Kin 217: Red Solar Earth codes Self-Existing Blue Kali 25 on Gregorian 11/11

Red Solar Earth

Red Solar Skywalker
Blue Solar Hand Red Solar Earth White Solar Wind
  Yellow Overtone Seed
I Pulse in order to Evolve,  Realising Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Space.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 187:  Solar Hand is today’s Antipode/Challenge.  The Guide,  Solar Skywalker  contains key numbers:  13.9 and 113 (for PVCS 11.1)   The Analog is Kin 22:  Solar Wind, which codes Bolon Ik, S’ace and this Moon and Year combined (9.5 + 13.4 = 2.9).  When we add 2.9 and 17.9, the resulting combined daily Kin  is Gap and ‘Magic Turtle’:   Blue Overtone Storm.  The G-Force of Solar Earth is Blue Lunar MonKEY.
Postulate  17.9.  As guides, angels usher the return of all radiosonic “soul” material to its source, God”.
           Catalytic Blue KALI 24:  Establish/CATALYZE  SECRET CENTER/Svadhistana Chakra                          Chakra02.gifExtended Cube 19 Self-Generation Recharge
Gamma-ray bubbles
Scientists are puzzled by the discovery of twin Gamma bubbles (shown here, one on either side of our elliptical galaxy).
May they serve as a reminder of the Arguelles Twins, who are coded by today’s Gregorian date:  11.11  🙂
11.11 a.m. on the Crystal Hand Solstice of 2012 is the precise moment we are perfectly aligneded with the area between the  massive Twin bubbles  shown above.
The 11.11 Twin who is known as Valum Votan, the Closer of the Cycle reiterates the crucial importance of Yoga in oUR preparation for the 2012-2013  dimensional shift.  His special number is 22 (9 + 13 11 +11, these numbers all apply to today’s various dates  🙂) and here is what he and his co-author Stephanie South say in Chapter 4, section 22 of Book of Transcendence 
“It is recommended to begin Synchrogalactic Yoga with a complementary practice of Hatha Yoga (asana (postions) and pranayams (breath work).  Hatha Yoga has two sylllables:  Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon)….We want to create a fluid continuum
 where exertion of both mind and body become one fluid seamless whole.”
Chapter 1;  Section 22:  “Transcendence is not only innate to oUR nature; it is an inherent quality of the entire cosmic fabric into which we are woven.  Any process of transcendence requires a simultaneous dose of exertion and patience.”…  “Exertion and patience are the KEYs.”  If you  exert, then U R consciously evolving.
Today, 11/11/2010 (at 11 P.M. EST) we begin 11 days of 11 minute Global Meditations  This is a perfect time to begin seriously simultaneously exerting on behalf of Transcendence:  for oURselves and all sentient beings, and for oUR Earth and Solar System, and for oUR Creator.
The G-Force for this Self-Existing Skywalker Moon is  Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 4. 25.   SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE    Kin 217

7 thoughts on “Kin 217: Red Solar Earth codes Self-Existing Blue Kali 25 on Gregorian 11/11

  1. In la’kech

    to celebrate and to postulate
    17.9. “ As guides, angels usher the return of all radiosonic “soul” material to its source, God”.
    i like to share a goodie From the Desk of George Barnard, 11:11 midwayerhost on planet earth, concerning oUR ‘soulmaterial’, lol

    about the planetary Un- Sub- conscious and it’s current state or affairs:

    :Our Planetary Child of God the Supreme is called Urantia, as is our planet. Addressed as ‘She,’ because She is care-giving, Urantia takes in everything that is positive in Her planetary realm. She hears every word spoken in every language, in every home, in every street, in every town, in every country of Her world. And She comprehends it all.

