Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker codes Overtone Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment, and oUR Round Table

Red Crystal Skywalker

Red Crystal Serpent
Blue Crystal Night Red Crystal Skywalker White Crystal Worldbridger
  Yellow Lunar Star
I Dedicate in order to Explore,  Universalizing Wakefullness.
I seal the output of Space with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Life Force.
The G-Force of  Crystal Skywalker is Spectral Eagle.  The PSI for Overtone 13 is Overtone Night, which matches the tone of this Overtone Wizard Moon and Overtone Moon year  🙂.
The Peacock, with its beautiful radiating  plumage is the Totem for the Overtone Moon of RADIANCE.  Since the Overtone tone of  also  codes the Crown, Heart and Root oracles of this years Lord of Time, Single Wing Red Fire.  Here is a  Peacock, before and after “Radiating‘.  May it Empower oUR awakening of the 7th Bolontiku, whose Heart oracle is coded by OVERTONE Sun.peacock showing peacock feathers
Postulate 13.12 “The pattern of experience of the alternative personalities in adjusting the synchronic order of the interplanetary field of the local heliocosm is reflected in the third-dimensional adjustments on the host planet. The host planet adjustments amount to a completion of the opening of the patterning of the AC circuit, one half (16 codons) of which was completed prior to the historic cycle, the other half (16) of which could only be completed after the CA had been transmuted from Civilizational Advance to Cosmic Awareness…”
LIMI  13:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gif
In a further sign of 12:60 madness, a woman has been granted “ownership of  the star of  our heliocosm:  oUR SUN   “Duran, who lives in the town of Salvaterra do Mino, said she now wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the Sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 per cent to the nation’s pension fund.”  The sun 
May this unusual ‘focus’ on the Sun further EMPOWER the awakening of  Overtone Sun, who codes the 7th Lord of the Ring.
 During Week 1 of this Moon, we matched 8 of the 9 chakras, and all 6 of his lateral Support chakras.  His Crown oracle, coded by Seal 9; Moon, was unmatched. This week, its Crown of Crown chakra will be unmatched.  For the rest of this week, let’s focus on Seal 17;  Earth, also known as Synchrotron and Navigator; and upon oUR Crown of Crown Chakra which is actually the Noosphere
Let’s be mindful of oUR pURpose as  Cosmic Vibratory RooTs, the conduits consciously transmuting the cosmic energies with those of oUR EARTH.   
Book of the Timespace says of seal 17; Earth/Navigator:
“I hold the maps of celestial origin, and follow signs of Synchronicity on behalf of Cosmic Evolution.  My CROWN is the interdimensional portal of the Galactic Life Whole.”  That fits in perfectly with our ‘assignment‘ for the end of week 18 and Wavespell 18  🙂 
 The next lines perfectly fit today, when the 441 Cube of Truth convene  in cyberspace for oUR Skywalker Round Table (contributions to be viewed tomorrow) on Day 13, Cube 7 “The 13 and 7 code is above and below.  In the center is the 441…”  You’ll be amazed by these incredible Sandcastles!
These two examples portray the Divine Feminine
 Note the 12 stars above the throne. 
They signify this CRYSTAL day with its STAR Hidden Power  🙂  
By my the self-generating Power of the PROPHECY Hand Warrior, may DIVINE TRUTH Prevail!
“By my  telepathic force, may I ACCOMPLISH the rescue of EARTH for the Biosphere and beyond!”
N. S.  1. 23. 5. 13.        Cube  7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT      Kin 233 (13.12)     

14 thoughts on “Kin 233: Red Crystal Skywalker codes Overtone Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment, and oUR Round Table

  1. doubled

    looks so funny……
    and to-kin it has triple power windspirit, which is my ‘oldCount’sign, i th(w)inkd..gggggg..……‘!…as todas’sgspectraleagles………gswitchchssss
    So this t.o.m.waitss to be explored «REACH HIGH;»skywalker…C…:rystal and floral design types, constructed according to time vector potentialities in an expanded time scale utilizing the restored electromagnetic flux tubes as the pathways for travel.

