Kin 243: Blue Solar Night “Heart of Nine” codes our ‘Lover’s Reunion’ on Overtone Seli 23

Blue Solar Night

Blue Solar Storm
Red Solar Skywalker Blue Solar Night Yellow Solar Warrior
  White Overtone Mirror
I Pulse in order to Dream,  Realising Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.
Solar Night, the ‘Heart of Nine’ is Guided by Solar Storm, which codes oUR “Queen of Hearts (Princess Diana) for a melding of the Male and Feminine on this Lover’s Reunion. The “Lord of Dawn”, Kin 113, Solar Skywalker is our Challenge today.  The G-Force is Kin 249:  Lunar Moon, and Lunar Seed is the PSI for Overtone 23.
Postulate 3.9“Geometry is how fourth-dimensional time incorporates as third-dimensional form.  The incorporation of time as geometrical form informs all of the inorganic and organic orders of the realm of instinct.   Time incorporated as the geometry of form is the principle example of T(E)=Art.  All forms and species participate in varying orders of geometry of form, both in their bodily structure and their forms of process.”

Kin 243 also replicates Earth’s designation as V 24.3:  Velatropa 24 (our Sun) .3 (Earth, 3rd planet out) 

Synchronicity and Telpathy are increasing  🙂   As this 9 Night post commenced, Reimar 13 Night’s comment containing this photo of Votan’s jade mask arrived.   TMQ  already had this:  ready for today’s blog.  “On the morning of Magnetic Mirror, Planetary Silio 28, less than two Moons ago, I had a dream concerning the jade mask found in the tomb of Pacal Votan and of the true face who wears the jade mask.”

In that Rinri Report (4.1) Valum Votan discusses how Kin 243 is the Heart of Nine, with Votan representing the Heart of his people” Blue Solar Night, Kin 243 (Night = Votan = Heart, solar = Nine = Heart of Nine = Valum Votan) 

Kin 11, Closer of the Cycle also writes:  “In the Dreamspell Book of Kin who is the speaker? Who is the “I“?  It is the fourth dimensional I of the autonomous anonymous universal collective mind of the galactic brain, and not the I  presumed upon by the egoic individual being. (It) is the result of a comprehension of the synchronic order liberated from the demands of historical thinking. The Triumph of the synchronic order is the triumph of the spirit, not the human spirit – which is a disaster – but the divine spirit operating through the human who has surrendered his or her will to the Higher Order of God. Dreamspell is not a toy, but a revelation of the divine mind at play creating the celestial harmonics of the synchronic order so that we, as humans, might ascend into the spiritual and mental purity of galactic culture”.

This beautiful picture from Kin 143 is called Evening (Night) at MAYA Valley.”  The numbers are also synchronistic:  Kin 18 is today’s Occult, and 1+8= 9 Nine23 = today:  Lover’s Reunion; 5O = 5th Overtone Moon  🙂

SELI 23:  FLOW;  ROOT  Chakra01.gif

UR EARTH 6:  Inner Earth Navigation Tower of Heaven

The Couple - Georges Seurat -  French Artist Georges Seurat was coded by Solar Night, and his painting, called “The Lovers” synchronizes with this “Lover’s Reunion” day.   “A military plane carrying riot police reinforcements landed on Easter Island Saturday…”

The news of Wikileak’s Julian Assange’s arrest  (for spreading the TRUTH) just came in.  He is a 39 year old Galactic MonKEY,GAP Kin 151 of the TRUTH clan.

On this Overtone LOVER’S REUNION, we ask  “How can I empower the Ultimate “Lover’s Reunion“;  Universal Recollection:   oUR reUNION with the DIVINE

For The Mystery Queen, today’s numbers provide clues to that question.

Nine weeks after TMQ; Kin 138, began her Solar Night year, the prophetic message of 9/11/2004  appeared on her computer.  That day was coded by Kin 46 (7 World-Bridger) and the total of the kins for the Moon (13.2), year (19.12) and day (6.7) equaled her Kin:  18.8;  Galactic Mirror.  6.7 + 18.8 = 4.2.

