GAP Kin 241: Red Resonant Dragon codes Overtone Hunab Ku Silio; Cube 15: Vision

Red Resonant Dragon

Red Resonant Skywalker
Blue Resonant Monkey Red Resonant Dragon White Resonant Mirror
  Yellow Resonant Sun

I Channel in order to Nurture,  Inspiring Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of  Space.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

 Pacal Votan Clear Sign Resonant Sun (20.7) is the Hidden Power, while 13.7, Resonant Skywalker is oUR Guide.  Together, they contain the KEY numbers of the synchronic Code.  Today’s G-force is Solar Night, Kin 243.  The PSI for Overtone 21 is Electric Wizard. 
Postulate 1.7:  “The purpose of the mystical experience of self-reflective being is both to affirm God, who is otherwise unperceivable, and to cumulatively propel the biological organism to a condition of pure self-reflective consciousness. Attempts at systemizing mystical experience are actually attempts at understanding time. But without accurate knowledge of the Law of Time, mystical systems can only be well-intentioned approximations.”
This image of “the mystical experience of self-reflection comes from Reimar 13 Night, who writes:   “…be aware. This awareness,
this constant checking-in with the divine, this connection with each other as humans and with nature” 
encourages and enhances the mystical experience.  Here is another photo (which conveys the feel of a Cosmic Night)  from Kin 143:
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download   the highest resolution version available.
Our DNA helix might be described as ‘Resonant Dragons’   These ‘cometary knots in the Helix Nebula’ iare  twice the size of our solar system, and their tails  are over a hundred billion miles  long!  This photo was taken on April 4th, 1996, which was coded by today’s Analog, Resonant Mirror  🙂 (Also Scott 7 Star’s solar birthday and Challenge)
 Kin 143 also contributed cartoons and this from KEY-WE Sir Edmund Hilary (Crystal Star):  ““It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” which all serve to underscore the need to eliminate our egos, in order to truly affirm God.
Christine 3 Skywalker has certainly transcended her sURroundings (almost the lowest-ranked for intelligence, of 200 cities in America) and shares information from The Humanity+ @ Caltech conference which discusses “KEY emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, biotech, anti-aging technology, intelligence enhancement, brain emulation, and human enhancement.”  
She (and the speakers) synchronistically discussed Buckminster Fuller on his Galactic Return:  “More than one of the speakers alluded the Buckminster Fuller idea that [with the advent of the internet], all the resources for the world [information] are there, we just haven’t distributed them correctly”  One could accurately say the same about world resoURces in general  🙂
 Kin 133 and S’ace 9 Wind resonate with “Boustrophedon” (more in its application to DNA) Here it is shown in Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Perhaps the most beautiful example of Boustrophedon (which is read from the lower right) is shown at the Sainte-Chappelle in the HEART of Paris, where the stained glass windows follow that same (counter-clockwise) direction.



O this Hunab Ku SILIO 21, our SPIRIT  dwells in the HEART of the Cubes for  Codon 59 and the Blue Occult Time Atom, which we Discharge to the HEART of oUR EARTH.  From there, we practice the Rainbow Bridge Meditation
Week 19 ended here with a lovely time spent in natural  beauty, which was  highlighted in the middle of today’s Kin 33 Guide Watch:  For Hunab Ku 21 of the Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance and Empowerment, of the Red Overtone Moon year, we saw a gorgeous Peacock, with its spectacular feathers fully radiated!
During the PVCS Watch of 20.7, resonant Sun, TMQ gave at talk about :”Synchronicity,Numbers and the 2012-2013 Evolutionary Shift.” 
The Peacock ’empowered’ her to share the synchronicity of Valum Votan’s revelation about the 7 cycles of 144 days until Galactic Seed Synchronization, which came 33 days after her talk at that same location, on Galactic Seed.  :).  GAP Resonant Dragon is also 33 days after she had given her last talk at another venue on Kin 207; Crystal Hand.
Today, Moon 5; Day 21 mirrors the Gregorian date of 12/5.
N. S.  1. 23. 5. 21.   Cube 15:  VISION     GAP Kin 241

9 thoughts on “GAP Kin 241: Red Resonant Dragon codes Overtone Hunab Ku Silio; Cube 15: Vision


    kleo patra

    What Role Does the Galaxy Play in all of this?

