Kin 232: Yellow Spectral Human codes Alpha 12 of the Overtone Wizard Moon

Yellow Spectral Human

Yellow Spectral Human
White Spectral Wind Yellow Spectral Human Blue Spectral Hand
  Red Electric Moon
I Dissolve in order to Influence,  Releasing Wisdom.
I seal the process of Free Will with the Spectral tone of Liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Seal 2, Wind:  Spirit and Communication, codes the Antipode, the G-Force (Galactic Wind) and the PSI:  Self-Existing Wind.  The Hidden Power is  Kin 29, Electric Moon.
Postulate 12.11“Interplanetary transport vehicles are complex compounds of crystal and floral design types, constructed according to time vector potentialities in an expanded time scale utilizing the restored electromagnetic flux tubes as the pathways for travel. Experiments to be conducted during Timeship Earth 2013 initial navigation phase, AD 2000-2013.
   ALPHA 12:  RELEASE;  THROAT/Visuddha   Chakra05.gifToday is triply coded by Spirit/Communication, and Alpha also corresponds to communication via its link to the Throat Chakra. 
Still, TMQ was resisting writing about  new synchronicities regarding the  tragedy where 29 Humans  died this week. 
 It is now the Occult Watch of Spectral Human (Cube 6; Death), coded by Kin 29, and just now there was news of a third explosion   on the afternoon of Spectral Human.
This is taken as a sign to share another triple occurence.
{And, speaking of signs, doesn’t this one outside the Pike River mine entrance
 The entrance to the Pike River coal mine is cordoned ... 
 remind one  of the White Knights who want to help “Save the World“?}  🙂
Last night, TMQ realized that 29 miners also died in a coal mine in West Virginia
on Red Planetary Earth (April 5, 2010).  This strange synchronicity of 29 men trapped in coal mines 3 times in less than a year,  seems to warrant further attention, since “Numbers are the Language of Telepathy“.
The Massey mine disaster (on Greg. 4/5) was 200 days before Valum Votan’s revelation on  Lunar Earth,  Kin 197 (Moon 4;  Day 5), and 227 days (because we’re a day ahead) before the Pike River explosion on 5.4 (Self-Existing Serpent) .  On Kin 227, 29 miners became trapped in a coal mine in China. (They were rescued the next day).   227 contains 2 and 9 (2+7).
The Pike River explosion which trapped the 29 miners happened 138 days before the one year anniversary of the Massey mine disaster  on Planetary Earth, a day of synchronicity which caused TMQ to draw attention to the Root of Root Chakra, which was  coded by  Planetary Earth
The 58 (PVCS) men  in the first and last of the three coal mine tragedies ended their lives closer to the Heart of oUR Earth than most of us ever physically will be.  May these tragedies at least serve to refocus oUR attention on the Root-of-Root chakra, which is the octahedral core of Earth.  The cURrent Root-of-Root chakra is Resonant Star (9.8) (Scott) , the Occult of Overtone Skywalker (13.5) which codes the Root oracle until the Mid-year shift, when it becomes our Crown chakra.
Tomorrow, oUR Round Table  is coded by Skywalker, and it will be the 13th day of the 5th Overtone Moon.
May the 29 men who certainly died at  Pike River  (which numerically equals 113) after its second explosion on the 19.9 watch of Solar Dog,  also remind us of the first of 7 cycles of 113 (Solar Skywalker) which began 33 days before their death.
 The link to Valum Votan’s last talk, delivered 13 days after he received the Terma of the 7 cycles of 113 days which end on the Crystal Hand Solstice, December 21, 2012 follows.
    These  beautiful images are from Astana Kazakhstan, where Valum Votan spoke 21 days ago at the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.  During his talk on Self-Existing 19 (PVCS and GAP Electric Monkey) he said that the Biosphere Noosphere Transition in 2012 will be the most significant event in the 500 million years that HUMANs have been on Earth.

N. S.  1. 23. 5. 12.       Cube 6:  DEATH              Kin 232

5 thoughts on “Kin 232: Yellow Spectral Human codes Alpha 12 of the Overtone Wizard Moon

  1. I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks EMP.

    • your timinG says it all , emp
      what about you contributing and come out a little of yoUR con sumer- comfort-zone, in lake’ech night 143

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