Kin 257: Red Planetary Earth codes Rhythmic Seli 9 and the Full Moon Eclipse Solstice

Red Planetary Earth
Full Moon Eclipse Solstice:  12/21/2010 

Red Planetary Serpent
Blue Planetary Hand Red Planetary Earth White Planetary Wind
  Yellow Self-existing Seed
I Perfect in order to Evolve,  Producing Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Life Force.
Today’s Guide is Planetary Serpent (which codes Moi) , and last Year’s Year-bearer, Self-Existing Seed is the Hidden Power.   The PSI for each Solstice on Rhythmic 9 is Galactic Storm
Postulate 17.10:  “The transmutation of the fractal free thought-waves of the subliminal conscious into future time matrices of still evolving stellar mass of cosmic unconscious and cosmic conscious, is dependent on the quality of input from super conscious experiences and pure devotional forms of prayer and meditation.”
  SELI 9:  FLOW;  ROOT  Chakra01.gif
 Jud _Fabio_ Birza on _The Early Show._    JUD   WON  🙂 !!!
TMQ’s 21 year old Nephew JUD  is the Soul Survivor of Survivor 21: Nicuaraga!
The young model…who started out as being a good-looking guy called Jud Birza — was named sole Survivor.  Needless to say, the 21-year-old millionaire, who says he is one of a family of artists, is happy. Very happy.”
There are so many synchronicities associated with the wonderful news of Jud’s well-deserved win,  which was received during the first Analog watch of the  Solstice, precisely two years from the same watch during which we are precisely aligned with the Heart of oUR Galaxy at 11:11 a.m.  This year, Jud is coded by Red Cosmic Serpent (5.13), which when added to today (17.10) equals 2.10: Planetary Wind, today’s Analog.
Today’s Combined Kins (17.10 + 15.6 + 9.5) equal 21.21, which reduces to Kin 21, whose Analog is 18.8;  Galactic Mirror.  (his Aunt’s Galactic Signature)  The two Analogs  {for Planetary Earth (2.10) and its CK (18.8)} equal 20.5:  Overtone Sun.  So the reception of the news of Jud’s win seems perfectly timed!
Jud is coded by Kin 200:  Overtone Sun, which codes the Heart Oracle of this year’s Lord of the Ring, so his win brings greater awareness and energy to the awakening of Single Wing Red Fire.
Today, Overtone Sun (20.5) and  Planetary Earth (17.10) equal 17.2:  Lunar Earth, Kin 197, the KEY day that began the final 791 days until the 2012 Solstice, which is now exactly two years from today.  Jud’s $1,000.000. check is numbered 1133.

Yellow Overtone Sun

Yellow Overtone Star
White Overtone Dog Yellow Overtone Sun Blue Overtone Storm
  Red Solar Dragon
I empower in order to enlighten
commanding life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of elegance.


 This is the 493rd post of the 2013 and The Mystery Queen blog.   Moments after calculating that 493-260=233 = Crystal Skywalker, TMQ realized that the PSI of Jud’s birthday on Crystal 14 (June 12) corresponds to the PSI of Crystal Skywalker!
Today’s PSI is Kin 99: Galactic Storm19.8 can also be interpreted as Kin 198:  Electric Mirror, which codes the 5th Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden Maiden.  The G-Force of Overtone Sun is Kin 198:  Electric Mirror  🙂  The Mystery Queen begins her Electric Mirror year on Cosmic 14.
18.8 + 17.10 = 15.5, Blue Overtone Eagle, which is the G-Force for today.
 This formation appeared in Italy on Jud’s last birthday, 149 days ago:
A year earlier on his 20th birthday, the “Phoenix rising from the Ashes” crop circle appeared on 20.12 (Crystal Sun also coded the June 17, 2004 formation of 39 circles,  20 miles from his Aunt’s home  :))
  A year earlier on Jud’s 20th birthday, thePhoenix rising from the Ashes” crop circle appeared on 20.12 (Crystal Sun also coded the June 17, 2004 formation of 39 circles,  20 miles from his Aunt’s home  :))
The day Jud was born, Crystal 14 of the Solar Storm year, was coded by Kin 147:  Self-Existing Hand in the Long Count.  7.4 is the Mayan Notation for 144.
The letters in Survivor equal 144.  (calculated in V.V.’s more advanced way, they equal 1449-1300= 149 (6.9) which mirrors this 13 Moon date of the Soulstice: Moon 6;  Day 9; and the number of days since Jud’s last birthday.
As Christine 3 Skywalker (whose Kin 133 appears on Jud’s check) wrote:
UR has been served.    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S   J U D ! ! !   🙂
The Seventh Lord of the Ring and  the Seventh Solar Witness are coded by Kin 200, Yellow Overtone Sun.
Sun, the 20th Seal/Archetype embodies Totality.
This Full Moon Eclipse Solstice (details in preceding post) is filled with Hunab Ku 21:
“Unity of totality–secret of the 441…
To know totality is to know Peace
To know Peace is to enter fully into the
Awesome, endless splendoUR of Galactic unfolding.”
N. S.  1. 23. 6. 9.   Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE!!!      Kin 257