    These geometric shifts in the current double helix structure of the etheric subtle energy DNA are going to be driven by certain thresholds in the frequency of consciousness. As we approach the equator of the galaxy, the frequency of consciousness accelerates to higher and higher frequencies. These frequencies will change the geometry of DNA and everything else in our holographic universe because it is all made of pure consciousness. Also because the universe is completely geometric and fractal in nature. No matter where you look in creation, you find fractal geometry. see if works…

  2. in sinc. you posted a picture from the Biosphere in m«ontreal and it happen that went there today 🙂

    …so muc creARTivity, I work whit ecofashion sometimes so i want there to find some inspiration…lots of beautifull things made from trash ;)…in the same place there is an expo, TMQ and everyone you should see this pictures, I LOVE what they did.

    today is my traditional kin 11 ben or 11.13 add to 1.7 = 12.13…cosmic human’s in renaissance.

    LOVE in resonance.

    Keep the vibe high.


  3. did you Brow’setr’phede this beautiful Peacock, TMQ? Read between the fi-bion-aXial electro-mechanical rays…
    primal vibrational stuff, where the vibration of observation stores the fact
    which in any other case, keeps wabbling in the ‘ocean of infinite possibilities.

    Flamingos’ milk contains red and white blood cells
    result of often feeling no separation from things…effortless, well being wabbi-tOne also warps time..
    but…: hO, …»try to keep yoUR stuff and it starts to fragment heading for a full on scale
    residual selfimage / mental projection of digital-self – N’…zipzappinGee”

    smash-the-truth-in-someones-face, — so he cannot see it anymore – while it is so absurd……………… … !

    ””that the spirits, any spirits, were real physical entities which inhabited the air itself.””

    multiplex-debugmode goes down for a while. that idea is given by havin’a car programmed for a goal and then drivin a total different route and listen to what is spoken …while being incessantly infiltrated into your thoughtstream that YOU are guilty, by your co-pilot…lol

    puffinG my angels and gettinG trained -in not listening- with remoteF\ire(OR)givenessdrive to oUR authentic pur(e)poses
    (pure poo°po…ssshigher than 3500…‘)

    ……in the worlds that are fusing the HarmoNiQ –

    “K¯AN”… is a pit or a danger, crisis, a burial pit, physical deficiency.
    ‘NON’ …, a nun ‘’‚‹”∞⁄!, with a smoothe angle under her lotusfeet

    who emerges from MiddleTime…

    since about 4000 years ago, other Chinese records, including inscriptions on bones and tortoise carapaces, have had lots of detailed and vivid descriptions of sightings of lóng.

    flying reptile-like creatures called dragons or lóng (竜/龍)

    ↑ tortoise carapace

    On this ˙˚√
    for US also perceptible as harmonic crystal shininG fractalTales, phasing out at the edges…,
    try to focus on…
    it’s gone.
    when Death models Breath

    unfortunately all those flaminGlifeperformance sounds like recorded thru a plasticbag

    ……so i’ve to add my favourite firehose, lol…
    lOve to you my, crystalsCUBaDivers,night143

  4. when the shit hits the fan.

    U.G.: Accepting the limitations is intelligence. You are trying to free yourself from these natural limitations and that is the cause of your sorrow and pain. Your actions are such that one action limits the next action. Your action at this moment is limiting the next action. This action is a reaction.

    In search of “the green face” from g. meyring: (Kin 91 Blue cosmic monKEY)
    He wasMmber of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in London. This is evidenced by the letter from William Wynn Westcott (1893), also of the Theosophical (Society lodge ‘Y’ Blue Star), but only temporarily.

    In this short story (1902), a gigantic oil spill pollutes the Gulf of Mexico: a terrorist act against humanity. After several months all oceans are covered with an oil film… and there is no more rain.,

    Meyrink bought a villa in Starnberg, (starnberger lake, near munich),

    where i spend my lifeyears 2+3{no idea, what these have been about, maybe limitation after the 3d-shock of birth and the following expansion}.

    u.g.˚˚˙˙~the question of freedom of action does not even arise. Therefore no fatalistic philosophy is needed.
    The word “karma” means an action without a reaction.
    Any action of yours limits the action that is to take place next~~»»˚˚

    The villa became known as “The House at the Last Lantern” after the name of the house from The Golem. There he and his family lived for the next eight years and two more works — The White Dominican—
    and Meyrink’s longest novel
    “The Angel of the West Window”, were written.
    (a descendant of Sir John Dee inherits his papers and as he begins to go through them he becomes possessed by the spirit of Dee. A large amount of John Dee’s actual papers are included in the story in this way. Characters from Dee’s life keep showing up reincarnated in between hallucinagenic flashbacks to John Dee’s time.) —

    The name “Fortunat” did not bring much luck to Meyrink’s son: during the winter of 1932, while skiing, he injured his backbone terribly. That meant that for the rest of his life he would be confined to his armchair.
    On July 12, at the age of 24 he committed suicide — at the same age as his father was going to do it. Meyrink survived his son by half a year. He died on December 4, 1932 in Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany. He is buried in Starnberg Cemetery.

