Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night codes Overtone Wizard Gamma 3

Blue Lunar Night

Blue Lunar Eagle
Red Lunar Skywalker Blue Lunar Night Yellow Lunar Warrior
  White Crystal Mirror
I Polarise in order to Dream,  Stabilizing Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
Today’s Challenge truly is:  Lunar Skywalker (love and blessings to you, Code=E  :)) The G-Force of Kin 223 is 5.7, the sacred ratio (Resonant Serpent).
Postulate 3.2:  “The holonomic nature of the Galactic Brain implies that any stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary bodies, participates in a uniform process that engages the functions of the four quadrants in the evolutionary progression of time and consciousness.”

   GAMMA 3;  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE/Ajna     Chakra06.gif

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceLet’s revel in the AbunDANCE of  Visions Love, Intelligence, Spirit and Magic  in oUR  144/441 Cube of TRUTH  🙂

Debra 7 Mirror noted that in Bonnie Gaunt’s book, ‘Divine Design’ – the gematria of the Hebrew text that assigns mathematical value to scripture, 222 represents “the voice of God”  Synchronistically, she shared that  the Wavespell of  Spirit, coded by Kin 222, began with  “A VERY BIG WIND [that]  blew through the Pacific Northwest overnight causing 150,000 to be without power” !

Cheetah Cosmic Serpent responded that her  name, and that of her name-sake (the Voice of God) in Africa is Bonnie.  The letters in Bonnie equal 59Resonant Storm (19.7) which is also the G-Force of the pivotal Kin 197;  which Valum Votan revealed as the ‘genesis’ of the 7 cycles of 113 days, and 7 cycles of 144 days.  {Synchronistically, the ‘Cosmic Dragon plus Maiden’ image contributed by Cosmic Night also reminded Bonnie Cheetah of a past life, in which her surname {Burr} also equaled 59!]

Christine Electric Skywalker responded with the link to the Bible Wheel (which is arranged in a counter-clockwise spiral  :)) strenthening the theme of Spirit and Communication.  Christine and   Cheetah  also stepped back in time:  Kin 133  found Magic at Disneyland,  ““A dream is a wish yoUR heart makes…” i could not help but open my heart ever wider to channel and radiate an innocence i have not felt in many many years.”  “Eye was filled with the spirit everywhere i went;”   

Cosmic Serpent  is enjoying  her Lovers Reunion with  Electric Dragon, after 23 years apart  🙂 

Eons treading paths unique
Though settings change…Finally we touch
our bodies smooth against the other melding, fusing, texutre, color
a gleam at first 0,  then burst on recognition
Explode, erupt from timid glimmer…no iridescent beam nor shaft of sun
dare rival you;  or rival two – becoming one” 

The combined Moon and Year kin shifted from 22 (S’ace Solar Wind and Bolon Ik) to 23 (9.5 + 14.5 = 3.10, Blue Planetary Night) and  there is an abundance of love being beautifully expressed by many, including Christine, Cheetah,  Mike and  Angel Crystal Moon:  “We’ll watch the world from above As it turns to the rhythm of love” “BIG (((((Love:))))))) sweet inlakech’es”

Mike Overtone World-Bridger, is on a ‘triple Magic Turtle Trip’ with his Galactic SignatURe resonanting with this Overtone Wizard Moon and Overtone Moon Year.   He steadfastly holds oUR Vision of  oUR 13:20 Community in Aotearoa, Land of the First to see the Dawn, which takes on added significance with the advent of  oUR increased awareness of  Quetzalcoatl, “Lord of the Dawn“.  “This New Jerusalem will be the Galactic port for our Multi-Universal brothers and sisters, makes sense Aotearoa New Zealand A-Z Alpha Omega, extraterestrial contact vibrate the love build the dream, horses, gardens, fruit and lots of laughter and love.”  🙂

Valum Votan’s report elicited this response from S’ace Kin 22: “on this WindOne aka WinDone aka HUN’IK
a seer saw for the 791+1+216 clue into 1008 …which is not just a phenomenon resonating 7 but indeed 9 asswell;  792 vibrates 9×88 and 216 9×24 (hours a daya) 9×24 is exactly timing the 9 daya a kweak;”  Melovia Crystal Moon noted that  Kin 64 is also the Occult of Kin 197   🙂  “, adding a third synchronicity to  Codon 64, which is empowered by the synchronicity of Kin 64 which codes these first 3 PSI days.”

As 11.11 described in Galactic Spiral Density Wave and 2012“,  “Sura 113;  Lord of the Dawn” is a call for protection in dark times”.  We are to call for a Galactic Intervention, and we can expect the retURn of the Galactic MayaSee Knight 143’s response:

“Intrepid voyagers of the Kuxan Suum”…”the Maya make ready for the final adjustments” 

The galactic code of honor is to manifest and
demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible.
Always playing by the rules of harmony, but at the same time respecting
the local intelligence, the code’s chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness.”