60 thoughts on “Kin 257: Red Planetary Earth codes Rhythmic Seli 9 and the Full Moon Eclipse Solstice

  1. Whee! Eye find it VERY funny that in EST the eclipse starts at 1:33 AM, and 10:33 PM here in Cali…which while already speaking Skywalker vibe reduces to Kin 253, Rhythmic Skywalker – oUR most recent Magic T/UR/tle! My Mother-in-law is a 253 😉

    How shall we Pro[Prophet]fit from this energy?

    I Organize in order to Explore
    I Balance Wakefulness
    I seal the output of space
    With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    I Activate in order to Explore
    I Bond Wakefulness
    I seal the output of space
    With the Electric tone of Service
    I am guided by the power of Navigation

    And in viewing the T’zolkin it occURs to/two/too me that a balanced equation would include the opposite Kin on the wavelength Kin 13, Cosmic Skywalker 😉

    I Endure in order to Explore
    I Transcend Wakefulness
    I seal the output of space
    With the Cosmic tone of Presence
    I am guided by the power of Navigation

    The next Kin 13, (Hi George!) will occUR on 1/6/2011 – Kali, Rhythmic 25.

    An unprecedented amount of attention to oUR Lunar beacon has been brewing sUR/round/in/G this event – may we bring ALL oUR conscioUS discipline to BALANCE and AWAKEN this FRACTAL.

    Sura 72 Verse 13

    13 And as for us, since we have listened to the guidance, we have accepted it: and any who believes in his Lord has no fear, either of a short account or of any injustice.

    Love and vigil{D}ance!

    • viGil tRance?

      you mean vigilcoma..…‘

      aqnd for accounts, don^t fear

      THAT’s nooooOOoo reason

      i onlisaY: fED (d-)reserVe ⇔ (haha)

      there’s no pre/s/C/r-/ipeD nO TH inG to fear D. a. R.ι
      pl ease, waKeUP.
      plot Out y nr and sendit to Me❖ash follyOws

      or you preferinG kurZweil-seArCH till the end of the 1001 days o’ J us T”EYEseA………!

  2. ABUN‘DANCE!!!
    what a LUné ; ) what ajoy. C/on gratulations…… ……TMQ and seA, C’s (·: (ease) propheysee…¿

    «sigNaL from RiiigEL…relax… …… ABUNDANCE!!!

    i , … had a qU–est…¡on, maDame propH-ETa……!

  3. the bOws are spanned (OR spammed, as you wish) are sqarewise darted at the clUsters of probabilities and she sees it not, countinG numbers in her wakeful slumbers in ol and outworn safetycabs
    feel you at nein o’clock in the mor n ing


    The next Galactic Birthday for Kin 157, Magnetic Earth is in 161 {Overtone Dragon} days on 5/30/2011, Dali Crystal 1 –


    I Unify in order to Evolve
    I Attract Syncronicity
    I seal the matrix of navigation
    With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
    I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

    Buffet [buffet (v.) early 13c., from O.Fr. bufet “slap, punch,” dim. of bufe “a blow, puff of wind,” probably echoic of the sound of something soft being hit. 🙂 ] pulled off the geophysics milestone by harnessing the aid of some distant helpers: the moon and quasars — extremely bright and distant active galaxies.

    Quasars hurl from their luminous hearts a steady stream of radio waves that provide a consistent backdrop against which Earth’s most minute wigglings are noticeable, and measurements of these radio waves from ground-based and satellite telescopes allow for very precise data on changes in Earth’s rotation axis.

    By looking at these changes, and how they are affected by the moon’s gravitational tug on the Earth, Buffet was able to make his calculations.

    “I still find it remarkable that we can look to distant quasars to get insights into the deep interior of our planet,” Buffett said.

