advise the world about what is occurring. This glacial rate of adaptation to urgent new conditions fosters not only overwhelming crises but sets you on a slippery slope to extinction. Many perceptive groups and thinking individuals realize this and are committed to a wholly new paradigm. Once we explained to them what our Earth allies were doing, they became powerful new adherents to our cause.

    Our Earth allies have expanded their inner core on several occasions, and it is
    this inner core that works directly with our liaison teams and diplomatic corps. We provide assistance that is creating the viable structure for change because despite their many resources and deep commitment to their cause, the Earth allies’ success requires our presence. The dark regards the Earth allies as mere do-gooders but truly fears what we are capable of. It is this technological superiority that ensures the Earth allies’ success. We know that the cabalists intend to weasel out of everything they sign or agree to, and we have expressed our displeasure at this improbity. When we force them to toe the line, they do so unwillingly, and so we watch them closely to ensure that all goes according to plan. We update our Earth allies continuously and prepare them for what needs to be done next. These tactics have brought the Light to the very brink of victory!

    As we work toward new government and full UFO disclosure, we see how your
    planet’s energies are changing: Gaia deeply wishes to transform into a 5-D planet. The same is true of your solar system, into which the Sun is flooding every nook and cranny with new Light. Your scientists are noticing the many anomalies popping up throughout the solar system, like the unusual activity on Mercury and the curious happenings on distant Pluto and Neptune. In addition, a new grid, in which all the planets ‘ride’, is beginning to manifest. This phenomenon was first widely identified at the start of this decade. Our ever-strengthening presence, too, has alarmed many scientists associated with those governments that run space programs. Many aspects of our mission here have required us to bring in the facilities needed for transforming this solar system into a fully conscious one.

    As we often remind you, this particular mission has evolved over time into a
    most unusual one. We are not only part of your transformation into full consciousness but also a vehicle for altering your entire reality. Normally, these aspects would be left up to your local Spiritual Hierarchies, and we would merely follow the decrees of these sacred organizations. In your case, we have been drawn into actually carrying out the final steps of moving your world and yourselves into full consciousness. This unique undertaking has taught us much about who you are and who we are. This opportunity to gain such wisdom is a joy! Most of what we are learning is being recorded in our sacred texts. These writings are opening up sacred knowledge and new rituals, which are giving us insights on Creation and on the workings that are transforming physicality.

    As we approach success, we notice the way the divine plan has set up the coming events. The dark is relinquishing its hold on you most reluctantly as each day
    sees its power diminishing on various fronts. This decrease is noted by us and
    explained to our Earth allies. Most of you are too caught up in the drama of daily survival to notice much else, but this diversion makes it easier for our Earth allies to carry out their agenda. We observe the way the power centers are changing, making it harder and harder for the cabal to hew to its original plan. This is not to say that a degree of effectiveness does not still remain, but what is important is that the dark ones realize that their grip has loosened to the point where the Light’s agenda is manifesting more and more in every moment of every day. This is why we see our victory as now actually happening.

    What is now happening is an ever-accelerating move to the Light, to abundance,
    to freedom, and to Truth! The old dark ways are falling away and the awakening
    of Earth’s humanity is in full swing. This means that radical new ways of doing
    things can surge ahead. Events are about to pop which will validate these statements for all to see. We watch over you from our ships, and at night we commune with you while you are in a special, relaxed state of consciousness. The Galactic Federation medical teams responsible for your physical progress are
    assiduously getting you ready for direct contact with us because once we arrive
    the move toward completion of full consciousness will be full steam ahead!

    Today, we relayed to you what is happening on your world. You are progressing
    quickly toward full consciousness and we look forward to our coming interactions with you. The time is approaching swiftly for first contact and the events that are to lead up to it. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

  4. …not waiting, but enjoying and processing yOUR lovegift, M.C. Moon i process these nidle-messages every now and then, and they are always as uplifting as can be, ever.

    Same as the midwayers and angels’ messages, which i consume as dual food, nearly daily,
    and its authors; proved to me ‘a(nother) reality, one, i had to admit, i have …not the slightest grasp of its pure, fragrant utmost positivity…but IT IS!.., so why not the commanders of the sirian space&time-FLEET, hoverinG over from another constellation in the blink of a moment, too…?

    “We are not only part of your transformation into full consciousness but also a vehicle for altering your entire reality, by the normalization of the practice of sensory teleportation.. >>” Since about 10 years on the brink of success…..”<> i ‘thought’, this is about now to take place, but as it’s “done”, like in oUR spectral interdimensional affirmation, where also everything ” is achieved” _;»)≈~µ refers to MiddleTime-timing, say , all is simultaneously, and there is no “is done” and of no import, what is first….. ..: will do, does, or done…lol

    ” This opportunity to gain such wisdom is a joy! {{{ ŸESssss}}}} Most of what we are learning is being recorded in our sacred texts. [>> any similarities with activities of local gaian kin is barely coincidental and synchonous<<}

    These writings are opening up sacred knowledge and new rituals, which are giving us insights on Creation and on the workings that are *⁄transforming⁄* physicality.

    Because humans have a tendency to remake the unknown into the familiar, something they know and can relate to, -humans in doing so are highly anthropomorphic-, Hands and arms and claws and teeth means some sort of interdimensional capacities intertwined — which, again means a head, mind, and possibly conscious, independent thought of visionary imaginal Time-Travel. Viola, the power is NOW: an entity. the bolontiku
    which it is oUR duty to inspire with live.

    …in search of another ally to accomplish this, another wanderling crosses paths…
    i'm another oURself, reimarcosmicnight143

    and another ally

    • and this slipped thru somehow: belongs between those

      :Sirians say: This unique undertaking has taught us much about who you are and who we are

      i ‘thought’, this is about now to take place, but as it’s “done”, like in oUR spectral interdimensional affirmation, where also everything ” is achieved”

      and then sth fancied me:”…In addition, a new grid, in which all the planets ‘ride’, is beginning to manifest. This phenomenon was first widely identified at the start of this decade —oUR new planets’ gliding cream

  5. I am another yourself, following mother gaia knowing her tv mind is positive, Galactic federation ON time, still believe it makes sense Aotearoa New Zealand the place to be, hope not percieved EGO easy God out. Heart bio-rhythm connected, would love an astral travel a test flight?. Love is the way Aroha and Koha.

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