The G-Force of  Kin 46  is 4.2, Lunar Seed; the PSI for  today, Overtone 23.  One year ago , Overtone 23 was coded by Kin 138:  Galactic Mirror.   The two Final Cycles of Transformation began 46 days ago. 

The 7  cycles of 144 days ends on oUR Galactic Synchronization;  Galactic Seed 2013. Today, the combined Kins (3.9 + 9.5+ 14.5) = 6.6.  6.6 + 18.8   makes 4.1:  Kin 144.  18 x 8 = 144.  It’s G-Force, 12.12 factored (12×12) = 144Solar Night plus Galactic Mirror equal 21.17 – 20.13 = 1.4 = Self-Existing Dragon, which codes the Law of Time, whose Truth is disseminated by this blog. 

Today’s combined kin (6.6) plus 13.2 (Lunar Skywalker, which codes TMQ this year) = 19.8. (Kin 99, Galactic Storm)  19.8 can also signify Kin 198; Electric Mirror, which codes the 5th Solar Witness, and the Heart Oracle of the only feminine Lord of TimeSupreme Golden Maiden, who “Sets into Motion the Wheel of Enlightened Communication“.  In  7 Moons and 17 days, TMQ begins her Electric Mirror year. 

This blog began  17 Moons and 5 days ago (17.5 = PVCS and GAP Overtone Earth)  Today is the 479th post.  Mayans write that number vigesimally as 23.19:  {20x23 = 46; + 19 = 479.  479441 = 38Crystal Mirror (combing the Seals of TMQ’s Kin and it’s G-Force)  479-260 = 219:  Blue Spectral Storm, whose postulate follows:

19.11:  “The spiritual evolution of the Dominion  of Time augURed by the discovery of the Law of Time is the DIVINE RETURN of mind to soURce.  By making conscious what is unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of UNIVERSAL TRANSCENSION.  GOD is the magnet of Universal Transcension.”

Valum Votan wrote those words, and TMQ must heed his latest published words in “Book of the Transcendence“.  From the page numbered by her G-Force Kin 12“The Sixth Heptad gate, coded by LIMI…is coordinated by the archetype of the Yogi/Yogini (18;  Mirror), the exemplar whose sole (soul) purpose is to enact the possibilities of Transcendence in Human form”

The numbers (and Kin 11’s words, and news events)  show that now is the time to begin spending less time online, and much more time in meditation, Yoga, and study of the Cosmic History Chronicles.  The numbers and oUR intent also Empower the 144 Community of the 441 Cube of TRUTH. 

Today, coded by The Heart of Nine, let’s begin oUR deeper transition from the cybersphere to the Noosphere, to oUR UR:  Universal RetURn.  (Time will tell how TMQ’s deeper focus on Synchro-Galactic Yoga practices will impact on this blog, but we’ll remain connected here and in the Noosphere,  during our Galactic Synchronization and Transcension  :))

 In New Zealand, it is already Planetary Seed:  4.10 which is the PSI for  Julian Assange’s Solar Birthday (Cosmic 7).  The reverse of that is 10.4, Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 30.  30 years ago today, another promoter of TRUTH and PEACE, John Lennon, was shot to death (while TMQ was three blocks away)


N. S.  1. 23. 5. 23.   LOVER’S REUNION   Kin 243:  HEART of VOTAN


24 thoughts on “Kin 243: Blue Solar Night “Heart of Nine” codes our ‘Lover’s Reunion’ on Overtone Seli 23

  1. this is the essence of beauty tmq, my head and brow hurles with numbers kins numbers again, facts……and, yes, lOvers , of cOurse……
    to add: tRiUmmmpphophm……poo⁄πØh of the synchrOnic order of oUR solarLogosSpirit…… ——freefrom Demands of historiCAL neeeds WHATsoEVER¨¨¨¨!!!