    He’s now at work on a second-generation model, and admits that a lack of information about conditions in the Earth’s interior has been a big hindrance to making accurate models.

    CHC Vol. II pg. 133 😉 Opened to/2/too randomly when eye pulled oUT of my Big Book Bag!

    “Ob/serving the uni/verse is one thing, but we see by penetrating beyond the ob/serv/able uni/verse that there are different levels of intelligible formations, which are all accompanied by thought/forms, not necessarily perceptible to self-limiting attitudes and worldview.”

    A search for the graphic on pg. 133 revealed this…

    We should become familiar with the following terms before delving into the text of the Cosmic Science:

    V. 24.333 – Internal system of the human (chakras)
    V. 24.33 – The human
    V. 24.3 – The planet (subsystem of the star)
    V. 24 – The star (Sun)
    V. – Vela (where the star V. 24 is located)
    V. 0 – Vela Pulsar (located in the Orion Arm (G))
    V. 00 – Hunab Ku (Galaxy (G)) emanated from its powerful center.
    These seven functions are discreet perspectives on a screen of instantaneous simultaneity; everything that has ever happened is happening now and since there is only one now, a large matrix exists to accommodate those points. The V.24.3 and V. 24.33 are the summation and culmination of this process. The larger structure of the resonant fields of the cosmos: Universe, galaxy, Velatropa sector, star and planet are also located within the human along with the chakra generators (V.24.333).

    Vela is a function of G, the local galaxy. This G is a function of GN, (or galactic neighborhoods), which is a function of the total whole system universe. In turn, the universe is a function of the seven universes—the septenary universe. Was everything created simultaneously, since it all exists simultaneously? The key to remember is that everything we consider has an instantaneously simultaneous codependent existence on the big matrix screen of our psychosensory input board.

    • in my perception from love strings …

      i c many things in V 24.333

      V is a bioVoid mystery mirror … where I and Thou meet at s’HeartH

      24 is the product from 3×8 hours a daya

      333 sums into 9 ; multiplies into 27

      the whole iz the +1 added to 27 givin’ 28th daya a moon as a human mirror for unity and maximum variation to express the harmoniQ free and in respect to the earth we are passing all the time …

      i put my wish in the transtional moon … especially focussed on America with the Shade of the rest …

      Bolon Ik from a UraniQ WeLLL

  5. a rat, moURninG her “natURal unamies to be cats
    LiViNgIn a tiger’scaGE‘‘‘!!!!!
    wouldya believeiT?

    C ould n`t s w I n g l o viv e r
    geOHhyPsic -ic smileMysterystoneKillers by unharnessed bot harmLESS 12/60-fears
    lack of information about conditions in the inner Eardrum

    …i may con TIN ue the OXX’s path till the biTiTere n d
    and then re- frain f rOm a n y greyFUR˙µ˙o t h e r DisNEY-Par -O-die -EnTERtain ments
    –as that’s nOt wHAT was In Tendered …

    and… also seeminGly not PerCEAιVED, …AGAIN…
    bi(grey)–FUR-FORNIfication Of the pathssss……

    “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” —


    lol , On 19.12 galactic EaGle, seemiñGleeee i had visit from mY futURself from next thursday , Cry.stial Γ ‘sTOrm
    as the bull s NOT ridden hOme…yeT
    But –––– –––after heavysearchinG the bull
    1.The inspiration for this first step, which is searching for the bull, is feeling that things are not wholesome, something is lacking. That feeling of loss produces pain. You are looking for whatever it is that will make the situation right. You discover that ego’s attempt to create an ideal environment is unsatisfactory.


    2. Discovering the Footprints
    By understanding the origin you find the possibility of transcending this pain. This is the perception of the Four Noble Truths. You see that pain results from the conflicts created by ego and discover the footprints of the bull, which are the heavy marks of ego in all play of events. You are inspired by unmistakable and logical conclusions rather than by blind faith. This corresponds to the Shravakayana and Pratyekabuddhayana paths.
    ………and not 6. “Taming the bull” ……hahahahdue to lack of stUff to Tame…lol
    ……so where’s thebeginning««,wheres the end;;»»)……… s···o tellme please…
    IF 2 is
    6 ……………………………………………
    and 6 3 | E mirrOred they add to 12 which is
    3 +3+3+3–––––––––––we sΤ i”ll y‘! have2312rest3 ––––––––Τ––––––––––
    i-me to forGIVE
    it’s you to set a pø|’nT
    …………——puton the90%junkBrainLight, –––––––– you 12/60 Be-Leavers in S A F E -ty- C (a) UsH/iobs…ups…-ionS