Christine  133’s succinct response:                                            peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

 “Kiwi! Wiki!             Key We!           We Key!  🙂

    close up of rings 

 Kin 223 reminds us that on 2/23/1987, Quetzalcoatl retURned as Supernova 1987A

N. S.  1. 23. 5. 3.                                             Kin 223


10 thoughts on “Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night codes Overtone Wizard Gamma 3

  1. i see number 223 as the challenger spicing WindWave …
    from the 2nd seal 2nd tone (2.2) and overdriving the 3rd refined skill inside – electric and also -as we learn from technotools- magnetic forces …

    in this context i am highly inspired by the life and inspiration brought into world-insights from Mahatma Gandhi where i read his understanding for ANGER/WUT/WOEDE (E/G/D) : “ANGER is to a bodily vessel what FUEL is to a machine” (slightly reframed by me)

    So there we have the 3rd refined skill inside which is talented to bring up the most to be honored qualifications to a human being …

    A Lunar Night is an expression that doubles the intention from the moon herself … and we have to focus on the blue colour that guides its spell. Always this colour guides the kin … and its special force is the EAGLE / VISION / SEER

    May the seed from this spell highlight oUR miss’ion

    is a special lyrics sung by tom waits – let it in ?
    and smile 8 miles high
    having 8 as the 0 torso communicating SERVICE

  2. Whee!!!

    Mem (13): The works of his hands are verity and judgment;

    This clause opens with מעשי (ma’asei, work of) which is the masculine plural construct form of מעשה (ma’aseh, work/deed.) This is an example of how substantive nouns are formed by prefixing a Mem to a triliteral verb. This integrates with the other grammatical function of Mem which indicates the preposition “of” or “from” when prefixed to a word. In this case, we have the root verb עשה (a’asah, act/to Do) prefixed with a Mayim to make the noun ma’aseh, which means an action, work, or deed.

    This verse declares that all the works of his hands are verity. The word translated as vertity is the fundamental Hebrew word אמת (emet, truth). This word has a numerical weight of 441. This integrates with the Work of the Lord through the identity:

    The Work of the LORD

    Maaseh YHVH
    = 441 = Truth (Emet)

    Thus we see the explicit teaching of Scripture encoded in the intrinsic alphanumeric structure of the Hebrew Alphabet!

    Next SONG!!! NEXT!!! 😉
    Tenacious D

  3. here in the Netherlands a team is facilitating the end of this wavespell on cosmic wizard –

    then … lately i simplified each kin into its postkinessence

    as 223 both resonates 22 and 23 in the challenging essence for 22 to become the planetary abundance premise itself … as 12 is the dedicated purepose for 11 : monkey business transfer into crystal clear human (hu=spirit)

    let me spell the dedicated mission for 3 witches aboard:
    133 =) 134 – self-existing wizard = B / C
    129 =) 130 – cosmic dog = M = at the very centre of the tzolkin tape-stry – double activated in the magic square 130 130 131 131
    138 =) 139 – solar storm = TMQ – double activated in 139 139 122 122

    here we have 3 dedicated kin of our tribal mission catalysing the energetic shipwreck into noo adventures’

    they all are in the mid column of the 13 pillars – the resonant pillar

    and this is a trinity force beyond all means!

    lets focus the 13th tone of this wave … 14.13 will be halfway on the 28 kin moontrap which can be focussed as an extraordinary opportunity to heal by breaking what has to be created in noo perspectives


    may all your dreams come true, dear night aka knight(s)

    • Playing with the number 22, I noticed it contains its own Seal and Tone by factoring by 20 and 13; the remainders are the Seal and Tone respectively. Decided to try it on a few other Kin, beginning with my own:

      129 129/20 = 6, Remainder **9** 129/13 = 7, Remainder **12**

      Kin 129, Seal 9 Tone 12

      Maybe you all knew this already, but I did not!!! 🙂 So fun and so exciting, is this study, even while it soothes the Mind with its Logical Perfection! 🙂

      (Must be S’ace’s ‘double activation in the Magic Square’ at work… 😉 )

      • hi Me-low-via (via is the way!) 😉

        consider this rule b contemplating it:

        a pionear is not knowing by the head what he is acting upon it is just breathing its fire burning in the pelvis while acting on passion / aka fire at awe

        :-{ … }-:

      • Also I was inspired to colour my PSI-Bank this morning ~ which I now see is on page 282 of the 13-Moon Almanac of Synchronicity… 😉

  4. “page 282 of the 13-Moon Almanac of Synchronicity”

    dear Melovia must be a butterfly that spells the metamorphosys of the worm (ol’human habit) … the 8 is the body/torso and it has 2 wings on both sides!

    do u confirm that?

    then the other story is that tone 8 aka tmq split the number 22 aka bolon ik in a living legaseer ;-))

    just c me as mr & mrs k’nowbody hinting k as character 11 / el’even(Tur)

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