    ………and, on the way……, … turn sleepwalkers into
    07 -”\‹13≥” ssfiÔo]ar radiation there are two heavy particlesThe combination of the two—propositron and electromegatron = 44 ×  or 88. The square of this factor gives us the mass equivalent value of the God particle, 82944.
    Now while the two superparticles in question are elements of solar radiation that affect the thermic and luminic qualities of the solar-electron (planet), could it be that in their combination they might not have a synergized third function, which, when squared, creates the value equivalence accounting for

    the mass of the solar electron—or of mass in general?
    Cosmic science would conclude by declaring:
    We are the God particle—our planet, the solar system,
    we ourselves, in our wholeness and consciousness totality
    of being and expression
    —yes÷÷÷ it is we.
    who are the missing element in all theories that forget about who is looking and who created who is l‹ooking.

    There is so much light and love and life force now coming your way that it tends to be at times a virtual bombardment of higher energies. 
    Your physical bodies need substance for these energies to intersect and be grounded, to modify your expression upon this world.

    “Darwinism stresses conflict and competition; that doesn’t square with the evidence. A lot of organisms that survive are in no sense superior to those that have gone extinct. It’s not a question of being “better than”; it’s simply a matter of finding a place where you can be yourself.

    That’s what evolution is about. That’s why you can see it as a dance. It’s not going anywhere, it’s simply exploring a space of possibilities.”
    AC-@dvice by tilopa, a friend and prede©essor of the wise beggar MILARePA
    1. Don’t recall. Let go of what has passed.
    2. Don’t imagine. Let go of what may come.
    3. Don’t think. Let go of what is happening now.
    4. Don’t examine. Don’t try to figure anything out.
    5. Don’t control. Don’t try to make anything happen.
    6. Relax and rest .…………one three four night

  2. º’¡……i˜/Ès\…‚cojonuda,º’¡…fightinG the Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandöh

    thank yuo for this amazin’ Red Crystal Skywalker coded Overtone Limi 13 Cube 7- bloggpost, TMQ138

    In the year 1486 the Malleus first appeared,
    designed to kill all witchcraft and end the papal fears of :

    and it’s unhidden agenda:

    Stephen haw-kinG’s suggestIONs, is that most of it will be the equivalent of microbes or simple animals — the sort of life that has dominated Earth for most of its history. : “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

    ı† ÷ ¥†ΩÅ~~å
    (ET = Itzamna) examin@ing TimeShip2013-TimeSpaceline-pOtentialities

    The completion of the documentary marks a triumph for Hawking, now 68, who is paralysed by motor neurone disease and has very limited powers of communication, indeed.

    I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him
    . (Booker T.  Washington)

    in Lake’ch

  3. Maybe the year Seal being Moon gives us a match for the Crown/Root for Single Wing Red Fire for the duration? 🙂

    Overtone Moon has given rise to lots of synchronicities…
    Each day so far has matched the Seal of the day (today 13/13);
    Every day since Kin 228 Resonant Star the Antipode/Hidden Power seal has ‘mirrored’ the PSI/Chrono Kin seal (beginning with Mirror 🙂 );
    And since Magnetic Night began a new Long Count Wavespell on Kin 231, the PSI/Chrono and Long Count Kins have been the reverse of each other: respectively, 1.3/3.1, 2.4/4.2, and today 3.5/5.3…

    “I Dedicate in order to Explore, Universalizing Wakefulness…” Grateful I am for UR Dedication, TMQ, that so encourages Exploration and supports oUR Universal Wakefulness! Thank you!!

  4. C.H.C Volume 6

    Page 207

    “During this 5,125 year cycle the soul essences of the beings who have been incarnating on this planet have come here to embody, learn, and work out different unresolved cosmic memories that occurred in previous worlds and in previous dimensions, but are now here to be resolved. At the same time, from the cosmic engineering point of view, these incarnations are also here to experience a “testing”-a kind of spiritual survival of the fittest.”

    Lunar Output
    Galactic Maya Agent 93

  5. China, Russia quit dollar in trade settlement
    08:14, November 24, 2010
    nondoing 无为most abstractWu wei in Daoism, or the dark night of the soul

    But your brain is not the only thinking mechanism in your body, every cell is, millions of them
    the cells vibrationally ask, and the Nonphysical Energy vibrationally answers — and this is what you call Life Force.

