Kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle codes Self-Existing ‘Lover’s Reunion’ on Seli 23

Blue Resonant Eagle

Blue Resonant Hand
Red Resonant Serpent Blue Resonant Eagle Yellow Resonant Seed
  White Resonant Worldbridger
I Channel in order to Create,  Inspiring Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.
The G-Force for today is  Solar Earth, and the PSI for Self-Existing 23 is Lunar Dog.
Postulate 15.7:  “15.7. The collective radiosonic holon mass which is the fruit of the harmonic rearrangement of genetic order, operates through fifth force projective programs, displayed on the Dreamspell Oracle Board, which are genetically incorporated as central cortical program functions.
SELI 23:  FLOW;  ROOT/Muladhara ChakraChakra01.gif
Telektonon Day 23  Earth Uranus Time Tunnels Complete;  Telepathically celebrate GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION 2013 and the Reunion of Pacal Votan and the Divine Feminine

On 11/9/10,  (9 years and 59 days after 9/11/01) a Mystery Missile lit up the skies of  the City of Angels; Los Angeles: 

This link was sent by Kim, Kin 33 who knew that TMQ  worked for 9 years as a Flight Attendant for Trans World Airlines. The heat-seeking missile (which looked just like this one) that  downed TWA Flight 800 ‘launched‘ the beginning of TMQ’s truth ‘seeking‘ career.  (and the Flight Engineer on board the doomed flight had ‘babysat’ oUR Overtone Sun Jud (7th Solar Witness) and siblings the night before)

Another M.M(13.13) still making news:

Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image  Mount Merapi;  “Merapi is among the most dangerous volcanoes” “an unprecedented Magma reservoir lurks underneath it”…”three times more magma than what was ejected by the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815 – the biggest eruption in the last 10,000 years, which led to a cooling of the climate globally.”

    The Lady of Coromoto (an image of the Divine Feminine)was  discovered by Christine Kin 133 when she investigated the Antipode of erupting Mt. Merapi, which could be symbolized by the Kali image from Reimar Kin 143.  The Antipode of Mt. Merapi is  Guanare, the spiritual center of Venezuela.  What Reimar wrote can apply to both images:  “the Dark Mother is the ground from which the Maiden, Mother, and Crone faces of the Goddess, and all the ‘light-abled’ faces of existence which we call ‘the God’(and who is Her son), become possible. Furthermore, the fact that we can’t ‘see’ this ‘more than 90% Dark Matter/Energy’, affirms that Mystery/Darkness be once again honoured as the quintessential ‘face’ of the Divine – the wholism which is not only ‘more than the sum of its parts’, but whose overwhelming ‘more’ will always remain profoundly dark and mysterious, yet Mother to all that is not.”

Thank You Reimar Cosmic Night also,  for yoUR ABUNDANCE OF COSMIC information on Rhythmic Wizard  🙂  We’ll re view some of it on Galactic Warrior.

If we add 13 in the form of the letter L (12) and A (1) to Merapi, we have an anagram for Milarepa, 


considered one of Tibet’s most famous yogis and poets:  ” After his full realization, he travelled widely, giving teachings on mahāmudrā and other aspects of tantric Buddhism, often by means of his famous songs (100,000 songs!)  Milarepa from the 10th century  is mentioned many times in CHC VI:  Book of the Transcendence.  This volume is ordered into numbered paragraphs.  Number 23 in Chapter 1:

“Self-help books and programs, as well as positive slogans and affirmations are symptomatic of the universal URge to Transcend….The Yogi Milarepa is an outstanding example of one who was able to tame the lower forces and transcend.”

On this Self-Existing Lovers Reunion, may we all become more consciously Reunited with oUR higher 5th dimensional selves.

N. S.  1. 23. 4. 23.  Galactic Synchronization 2013 & Lovers Reunion   Kin 215

7 thoughts on “Kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle codes Self-Existing ‘Lover’s Reunion’ on Seli 23

  1. Women and the Path

    Perhaps Milarepa’s most important disciples were women, and what Milarepa says of them was a particular challenge to both orthodox belief of his day and to social custom. One song is specifically titled “A Woman’s Role in the Dharma.”
    One day Milarepa was traveling alone and came to a house where a fifteen-year old girl was directing laborers in the harvest. Milarepa asked for alms and Barbadom directed him to the house, where she would go shortly. He entered the house, where the grandmother rushed at him, angrily shouting:

    You miserable yogi-beggars! I never see you in one place. In the summer you come begging milk and butter! In winter you come for grain! Now likely you want to sneak in here and steal the jewelry of my daughter and daughter-in-law!”

    But Milarepa bid her to patience and offered a lengthy song that assuaged the old woman’s anger and frustration with teachings and virtues of Buddhism. When Barbadom listened to Milarepa she was moved to admire his words and to ask further of his practice. Milarepa responded:

    Living in a rugged, deserted, and solitary hut is the Outer Practice.
    Complete disregard of the self-body is the Inner Practice.
    Thoroughly Knowing the Absolute is the Absolute Practice.
    I am a yogi who knows all three.
    Is there a disciple here who wishes to learn them?

    love to all oUR passengers on flight 2013, and patience with yOURselves

  2. for eye it is to acknowledge lilith and our backsides, the martial art yogi can stand and turn to see complete physical backside of self, acknowledge and use muscles to lift off not to be held down, smile not frown, freedom of art, self art, art of action in the now. C.R.A.N.Z i am another yourself


    Resonant Eagle, First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt 😉

    Such pragmatism, strength, and benevolent intelligent devotion to her very circuitous life path and all those on it is remarkable. She does not start out a rabble-rouser, but when providence presents the opportunities for her vision and voice to arise she does not shirk or shrink from her true regality to say and act on what she feels is true, real, and moral. And i truly admire her less than traditional take on what marriage/love/duty/honor/privelege is/was/became out of sheer necessity.

    Practice makes perfect.

    In Lak’ech,

  4. bonjoUr mes estrelles…
    concerning: …we can’t ‘see’ this ‘more than 90% Dark Matter/Energy’, affirms that we can knOw it: :

    Galactic space is therefore filled with an energetic and TURBULANT PLASMA OF PARTIALLY IONiSIED GAS (yonisized, spectalized) in a state of violent activity. The mOtion is often hard to observe on human timescales {the 3D e-motional mirror therefore the harder} because astronomical distances are so large {} also of coURse due to the “astronomical distances” between the different kin parties concerned}{;

    nevertheless, those same distances allow even moderate forces to achieve impressive results. A particle might zip through a terrestrial acceleratOr in a few microseconds, but it could spend years or even millennia in the accelerator’s cOsMic counterpArt.
    hOw stars form…..

    and chapter III: accretion onto and radiation from the compact object formed in sn 1987A…..night143

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