Kin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle begins Week 19 and Wavespell 19: Power of Vision

Post for 11/29:
Blue Magnetic Eagle

Blue Magnetic Eagle
Red Magnetic Serpent Blue Magnetic Eagle Yellow Magnetic Seed
  White Cosmic Worldbridger
I Unify in order to Create,  Attracting Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The daily Seal (15) continues to match the Moon day (15), and for the next 7 days, the  Week  and Wavespell are both  numbered by sacred 19.
The Hidden Power is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger.  The G-Force for today is 4 Serpent, and the PSI is 8 World-Bridger.
Stephanie South’s 13 Moon Almanac reveals this quote from C.S. Lewis, whose Gregorian birthday is today:  “You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness.”
Postulate 15.1:  “Stabilization of the planet art spore through self-generating radiosonic architecture allows extension of radiosonic architectonics via the electromagnetic flux tube system to the other planets of the sun’s orbital sequence (heliocosm).”


  DALI 15:  TARGET;  CROWNChakra07.gif

During this 3rd transformative BLUE week, we build the Blue OCCULT Telepathic Time Atom and the Cube for Codon 59:  DISSOLVING:  Galactic Octave Sounds Mind of Space.

DALI:          SPACE ____       BOTTOM

SELI:           TIME __   __      RIGHT

GAMMA:    SPACE                   LEFT

KALI:           SPACE                   BACK    

ALPHA:       TIME                   FRONT 

LIMI:           TIME                    TOP

Each day this week recapitulates the 7 years of the Mystery of the Stone, and the corresponding Solar Witness/Lord of Time.  Today telepathically corresponds to Year One:  2004-2005; and White Crystal Wizard, Kin 194.  The final 7 days (15-22) of the Cube are contained in Week 3.

Blue EAGLE Wavespell:  POWER of VISION

Blue Magnetic Eagle

Yellow Lunar Warrior
Blue Cosmic Hand

White Crystal Worldbridger

Red Electric Earth
Red Spectral Serpent

White Self-existing Mirror
Yellow Planetary Seed

Blue Overtone Storm

Yellow Rhytmic Sun

Red Resonant Dragon

White Galactic Wind

Blue Solar Night

 This image (which contains the Masculine and Feminine) from 13 Knight expresses  DALI 15, when we TARGET the CROWN of AWARENESS.

“Astronomers have spotted a stunning burst of light as new stars are formed that beams out as much infrared light as an entire galaxy.
The collision of two spiral galaxies has triggered this explosion, which is cloaked by dust that renders its stars nearly invisible in other wavelengths of light.” Image “The starburst newly revealed by the Nasa Spitzer telescope stands as the most luminous ever seen taking place away from the centres of merging parent galaxies.”

The following Blue images, also from Reimar, show the VISION  we are TARGETing.


R 13 Night also shared a video from Angelis, which led to this,  also by Angelis:  Chariots of Fire   Dodi,  Princess Diana’s fiance who died by her side, won an Oscar for producing the film:  Chariots of Fire.  He was coded by 4 Human, so together they were Kin 91:  Cosmic MonKEY. 

The mirror image of Kin 91 is 19.  Many ‘signs’ indicate a sacred and transformative first week of Wavespell 19:  Power of Vision  🙂

“”By my Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!”


N. S.  1. 23. 5. 15:      Cube 9:  PURIFICATION      Kin 135

15 thoughts on “Kin 235: Blue Magnetic Eagle begins Week 19 and Wavespell 19: Power of Vision

  1. the weirdo spydear attractor realized itself 235+260 =) 495 / 9 =) 55

    which pops up a figure that is rooted in the kweakspell which started july 23, 2009

    i relate that here to the dec 9, 2009 happening in Norway and to the holiday i personally experienced in 1985 …

    this norway experience is studied on this page by a volunteer, i reckon.

    site label : “spell consulting”

    thought it of interest quality to share …


    then the “55” fractal indicates a “cube at work”

    mind the fact 5 is the centerpoint in 9 – nine – ennea


    bivideotex decoding ennea gives: 5 13 13 5 1 / 18 18 1 / 37

    aha 37 again fractal of 111 while 111/3 gives 37 and the whole range till 999 trinities are covert and so overt! opened!

    in Holland they have a song on that phenomenon:
    “3×3=9 ieder zingt zijn eigen lied”

    “everyone sings/shapes its own song/universum”

  2. ………while the gregorian cake-ender$ are runnin’ out of time
    and mother earth bends herself over… for…

    …We live in forward-vision motion. We understand in backward- vision motion, as in the light of the reflective moon, looking back upon our days in blind bondage to a Luciferian system.

    Aye hear me and US, Arcturians of the global North, the Regions of the Pachyderms and Elephants of Samaria’s Earth.

