Kin 238: White Self-Existing Mirror codes Overtone Kali 18; Cube 12: Free Will

White Self-Existing Mirror

White Self-existing Wizard
Yellow Self-existing Star White Self-existing Mirror Red Self-existing Dragon
  Blue Planetary Night
I Define in order to Reflect,  Measuring Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessnes,  with the Self-Existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Timelessness.
GM108X is today’s Antipode.  The G-Force is Cosmic Seed, and the PSI for Overtone 18 is Crystal Dog.
Postulate 18.4:  “Parallel universes or other Galactic Brains  represent the infinite sum of alternate possibilities represented by any moment of existence for any of the infinite bodies in time evolving into consciousness of time vector potentialities.”
  KALI 18:  CATALYZE;  Secret Center/SACRALChakra02.gif
  This Self-Existing image is from Reimar 13 Night.
All of New Zealand was quiet from 2 p.m. till 2:02, in honor of the 29 miners who were lost at Pike River.  The two kins coding the beginning (5.4) and official end (18.4) of this national nightmare equal 3.8, Blue Galactic Night.  Galant White Knights.
A miner laying down flowers at the White Knight Bridge near the entrance to the Pike River mine after the family visit (NZPA)  During the GM108X Watch of national moURning, TMQ was at Tahananui Beach, thinking of the 29 lost men and their families, meditating, reading “Book of the Transcendence“, swimming in the ocean  :), and experiencing synchronicities very related to today’s Postulate, to Galactic Night and more.
To be shared on the  G.A.P.  Triple Magic Turtle Day tomorrow, so that this blog gets posted ‘in time’.  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 5. 18.   Cube Twelve:  FREE WILL     Kin  237

9 thoughts on “Kin 238: White Self-Existing Mirror codes Overtone Kali 18; Cube 12: Free Will

  1. hi TMQ, good to have you there helpin’ the 29 miners souls to feel at peace …
    a swim is always a sort of dwelling or as i put it playfully D’welling.

    “experiencing synchronicities very related to today’s Postulate, to Galactic Night and more”

    as you know my style by k/now, D is a halfmoon inspired character and moon is in 29 : third tone of 9thseal at Hand 27 wave ending in 39 – storm13.

    and u as one very informed and trained one can resonate on 29 as seal 22 while it says 2nd seal 9th tone … Maybe not so chique to relate that to the souldears who where working in “mother earth” as a part of their existence: working “the chaingain”.

    what is the longcount twin-leg we may relate to 29?
    289-48 = 241 it is -in the shadow- Resonant Dragon.
    is that part of the “more” aka moor aka lake as the ocean u felt?

    anyway that merge in DS leg is within 3 daya from ETZNAB / mirror (your galactic spiced seal); here we have 07:34 as clocktime – u are already over noon in springtime. hear the word again “spring time” and send some heath to this side? we are in a white world – we have S’interklaas on Resonant Dragon – maybe a cultural celebration that brings the hearts in a merging realization parallel to our “besognes” (ace for igniting inspections / investigations).

    so dundaya is the “celebration” for the man who ignites “Santa Claus” as another man in red with a (less) huge white beard. He needs no help from the black man we here refer to as “Pietermannen”. HA, a “pieterman” is a sort of fish that can bite painful.

    the idea of the celebration for the “fake Santa” is attached to the products made by the sugar industry. “Sugar me, Baby”

    looking forward for the radiating storm 239 edition 😉
    it resonates to 499 in the 1D vision – say the “mystery on purepose”
    see this as 4^99 , the 99th power of 4 – the mystery and so time factor while it mark the ultimate moment

    • (reply on the self-ignited article in mirror4 alliance)

      i used number 48 as the distance between DS & LC …
      and we have that since the last leapday

      i promote the idea the last leapday was the last leapday on the planet …

      let us – people devoted to humanity & harmoney – install the 13moon calendar as energetic exchange module. and to that make the implementation perfect by havin’ “the correction factor” aka leapday just in the Sirius commanded yearcycle celebration july 25/26. (maybe that idea was already in the Harry Potter series getting to station 9 3/4).

      what do you experience, dear TMQ, havin’ 3 Daya out of [a time unit]?

      1 daya of Moon Experience – the 9991 roundup replacing 7777?
      1 daya of Sun Experience – falsely token for “DooT” , simply while we all were in a learning mode/phase
      1 daya of Time Experience, each 4th year – first one on July 25 3/4 2012 (“just in Time”)

      what do we have: MST as the 3 characters spelling the ReSetTing


      hmmm , what does make us resonate … and RAdiate

      • “M E S T mast MYST most Must…s ; …or so…‹^‹∞¿^Òh”

        HA , wonderful interpretation , dear Night!

        i thought it might me true that the sound “ST ST ST ST ST ST”
        is a request be SilenT and so the Silence upmost lets the sun-sound in the nody as a healing vortex …

        the poëtic line with MaST MeST MiST MoST MuST MyST
        leaves 6 words starting with an M (13)

        so , how do they speak to us … in silent mode ?

  2. hmmm forgot to focus on the 048 vibration inside:

    2 x 24 as 2 daya always synchronising the F/M factor – Gender HarmoniQ

    4 x 12 as the 48 months even to 4×13 moon experiences

    2x2x2x2x3 as the elemental perception havin’ the mystery factor of 3 while 2^4 empowers the time fusing opportunity at stake …

    do we have alternative choices then but to navigate with precision?

  3. Just watched a random episode of South Park mocking Scientology. Today is L. Ron Hubbard’s Kin. Ha to the ha!

    Overtone Storm makes promises it keeps – it is now 30 minutes into the first watch and i can feel the juju brewing…

    What is TRUE/FALSE shall be recorded.


  4. The Filler of large musichalls
    ……then babtizing his audience……‘
    …i just can’t think negatively of this BRIAN ENO:….. ……. may be it’s the 24 \/ ibration inside : ””The idea that something is uncool because it’s old or foreign has left the collective consciousness..””

    Raising his glass to ’“faceless bureaucrats”, his sharing of art is a precursor to the sharing of other human experiences, for what is pleasurable in art becomes thinkable in life.
    ……”I find it reassuring to know that while we’re busy arguing about things like MPs’ expenses somebody’s doing some useful work.…”

    bouncing vicissitudes by a single love-stroke over the cliff……
    he reminds me at you, dear tmq..

    and while we have been waiting for the 7th Day as the time when integrated co-creation is finally possible, this day, according to the Pleiadian High Council, is “a time of feminine and masculine balance and when those on the path of higher consciousness achieve the physical manifestations of their sacred intentions.”

    FOR BALA˙~˚∫˙€…:…You want devils? You’ll find them at Fifa In the strange world of Swiss law none of the recipients can be named, because at the time the payments were made they were not considered bribes. ≥This is P°RE bureaucrats THINK≤

    Like any elite which is unaccountable, Fifa and the football bureaucrats have become contemptuous of their critics.
    The Sunday Times investigation has at least punctured their sense of invulnerability, but it will be a tragedy if things end there.

    Fifa must be reformed, its accounts and decision-making procedures made transparent, its transgressions investigated by real independents and its E£IT†E DEPOØøoo$zeeee€D‹.

    and that is where the political exorcism must start.

    ” that’s why i keep parts of’em busy
    lady gaga does the other part” , B.L. …utters………

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