Kin 229: Red Galactic Moon codes Overtone Seli 9; Cube Three: Abundance

Red Galactic Moon

Red Galactic Skywalker
Blue Galactic Storm Red Galactic Moon White Galactic Dog
  Yellow Rhytmic Human
I Harmonize in order to Purify,  Modeling Flow.
I seal the process of Universal Water
with the Galactic tone of Integrity.
I am guided by the power of space.
Solar Skywalker, “Lord of the Dawnis guiding us today.  The G-Force of Galactic Moon is Kin 103:  Crystal NightThe PSI for Overtone 5 is Magnetic StormKin 79, the Noosphere Constant.
Today’s 13 Moon date Moon 5,  Day 9 mirrors the year,  Moon Seal 9;   tone 5
Postulate 9.8“The creation of the telepathic structures of the primary radiosonic architecture of the Heptagonon of Mind and Primal Cubic Parton are a function of the four plasmas released during the conscious four-year biosphere-noosphere transition. The double polar axis cube, corresponds to AC-CA coordination of bodily and planetary axes.”
Vinal Meditation 7,  YAXKIN: “A little Ray of the Hidden Sun”.
That synchronizes nicely with the Affirmation for this Red  Overtone Moon year:  “Hope is the Sunshine of oUR Heart”
The Vinal  meditations for the first six 20 day segments of each year:
.       The One who Knows
..      Listens in Silence
…     In Order to Integrate the Universe
….    Based on Knowledge
__    That Reaches the Foundations
__ .  Where with Great Wisdom a Seed is Sown
 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceSynchronistically, Christine 13.3 posted a comment hoURs after TMQ struggled to use Galactic Notation with the above.  While resonating with her suggestion to adopt the Mayan shorthand of dots for 1 thru 4, and a bar for 5’s, it gets challenging (on a keyboard) to progress to a combination of the dot and bar.  The most succinct way to  expressing Kins may be  numerically as illustrated in the Postulates:   Seal number and Tone number. 
Kin 133 also notes a special approaching  Gregorian date:  1-13-2011, or 1-13-11 for the palindromic version of Kin 113;  Solar Skywalker “Lord of the Dawn”  🙂  Coded by PVCS 20.7, it is also a Magic Turtle day in the  PVCS Resonant Warrior (16.7) Moon. 
 Scott Resonant Star (8.7) and  S’ace Solar Wind (2.9) both noted another futURe date:  Overtone 23, coded by Solar Night (Heart of Nine)  S’ace  2.9 also found that the Long Count is Cosmic Eagle, which codes the second Solar Witness and Lord of Time.
Today we welcome a new Kin, Priscella, Rhythmic Wizard  🙂  14.6 also codes the year containing the first two Mystic Moons.  
Lore, an Australian  Kin who was present when TMQ first spoke to Valum Votan in Ashland,  left his first comment on Spectral Storm.  Lore Self-Existing Sun (20.4) (whose signature also codes Jesus Christ, with whom Lore shares a physical resemblance  :)) has been reading this blog from the very beginning, and has been a devoted practitioner and teacher of the Law of Time practices  for many years.  
Angel Crystal Moon relates this:  “I “saw” the Cosmic serpent in my inner vision…it came to visit me full-on!!!
it was RED&WHITE with silver Stars
in its eyes:)))))  blessed as we stand!
Inlakech sweet “hunab-crew”;) its getting more & more “visible” what is around us.”
 Valum Votan demonstrates this in his latest report, with the chart of the two sets of 7 cycles which commenced on Kin 197, Lunar Earth, which codes the 4th (and only GAP) of the  7 Solar Witnesses The 5th cycle of 113 days  begins on the day coded by 9.12 Angel’s (and Melovia’s) Galactic Signature.  The combined kins of that day equal 12.12 (TMQ‘s G-Force), which, multiplied is 144:  RetURn of Sacred Power 
 This is a precursor of what happens shortly after, when, during the 4th of the 7 cycles of 144 days, the “Increase of Spiritual Energy  Activating the Nooospheresurpasses the declining 12:60 energies.  🙂 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
  SELI 9:  FLOW;  ROOT/MuladharaChakra01.gif
Red Galactic Moon codes two men from two very different eras, who were both sensual and romantic.  Giacoma Casanova, the 16th century Italian   is now synonymous with the word  Lover“.
  Jim Morrison
A more contemporary Galactic Moon was Jim Morrison, who sang of love and passion, and once said this“Blake said that the body was the soul’s prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the ‘windows of the soul.’ When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like a mystical experence.”
Jim Morrison was in the news this week:  Jim Morrison was appealing this conviction (for Casanova tendencies in public) when he died 39 years ago.
Kin 39: Blue Cosmic Storm
19.13All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 5. 9       Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE           Kin 229

