Kin 226: White Overtone World-Bridger codes White Overtone Wizard Moon Limi 6 of the Red Overtone Moon year

White Overtone Worldbridger

White Overtone Wizard
Yellow Overtone Warrior White Overtone Worldbridger Red Overtone Skywalker
  Blue Solar Eagle
I empower in order to equalize
commanding opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.
We wish a JoyoUS and Radiant Galactic Return to Kiwi Allegiance Mike.   His Galactic SignatURe falls on  a  Triple Magic TURtle day, which only happens twice (or very rarely thrice) each year.  Overtone Wizard codes this Moon and today’s Guide.  Today’s G-Force is Electric Seed.
Overtone Skywalker is today’s (Key We Mike’sSupport/Analog

Thank You Reimar Kin 143 , for this great  image of Skywalker; Quetzalcoatl a.k.a. Lord of the DawnCosmic Night’s Challenge/Antipode Kin is 13.13, Cosmic Skywalker.  Overtone Skywalker is today’s (Key We Mike’s)  Support/Analog

Postulate 6.5:  “The corrective tool of the Thirteen Moon Calendar as a brilliantly simple reprogramming device is augmented by the Telektonon, the technology of Telepathy.  Based on the daily re-imprinting of the 13:20 timing frequency via a programmed historical narrative, the Telektonon incorporates all of the mathematical ratios of the interplanetary order of the heliocosm to subliminally establish a mental reform appropriate to the fourth-dimensional synchronic order of reality.”


The  OVERTONE TONE of RADIANCE occupies the first corner of the Pulsar Wavespell which is further described in CHC 6.  It is called the OVERTONE TOWER, the time to TAKE COMMAND and GATHER RESOURCES.


LIMI 6:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS/ManipuraChakra03.gif

UR EARTH 2:  Solar Earth,  Foundation:  Prophecy Tower.  “By the Sun and its growing brightness

Telektonon Day 6 is the FREE WILL TOWER that guards the entry into the 16 day Spirit Warrior’s Cube JoURney.  It is coded by 12.12, Crystal Human. 

It feels significant and EMPOWERING to have the OVERTONE Tone of the 13 day Wavespell of SPIRIT, the 13 Moon Wavespell of DIVINE LOYALTY and the  13 year  Wavespell of LIFE FORCE all  converge today.  It is also auspicous for this Triple Magic Turtle Day to  synchronize with the FREE WILL Tower, and the SOLAR EARTH Tower

This also EMPOWERS oUR awakening of the Radiant Seventh Lord of the Ring, OVERTONE SUNAnother synchronicity is that Kin 6.5 is occurring on Day 6 of Moon 5  🙂 

29  days ago,  Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth began the  periods of 113 days until 12/21/2012, and the 7 sets of 144 days until Galactic Synchronization in 2013.   29 miners are trapped undergound after the Pike River (=113)  coal mine exploded in New Zealand yesterday.   The number 29 has been seared into the consciousness of Kiwis today.

Let’s pray that this mine disaster has the happy ending that recently unfolded in Chile.   Chile and New Zealand have both endured a catastrophic  earthquake and mine disaster this year.  An interesting connection between these two countries is that the Waitaha;  People of Peace came to New Zealand  from Chile’s Easter Island.Go to fullsize image

Night 143 commented today about the core number of participants here.  This is the 462nd post.  The cURrent number of subscribers to 2013 and The Mystery Queen is 356.   (462-356 = 106 = PVCS Lunar World-Bridger).  Between 400 and 6oo  readers visit here each day. 

While grateful for the growing numbers of people drawn to this transmission of truth, unity and the Law of Time, TMQ admits to wondering who the large silent majority of readers are.  Please don’t let language barriers  prevent you from expressing  yoUR comments and questions,  and/or registering yoUR Galactic Signature and location on our Planet.

Planet Holon

Tomorrow, we enter the Overtone Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey on the 6th day of Wavespell 18:  Power of SPIRIT.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 5. 6.    UR EARTH 2FREE WILL Tower    Kin 226


6 thoughts on “Kin 226: White Overtone World-Bridger codes White Overtone Wizard Moon Limi 6 of the Red Overtone Moon year

  1. lately i mentioned 129, 133 & 138 as kin forces from the 7th column which is labelled as the resonant column …

    then i also see the 5 kin before and 5 kin after a column as chaingain facilitating the whole where resonant is T’one … so the extended version of each column overlaps 30 kin where 10 kin on both sides feature the night – the abundant dream

    ilustrating this is the range from kin 116 -145 , 30 kin on a row without any GAP in the resonant aka empty void vacancy … and we have REIMAR as kin 143 added to the 3 musceteers exemplifying the one with the open mind: the 4th muscetear d’Artagnan

    just a storyline … inVain, 😉 s’ace

    • Hee hee!!! Noo you noo how the Single Wing Red Sea Fire got parted – the channel opens when the wings beat together at the C-enter. 😉

      Saw the most beautiful pink Stormy Sky with the Full Moon Rising at Twilight.

      Eye feel my Kin 213 very strongly though we are apart. 😉

      Much to/two/too/2 study!

      Word bridging sky,

  2. I believe my greatest responsibility is to give love to another in any way I possibly can. In honor of Spirit week I’ve made the choice of spending my holiday budget at The Heifer organization – feeding families and building communities throughout the world. Wherever/however you are able to honor even one person in some way, if it means doing nothing more than giving another your undivided attention – we CAN make a difference in this world.

  3. . TMQ my love, Rio de Janeiro is just in the boundary between Yellow Human and Red Skywalker. I like both but I’am a little schizophrenic in my holon meditation. Is it normal or you have some advice, please!


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