Kin 248: Yellow Magnetic Star codes the last day of the Overtone Moon, and the last Wavespell of the Tzolkin

Yellow Magnetic Star

Yellow Magnetic Star
White Magnetic Mirror Yellow Magnetic Star Blue Magnetic Monkey
  Red Cosmic Skywalker
I Unify in order to Beautify,  Attracting Art.
I seal the store of Elegance with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
We wish a Happy Galactic RetURn to Mila Magnetic Star  🙂  The G-Force is Self-Existing Mirror.
Today’s combined kins equal 11.11, Spectral MonKEY  🙂
[There were many computer frustrations today;  one of the unresolved ones is at the bottom of this post]
The Title of the chapter containing the Postulates for seal 8;  Star is, simply:  YogaSwami Muktananda - Baba Muktananda - Siddha Yoga Meditation Shaktipat Guru Magnetic Star Swami Muktananda exemplifies his  Galactic Signature as the Indian Hindu Founder of Siddha Yoga
On Silio 28, we infuse the HEART of the cubes for Codon 30 and the Yellow Unified Field Telepathic Time Atom with oUR SPIRIT
DISCHARGE all (including yourself) to the HEART of oUR EARTH.  Practice Meditating The Rainbow Bridge:
UR Earth 7:  Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower
James Galactic Seed sent this news:  “SETI Astrophysicist Craig Kasnov has announced the approach to the Earth of 3 very large, very fast moving objects” and link: this related?:
During the Overtone Moon we have been awakening the 5th articulation of The Seventh Lord of Time;  Single Wing Red Fire whose Heart Oracle is coded by Yellow Overtone Sun.  This week we matched only    of his 9 Chakras.  This means we focus on these ‘unmatched Kins“:  Seal 1:  Dragon, which codes the Root of the Heart (Sun) and the Crown of the Root Oracle (Skywalker)- 4th and 3rd Chakra respectively;   Seal 9:  Moon which codes the Crown oracle (8th Chakra) and 20:  Sun which codes the Heart, 5th Chakra.
It is auspicious that this Overtone Moon ends on the Long Count day coded by Overtone Sun, a sign that we have successfully awakened  his Right Elbow.
Burbuja 33, Cosmic Hand alerted us that today
 “is the the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe,”  “I find this very special because  the day before is my  DS kin 7.13, cosmic hand, and (today) the one of my little child wich is already introduced to the community 144=441, Mila magnetic star.  and on the traditional count it is a 20.5 Overtone Sun !” 
Burbuja 33 found many synchronicities in this:;  for example: 
her dress has a flower of 4 petals called in nahualt the Nahualt the Nahui olin…which added is 88 too !  Cosmic History Chronicles V:  Book of the Timespace also has interesting information about Nahui Olin as 17.7, Red Self-Existing Earth.
 479 years ago, on  12, 1531, (Electric Skywalker), The Virgin Mary miraculously appeared to Juan Diego on the  Hill of Tepeyec near  Mexico City.  
  Here is a photo of the original Church, built at the Virgin Mary’s requestt, and the current one, that now stand on that sacred site.File:Basilica-PlazaMariana.jpg
 “The new Basilica has a circular floorplan so that the image of the Virgin can be seen from any point within the building”
The 479th (a number explored on the 479th blog a few days ago) anniversary  of this sacred appearance of the Virgin of Guadaloupe is on Gregorian 12/12 which is coded by the combined Dreamspel Kin of 11.11, Valum Votan Tomorrow, since we will have entered the Rhythmic Eagle Moon, will be the combined Kin of 13.13, today’s Hidden Power.
 We leave the Overtone Wizard empowered by the synchronicities and abundance of information contributed by the 144-441 Cube of Truth Kin .  During this Moon, we have also been empowered by receiving three communications from Valum Votan, including, this, his latest: 
Enjoy Valum Votan’s address to  the 2012 Congress in Germany  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 5. 28.     UR EARTH 7   Kin 248

Yellow Star Wavespell:     Power of Elegance


Yellow Magnetic Star

Red Lunar Moon
Yellow Cosmic Sun

Blue Crystal Storm

White Electric Dog
White Spectral Mirror

Blue Self-existing Monkey
Red Planetary Earth

Yellow Overtone Human

Red Rhytmic Skywalker

White Resonant Wizard

Blue Galactic Eagle

Yellow Solar Warrior
8.1. Cultivation of systematic telepathic exploration of celestial harmonics is a function of evolutionary necessity, involving the adjustment of the relationship between the AC and CA functions disrupted by the artificial time sequence of the erring species, homo sapiens.