    • as an add … i’ld propose the 7776 vibration as a preparation to allow 7777 to the 28th number where we know that one as the ENTER KEY …

      and that KEY number is always around when you decide either after careful investgations or from the skilled & aware intuit …

      this is why i suggest the +1 combination as the Big Pole to have a concentration mode at instance …

      funny is the DS KIN number of mr. Ken Wilber : 28
      indeed 7+7+7+7 or 4×7 and also 9991 where the 1 attracts the 27 characters all around in the 27 character alphabet – indeed space is the 27th – the broadest key button on the keyboard (it could almost blind you for its grace)

      ~~~ let us see for Ken’s LongCount and TreeKweek:

      LC 225 – Self Ex Sisting/Citing/Pressing SerPent (LifeForce/SuperSexY)


      3K 253 – Rhythmic Skywalker (eh, so a Sky Dancer)

      225 is spiced by the mystic tone 4 aka :: in the WIND/Spiritual Wave
      (does that imply the 4 ah’Quadrants?)

      253 is Weaving the Equivalency TapeStrY in the STAR/Elegant Wave

      and 28 is simply surrendering for the 13Moon Calender as a Motiv for being Human – mark the tipping point 9991 😉

  2. Okay eye’m kind of freaking out because eye came upon the boustrophedon only after looking up the link to the man that S’ace had posted about that died on the way to the burial sites in Peru on the Antiplano. i did a bunch of other research that i did not report about Rongorongo; indigenous UNDECIPHERED language of Easter Island –

    went to my hearing today and was utterly vindicated – and when i had a m[om]ent to reflect by reading my CHC Vol. II that i still have not got through – i refuse anything other than a completely organic process; and it had not yet been time; and i look in the appendix to see this illUStration?!

    Why is Easter Island being raided?


    • Great!
      Hopefully, vindication leads to compensation and justice 🙂

      Intersting about Easter Island and the boustrophedon. Will show the photos from your links tomorrow.
      YoURe right to digest Book of the Avatar slowly, organically–enjoy!
      Love, C

  3. …yes, wheeee, dear sisterSky

    , but tellme, is this a noOchild takinG pictURes?

    or am i in the wrong movi………….no divertung
    so, who in Go…. is this red devil?
    which looks sometimes like mikeljackson and then……
    and then……. comes the eagle/passive on 9 and,
    on 10 the flaming Oe.. shape beautifully……
    do you like jeff mills?
    and than it starts flutterinG kh kh:: h h… h h Ë ¿

    so, it’s bed time, lol
    for you
    i just missed the night love r

  4. the Other side….¿ ˙˘∑ HÈ™q!’. mirror mirror on the brick–

    well, you ll need yoUr D.O.R.-ANTI-staTICS especially as of those odds of those bure|au-a|dders, LAdders, and other liƒe- fOrm

    an you could need some support in your dummie-town, what was iZ name¿
    mabe ask jon stewart, the brother of this spoke’s man of those……out there

    J±“#Ç[]|{}≠¿´‘§¶æ¢¢¬∆ ooh f. unni stewart, who obvi©ioUSly has also some other pasttimes to spend……

    so here’s the orig, hard to find……i luuuuve this song
    but… guy, n’est pas, gre~ouil¬ˆ¡sita?….chil’a µ Bal∞am
    AND sweet rem⁄Lj¬ umber.
    hello planet SEED!

  5. this is actually the jonsteward, picking up –what people not talk about in 1993.

    with Love by beautiful Gillian MacBeth-Louthan…about 9
    The Achilles heels/heals of many will ache with prayers as they are brought to their emotional knees in order to receive communion with FIRST LIGHT.

    Free-falling from the height of the nine into next level’s Entry and Exit all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly of multiple choices’ line.

    If you believe you have won, you have.
    ‹⁄[[⁄]∫‹‰” »÷——≥ =—∂T

    ……is fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy,

    TEMPORAL DIVERGENCE: a quantum, molecular, genetic, historical, evolutionary, geological, and universal Kaleidoscope of single electrons or photons to be created, destroyed, or moved in a different way than it was destined to be, from another causal continuum — e.g., a time gate being opened from a possible future……

    ∞Molecular divergence occurs when a time traveller moves just a few atoms or molecules.

