Kin 230: White Solar Dog codes Overtone Gamma 10: Cube Four; Flowering


White Solar Worldbridger
Yellow Solar Sun White Solar Dog Red Solar Moon
  Blue Overtone Monkey
I Pulse in order to Love,  Realizing Loyalty.
I seal the process of Heart with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Death.

Will and KateToday’s Guide, Solar World-Bridger, codes the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on Planetary 26, April 29, 2011.   The G-Force of Solar Dog is Lunar Warrior.  The PSI for Overtone 10 is Lunar Sun.

Postulate 10.9: There can be no harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order that does not result in increased comprehensive aesthetic enhancement.   T(E)=Art defines all processes of harmonic rearrangement as activities of PAN (Planet Art Network).

Solar Dog (10.9) is the 10th day of 5th Moon of the annual Wavespell coded by Seal 10: Dog, Compassionate One , Divine Loyalty

Those ‘three tens’ equal 30, and Kin 30 is Pacal Votan Clear Sign 10.4, Self-Existing Dog  🙂  When we add this 4th 10, we get another P.V.C.S.  Kin 40:  Magnetic SunPage 40 of the ‘Master Synchronic Code Book’ is entitled “Telektonon“, which is based on the prophecy of Pacal Votan, through his “Telektonon Earth-Spirit Speaking Tube”. 

 The first year of this blog presented the 28 daily Telektonon practices of telepathic consciousness.  “A KEY component of the Telektonon 28 day Journey is the Cube of the Law” which “Corresponds to days 7-22 of every Moon, and on the playing boeard is represented by a 4 x 4 matrix known as the Warrior’s Cube JoURney.”   Today, we complete the first 4 days of the Overtone Cube Journey.

   GAMMA 10:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE/Ajna Chakra06.gif

Today, we telepathically connect with the Galactic Maya who FLOWERED during the 10th Baktun (ending on the 1,440,000 Kin)

Here is a video  of a ‘beautiful Falling Angel” skydiving to a  song by Galactic Moon Jim Morrison.  He exposed himself onstage, while she has  ‘floated through the sky’ nude   🙂Image Preview  Roberta Mancino is coded by PVCS Lunar Human and has sky-dived over 5,000 times.

This article holds clues for us:  Plasma physicist Tony Peratt wrote: “…electric fields aligned along the magnetic field direction freely accelerate particles. Electrons and ions are accelerated in opposite directions, giving rise to a current along the magnetic field lines.”  The Ace satellite … monitor(s) energetic ions coming from the Sun, as well as higher energy particles (cosmic rays) thought to be arriving from intergalactic space.

After writing the preceding, TMQ was drawn to look at the page numbered by today’s Kin 230.  That tURned out to be a blank page, so her eye fell on this, which relates to the above: 

From page 231 of Book of the Transcendence

Section 4.   Radion is a fourth-dimensional fluid.  Within the CSR, (Central Stellar Radion) Radion refers to a signal-transmitting energy stream that holographically coordinates the intelligence of any galaxy, inclusive of its planets and/or stellar life  forms.”

Section 3.  “The Central Stellar Radion is the evolving power of an interdimensionally functioning central holographic intelligence unit located beyond the seventh dimension…”

(From section 1)  “The intermediary between our solar system (Velatropa 24) and the CSR is the AA (Antares-Arcturus) Midway Station.  “It is organized in a manner that cosmologically recapitulates the four-fold functioning of the Galactic and Human brain as programmed by the Central Stellar Radion.” 

File:Milky Way Galaxy.jpg

May the enlightening SOLAR power of  Maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”

N. S.  1. 23. 5. 10.   Cube Four:  FLOWERING   Kin 230


10 thoughts on “Kin 230: White Solar Dog codes Overtone Gamma 10: Cube Four; Flowering

  1. An interesting synchronicity related to your comment about the plasma physicist… and for anyone who ever questioned how we are impacted by the stars and planets (astrology)… last night watching NOVA’s “Our Liquid Universe” I learned that beneath Jupiter’s outer liquid lake of hydrogen – under great pressure, is a layer of liquid metal hydrogen – highly conductive of electricity. So, here’s this planet, Jupiter, twice the size of our sun, a virtual ball of electricity. (A summary of similar info at

    • on a given page at U-pi-terra i observe this image:

      i gives the idea for the hunab’ku symbol ; do u agRee?

      another page states an upmost inner sphere has the similar size as the planet earth; is that a condition impulsing resonance? Can that be the reason Jupiter is right in between Urane and Earth catalysing its life?

      thX Debra; what is ur KIN?

