Kin 231: Blue Planetary Monkey codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11; Cube 5


Blue Planetary Monkey

Blue Planetary Storm
Red Planetary Dragon Blue Planetary Monkey Yellow Planetary Star
  White Self-existing Dog
I Perfect in order to Play,  Producing Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Self -Generation.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign Self-Existing Dog is oUR Hidden Power today.  The G-Force of Planetaery MonKEY is Overtone Moon, the same KEY Kin that codes this year.  The PSI for Overtone 11 is Electric Dragon.
Postulate 11.10“The release from the repressed instinctual unconscious to the liberated holon field of the telepathic continuing consciousness, analogous to the opening of the psi bank with the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, results in the liberation of repressed psychic energy. Repressed psychic energy is proportionate to the quality of neuro-sensory oscillation engaged in the process of sensory teleportation.
File:Chakra02.gifCATALYTIC BLUE KALI:  ESTABLISH;  Secret Center/Svadhistana

Today, flags in New Zealand are flying at half-mask

At Noon yesterday,  the Nelson Mail realeased its Wednesday newspaper with this headline:  “Families Want Rescue Effort to Start Now!”…”  157 minutes later, an explosion crushed all hopes for the survival of the 29 miners, and this nation is grief-stricken. 

Miners Here are photos of 16 of the men, who ranged in age from 17 to 62.  Their fate was cruelly contrasted by a similar event that unfolded simultaneously in China, where rescue efforts began immediately, and 29 miners were  rescued

 S’ace 2.9 sent this image which reminds him of Hunab Ku

Two messages from the  Sirians received by two different individuals were shared by Melovia 9.12 in comments for the Solar Dog post.  You’ll want to read them for yourselves, but for the benefit of those who have left disturbing and/or threatening (unpublished) comments here lately,  only this part will be shared here:   

“During what little time remains to them, the cabal needs to devote its full focus to coming up with a detailed plan with which to approach our Earth allies in a true spirit of cooperation.  Such a change in attitude can work miracles for them.  Our Earth allies regard the reasons for the upcoming changes as a sacred task inspired by the decrees of Heaven.  And Heaven inspires forgiveness!”

For more good news, here is a video (of  Lord James of Blackheath speaking in the English parliament), which corroborates (and details) the extraordinary report  of the  “White Knights”  Templar bid toSave the World“: The next video discusses plans to begin (at Christmas) spending many billions of British pounds on building infrastructure  (light rail) which will then generate jobs.  This minister has been in talks with the group (he calls them X) for 21 weeks, and says they have not made a false step.  We need to ‘encourage’ the governments  to respond to this magnificent gesture to help “SAVE the WORLD“! 

On this transformative Blue KALI coded by MonKEY MAGIC MANIFESTATION, let’s embrace this as a Magical response to  our intent to create  ABUNDANCE  for all.

Page 138  🙂 of CHC III:  Book of the Mystery  🙂 says:  “According to the purity of intention, the super beings that coordinate the Divine Plan set different forces in motion to create effects that result in the MANIFESTATION of yoUR VISION.”  🙂

On the day when America celebrates Thanksgiving, we can be grateful {Full of Gratitude} for the help that is coming soon, from the Knights Templar,  and the Star People on Sirius and beyond.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 5. 11            Cube Five:  Sex          Kin 231


2 thoughts on “Kin 231: Blue Planetary Monkey codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11; Cube 5

  1. on this monkey daya i read about dark energy and einsteins found constant which was sa(i)d a failure of his intelligent investigations …

    is a english page which indicates a dutch page i received stating:

    dark energy = cosmic constant

    how about that? and is that relating to the Hunab’Ku also imaged by JUPITER – said to be a failure SUN?

    what about livin’ in a wonderful world on a serendipitious waya?

    every one is a scientist, baby!

  2. in lak’ech
    as oUR Light-Attendant mentions the csr for one of first times, i grasp the opportunity to GLANCE at the future:
    by opening UP the arturus probe:

    Our uproariously happy crew of heteroclitic AAs broke our cocoonlike meditation to gather intently around the Universal Resonant Holon within the Midway’s CSR.

    On Uranus, the Uppers, spirit dreamers and Earth-tribe navigators gathered around their parallel Universal Resonant Holon CSR core unit in a rite of synchronization. There, within the parallel Universal Resonant Holon’s spherical coordinates, the miniaturized timeship, in turn encompassing a miniaturized blue planet, swirled and pulsed to life.

    In a great display of Maya time magic, the Universal Resonant Holon
    released the timeship, which like a rapidly increasing bubble of iridescent transparency whooshed outward in every direction and then exploded out of the Midway Station.
    After a brief moment of hushed silence, the Maya time engineers dissolved their monolithic crystal form and were suddenly walking and talking casually in our midst, exactly as they had done 78,000 Earth years ago! Not wishing to lose our aplomb, we turned our attention again to the Universal Resonant Holon. The miniaturized Earth was still spinning at its center, but glowing with a new radiance.
    The timeship had successfully entered Earth.

    Timeship Earth 2013, the Maya time engineers called the project: “Twenty tribes of time, thirteen moons per stellar cycle,” they explained to us. “But now you must redouble your efforts at new techniques of probing, for this mission is far from over. In the meantime, we shall return to our seventh-dimensional porthole in Alcyone to await further orders regarding our incarnation on Earth……

    have nice joURney
    …on this free(software)will , spectraliZing, rubbing off wisdom-kin r.

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