    ∞Genetic divergence occurs when a single individual ceases to exist — or is created — as a result of time travel.

    ∞Temporal divergence far enough in the past can lead to changes at the evolutionary scale.

    ∞Geological divergence occurs when a time traveller causes changes that will eventually change the appearence of the planet itself. Moving a single rock in the distant past could…………

    …become totally unrecognizable.

    IF the time traveller is wise enough to minimize the amount of temporal divergence he causes in the past, so that the past timeline will be as close to his own history as possible. This will allow him to anticipate events before they occur, giving him an advantage over other people in the past. However, shortly after the time traveller arrives in the past, so-called “random” events in his immediate vicinity will have different outcomes.

    Dice rolled at a casino craps table will land on different numbers;

    a lightning bolt will strike a different location;

    and a freak accident might be averted or caused by the time traveller’s presence.

    The time traveller has no control over these events, but society in general should remain the same for months or years if the time traveller is careful. The same officials will be elected, the same countries will go to war, and earthquakes will strike the same cities.……oh no …!noHope from a strict biological3Dunderstanding
    a dual understanding that is all that there is.

    each level of divergence is increasingly severe, and each level causes the next, though it may take hours, years, or billions of years to have any significant effect at the next-higher level.

    Anyhow, a spontaneous event arising, altered even slightly will eventually and inevitably lead to molecular divergence.

    BUT:there are no spontaneous events. Nothing is random!

    Belief inFate, or divine intervention, at least releases a divergence in Understanding, lol
    Those, who believe in magicDestiny, however, as a fact —

    and those, who (are) ‘like’ forces of nature, (are) ‘like’ gravity or magnetism, because they understand themforcesSelves
    in lak’ech, have a beautiful day, r∞

  6. “In the Dreamspell Book of Kin who is the speaker? Who is the “I“? It is the fourth dimensional I of the autonomous anonymous universal collective mind of the galactic brain, and not the I presumed upon by the egoic individual being. (It) is the result of a comprehension of the synchronic order liberated from the demands of historical thinking. The Triumph of the synchronic order is the triumph of the spirit, not the human spirit – which is a disaster – but the divine spirit operating through the human who has surrendered his or her will to the Higher Order of God. Dreamspell is not a toy, but a revelation of the divine mind at play creating the celestial harmonics of the synchronic order so that we, as humans, might ascend into the spiritual and mental purity of galactic culture”.

    TMQ, thank you always but thank you especially for this most perfect quote today! And yet along with my profound appreciation comes a smile at these words: “the autonomous anonymous universal collective…” which for some reason evokes fond memories of a particular Monty Python skit ~ I have always appreciated MP for introducing me to the notion of the utterly absurd and the constructively irreverent!! 😉

  7. Á∑

    back to 93«…
    again, sth what not was to be talkin’ about, either

    characters from ‘waking’ consciousnesses, which are on an intense search of the Way in a world of revelations, characters and indication: to them balancing on the edge of confusion, means …
    fleeting desire, unknown forces, common sense, darn elusive potentialities

    TWIN SOUL €NTIT¥-CONTroll speak to US as plasmatic ‘involution’ as exvolitional outpouring of karmic eometrical akashic cod-ins

    referred to as gALACTIC Brain or
    PLANeTary MAnitOU AC––DC, no, sor.. CA
    or Aboriginal Continuity +
    Cosmic Awareness

    is the same as: planetary mother father5.dimensional TwinSoul-Circuit

    avataricInterActionUniSono – noOspericInterplay of TwinSoul prior to 2012 is
    crucial – if psiBankactivation is wished for , dear kin and the holonomic perceiver will passOver from his/her adorning accessory niche status , if the accompagnying matching meaSUREs are appointed.
    …intensity ∞
    this was all foreseen…