  2. Well, speaking of Jupiter – – reports
    PLUMES ON JUPITER: Astronomers are monitoring a cluster of energetic plumes breaking through the cloudtops of Jupiter. Regard the image below. Each of the bright spots is a massive convection cell rising high above the usual cloud deck:.. If planetary scientists are correct, these plumes are heralds of a much bigger event–the return of Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt, which mysteriously disappeared almost a year ago.

  3. as the mmobilizing love at hearth action sync in peoples mind’sets premise

    the language or linguistical frequency trigger to people mindsets is for SALE and SAIL2 here

    as g((gle search vibrations are as words and key meshworks themselves AH@ 😉

    so how about “S’ace” as a word made pretty onscure in itself because of the APOstrophe preFacing the KataSTROPHE as a TIE?

    just as a Question on the Ball we long to as a masQaraid

    pretty Rabbit plays a BallGam as a BallGimmick
    230 claims 5as a HighJiveClassRoom

    BE selective and Discriminate your selections! faceilitatinGee UR HighTime as a cup of Tea with a Chocolat Suck for Luck

  4. “NIDLE 24-NOV-2010 (A message from the Sirians to Dr Sheldan Nidle):

    We return with more things to talk to you about. Around your globe a vast economic collapse is beginning to make its appearance. Many in the know are rapidly withdrawing their investments from the world’s stock and bond markets. These wealthy and influential investors recognize that their fellow members in the dark cabal are doomed and face a grim and unpleasant future. The present economic system is basically on life support, but despite the stark evidence of this all around them, the cabal is still determined to secure a way out of this deepening predicament. Their increasingly desperate schemes demonstrate to them how truly hopeless the world’s conditions are and that the only way out is to accept the inevitable and allow the Earth allies’ grand plan to manifest fully. Sadly, the cabal considers this to be the option of last resort. But the fact remains that this is the way to solve the escalating calamity easily and permit a secure and lasting prosperity for everyone. However, this prosperity will be free from the cabalists’ manipulation, and this scares them greatly.

    The current global conditions seem to be showing some small signs of uptake in various nations’ economies, but these indications belie the underlying conditions which continue to worsen. The cabalists know the truth of this and their recent failed attempts to control both the overt and covert gold reserves globally are another sign of their panic and consternation over what is in store for them. It is commendable that our Earth allies have succeeded in maintaining control of most of the world’s hidden gold and have been able to stem any sizeable transfers of the gold deposits from global central banks. Meanwhile the value of the world’s currencies is at stake as the Euro and the dollar face additional devaluations. It is clear that the age of fiat money is nearly over. From every corner comes a rallying cry to return to hard currency, and those financiers secretly in accord with our Earth allies’ plans are heading this drive. The imminent collapse of the fiat monetary system is driven by the same endemic fraud and deception that has characterized global banking since the post-World War II era.

    It can truly be said to be a case of “the crimes of the fathers being visited upon the sons,” as evinced by the daily misfiring of the cabal’s several recent ill-fated ploys. We watch this cabal as it flounders about like a fish on dry land gasping its last breath. And yet these cabalists still have a way out of this painful predicament: full cooperation with our Earth allies! It might amaze them to know what fair and open cooperation could accomplish. Indeed their dread of the consequences about the truth getting out could become a lot less serious than they now fear. Furthermore, the good-hearted sharing of their immense wealth can help them achieve a degree of clemency, as this may drastically change the way they are perceived by society. The Anunnaki were wise indeed when they instructed them to change their ways and become more amenable to new modes of perception. Since the moment for globally shared prosperity has come, we propose this avenue as a way for the cabal to resolve some of its current difficulties with the Earth allies.

    The present focus of our first-contact mission is to be an advocate for change. The workings of your global reality have now reached the limits of viability. This means that something needs to change and change quickly! Added to this are the huge changes in consciousness that you are going through, specifically with reference to your global environment which now most inadequately reflects the progress of your inner changes. You ought by now to be living in an entirely different world. The age of the dark is at an end and the switch to the new Light-driven reality is underway. It is sad that the dark ones are so desperate to cling to their old, controlling ways and are apparently still not willing to accept some new and exciting perspectives. The wisdom of this intransigence is worth questioning as the force for change is just too strong to withstand any longer. A huge series of transformations is staring them in the face and it is time to let go of what can no longer even be patched up.

    During what little time remains to them, the cabal needs to devote its full focus to coming up with a detailed plan with which to approach our Earth allies in a true spirit of cooperation. Such a change in attitude can work miracles for them. Our Earth allies regard the reasons for the upcoming changes as a sacred task inspired by the decrees of Heaven. And Heaven inspires forgiveness! To enable this to flourish, an atmosphere of Love and cooperation needs to be set up. But in the event of continued obstruction, a most unhappy fate can be projected for this last dark cabal. We understand the games its former Anunnaki masters put in place all those millennia ago, but now is the time for the cabal to refute these games by coming forward to tell the truth about the last few millennia. This act, coupled with an attitude of full cooperation, can greatly alleviate its fate. This opportunity is receding rapidly and it is time to follow our kindly advice.