6 thoughts on “Kin 229: Red Galactic Moon codes Overtone Seli 9; Cube Three: Abundance

  1. “Kin 133 also notes a special approaching Gregorian date: 1-13-2011, or 1-13-11 for the palindromic version of Kin 113”

    11311 is also palindromic for 311! , dear TMQ – depends on how to see the mirror at work – u know “dear Prudence” 😉

    311 iz equalized into 51 which decodes the CRYSTAL MONKEY

    and i know this because my lover YaniQ iz a COSMIC HUMAN from 12 o’clock but also CRYSTAL MONKEY before that hour … because she was born in the night between those 2 seals … (check u’r birthtime fellowkin!)

    every year my lover celebrates on the first day on the Northern “Hemi”sphere the sun shines a bit longer every daya until … my own birthdaya (about) on this mystery chat between sun moon earth and the human she-arth …

    blue crystal monkey’s premise is:
    blue – transformative aka metamorphing the butterfly
    crystal – clearance of the dust that hides the true spirit & ur-authentic well
    monkey – declosing pandora’s box aka masculine/paternalistic dominance

    that DS kin is on febr 13, 2011 which also carries number 13 😉 in Pope-ular Illustration

    addon to that 51 is this: it is 3-electric night in LC and so it accumulates in 51+3 = 54 aka Lunar Wizard in TreeKweak – TrinityRevelationSpell in SquareDAlliance descending AngelS’

  2. I have been tracing my ancestry back to the birth of my ggg grandmother in England It has

    I have been inspired to collaborate on a book with my cousin in Darwen, England. I plan to be at Glastonbury on 11-11-11 and prove my prior incarnation as Mary Burr who codes 65 Red Cosmic Serpent with a gregorian birthdate of 11-14-1803. I am also kin 65 (Cheetah Cosmic Serpent). Here is the first chapter:


    Laser piercing night
    igniting iridescent beam . . .

    February 20, 1773

    Samuel Ensor unwraps his precious jewel from its velvet wrap. It is time. Slipping his loupe on his head, the brilliant stone magnifies itself and blinks back at him. He tightens the stone in his velvet lined vise. He takes his diamond cutting tool and places it just so against the fault line.

    One tap from his hammer and the stone splits in two sending brilliant emerald green light into the tiny room he has carved out in his basement. Samuel glances around the space trying to figure out the light source. Then he realizes . . . it comes from the stone itself.

    He examines both pieces for inclusions. There are none. The emerald is pure and juicy green. His heart accelerates and begins to beat as one with the gems. He holds the smaller of the stones against his expert eye and instinctively sees the cuts he will make to produce the traditional emerald cut stone. If he can keep his hand steady, make his cuts clean this stone will make a fine broach for Mary. Then he sets it aside and picks up the larger half.

    This piece is different. Its belly is thick but the light finds its way without distraction. The girdle is thicker on one end than the other, drawing light out through the point. This one shall be made into a tear-drop and it will be for his daughter, Elizabeth who is yet unborn. Mary will give birth in a matter of days and she is skeptical that the child will be a girl, but her husband is a seer. He has suspended the pendulum above her ripe belly and the story plays out in the air above her. She will be a daughter of daughters, for she will be the daughter of The Alchemist. And the emerald she will carry with her throughout history will carry the formula inscripted there to change lead into gold.

    • Maui Cheetah/Cosmic Serpent (a.k.a. Bonnie)

      Wow! What a great joURney, and a beautiful video (amongst many others you have made).
      The music in some of your videos reminds me of a favorite CD I had, and I believe it had the same name as the name shown in your video “Blackmore’s Night?” “one with the dove”

      YoUR excerpt made me eager to read more of your story 🙂

      Thanks for sharing more of your multi-faceted self.

      Love and Magic,
      Galactic Mirror

  3. I see the PSI/Chrono Kin 79 (the Noosphere Constant) and today’s Long Count 181 (the ‘Cube Constant’ 🙂 ) combine to give a complete 260 ‘Spin’… and I see the Kin 229 G-Force is 3.12 Kin 103 Blue Crystal Night ~ that Monkey looks so much like a Night!!

    Love All Around 🙂

  4. Thank you ! Some days are passing by with a lot of synchronicities, and some days are empty …

    I really like your discovery’s! Keep up the good work.


    • Dear Priscella,

      Thanks so much for yoUR lovely comment!
      I’m glad you’ve connected with us 🙂

      Galactic Mirror

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