Kin 234: White Cosmic Wizard ends Week 18; and Wavespell 18: Power of Spirit, on Silio 14; Cube 8: Art

White Cosmic Wizard

White Cosmic Mirror
Yellow Cosmic Seed White Cosmic Wizard Red Cosmic Serpent
  Blue Magnetic Hand
“I Endure in order to Enchant,  Transcending Receptivity.
I seal the output of Timelessness with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Endlessness.”
Today’s Hidden Power is Magnetic Hand, 7.1, a reminder of the 7.1 earthquake in Japan, that triggered the beginning of this blog.
 A year later, TMQ  realized that the next day (Rhythmic Moon:  9.6), combined with her Kin 138 (18.8)  would equal 7.1.  Hours later, the  7.1 earthquake struck Christchurch (=138)
The G-Force,  Magnetic Star, reminds us that today we enter the 9 day interior Cube journey (Cube days 8-16)  coded by Star:  Art.
The PSI for Overtone 14 is Resonant Seed, ‘ resonating’ with Cosmic Seed, today’s challenge.
Postulate 14.13:   “The hyperorganic existence of the radiosonic architecture which weaves PAN into the fully evolved planetary art spore establishes “galactic universal life mutual visitation programs” as the expanded forum for the investigation of galactic culture. The increasingly complex orders of self-generating radiosonic architecture which constitute the manifest essence of the planetary art spore in themselves become a feature of attraction to other intelligences within the Galactic Brain.”

 SILIO 14:  DISCHARGE;  HEARTChakra04.gifToday we infuse the Heart of the Cube for Codon 4  and the Antipode Telepathic Time Atom with our Spirit, and Discharge all to the Heart of the Earth.

Silio corresponds to  Buddha.  Here is an article about the exploration of a  Hopi /Anastazi cave under the Grand Canyon, which contains a Buddha-like statue:


peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace   

Thanks to Reimar 13 Night for this feminine image of Buddha  🙂
The cosmic microwave background as seen by WMAP  “Circular patterns within the cosmic microwave background suggest that space and time did not come into being at the Big Bang but that our universe in fact continually cycles through a series of “aeons“.” Christine 3 Skywalker sent  that in , as well as this, at the other end of the spectrum:  She connects then to this moUSe, by Rebellious (holonomic) Pixels

Priscella 6 Wizard sent news of this week’s encoURaging discovery of many massive Starcrafts around  oUR Sun  🙂  In Brasil,  Pedro 4Warrior is diligently meditating Earth’s Holon. 

Galactic Maya Agent 93 (Code=E; 2 Skywalker) shares this from page 207 (=Crystal Hand) of Book of the Transcendence“During this 5,125 year cycle the soul essences of the beings who have been incarnating on this planet have come here to embody, learn, and work out different unresolved cosmic memories that occurred in previous worlds and in previous dimensions, but are now here to be resolved. At the same time, from the cosmic engineering point of view, these incarnations are also here to experience a “testing”-a kind of spiritual survival of the fittest.” Kim 7 Skywalker sent a video  about the species who may be the most  spiritually fit.  Reminding us of oUR Guide, Cosmic Mirror, this shows Dolphins seeing themselves in a mirror  🙂

TMQ thought of Moi 10 Serpent while reading about the importance of familiarity with the periodic table (page 194 of CHC VI).  That was in Chapter 10:  Pulsar Cosmology, regarding how KEY the Wavespell is.  Christine 3 Skywalker brought this up in her question about Moons being coded.  Wavespells are holonimic, and codes all cycles, from the smallest one of 13 days, to entire cycles of Baktuns. The 13 Moons of this year is coded by the Dog Wavespell, whose 5th Overtone tone is coded by Overtone Wizard. 

 TMQ first learned of Kins coding Moons after 3 and 1/2 years of study, when within a few hours, Lore 4 Sun, and an e-mail from Valum Votan  wished me a “Happy Galactic Mirror Moon“.  Christine’s Kin coded the Electric Moon 5 Moons earlier:   Moon Kin 133, which began on September 20, 2007.  Her husband, Tiger, PVCS 2 Human coded the prior Moon:  Moon Kin 132.  🙂

Melovia 12 Moon brought up the topic of how the Lord of the Ring/Bolontiku’s oracles are coded.  The Kin coding the year, 5 Moon codes the Crown oracle for the first half of the year.   The Root Oracle is always coded by the Kin coding the next Day-out-of-Time:   5  Skywalker

At mid-year, in the middle of the Resonant Moon, the Root and Crown Oracle, switch positions.  [Then, the Root-of-Root, 7 Star-Scott, will become the Root-of-Heart which corresponds to the Third Eye chakra; a good time for him to switch Hemispheres  :)]   5 Sun-Jud  (codes the Heart Oracle which remains constant throughout the whole year (he plans to visit the South Island/Southern Hemisphere in the last half of PVCS 7 Warrior Moon  🙂   Kiwi Mike 5 World-Bridger  of  the North Island of Aotearoa, had a triple Magic Turtle Galactic RetURn during this Wavespell, and we hope  his voice retURns here soon  🙂 

During this Wavespell of Spirit and Communication, Debra 7 Mirror/Etznab and Cheetah 13 Serpent revealed more of their creative voices, and  Angel 12 Moon, sent a special message of Love to us.  In addition to his interesting comments, S’ace 9 Wind sent this Blue Butterfly, a symbol of oUR  441 Cube of Truth Metamorphosis: 

James Galactic Seed and others were encouraged by the voice of the Sirians.  Valum Votan 11 MonKEY focused awareness upon the day that James codes:  Galactic Synchronization 2013;  Launching of Timeship Earth.  We now are in the first of seven cycles of 144 days:  Return of Sacred Power, which culminate on New Sirian Cycle 1. 26. 1. 1.  [7/26/2013]  

See Reimar 13 Night’s comment which ends with this:  “In practicing the advanced telepathy, remember only these, the final words of AA Midway Command to the twenty tribes of time at the installation of the Timeship“See you in 26,000 years!  Don’t forget to leave the place nicer than you found it!”