16 thoughts on “Kin 248: Yellow Magnetic Star codes the last day of the Overtone Moon, and the last Wavespell of the Tzolkin

  1. HA sync idea(L)

    “479 years ago, on December 12, 1531, (Electric Skywalker), The Virgin Mary miraculously appeared to Juan Diego on the Hill of Tepeyec near Mexico City.”

    My physical unit was there on Nov. 1 1981. So it seems a good idea to have more focus on the energy running :

    LongCount 228 : Yellow Resonant Star
    Isn’t that a pretty fitting energy?

    TreeKweak adds the DS&LC (133+228) into 361=101=) Planetary Dragon inthe 6th Column (Rhythmic) – resonant to the 8th one – Galactic

    This 101 is the 10th TONE of the Human WAVE … spelling the Manifestation of Wisdom …

    Does the HYBRID spell of DreamSpell and LongCount stirr something that is radiance (overtone essence) all around when we just can articulate the partners from the given triangle (three angels?) at work from a mysterious Divine?

    Who can TeLL & Who can Proove ;-))

    See for the vibrations running from 133 and 228 ….
    i myself like to see them in a number with 4 digits poppin’ up:
    1333 & 2228

    3 times number 3 and 3 times number 2
    leaves 1 & 8 => 9 as a sum and 7 as a split (7+9=16 = 2x2x2x2)

    • And the next 228 is on 8/9 😉


      Eye highly re/co/M/m/end reading TMQ’s post of each precedign sequence of kin – it is oUR fractal!

      *Today marks the final 1,000 days before the long-prophesied Solstice on 12/21/2012. Valum Votan writes that today begins the most momentous 1,000 days of the 5,125 years of History that end on that Solstice. ”For the Foundation for the Law of Time, 2012 marks the completion of the preliminary stage of its mission.” “by July 26, 2013 (our Galactic Synchronization), there will be no more Gregorian calendar and the 13:20 timing frequency of universal synchronization will have supplanted altogether the 12:60 timing frequency which had dominated the global civilization much of the past 5000 years.


      • Thanks, Christine!

        For yoUR interesting/encoURaging observation here 🙂

        Your next comment, ending with TOTO highlighted reminded me of the film you linked us to, RetURn to Oz–intriguing!

        YoUR many wonderful comments are always so appreciated/enjoyed. For some reason, WordPress places most of them in a queue for ‘approval’, but they should all eventually post.

        Thanks again, Electric Skywalker, on the special day ‘you’ coded 479 years ago!

        Love C

      • AH dear “Christ in E”, we play in order to achieve wisdom from seal 11 into 12, aye?

        i wonder when the next 228 iz current , i observe the fact you are only walking on one leg – what happened with the other one? and what centers them both legs as well as feet?

        hmmm – no worry here because we are cooperating as ever since u ate my brains :~))

        LongCount gives 201 – rhythmic dragon todaya DS 249
        So it takes 27 daya to enter 228 on that foot!
        And this is on sync with the 12/12/2*1* meditation …
        promoted in a shadowww of intelligence here

        ucs may stand for “u see s”ace?” or … serpent? or … sirius?
        many opts there “u c” , B/C

        treekweek also spells a 228 on DS138 + LC090 : 3K228
        DS138 will be on GregorLinked MAYA 11, 2011

        and we know that number while it is CELEBREATHING time in NZ:
        TMQ has birthdaya considering noodaya as leading there!

        pretty magic that 3K, aye?


      • ha B/c, iz this the comment on previous Magnetic Star u referred to:

        ~~~ 3K242 (march 28, 2010 – 13:18:03)

        hi christine 😉 something revealed by your link , did u see that?

        %28number%29 showed up from the code …

        %28 is for “(” – bracket opening
        %29 is for “)” – bracket closing

        iz there any logic from our noospheric clearance in that information-beYond?

        i like to listen to all here who have a narrative on that!

        ~~~ curiosity kills the cat?