    Aye hear me and US, Sirians of the global West, the Regions of the Canines and Dogs of Jerusalem’s Air.

    Aye hear me and US, Andromedeans of the global East and the galactic stargate, the Regions of the Felines and Lions of Judah’s Fire.

    Aye, hear me and US, Pleiadeans of the global South, the Regions of the Cetaceans and Whales of Jonah’s Waters.

    Aye hear me and US, Dragons of the global Center, the Regions of the Earth
    and Heirs of the Cosmic Inheritances of the Lotus Flower,
    Home and Peace of the Elements as the Essence of the Fifth.

    As the universe was conceived by the Mayans as a scene and manifestation of the divine forces, like a great collection of hierofanías, manifestations of what is sacred and, kratofanías, manifestations of power.…
    •the stars are gods;
    •the elements are gods, such as water, earth, wind and
    fire (represented above all by lightning);
    •the great mountains are divine,
    •some trees (like the bombax or silk-cotton tree),
    •some vegetables (like corn) and
    •some animals (like the quetzal, the jaguar and the serpent).
    •on top of all: man is cosmic and the cosmos is anthropomorphic

    Therefore, just as the sky was symbolized by a reptile monster, so earth was also, constituting in this way reptiles into animal symbols par excellence in Mayan thinking.

    jarel, a commander of the Galactic Federation states lately…÷…… ” and it is touching how you do care for one another. And just as you care for people you’ve never met, we of the rest of the universe care about you, small URantia, and all the people that are being born here. We care about your futures, about your lives here and about your career in the universe. We embrace you as brothers when you arrive on the Mayansion worlds and we cheer you on as you continue onward towards higher planes of existence. You are our brothers and sisters. You are one of us and we are one of you. This brotherhood of man that you so wish to be fulfilled is greater than this planet.

    The ‹brotherhood throughout the universe‹ is the next step of thought within the URantia community.
    esp, when this old dragging ‹leadershipIssue‹ is off-the-table……
    –and, why not,
    in lak’ech cosmicNight13

      • aha, i had to upgrade my linguistical box of understanding on


        thX to the pulse of B/C


        then this special insight:
        since a couple of daya i was ignited with awe to descover the “offered fact” that 2 and 3 are no prime numbers anymore but they are to be understood as harmoniq numbers that build the rise for the King without Clothes – which was examplified by mr. Albert Einstein (“what Stone?”) in the media with a cause =) what cause / reason / prespect

        simply said (and “sad” too)-: the quantum leap is a “rebel with/out a cause” while it is simply an attractor to enrich our vocabulary and refine the steps between phase of change.

        then B/C aka BC is a real memory stick to rely on considering the hard fact they are the characters 2 & 3 in the gender-wise hybrid alphabet ; where B & C are also the Masculine-wise number 1 and 2 …

        when each Feminine character in the 26 character alphabet is a ZERO then we should have
        0123012340123450123450123401 and 27 is space and 0 too

        27 is the tone TI in the octave …

        the M serial communicate this range: 3-4-5-5-3-1
        which shows how number 2 is missing as a relevant rangenumber
        that is why dualism is not so clever while it never leads to a result

        setting that 6 numbers in a “logical alignment” (1 2 3):
        makes us see:
        3 9 9

        and it is mapped in 7 0’s / zeroes

        “only a woman with a man (inside or atsight) can change the z to an h”

        ‘) z=1 and h=8 & a woman hero is the ultimate manifestation for a man

        ps. i hope this inspires …

  3. this little cupidus , targeting CROWN of AWARENESS. expresses dali 15.
    15, i have no idea

    dali seems to be one of 7 products of radialism (a sister of radiCALIsm)
    falling off –in the process– of the 6 types of electricity creating 12 forcelines, which create the Seven Radial Plasmas.
    Basic building blocks of the universe.
    so dali is the only fundamentally THERMIC plasma, primary and sensory Fire, ready to be Kalitransformed, to fineally reach the subatomic telepathic side of the universe
    so here we have the connection, dear s’ace whitewind

    another cono would be the bittercynical smile of putin, on the pic yesterday, while shakin hands with the chinese cock……as it is a russian fantasy-pic reimar13

    • HA night143 REI mar CH 13 ;-))

      i let this in into my repertoire:
      “dali seems to be one of 7 products of radialism (a sister of radiCALIsm)
      falling off –in the process– of the 6 types of electricity creating 12 forcelines, which create the Seven Radial Plasmas.
      Basic building blocks of the universe.
      so dali is the only fundamentally THERMIC plasma, primary and sensory Fire, ready to be Kalitransformed, to fineally reach the subatomic telepathic side of the universe
      so here we have the connection, dear s’ace whitewind”