    In the novel “Green face” (1916) events occur after the First World War in Amsterdam, flooded with refugees. The focus of the novel – characters from ‘waking’ consciousness, which are in an intense search of characters and revelations indicating to them the way in a world balancing on the edge of confusion.
    Coincident encounters become fatal, fleeting visions turn into prophetic insights. The main character meets with seemingly random people and finds among them his beloved. And each is under the influence of a mystical teachings or spiritual tradition.
    These developments are likely to be interpreted from different perspectives – that of Christian mysticism, and Kabbalah, and yoga, and voodoo, that confuses many ‘heroes’, as readers.
    In this fleeting desire, brought on by an unknown force, inexplicable ODDS from the standpoint of common sense, cause obstructive potentialities, implications of the veil
    ie. death, as happened with the beloved hero.
    Such is the situation in the world where nothing is sustainable, and searching for the boundaries between fiction and illusion ……a wobbly field of interest……
    is an Ambiance— where people are trying to find a new pillar for their existence, the truths that would simultaneously give stability and open space for movement forward.
    to understand what their pur-pose is.
    The overall event —as a symbol of power and a fatal game of mystical forces in human life, —the green face prevails – the face-mask of an ancient old man, appearing in the fevered minds of the protagonist.

    “The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)” is a song written by Green has explained that he wrote the song after experiencing a drug-induced dream, in which he was visited by a green dog which barked at him. He understood that the dog represented money. “It scared me because I knew the dog had been dead a long time. It was a stray and I was looking after it. But I was dead and had to fight to get back into my body, which I eventually did. When I woke up, the room was really black and I found myself writing the song.”[2] He also said that he wrote the lyrics the following day, in Richmond Park.

    Carbon-12 is the most abundant form of carbon accounting for about 99% of all known forms of Carbon.
    It is the isotope of Carbon that consists of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. 6-6-6. Does that sound familiar?
    (after Oxygen, the second most abundant element in the human body is Carbon-12).
    On cremation, the body returns to its Carbon-12 state. After Hydrogen, Helium and Oxygen, which are all gases, Carbon-12 is the 4.most abundant element in the Universe, thereby the first notGazeous.

    transmutation awaits this Carbon-12
    Kundalini system as well as Metatron’s cube.
    Sustaining a magnetic field around it, Carbon-7 has the uncanny ability to carry hyperdimensional fields, such as fields of thought around it. So— extremely sensible, quickly decaying to other stabler forms of matter, imperceptible
    U.G.: Truth is a movement. You can’t capture it, contain it, give expression to it, or use it to advance your interests.
    The moment you capture it, it ceases to be the truth.
    in lak’ech r

  5. nice to read & remember StarnergerSee , dear Kinoo 😉

    i was visited about 2 years ago by a human being from that See aka a LAKE.

    it was VeroniKA who i met on the cyberspace and she wanted to visit the Sea here labelerd das Meer there (GermaneLanguage, u see)

    I t’ur~ned over to here home in April 2009, at Tutzing

    we both visited another spooky See …,%20urfeld

    spooky iz ol’ for mysterious 😉
    tells about the Bernhard project
    which resonates to the name of the Dutch Queen Juliana

    but then is this anyway related or just a Praise of Folly (Erasmus)
    by the easy link comfort mode …
    (which is sometimes simply used to mask the folly, as well)

    a’gent~leYman K.242

    • hi s’ace
      looks like a indiana-jones.adventURe- site.
      The ‘resources’ were, economically spoken, skimmed, when the breakdown became clear, and first hidden, than shipped to the new experimental terraine, by ptb to US, i’m sure.
      human + gold n stuff.
      On hidden mysteries -the magazine- there’s some juicy stories about…how the exp took shape, invisibly……dreadful«

      Did you ever check german mayasites? fuellhorn or even……
      you click on, an you have the ausschwitz-lüge
      you click on , there is neonazisymbols, always cute and lekker eingestreut
      (weaved in)
      what strange neurotic things do there breed?
      love reimar

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