        March 28 also links the 7777 into the 9991 freQ where 28 iz ZERO itself

        29? iz the future … every daya “a void of human trust”


    • Barssiah 133 (01:30:18) :

      The sun has just set here – but eye’m in the parking lot of my loCAl grocery store and the birds are chirping like crazy – jUSt want to see if there’s a solar reason. POST!!! and they just stipped


      Okay even weirder – the “missing” post posted under 3/27/10 – the “other” Magnetar – and what this brings to my mind is the antipode halfway between – Kin 118 Magnetic Mirror – there is definitely a “signal” asking to be recognized.

      TRIPLE ERUPTION: Solar activity surged on Sunday, Dec. 12th, when the sun erupted three times in quick succession, hurling a trio of bright coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the action:

      The birds really were talking!

      Well it helps with the Signal system set up! 😉

      And i didn’t consume all yoUR brain, S’ace – eye’m keeping half of it in a jar in the fridge in case of emergency.

      Hope everyone’s Lunar (Rhythmic Eagle) Moon is be/G/inn/in/G with less Challenge and M/ore Balance!


      • which half hemisphere did you eat ?
        or see which part is in the fridge …?

        how did you choose a half … or did you mix an dblend it before splitting

        what recipe did u develop (as a tryout)

        is it a GREEN fridge?
        otherwise you are not in harmony with the icy brainhalf …

        just some notions meandering the respect modus as a river …

  2. Eye sent in a comment from my iphone and it did not post – i was in the parking lot of my loCAl grocery s/T/ore and the sun had set approx. 30 minUTes prior and the birds were chirping insanely – we had the discUSs/ion before about birdsong being very similar to the re/c/or/ded [acknowledge cycle, view from secondary perspective, switch polarity, integrated product] sound of Velatropa 24 😉

    Aye, feel US all with an accelerated reward program 😉

    T/we/L[0]ve T/we/L[0]ve

  3. in lak’ech dear KIN

    (7th lost generation guide: Overtone Sun:> empower, command, radiance, enlighten, universal-fire, life)
    POWER is something to be gained by renunciation…
    the vectors of the sacred geometry.
    ……and i av|ve the on cominG feeling of
    “”Our-SUN en joy’s oUR lovinG her {full in gYm}⋅⋄∙.⠣∙⋅⠈

    YÜ (translated as Joy) as ‘proper timing in action’. Sound ☃fractURed by rhythm, to/2/too cause specific effects.

    OR, maybe, which is critiCAl and in some ways even politiCAl, when……

    “Automatic responses are the chinks in a magician’s armour.
    Investigate all your m①st l②aded c③ncepts.
    Observe the tunes to which your behaviour dances,
    the drumbeat you march to.”

    SO, when the seed is a star and the wiZart the wOrldbridGer,
    it doesn’t change
    the way of thinGs runnin’……………

    while the leAtter, may Only be for me of import –unDEαRrepresented in my galactic roundUP––
    ……the precedent OnEs reLeaSe sImIlar reactions –on a planetary scale
    as theun Mares describes it, so☆to point at the larGer pic in his unMIttigatinGly manner:……and, me thinkits his 1, aphorism, here…:

    At the beginning of this present solar system the spirit of ATL embodied within his ∗physical expression the full extent of the solar debris.

    This solar debris is an unresolved solar challenge Left Over, from the previous solar system, and it is in the natURe of a type of radioactivity, that has the potential, either to explode into sheer radiance, or to implode into unmitigated Darkness.
    It is this solar debris, embodied within the luminous cocoon of the planet earth, that gives all live forms on this planet their peculiar tendency towards inertia, but at the same time also gives them their potential to become a radiant source of radioactive light, the sum total of this debris is therefore looked upon as LUCIFER, the Lightbringer.

    “exemplifies the resonant power of art as the beginning of Love.” GK Venus (B# 7); Signal family; Southern Regions; Solar✹Plexus



  4. Thankyou c, for leadinG Us back

    (heaven^T found my start here yet, but it’s funny to read , i alway get
    readstuck, lol)

    there’s lotta kin talkin, that i sea/hear for the 1. t……

    4 Watchers of the skies……
    PSI bank also reflects the bipolar magnetism of the Earth and the fourfold pURpose of the Unspeakable: Earth in one rotation around the sun.
    .…and, always sth to br°AYEn’se and add:
    {4-fold pUR pose OF oUR waterR@.? lol!} :