    Mother Earth is stepping up her campaign to warn her surface population that a great series of geological changes is ready to begin. The prelude to this took the form of the rapid increase in 7.0 + Richter scale earthquakes. These quakes manifested all around the planet for the purpose of alerting all of her peoples about how important it is to complete their preliminary changes to full consciousness and to move to Inner Earth to finish off the process. Gaia intends to reunify her inner and outer worlds and it is to be done in three steps: the first step was a series of huge quakes and volcanic eruptions between the years 1870 and 2000. The second step, which is now underway, is possibly catastrophic to humans and Gaia intends to carry it out in stages. The solution for humanity is to move forward and complete its move into full consciousness.

    Your planet is a living Being in transition, as are all of you. The main vehicle for your return to full consciousness is first contact. We come to your world fully cognizant of these sacred responsibilities. At present, there is one last powerful dark group on your world which has been warned many times by us about what its ongoing stubbornness can entail. Yet it persists in its need to cling to power and to deny you the changes that you so desperately require. Heaven has asked us to remove any remaining obstacles to your return to full consciousness, so what we are doing first is to make it quite clear to these dark ones that their only intelligent option now is to join the highway to freedom for the entire global society. We wish to make it very clear that failure to act positively, now, can result in dire consequences.

    First contact is an operation that we are committed to pursuing successfully. We intend to depart only when you are again fully conscious and in the process of forming your new star-nation. The Agarthans are ready to assist you and join in with this exhilarating endeavor. The reunification of inner and outer Earth is the beginning of the process of returning this solar system to its pristine energy patterns. We are eager to see what you are fully capable of. When the first intergalactic conferences are held in your star-nation, your unique potential will begin to show itself. This promise lay hidden deep within you while you went through your limited-consciousness adventure, and now the time has come for you to become what you were created to be.

    Today, we talked about our concerns regarding the dark cabalists and suggested a way for them to substantially mitigate the repercussions that their perfidy will draw to them. The path they choose now can bring them either a valuable opportunity for honorable restitution or conversely, a bitter regret brought on by the just penalties that their treachery will incur. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!”

  5. And…

    “SALUSA 24.NOV.2010 (A message from the Sirians to Dr Mike Quinsey):

    Day to day events all around the world are showing that changes are necessary, as the old paradigm plays out its last attempt to direct the course of peoples lives. However the new energies are creating a new way that is being birthed in spite of the difficulties. It is the power of thought that is molding them into a new paradigm, that promises to fulfill what is needed to break away from all that is failing and no longer serves your best interests. The leadership of many countries is unable to resist change, and will find that it cannot proceed any further unless it responds to what is needed. There is a powerful movement within the people that can see the urgent need for a new approach to life, and is pressing for the introduction of changes that will allow it to happen.

    Those of you who are aware of the potential for change, are leading the movements that are destined to help them manifest. It is essential that you call for a move into the right direction, so that your energy and resources are not wasted. As always, whatever is focused upon is what will be manifested. In other words simply see in your minds eye the results you seek, and leave the Light to achieve them in the best way possible regardless of the circumstances. That will allow us and other sources of Light a free hand to help you without seeming to interfere with your freewill. That is so important, although we do plan it with the divine guidance we have been given. At the forefront is the path to Ascension, and any action we take is to open it up so that there is a greater awareness of it. It will not be too long before it will be seen that the end is not to be a disaster such as some envisage. It will be a wonderful opportunity to step up and out of the chaos, into a period of relative peace and calm. That will enable the plan for new Man to be started, with an enlightened consciousness and awareness of what is required. By that time we will have made open contact with you, and the opposition to our presence will have been muted through an understanding of our divine mission.

    Whatever view is taken of the future, there will come a time when the truth will be revealed and it will be up to the individual as to how they receive it. The facts will be undeniable but we will not force them upon you. If people still reject them they will still be able to follow a different path of their choice. However the fact remains that all around they will see and experience the changes like everyone else. What will be different for them is the manner in which they see the “end” take place. However, what cannot be altered by any other group is your Ascension along with Mother Earth. That is divinely decreed and will take place as planned, and will continue long after the cycle of duality has finished. Evolution is ongoing and in reality you are only just beginning your journey back to the Source of All That Is.