    …an d’ ON’T be lieve MotherTinLaws
    rei mar

  6. deliberate sheep’s eyes casting on the statusQuo and it’s seducing comfortable nest-sitting favourabilities seems to be overwhelmin’ here, so let’s help out then…«…:

    In the corporate sphere there is
    Coke/Pepsi, McDonalds/Burger King etc. creating the
    false dichotomies, the illusions of choice. In the
    political sphere the bloodlines/societies put members on
    both sides to control the spectrum. In the media it is no
    different. Both parties have long used the media to
    build the perception of opposing positions on key
    issues, meanwhile building consensus on other non-
    debated issues critical to social change.

    David Icke calls them “opposames.”

    “Every day on television stations all over the world, journalists and correspondents
    give their viewers the official version of the event they are reporting. ‘White House

    sources say this…, the Prime Minister says that…, the FBI say the other…’ Most journalists are not manipulating, they are simply stunningly uninformed and often incredibly arrogant. They believe that if anything of magnitude was going on they would know about it because they are ‘journalists’. In truth they are the last to know.” {case of kurZweilö-journalism and it’s consumers}

    advertise and propagandize the American public into different group-think patterns. Among others he was top advisor to William Paley, the founder
    of CBS.
    “These individuals, they do go back a long way and they have understood completely
    your psyche, they’ve had generations, centuries to study it. Their type of sorcery
    involves different kinds of techniques but it’s still the same effect:

    Tele-Hypnosis, Metacontrast, Hemisync, Synaesthesia, Embedding, new names, new terms for a very old, well-known practice

    to get you into group-think, into subservience,

    to get you to embody dialectical divisions of which there is no end in our society, to fashion your allegiances for you, to implant associations that your mind might not normally associate, to purvey escapism, rampant escapism and projection of fantasy into reality, to inflate false personas

    so you don’t have to be you,

    you can live it out through the person on the screen, and the excessive eroticization especially of the FEMALE.”-Michael Tsarion,

    “The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media”

    The word “media” comes from Media, an ancient place in the middle-east near Libya. The Medes were an ancient cult involved in the same activities practiced today by the modern media.

  7. . I forget to say that my beautilful oppositive Red Planetary Serpent is in charge on the guiding line. wuuuw

  8. “These individuals, they do go back a long way and they have understood completely
    your psyche, they’ve had generations, centuries to study it. Their type of sorcery
    involves different kinds of techniques but it’s still the same effect: Tele-Hypnosis,
    Metacontrast, Hemisync, Synaesthesia, Embedding, new names, new terms for a very
    old, well-known practice to get you into group-think, into subservience, to get you to
    embody dialectical divisions of which
    there is no end in our society, to
    fashion your allegiances for you, to
    implant associations that your mind
    might not normally associate, to
    purvey escapism, rampant escapism
    and projection of fantasy into reality,
    to inflate false personas so you don’t
    have to be you, you can live it out
    through the person on the screen, and
    the excessive eroticization especially
    of the female.”-Michael Tsarion,

    “The Subversive Use of Sacred
    Symbolism in the Media” Lecture at
    Conspiracy Con 2003

    The word “media” comes from Media, an ancient place in the middle-east near Libya. The Medes were an ancient cult involved in the same activities practiced today by the modern media:
    “In Media were the sorcerers and astrologers, not necessarily negative people but a
    tribe, a very adept cult from the ancient world who specialized in the use of talismans,

    amulets, mantras and sorcery. And the kings of the world knew that if battle hadn’t
    worked, or if legal means hadn’t worked
    to get rid of an enemy, or you didn’t
    want it known that you were getting rid
    of your enemy, you simply called on the
    Medes. And you bring the representative
    of the Media into your court and he will
    take care of the problem because he is
    going to put the spell on your enemy, the
    hex, because they know how to do it.
    These Median sorcerers and other wizards of old often carried magical wands as well, wooden staffs from which to cast their spells. These were always made of just

    ✙ one certain kind of wood ✟ : holly. Hollywood.