    : seems, part of aye bloxout oldcoun…tand it worms me, that i merely can9t follow you s’ace: ALLwAYE s i need to interpret…

    so this lady at least floats on three legs YoGa for acro-BATS ……

    this is also first t. i learn: Only twice every 13 Moons are we able to focus on the –✰ƒ¡ƒθ—ζOrce✯ on a Kin day which is toned by the Radiant Overtone 5.……
    ok this i get: art as the beginning of Love

    mYsterioUS ‘2013skywalker’ (22:13:06) becomes prophetiC:

    put on your seat belts and get ready for November mind blowing experience:
    the computer problems starts encreasinG…

    How can we help you TMQ?
    with this…
    we can start a collection, ie. everyKin 5 or 10 ‘talents’ in their cURrentsea
    to yoUR account!
    for a new mac, or used one (the old, bigger machines (like mine) are a tenth o’ price compared to luxurary notebooks.!!)

    good wishes may help only for the next 5 seconds, so may you please formulate yoUr desires? (you wi’ll need all of yoUr patience for the ongoing exercise of pUR-Ging out 12/60 now, noTime for fuzzy computerissues, darlinG!)
    so, redeem the compi NOW.
    (where actually is kiwi,?)

    Tele-ACRO-pathic redemption of the lost GENERATIONS:

    ……could ya please translate, sweet RU -ssiahn kin: Админ. Хотелось бы поговорить насчёт рекламы в вашем блоге. Если вы согласны, отпишите ваши условия на e-mail. Благодарю.

    ……and, is this the ladder to yoUR magnetiC sCywalker-tower. C ?

    LOVE to Thee reimar

    • Dear Cosmic Reimar;

      Reading your comment now just brought me tears (of gratitude, recognition, relief) It’s also a fURther demonstration of oUR Cube’s increasing telepathy:

      When Rhythmic Sun asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said: an I-Phone (he said no) because two Skywalkers (Electric Christine and Solar Ed) showed that it can scan, photograph, etc. It would make it so much easier to write the blogs (which could then include longer passages, illustrations from CHC, etc.) and get me off of this plague-ridden pc.

      So, last night I began trying (they don’t make it easy!) to withdraw my PokerStar winnings–the only money I have, due to a ‘perfect storm’ of events.
      Then, last night a computer-whiz friend in the UK ‘I-M ed’ me (Hmmm-the only time my IM works is with him!) and offered to help me set up Paypal.

      Now, here (in the same 24 hoUR period) is Cosmic 3 nudging me along this path 🙂
      I’m open to suggestions as to the best way to receive, and the best computer device to manifest, for ease in broadcasting and keeping oUR channels open during these challenging, exciting, prophetic times, as we navigate oUR approaching Return Journey.

      LOVE to each of YOU,
      Claire Galactic Mirror a.k.a. TMQ

  5. Eye pUReed it and then reset it in a Jell-O mold 😉

    Yes – and eye’m ab/sol/UTely committed to donating towards the TMQ’s much needed upgrade – jUSt need a couple m/ore weeks for maya long count awaited payback!


  6. . An outer ‘bony labyrinth’ encloses an inner ‘membraneous labyrinth’ which includes the chochlea, or sea shell. *
    This is where the real action is, for it is here that the dynamics which have so far been ‘physical’ will achieve true transformation.
    The (labrys) double axe (butterfly) + (inth) extent / house of.
    The Labyrinth of Crete which enclosed the Minotaur was fashioned by Daedalus, …remember his son?

    As with all sense perceptions, this is also the spot, that suits gregScience in NO way, as these actual processes are admitted to be a mystery.…
    This is where oUr plasmas come in, remember?

    seli was pure ‘light’
    transformed by kali the mincer …into
    a mere atom-dummy
    silio -mental elecŢron/neuŤron

    applied on sound: a tone …dazzled …a, sensation .+emotion …+remAmber.… =Being… stucklol

    which bus’tropHedes a clear sign of Ξ spirit of God hovered over the ƒ’ace of the waters.
    ……Or, translated for simPler natURed beauties:

    the wind hoOvers over Sea of Reeds whereas reeds spell seeds

    I would add that the songs sung by the Nine Muses are designated as mnemosune: the memory of what is, what was, and what will b

    to be performed: In yOUR INNeR lIMIñreEAr…, «, soon ¨!

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