Klatu Barada Nikto  The Galactic Federation Comes In Peace    peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N. S. 1.23 5. 14.  Cube Eight:  ART      Kin 234

9 thoughts on “Kin 234: White Cosmic Wizard ends Week 18; and Wavespell 18: Power of Spirit, on Silio 14; Cube 8: Art

  1. Hi,

    always following you guys…too much going in life… that I just want to ZZZZ,

    in thIX magic. day wnat to share :
    in 14 days is the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe,

    the story said that she appeared to a Indian mexican call it Juan Diego, the 12/12/ 1532 in the winter solstice in a 13.13 date in the tradtional maya calendar..(I try confrim this finding which Kin coded the day of her apperance but I could’t), since then on the painting of the virgin Guadalupe (a/z. 1/26) = 8.8 Galactic Star , The image has many misterys, one of the most controversial is that in her pupile, the EYE there is a image of 13 persons, like a photograph that capture the moment when she was painted ? is so small that no human can do it.

    There’s many interesting this about her, like that her dress has a flower of 4 petals called in nahualt the Nahualt the Nahui olin…which added is 88 too !

    the dress also have a cape whit the universe whit all the constelations that were on the sky on the time she appeared, even Sirio in there 🙂

    this year that date is coded by 8.1 magnetic star,
    I find this very special because is the day before mi DS kin 7.13, cosmic hand, and the one of my little child wich is alredy introduce to the commuity 144=441, Mila magnetic star.

    and on the traditional cuont is a 20.5 Overtone Sun !

    TMQ u know somethin else about her that pluged 11.11…apart of the winter solcite and the 12.12 and the lots of sincronizitys…how Crazy and lovely amazing !!!

    Santa Maria de Guadalupe, whit the initials 19.13 de 7 / 247 = 7.13 cosmic hands…
    the eagle is flying around and feel I have to communicate this whis all of oUR Communty BLESSINGS Mom to Mom…WOMENS WAKING UP…slowly and full of LOVE

    • Dear BCosmic 33 Cosmic Hand

      It’s wonderful to hear from you on yoUR Cosmic tone day 🙂

      Thanks you for sharing such wonderful, sacred and synchronistic information today! Am still digesting it all, but it will definitely be featured in the Overtone 28 blog (a day that also has some synchronicities)

      So glad you find the time to stay connected with us 🙂

      Love and Blessings,

      • mee 2…i’m digesting all this…i really did’t expect it 🙂

        watching some of the decodifcation, in the dress, i find out anohter beatifull sinc…

        there’s 8 stars of 8 points ..8.8 that represent the conjuction of the Sun and Venus on the time of this miracle event…(sigh)

        there is more…but I’ll let you play whit that and see more…

        love the connection…

        thanks for the space, ligh and LOVE.

  2. oUR self-generating radiosonic architectures,
    which constitute the manifest essence of the planetary art spore
    in themselves become a feature of attraction
    to other intelligences within the Galactic Brain……

    ……oUR inner work, exertion, oUR struGGle with the old;
    augments………and adornes GAIAS Inner Beauty Essence

    and makes her sparkle up : to attract oUR cosmic brothers and sisters

    this is not the first time, that this lady of guadeloupe appears here..……

    hi b33, long time no hear……
    busy…eh?……clearing long lost and forgotten ideosyncretic patterns.

    You! hand blue…and GuidinG hand!

    and yoUR mila shininG star
    Mom ◊ to MOM .◊.
    ……slowly and full of LOVE !’

    The Tree of Life * *(the 3rd sphere and the first femine Sephirah)
    iN Binah Her number is nine,
    Wisdom and Sacred Magick.
    Nine .:÷:. the number of completion
    .…and completion of beginning
    20 wavespells,
    ……five castles, five time cells ………and 65 harmonics:
    settinG in motion the stellar songline of the Motherstar
    the mystery of secret communication and remote travel

    Yet no matter how deeply I go down into myself
    My God is dark,
    and like a webbing made
Of a hundred roots, that drink in silence.
    Rainer Maria Rilke

    as the swiss people, alienated by their rulers,
    vote eXpulsion of their fellow kin ««what a sin!””

    instead of ‘askinG their moutains: :……

    and thru the architectural ‘achievementS’
    of the linear 12/60 time bubble
    are walkinG ◊ in at least 5 swiss towns ◊ street warriors
    2-800 people.… : tribes of MiddleTime.
    To wake up linear-12/60-consent sleepwalkers,
    some of them dressed up in all blue
    in same huge group-but mechanically lined up in rows
    ……to protect the illusion from evaporatinG into dust…≥ø≤

    leaving little bussY-bussies of frust
    IN LAK’ECH r143

  3. “At mid-year, in the middle of the Resonant Moon, the Root and Crown Oracle, switch positions. [Then, the Root-of-Root, 7 Star-Scott, will become the Root-of-Heart which corresponds to the Third Eye chakra; a good time for him to switch Hemispheres 🙂 ] ”

    Could you help me figure out which Gregorian Cakendar date that is>


    • Dear Scott Resonant Star,

      The mid-point of the 13 Moon year (when the Root and Crown switch position) is actually on Valum Votan’s solar birthday! January 24th begins the second half of the year.
      This year, it is coded by Blue Overtone MonKEY. (Much nicer to see antipodal Aotearoa dURing its summer :))

      🙂 yoUR Antipode,

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