  8. A former study:

    sun-sound in the nobody as a healing vortex …

    the poëtic line with MaST MeST MiST MoST MuST MyST
    leaves 6 words starting with an M (13) (jewel 13: death of the old)
    ME5 4
    Mi9 6
    Mo15 6
    Mu21 6
    My25 intervals 4

    so , how do they speak to us … in silent mode?
    With the stunning intelligence of toltec Juwels of Awareness

    so let’s shine up juwel 1 fluidity,
    stability = 4 materialisation which needs this ‘forward movement’ +1, which i call: G-force… or it falls victim to
    inertia =-4
    Juwel 6 = ‘act of choosing between the old and the new’
    which seems to be an ongoing process of discrimination juwel 17(earth navigator)
    Juwel 6 is the male north, man of action, sb who roots in discrimination
    thus called master of controlled folly, if it were not so, all action would amount to nothing but folly. And because of the humour inherent, he also finds always sth to laugh, no matter what the situation might be on this peculiar timespace planetary theatre.
    He’s called The Clown, accentuating the ‘lighter side of life’, which can , indeed, always be found, despite all evidence of the senses.

    the nature of true ‘man’ is her divine destiny:

    By having the ability to wield the ‘power’ inherent within each of the 21 aspects of Awareness, ‘man’ is the master of The World of Sourcerers – a world in which she is as much at home, as he is on the dense physical
    plane, and as he is in her natural abode termed MEST


    • the WIKEL**K S’ on this MEST shows an interesting 2nd line itZ’ :
      Matter, Energy, Space and Time, the Scientology acronym of the physical universe

      How AbouT that RoundAbouT, dear ones …

      Then a TIP to the AVATAR / SELI Volume II, the AVATAR CHC …
      linked into page 195-6-7 (see the Dimension table DownUnder Right)

      The Left page illustrates very NOO initiating statements that electrify the Dynamic TurnOver …

      form last line 195 into 196: “7th Dimension: Plasmatic Radial Level, or that be, the Origin of Spirit. The Seventh Dimension is the Mirrirless Resonator, the Speaking Tube of GOD. The seventh dimansion actually creates a VOID or TOROID that runs through all the Other Dimensions and comes out the bottom of the first dimension. This is the pure radial stage of consciousness. No Beginning and No End.”

      And the Last Line: “The pur[e]pose of LIFE is to accommodate connsciousness, soul (spirit) and mind to ‘learn’ about the nature of density, and then to ‘evolve’ beyond density and then to evolve density itself. It is also important [cru-cifix-cial?] to understand [and contemplate] – consciousness is not dependent on physical body [SPACEless?], soul exists separate from life [TIMESPACEless] and mind has no need for itself [TIMEless].”

      so life is an energetic continuum as long as it lasts … considering an intervening cata/ap/bou-strophe … un for seen / un con trolled / natural imposed

      we’ll stand our MEST – fertile moisture ingredients dust to dust & ashes to ashes and bacteriah-erlebnisse …

      “the Mester of the WorldViews of Sorcerers at AWE observant positions”
      CRYSTAL SERPENT 245 aka 505

    • in the area of nu’clear wastelands as mestlands for the minds’ involutionary phasepart i tried two other variants on:

      Ma1 ME5 Mi9 Mo15 Mu21 My25 & M 27 :

      Ma1 ME5 Mi9 Mo12 Mu6 My2 & M 0
      Ma1 ME2 Mi3 Mo4 Mu5 My6 & M 7

      where the 1st one srepresents the biovoidex map aka decode staff
      and the 2nd one represents the feminine staff in “sound numbered awe”

      the pentagram number 5 aligns to U & the U-turn and the bending cosmic beam

      6th sound aligns to character Y which is spoken as “WHY” and in number it both merges chakra 2 and 6 – the bodily assumed spots according the 1300 years flashbeck just splashing my vocabulary … (however not homelandbound vibration, it vibrates something given those story booms)

      “A” is the 1st sound followed by “EEE” and then “I” or “EYE”
      ” ” – blank / s*ace / answer provocative pulse left to human being

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