      “so dali is the only fundamentally THERMIC plasma, primary and sensory Fire” is the focus of subject here

      according the VV setup this is the 7th chakra, while it is on top of the 6 other ones …

      here a cosmo impulsed ’22tryout

      the origin properties show “globalgeniusvoter” a an orient

      then we identify DALI as the 5th chakra in the 3 Knights as Amplitude Layers that are all 3 active all the time fusing the harmoniQ

      (can you believe that; or at least get the picture of that weavin’ ???)

      so the connection at DALI pinpoints the idea we should use our voice, timbre and attuning skills to reach out for the world …

      this is what i connect into with REI mar CH 13 ( 4 aka :: )
      }}}*|*|*{{{ s’ace

      in this symbol i placed 2 mirror and 3 stars , total 5 harmonic achieving universal tools that make the stone light to carry from intend at radiant bloom

      • chc, book of the avatar p.158 + 167 about cosmic electricity, i should have added.
        …and to make it more complicated, the interdim–channeler conti~nues: on 166

        Radial Plasmas consists of combinations of any two electronic lines of force – each with 2 components
        (4 Types of electricity, combined into 2 sets each) iow. the plasmas are creations of the combination of 4 lines of Force, with only 10 of 12 lines of fOrce utilized.
        and out of reasons of ‘completeness’ (lol) :

        Dali : THERMIC (hot) and luminic (bright)
        SELI : LUMINIC and thermic
        GAMMA: luminic – thermic equal charge

        KALI: catalytic-dynamic process of magnetic cohesion + static distention

        all three are déjà of Primary Atomic StructURes:
        ALPHA.: double extended electron
        LIMI : mental electron
        SILIO : mental electron / neutron
        (all three containinG electronic Force-line properties, factors of 4D-property of TELEPATHIC RESONANCE and CREATIVE POTENTIALITY

        AND function-facilities of primary atomic structURes

        so we are balancing the thin line between thought and matter
        ……and the 12 electronic lines of force also DIVIDE 6 positive from 6 negative types of thoughtforms……

        which has, again, nothing to do with any 3D valuing or ordeer

        and ALL to do with a completely NEW science.
        we can forget all the old stuff, cause ALLold is based on a failure in time (-perception)
        …and , be patient with me s’ace, as i’m still a beginner and must concentrate on dreamspell, which still confuses me enough……
        and so, i not really understand your cross-whipping with the oldCount- cakender.
        love reimar (…eich 12+1)

      • on Knight13’s “i not really understand your cross-whipping with the oldCount- cakender”

        may i advise this stars:

        * not really understanding brings a man from the mystic phase into the natural phase as a state of mind (“LOST and ALLALONE”) :: NATURE whispears

        * cross whipping is understanding what the galactic cross does “in a whippy”

        * “old count” is just a label for a booring system that is looping its own setting without a learning-curve; “ancient count” is the better approach for it is sparkling YOUTHFULL

        ;-)) “to whom it might concern”

  4. I’ve been tracing my actual kin through the kin of Mayan Cosmology. I have found some incredible connections, particularly through Blue Cosmic Eagle. Since yesterday was Blue Magnetic Eagle, I went back to compare the two and found something weird that I hope you can explain. When I looked up different tones for Eagle I found that the Higher Self and Guide are different (which I never noticed before). The other three remain the same (Hidden Helper, Challenges and Compliment) throughout each kin, why is does the guide change?

    • Good Quest’ion dear CheetAH(erlebnis) ;-))

      how near is the movement of the key disclosing the lock?

      WHY does the GUIDE change

      is probably given by the 4 triang-els/-les that create the galactic cross

      1+ 3 and 3 + 1

      one for all and all for one …

      3 = all while it gives the tri-angle in both digits as words radiating the chakral feeling for vibrations merging together

      then it gives 4, no 5 guides … or still 4 while one guide is simple the same seal as the kin guided …

      here the 80 percent rule of MURPHY is relevant to endeavor

      ~~~ special clip for deepdownthedraindiggers

      MURPHY gives 13 6 9 11 8 2 as biVideotext debug number: 49 (7×7)

      it is built one 3 pairs: 19 20 10

      what does that communicate, dear students’

  5. Dear Cheetah Cosmic Serpent;

    Very perceptive 🙂
    The Seals of the kins for Analog/Support + Daily Oracle Kin always = 19.
    The Antipode Seal is always 10 seals (and 130 Kin) away from the DOK.
    The Occult and DOK always = 21.

    As you noted, the Guide is more unique, and is always the same color as the DOK. One reason may be that this permits there to be 260 different G-Forces, one for each of the 260 Kin. Your Guide is determined by yoUR tone.
    So your resulting Higher Self/G-Force of Magnetic Eagle (which codes this Wavespell :)) only corresponds to your Cosmic Serpent Kin. You asked this question on the ‘perfect day’!
    Galactic Mirror

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