Kin 250: White Electric Dog codes Seli 2 of the 6th Rhythmic Eagle Moon


White Electric Dog

White Electric Wizard
Yellow Electric Sun White Electric Dog Red Electric Moon
  Blue Spectral Monkey
I Activate in order to Love,  Bonding Loyalty.
I seal the process of Heart with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Timelessness.
I am a Polar kin. I Establish the White Galactic Spectrum.
{Thanks to two Solar-Toned  Kin (S’ace Wind and ArajarA Mirror) for establishing this missing part of  this Kin’s Affirmation}  🙂
Who can explain what it means?
Our Hidden Power is 11.11, Spectral MonKEY, Valum Votan. Planetary Seed is the G-Force.
Postulate 10.3:  “All disorder and corruption are dysfunctions of the unitary biogeochemical  process.  Harmonic rearrangement of the snchronic order  is a special application of T(E)=Art in which sensory teleportation is applied as a biogeochemical transduction, and results in the whole system restoration of biohomeostasis.” 
Seal 10;  DOG/Divine Loyalty begins the Solar-Prophetic RetURn JoURney 
DOG:GOD = CROWN Ch.;  SP Mercury 
SELI 2:  FLOW;  ROOTChakra01.gif
During this 21st week we build the Cube for the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom, and for Codon 60:  MEASURING:  Galactic Octave Limits Space;
Yesterday we ‘built‘ the Base/BOTTOMTIME       _____  
SELI:                                    RIGHT:                    TIME
GAMMA:                           LEFT:                        SPACE     __   __
KALI:                                   BACK:                       SPACE
ALPHA:                              FRONT:                   TIME
LIMI:                                   TOP:                          SPACE
Thank you S’ace Solar Wind, for sharing the meaning of Hexagram 60 in the I Ching

“WATER above the LAKE”      JIÉ;   The measure:  Restraint, expansion
Bitter restraint does not permit determination

The great image says:  Water at the top of the marsh: limits
The noble one delimits number and measure and deliberates upon ethical conduct”

and  🙂 for this link from Little Grandmother, urging us to immediately begin connecting to oUR Earth by wearing/using Crystals quartz-kristall   so that “we become united as we once were during the days of Atlantis when Mother Earth and Her children (become) were ONE!”

It’s interesting to note how many ’12:60 establishment leaders’ are coded by Kin 250:  Electric Dog:

Prince Philip/Duke of Edinburgh and his daughter Princess Anne are both Electric Dogs.  Their son and brother was in the news earlier this week, when the limousine carrying Prince Charles and his consort Camelia was attacked by angry students rebelling against the steep rise in college tuition (and 12:60 in general).

Kofi Annan, the Ghanian statesman and former head of the United Nations and
Laura Bush the wife of former U.S. President George W. Bush are also coded by Kin 250.  Synchronistically, TMQ viewed a video (yesterday, which was Mrs. Bush’s Galactic Return here) which claimed that Barbara, the wife and mother of two American President’s  was actually the daughter of  Aleister Crowley!

A contrast to these four ’12:60 establishment Kin’ are these two Electric DogsDon Henley of the Eagles bandImage Preview ,  sang about “arm-chair Warriors we elected King” -(like the aforementioned Kin) in his song, “End of the Innocence“.

Danny Glover the film actor/director is an out-spoken activist for Peace and Justice.  Prior to the Iraq invasion, Danny Glover said this in one of his speeches:  “The world has come together and said ‘No’ to this war – and we must stand with them”.  

He said that  shortly after 1 million people filled the streets of Prince  Phillip’s domain (London) to protest against the proposed invasion of Baghdad.   More recently, Mr. Glover said “I think the Obama administration has followed the same playbook, to a large extent, almost verbatim, as the Bush administration. I don’t see anything different… On the domestic side, look here: What’s so clear is that this country from the outset is projecting the interests of wealth and property. Look at the bailout of Wall Street. Why not the bailout of Main Street? He may be just a different face, and that face may happen to be black—and if it were Hillary Clinton, it would happen to be a woman… But what choices do they have within the structure

The will of the people continues to demonstrate the  need to change the 12:60 structures and to retURn to the 13:20 values of Compassion, Justice, Equality and Peace.


N. S.  1. 23. 6. 2.    Baktun 2:   Pyramid    **Walk in Beauty**        Kin 250:  DIVINE LOYALTY


10 thoughts on “Kin 250: White Electric Dog codes Seli 2 of the 6th Rhythmic Eagle Moon

    • there is a resonance in the aka Arajara & Barbara

      so ? here the interest is triggered to investigate the notion of TMQ that Barbara Bush actually is the daughter of Aleister Crowley …

      to pages to be peeped in by the cybermouse:
      Barbara Bush & Aleister Crowley

      so there U are, Aleister in the mid of “W” and Barbara … but then this is a make-up photo – we agree? And it is a page on a site run by David Icke. What do the ladies here think: iz there alikeness in the faces of Aleister and Barbara.

