Kin 227: Blue Rhythmic Hand codes the beginning of oUR Cube JoURney of Overtone Silio 7

Blue Rhythmic Hand

Blue Rhytmic Hand
Red Rhytmic Earth Blue Rhytmic Hand Yellow Rhytmic Human
  White Galactic Wizard
I Organize in order to Know,  Balancing Healing.
I seal the store of AccomplishmenT with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Antipode is also the G-Force:  Kin 97:  Rhythmic Earth.  Overtone 7 corresponds to the PSI of  Kin 76Spectral Warrior.
Postulate 7.6:  “In the historic cycle resulting in the creation of the technosphere and the biogeochemical imbalance bringing on the biosphere-noosphere transition, the advanced CA function is defined as (Civilization Advance). The imbalanced sum of the CA process in the 5,200-year “historic cycle” all but obliterates the power of the AC.”
 SILIO 7:   DISCHARGE;  HEART/Anahata Chakra04.gif
While meditating the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, be mindful of  this from Chapter 9:  “New Earth Geomancy” in the “Book of  Transcendence (page 170) 
“The core influence that holds the planet together –two unified cells at the center of Earth (Neptune and Uranus; and Venus and Earth) establishes the inner core of Earth with a radius of 1216 Km.” 
 The Neptune/Uranus cell, composed of the two  Neptune seals [ White Mirror (18) and Red Dragon(1)]  and the two Uranus seals [White Wind (2) and  Red Earth (17)] “transposes to become the Red and White  upper half of the octahedral center of the Earth. 
“The Venus/ Earth cell, ”  composed of the two Venus seals [ Yellow Star  (8);  Blue Monkey (11)]  and the two Earth seals [Blue Hand (7) and Yellow Human (12)]   “transposes to become the lower half of the octahedral core.”
“Earth’s outer core is held together by a super hyperparton”  which “forms a hyperparton grid around the octahedron”.   
Section 29; Page 271:   The octahedron then  transposes  itself into the unification cells on the surface as the Earth-Venus and Uranus-Earth zones.  This creates the dynamism on Earth, and is how the Earth core affects the surface level.  The surface level then transposes down to the octahedron crystal core.” 
As Christine Kin 133 wrote:   “Much to/two/too/2 study!” 
  Here is an interesting development:  The perfect crime tool: Researchers work on event cloak 

By exploiting a feature of fiber-optics,  “scientists have conceived of a “spacetime cloak” which manipulates light and, in essence, conceals whole events from a viewer.  The theory is based on censoring the flow of events, which we perceive as a stream of light particles, also called photons, that strike the retina.


Christine  Electric Skywalker sent in this  article about a  “study on a new form of emotion-colour synaesthesia which projects itself as coloured auras.”  

 This image from Reimar Cosmic Night shows an aura, and a Rhythmic Hand (upper left) 

Newly engaged Prince William, Resonant Wizard  conveyed this  message to New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key“My heart and thoughts go out to the miners”.   The 29 miners have now been trapped within the Earth for  53 hours.  Their families and many Kiwis are increasingly frustrated that no rescue attempt has begun, even though many co-workers, Australian miners and family members are keen to enter and begin the search and rescue.  Let’s mirror Prince William’s sentiments, and may God Bless all involved.
N. S.  1. 23. 5. 7.    Cube One:  MEMORY           Kin 227

7 thoughts on “Kin 227: Blue Rhythmic Hand codes the beginning of oUR Cube JoURney of Overtone Silio 7

  1. Thanks, Pedrin 56,

    For yoUR excellent question. Your answer is being prepared 🙂

    Love and Truth,

  2. Space cloaking immediately identifies central channel vector potential dynamics – noo you see it – noo you don’t –

    Which side of the mUShroom do you eat?

    • Eye am silly! Sooo Noovember 13, 2011 – GAP Self-existing Seed …. …. Moon 27, Kin 64 Crystal Seed :|| …. Guided by INTELLIGENCE (and i never use this) LOL. 😉

      But this is a noo point.

      Shall we adopt Galactic Notation as a coURse???

      Not to/too/two/2 make 2/two/too/to fine a point on it. 😉

      Maya intuition thinks we do noot explore it enoough.


      • And question answered!!! Aye attempted to render Crystal Seed as a colon and two vertical slashes and the software renders them one vertical bar – an experiment –

        : | |
        : ||
        : | |

        . . . .

      • Ha! Hmmm…

        Only three to a correspoonding line – else a foURth differentiation mUSt take place …. dot dot dot DOT

        Mayhap we/oui should start thinking in terma of a standardized Maya “font”???

        Couldn’t hURt, could help. 😉

  3. I “saw” the Cosmic serpent in my inner vision…it came to visit me full-on!!!
    it was RED&WHITE with silver Stars in its eyes:)))))
    blessed as we stand!
    Inlakech sweet “hunab-crew”;) its getting more & more “visible” what is around us.
    BIG love xxx
    Angel-crystal moon/lunar Star*

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