GAP and Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Kin 211, Blue Electric MonKEY on Alpha 19: Cube 13; PROPHECY


Blue Electric Monkey


Blue Electric Eagle
Red Electric Dragon Blue Electric Monkey Yellow Electric Star
  White Spectral Dog

I Activate in order to Play,  Bonding Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s G-Force is Red Planetary Serpent (Moi) and the PSI for Self-Existing 19 is Kin 71:  Rhythmic MonKEY.  The seals for these two GAP days matched the PSI seals this year.
Postulate 11.3:  “Whether third-dimensional ego is aware or not,  impulses received by holon are transmitted to heart as instinctual sense, to be perceived, either correctly or incorrectly, by mind as “insight.”   Soul is third-dimensional conceptualization of holon.”

ALPHA 19:  RELEASE;  THROAT/Vishuddha  Chakra

Through Natural Mind Meditation, clear yoUR mind, then direct your attention to  your THROAT Chakra.  When vibrant energy is radiating from your Throat,  allow it to dissolve and transform itself into a blue sixteen-petaled Lotus.  This center contains the will to communicate, and is the communication bringing the Fourth dimension through to the Third.

Chant “Ahhhh” seven times to open the Throat Chakra.  Vishuddha affirmation:  “May the vision of the Star Elders of the great councils of light and wisdom speak through me so that all may ascend to sublime Grace!”

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“Bring your awarenss to the inner ALPHA plasma at the center of your Throat Chakra.  Visualize the Yellow symbol radiating luminous streams of  white light.” 

This center activates the Double-extended electrical charge, which is in telepathic resonance with the South Pole.  “My country is the unborn ultimate sphere.  I release the double-extended electron at the South Pole.”

“Alpha plasma charge is the first stage of the 3 part Telepathic Quantum.  At the center of Alpha, feel the integrated charges of the Sensory Quanta: DALI, SELI and GAMMA, transmuted by KALI into the ALPHA telepathic charge.  Then, by extending your mind telepathically to the south of the planet, RELEASE the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.” South Pole.”

Be sURe to check out the recent contributions from oUR 441 Cube of Truth Kin peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

P.S.:  The paragraphs and graphics for Electric MonKEY Paul McCartney dissappeared when this was posted, along with a fascinating link for Bees (Blue E – (lu).

“Egypt Station” by Kin 211:  Paul McCartney

 “My original inspiration was similar to a picture we were talking about the other day, with Egyptian symbols and shapes I got from looking at a reference book on Egypt. I was interested in the way they drew sunflowers, so two appear on the left and on the right. It was a nice shape, so I took that and then I also love the way they symbolize trees. I like the way they reduce a tree to just some very simple symbols.”– Paul McCartney  Electric MonKEY showing his Analog:  Star;  Art.

Alpha 19:  Cube 13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 19.   Cube 13:  PROPHECY     GAP and P.V.C.S. Kin 211


11 thoughts on “GAP and Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Kin 211, Blue Electric MonKEY on Alpha 19: Cube 13; PROPHECY

  1. It’s great that today is Moi’s G-Force! Noo Moon. I am out having a fire… the most pleasant early November in many years… 🙂

    Does anyone know a formula to know what Kin your Kin is the G-Force of? (That sounded clearer in my head 🙂 )

    Claire the new ‘instructions’ and visuals are most welcome and powerful. Thank you so much for your vast contributions and cosmic space creating!

    in lak’ech

    • Thank You, Melovia 🙂

      The only way I’ve figured out is a bit laborious. For yours, Crystal Moon; 9.12, I know from experience that the answer will be toned by 8.
      It will be one of the 5 ‘Blue Kin’. Then it’s a matter of calculating the G-Force of each, and if you’re lucky, it will be the first one, not the 5th one!


      • Thanks, TMQ! I got it ~ Kin 255, Blue Galactic Eagle, the Galactic Signature of one of my all-time most loved and appreciated authors, J.R.R. Tolkien!

  2. To our dear incarcerated soul’s

    Your release from incarceration will be immediately actioned after C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is initiated.

    No Gregorian date on any document will stand up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    In 1919 the league of nations forerunner of the United nation’s was formed after the “Great war” the war to end war’s.

    In 1930 after years of mustering western support it was agreed to adopt the indigenous peoples ancient calendar following natures time frame, of 28 days per month and 13 months with1 day out of time for nature to recalibrate.

    So there it was: In 1933 January 1st we would start, Tricember being the thirteenth month. The bill got stopped by the church and Hollywood and co.

    After the radio broadcast of the war of the worlds brainwashing experiment in 1938 and the start of another world war, the Rothchild/Rockerfeller foundation invented Television, 50 years of Tele-scope the vision of the Hollywood stars and in doing so made over 800 billionaires by 2008 this has kept the masses disconnected from natures law of time.

    The moon governs the birds, bees oceans and the seas and yes Humans.Quarter moon builds to fullmoon then wanes to a 3quarter moon then wanes back to a no moon called a new moon cycle.
    Writers like Raoal Dahl write under the light of the new moon!!! There is no moon in a new moon cycle. The cycle flows and repeats every 28 days following our human heart bio-Rhythms of the 13 month moon cycle.

    Science has proven we human’s have a brain in our hearts that sends signals to the brain in our heads. Our heart mind bio-rhythms are as unique as our fingerprints yet collectively we are traveling on this planet at 66,666 miles per hour. In knowing these cycles of time and living in natures moon cycle, we collectively will engage our heart bio-rhythms in this bio-sphere no-osphere.
    We as the masses refuse to work as cash cows under a calendar that has been deliberately designed to make money and disconnect our heart bio-rhythms. The labels for marking time mon,tue, jan, feb etc invoke old karmic, tapu connotations associated with Gregorian calendar programme of tele-scope vision of Hollywood and co stars, not our stars in heaven. Disaster means disassociated from stars in heaven.

    C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is supported by Kiwiallegiance. Please understand the importance of the tv of our minds we on mass create our reality, we write the book of love, peace and harmony. Aotearoa New Zealand our time is ahead of the world, land of the rising sun, Alpha Omega BE the media BE the blessing, I am another yourself, resonating love.

  3. ♥╔╗──♥╔══╗♥╔══╗╔══╗♥╔══╗♥
    Dance to feel the earth beneath your feet,
    dance to the tune of your own heart beat,
    dance for connection, dance for resurrection,
    dance I desire, dance lights my fire♥

  4. . My beloved TMQ, Paul McCartney dissapeared of the post because he came to Brasil for 3 shows that start today. hehe

    kisses in you, in Moi and in you all

    • Wow 🙂

      Were you able to see him?
      I had a vivid dream of him in 2007, and awoke to check his Galactic Signature: It turned out to be his solar birthday that day!
      (June 19) When I told V.V. about it a few days later, he told me that Electric Monkey was also his son’s Galactic Signature.

      Love to you,

  5. Editorial note: all the information that you claim
    Is missing, dear Claire, actually showed up on my iPhone 4g! But not on my windows 7 running pc – so weird?!!?!
    Mobile latency claUSe?

    Celebrating my mother in law’s 64th Solar RetURn todaya – she is Rhythmic Skywalker and biomother to Lunar and Rhythmic Humans. 😉 Sounds about right!

    Please please please calling all KIN.

    Noo thyselves and all you LOOVE.



    DOOT 2011 😉

  6. Hmmm,

    Now that is weird.
    So even though it disappears from my screen, it lives on in the mac world-at least sometimes?
    Looks like Reimar Kin 143 is right; I should switch from a PC to a Mac. Would love an I-phone! How do you like yoURs?
    Love, C

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