    Many are charmed by the expression of Light — not seeing the Source of the Light.  The Light is NOT the Source.The Light referred to and experienced by the majority of people in this world and in the astral is often not the True Light — it is actually the False Light from the Shoot of”Úuüuuuuh”‹ From the Branch of Light of the trunk of Creation

    ~ A Course In Love ~
    …Magical charms were concocted from a great variety of things: human flesh, tiger claws, crocodile teeth, poison plant seeds, snake venom, and human hair. The bones of the dead were very magical. Even the dust from footprints could be used in magic. The ancients were great believers in love charms. Blood and other forms of bodily secretions were able to insure the magic influence of love.
    A Brilliant Evening Star in Paper 88 of The Urantia Book

    Wherever there are others there is a self,
    Wherever there are no others there can be no self,
    Wherever there is no self there are no others,
    Because in the absence of self I am all others.

    in lake’ch night143


    between the points creating the tetrahedron time atom, or any pulsar, there are a sum total of 26 vertices or axes. The differences and the sums between the vertex or axis points create frequency intervals;
    for example: for fourth-dimensional tetrahedron magnetic (1) – solar (9) axis, difference = 8, and sum = 10
    There are 26 such axes or vertices whose interval sums and differences can be determined in this way.
    The sum of the frequencies of the 13 wavespell positions is 364 – one lunar (13 x 28) year.
    The sum of the sums of the 26 vertices of pulsars and overtone pulsars is 364.

    Within a circle, inscribe) the tetrahedron of the fourth-dimensional time pulsar; this represents the timeship. At the magnetic, overtone, solar, and cosmic points, place one crystal each. The magnetic-point crystal represents the Earth and Moon; the overtone-point crystal represents the fifth-force beam; the solar-point crystal represents the Sun; the cosmic-point crystal represents the Excalibur at the core. At the central fifth point, the intersection of the two axes, is the human battery. Above is the sky, below is the Earth. According to intention, choose the vertex(es) appropriate to your action and practice what you know of mind.

    From Zero to Infinity :


    Fourth-dimension TIME.†.pulsar
    1. Magnetic-Overtone
    2. Overtone-Solar
    3. Solar-Cosmic
    4. Cosmic-Magnetic
    5. Magnetic-Solar
    6. Overtone-Cosmic

    First-dimension LIFE¬pulsar
    7. Lunar-Rhythmic
    8. Rhythmic-Planetary
    9. Planetary-Lunar

    Second-dimension SENSË pulsar
    10. Electro-Resonant
    11. Resonant-Spectral •
    12. Spectral-Electric

    Third-dimension MIND~pulsar
    13. Self-existing-Galactic
    14. Galactic-Crystal
    15. Crystal-Self-existing

    One-dot magnetic overtone pulsar
    16. Magnetic-Rhythmic
    17. Rhythmic-Spectral
    18. Spectral-Magnetic

    Two-dot lunar ØVERTONE pulsar
    19. Lunar-Resonant
    20. Resonant-Crystal
    21. Crystal-Lunar

    Three-dot electric Øvertone pulsar
    22. Electric-Galactic
    23. Galactic-Cosmic
    24. Cosmic-Electric

    Four-dot SELF-EXISTINg‚-pulsar
    25. Self-existing-Solar axis

    Bar Øvertone pulsar
    26. Overtone-Planetary axis

    In practicing the advanced telepathy, remember only these, the final words of AA Midway Command to the twenty tribes of time at the installation of the Timeship:

    “See you in 26,000 years! Don’t forget to leave the place nicer than you found it!”

    Klatu Barada Nikto
    The Galactic Federation Comes In Peace

    • ThX2Y dear 143 KKKnightwatch!

      this tonestar from a distant view immediately show the importance of the 3 plains in a triangle formation that work together in orde to settle the centerpoint …

      this is a similar “thanksgivin'” (aka centerpoint of attraction) as the 28th daya in the 9991 formation designed/seen in the 9 daya a week draft for the future human being on the planet.

      just see each plain as 1 single kweak (week of 9 daya) and realize the fact they are all there as a formation of NOW.

      after the first experience of seeing the initial formation one can mixup into other formations and try to sense the oneness as well as the whole experience for the 27 daya (3×9) that are celebrated each 28th daya simply while that daya is the new 0! so, ZERO and rebalanced registers.

      in this waya the noo-fairy-bank is bonding people locally and from that unity onwards they respect the other communities in prespect that functions as the equalizing inspect. all together the whole SHIFT is the prospect it self from the people and generation(s) that unity in that “whippy”.

      in lak’ech ala kin, bolon ik intenD

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