    In the whole picture what you are about to experience is a memorable occasion, which will lift you up out of the conflicts and turmoil that inevitably comes with duality. You might say that it was indeed its purpose as you joined the battle between the dark and Light. Subconsciously you always knew that the Light would be victorious, but in the midst of it all you lost touch with your true self. At times the Light was hard to find, but it has emerged in time to take control of the destiny of your planet. It was always planned in this way, but as you are beginning to understand, with your gift of freewill it could have been different. Fortunately you have excelled in your tasks to bring the Light to Earth, and yet another failure has been avoided. You will be the first civilization to ultimately overcome the darkness. All that remains now is for us to all come together and complete the final changes, which will rapidly remove the last vestiges of the dark’s empire. Be assured that no outside source other than the Light will be able to interfere with your destiny.

    There are tough times ahead but they will be short lived, as the leaders of the world realize that it is in yours and their interest to join forces with us to deal with your mounting problems. As you are aware the plan to deal with them has long been in place, and it is ready to solve all of your needs. Our resources are unlimited, and even now millions of craft are at our call. You will therefore understand that the time aspect does not present us with any difficulty. Clearly we would like to commence our joint approach to get the various projects underway, and rely upon our allies on Earth to first carry out their tasks. They have acted upon our behalf and set up what is needed to go ahead. One way or another, we will soon be ready to take a major step forward but ask you once again to be patient, as the occasion demands that the timing is absolutely right.

    Go about your daily tasks with the assurance that whatever is happening is part of the collapse of the old ways. Also be assured that you will not be asked to wait much longer, before the changes are announced. We certainly do not wish to prolong the agony some of you are experiencing, but take it in your stride knowing that it will soon end. You cannot yet truly imagine how far reaching the changes will be, and in next to no time all upon your Earth will be totally different. Naturally the final changes will not occur until you have ascended and entered the higher dimensions, and we have indicated that what you are looking forward to is an ongoing process. Change you must as you cross over to the path of Light and leave duality behind. It cannot be done without your participation, and it is to be a unique and glorious experience.

    Life of course goes on as always, and your contribution to it as you spread the Light around will ease the problems of many of your fellow travelers. You can give comfort where it is needed, and anything you can do to dispel fear will strengthen the Light and deny the dark such energy. They promote it and use it against you, as it is their most powerful weapon. Remember it is the Love and Light that is bringing an end to the rule of the Illuminati, and all of you can help in this respect. Wherever you come across the dark energies, send out your Light and bless those souls who are caught up in it. Everyone responds to the energy of love, and it can eventually get through to the most hardened ones. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and most delighted yet not surprised that in adversity you have shown such determination and strength. Bless you all.”

    • ohohoh my dear Melovia, your doin’so well-connected!

      i see your kin 129 as 12.9 a mobilizing human! at solar intervening momentum 😉

      also i’m aware of 1229 hidden in your mystery number that has always 4 numbers (one “swan” in the middle hides the other one)

      so what can 1229 communicate?

      1300 = 5×260; so it is 71 points less: 260 – 71 makes 189 which is a 9’er, a BIRD-Y!

      TzolKinWise and S’aceWizardRy makes it communicate RED Resonant Moon and a GAP , lets see for its VINAL / FINAL:

      Red Resonant Moon
      Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
      Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
      Galactic Activation Portal

      I channel in order to purify
      Inspiring flow
      I seal the process of universal water
      With the resonant tone of attunement
      I am guided by the power of birth
      I am a galactic activation portal enter me

      O’22: Isn’t that a fantastic clue to dream onwards’?

      189 also communicates number/fractal 21 (*9=189) and u might know that number 21 at a POOKEAR T’able iz BLACK JACK (Conversion?)

      HA , it iz a wonderful time SatCH

      • I am just coming up in the next couple of days to my first solar year of following Natural Time… thanks to U, S’ace!! I love your number ‘play’ above… and beyond!! 😉 me love ya

  6. “We certainly do not wish to prolong the agony some of you are experiencing, but take it in your stride knowing that it will soon end.”

    comforting words from SaLuSa.

    Thank you for sharing Melovia.

    Also, Christine, beautiful post today. I’m very excited to be living right now. Trying to stay in the present moment. I feel the changes coming!!!

    Thank you all for everything!

    -In Lak’ech

    K’an (164)


    The only organisms that made it were the salt-loving haloarchaea from Mexico, [MAYA ROOT] and the hardy tardigrades. Tardigrades can slow down their metabolisms by a factor of 10,000 under harsh conditions, allowing them to dry up without dying. Based on their success in the simulated Mars chamber, Johnson thinks they could last more than 300 days on Mars.

    Aye’m little, but not that little. 😉

    Halo? Archaea? The salt of the earth??? Annunaki residue??? They take on CUBE form…hmm…

    Here in MonKEY land preparing for oUR family gathering.
    Here in MonKEY Mayawave preparing for the NOO.

    Much love to all that BE.

    Just a little revisionist history for dessert. 😉

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