    All living creatures have a largely unrealized symbiotic relationship with Urantia in the sense that on our departure from this planet we leave behind not only ‘the dust’ our bodies were made of, but also our experiences. These experiences, in some way wrapped up (packaged) in what is other than flesh and blood, other than spiritual in form, likely even other than morontial in structure, are appropriated by Urantia. They are a part of Her slow, age-long evolution towards all-knowing deity perfection in time-space.

    At times, Urantia can grant certain important or urgent wishes. What She will not always do is take onto Herself the ‘debris of human trauma’ – and as Teacher Samuel describes them – ‘ghostlike, partial identities, stuck in a nearby-to-you time-space reality, without having the realization of time moving on, but stuck in anger, frustration, stuck in surprise and fear, stuck in a process of going over and over specific unresolved experiences and reliving those.’

    Time and again, unpleasant ‘psychic experiences’ are blamed on devils and demons, Satan, Lucifer or Caligastia, even fallen angels, but all these were vanquished more than 20 years ago. This is the Correcting Time. It’s safe ‘out there,’ unless one is careless about one’s physical, emotional, or intellectual balance.

    Note: Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22) only aided me in writing this essay, wherefore the above cannot be classified as a transmission.


  2. hi all, i’m in denia/s´pain wwwrighting K´now 😉

    nice to see the kin number sync on both Valum Votan & Lloyd´i-né

    i set free the special LongCount number 220 (10×22) that accomodates my genes merging into 242 at treekweak / 3K revelation of 2013 premise

    also i wanna pinpoint to the number 33 that arises from 11 + 22

    u may read ut as both 3×3 as 3**3 aka 9 and 27

    no douBT this is all about the 3kweak design into nooeaon

    nooeaon gives 13 12 12 5 1 12 13 into 37 31 / 68 (14)

    we all know 14 matches the GOD interval 41(ce) aka foronce

    solar earth is a perfect kin synchronizing all souls at the pilots intrerval determined to realize its harmony – brbrbr`earthing radiant lives’

  3. What struck me when I saw the image of the twin gamma bubbles was an illustration I have seen of transcendence of consciousness from the material plane to the non-material plane. I have looked above and below 🙂 for this among my piles of research and having trouble finding my way back to it. I believe it was published by the and will continue searching.

    My point is – it is nearly exactly the same representation of the twin bubble discovery. At the center of these two connected circles was the point of transcendence.

    I am hoping that someone else has seen this and made the same connection – and may know where to find it! I believe it was published by the and will continue my search.

    I am surrounded in joy and love – it is unfolding more clearly with every day. There is so much love, even among the people in my workplace, that our transformation is flowing like a river – on it’s course to the greatest revelation of all time.

    I send my love out to you all – it comes around in the spirit of lak’ech on the rays of each morning sun.

    White Resonant Mirror, 7 Etznab

  4. i would add—
    from the materialist Planetary Underworld that still governs us to a new and higher frequency of consciousness, the Galactic Underworld…….

    single Wing Red Fire.
    (the solar ring we arrived at, represented by 27 3x3x3 in value or
    13x 27= 351 meaning triple compression of time…..and how many times potentized information (hard+soft-texture) stuffed into in the poor, shrinking cube? who knows?

    SINGLE Wing Red FIRE
    Power of the Starborn to remember its origins and destiny.
    Time of Earth Magic
    (7th lost generation guide: Overtone Sun:> empower, command, radiance, enlighten, universal-fire, life) {goldring/rysa video (…?!) }
    Seventh Ray: Ceremonial magic
    Telepathic internalizing intelligence receives alpha recharge of universal love.

    Way of wielding power discharges heptagonon of mind to the centre of the earth.
    Earth wizards purify Love’s timelessness.
    Initiation of the planetary Human into the ceremonial magic of the planetary sorcerer.
    New solar Human emerges from the Mystery of the Stone.
    Understanding the meaning of the perfection of the human soul as the closing of the cycle.
    The soul is its own symbol. Making the soul its own mirror. Perfection of the soul’s mirror of itself. Silio: Victory Discharges
    in lake’ch night143

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