      When i’m right Aleister was associated with the label “The Beast”.

      Can just that fact be the reason & motiv to cover her up?

      Let me just see for the bivideotex decode for 3 labels:
      Beast : 2 5 1 8 7 =) 23
      Barbara : 2 1 9 2 1 9 2 =) 26
      George : 7 5 12 9 7 5 =) 45
      no clue (yet)
      Aleister : 1 12 5 9 8 7 5 9 =) 27 29 =) 56
      Still no clue , just a grow of the number 23 26 45 56 😉

      Seeing the page of Barbara, we see she grew 6 children …
      Noo interesting fact may be this:
      Pauline Robinson “Robin” Bush – December 20, 1949 – Died October 11, 1953
      Tragic fact, she didn’t live 4 years and died at the age of 3 …
      “what a loss”

      just see for DS 12/20, 1949: KIN091

      Blue Cosmic Monkey
      White Northern Castle of Crossing
      Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Truth

      I endure in order to play
      Transcending illusion
      I seal the process of magic
      With the cosmic tone of presence
      I am guided by the power of vision

      91 is the number for 13 to 7 and marks a Quarter Period

      (LC 028 Star2; 3K 119 Storm2)

      ~~~ was she the innocent child?

      Ref. Don Henley’s lyrics “End of the Innocence” Henley – The End Of The InnocenceGeüpload door jpdc11. – Muziek video's, interviews met artiesten, concerten en meer.

      • “Just for the record”, I have no knowledge or opinion about Barbara Bush’s parentage. The synchronicity of seeing a video about her, and then discovering it was her Galactic Return, was the reason for mentioning that tantalizing and improbable tidbit 🙂 Thanks for the great Don Henley link (one of my favorite concerts was a fully-packed Eagles concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, during the World Series of Poker)

      • Aye! Ha ha!!! What a funny non-se/quit/UR!

        Negative con/S/piracy theories are fun at best, an unhealthy dis/tract-ion at worst.

        We sit poised at the p[re]/Ci(pi)Ce of the era/dicatinG the other.

        Good for the whities to read about their her(i)Tage – in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “you’ve got some s’plainin’ to do” 😉

    • sharp observance, dear B/C!

      “The narrow beam means there is less “overspill” of radiation than with existing omnidirectional antennas.”

      this notion confirms the fact that current mobiles create an “overspill of radiation” – what does this mean for the carriers of mobile phones?

      how is their aura disturbed and not in a state of making contact?

      Was the “overspill” even more radiant in the wireless radio and tv period?

      Is it all a continuous process of getting more precise and less omnidirectional as “media” [read governments & power stations as multi/omni-nationals] behave?

      If then What is the shadow side of this new technology …

      What ethical ground is to be based in human specie that wants to be equiped with the new tech? Is it on sync that this new tech is availabel in 2012?

      just answering your call? thX :: beinG & actinG U, B/C

  1. In lak’ech, … a LHA kin✧

    from last week:

    (aTeacher:)Monmacion (and hisT/R)   Tiahuan
    stream of moYonsCious ascension( BrotHr-Version)

    «… here upon earth. there is treasure to be savored,
    taken  into the heart wherEver we find it, and as we do, we are then liberated to share likewise.

    It is this admixture that has been referred to as the “soup of Supremacy cooking on the fire of Paradise,” and we are all part o fit. ˚

    daughter of  the TwOpRoNgEdCrOwN ! carryInG the three-legged bronze cauldron of tHE FoUR-PrOnGED naGal. To her amazement it was half-full of liquid.❝wheee sHe said: “When I opened the lid, I was really shocked.”
    an average oiul/nuKe/gOld or…lately, GodPartiCle-DRILLA move to break apart ‘ART ~if-Ophicial’ : inOrder to reclaim!
    prevents future generations from digging into or other disturbing in any way buried MASSES

    on An Other plane…(lol):
    ,Divine Plan Directing Mechanism ≅“Ah Vuc Ti Cab“≡ … who mediates these Plasmas.  Synchronistically, the G-Force of Lord Seven Earth, as he is also known, is Kin 139:  Solar Storm 

    yoUR links… lol, come rollinG back to you:


    As the myth goes,
    if you are quiet and still and receptive,
    the stones will talk to you.
    the myth goes…


    love to YOU

    no MaTTer the PlAnet, sYstEm, galAXy you risiDe



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