    And that’s where we get the word

    Mediterranean, Mediation Meditation, and Medication, the Medics. Study this alone and a whole interesting subject will open itself up, because we still have the sorcerers and the voodoo and the witch doctory,

    we still have it today only now it’s the Techno Shamanism, it’s the Silicon Sorcerers, it’s the Ivory Tower Witchdoctors and they’re still very busy at what they’re doing up at Madison Avenue and behind the other great

    ✮corporate giants who are only too happy to tell you what to think.✯

    in my research in ”other than” resour-Ces”

    i came upoN this species: …

    Pandora replaced the lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing Zeus the Cloudgatherer.
    Barssia oregonensis is often found with Tuber gibbosum. It is distinguished
    by the presence of a “belly button”, a small cavity to the interior. They arePrussian –lol⇓ DE 393 M2 – …
    endless fascination on Eastern European constructabylidilety and quite t a πTasty ……… … …… …… …. …………… “the mice,” Ha ha!Went to Sephora

    cerebellum, controls all VOLUNTARY actions in the body. In humans, ganglionic eminences serve as the source of GABAergic thalamic neurSIons, which migrate through…… ……… ……

    “Repressed psychic energy is the lubricant of the fourth-dimensional personality,
    Barssias represent a typical In corporation of the ‘american Dream’

    meaning, being at least encompassed by 2 cilOs of this…

    Otherwise they are not conTended enough with their One and only aim in Life: being a Good pupil of th e TinmotherLaw- Accruements of daily life:

    House / car / hUsband / tv, coiffeur inCL.
    these dailys, also comPuters, as You can NicelY watch on this BloGG-Channel

    every DaYA
    … Thats the Dark siDe of THE AMERICAN WAY

    ”∞” But government jobs are frequently not really jobs at all—that certainly is the case in the matter of being a schoolchild.
    Thereis nothing or very little to do in school, but one thing is demanded —that children must attend, condemned to hours of desperation, pretending to do a job tha⠚t …………does⠡nOt ⠣exist.
    At the end of the day, tired, fed up, full of aggression, their families feel the
    accumulated tedium of their pinched lives. Government jobs for children have broke the spirit of our people.”
    remember,… ? vivi… ?
    in lakech


    • One side of the mUShroom makes you larger, the other side makes you smaller…

      White Spectral Mirror

      I Dissolve in order to Reflect
      I Release Order
      I seal the matrix of endlessness
      With the Spectral tone of Liberation
      I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

      Mirror Master

      Meher Baba’s metaphysical views are most notably described in God Speaks. His cosmology incorporates concepts and terms from Vedanta, Sufism, and Christianity.[99][100] Meher Baba upheld the concept of nonduality, the view that diverse creation, or duality, is an illusion and that the goal of life is conscious realization of the absolute Oneness of God inherent in all animate and inanimate beings and things. Meher Baba compares God’s original state to an infinite, shoreless ocean which has only unconscious divinity — unaware of itself because there is nothing but itself. From this state, God had the “whim” to know Himself,[101] and asked “Who am I?”[102] In response to this question, creation came into existence. In this analogy, what was previously a still, shoreless Ocean now stirred,[103] forming innumerable “drops” of itself or souls. Meher Baba often remarked “You will find all the answers to your questions in God Speaks. Study the book thoroughly and absorb it.”.[104]

      Evolution and Involution
      According to Baba, each soul pursues conscious divinity by evolving: that is, experiencing form in seven “kingdoms” — stone/metal, vegetable, worm, fish, bird, animal, and human. The soul gathers sanskaras (impressions) in each form; these impressions lead to further evolution expressed by taking new, more complex forms. With each new form, increasing consciousness is gained, until the soul experiences and discards forms from all the evolutionary kingdoms. The final form of the soul’s evolution is the human form. Only in the human form can the soul experience its own divinity, by entering into involution, through which it gradually eliminates all impressions which cause the appearance of separateness from God.[105]

      Reincarnation and God-realization
      Baba asserts that in the human form, the soul becomes subject to reincarnation, the “involuntary process of association and disassociation of consciousness”.[106] The purpose of reincarnation is to provide the opportunity for liberation from illusion. The soul reincarnates innumerable times in all conditions of life encompassing the whole range of human experience (e.g. man/woman, rich/poor, powerful/weak, etc.).[107] Through the experience of opposites, sanskaras gradually grow fainter and scarcer.[108] 😉 Meher Baba describes the process of God-realization this way:

      From out of the depth of unbroken Infinity arose the Question, “Who am I?” And to that Question there is the answer, “I am God!”[102]

      Meher Baba described heaven and hell as transitory and illusory states between incarnations:[109]

      The states of heaven and hell are nothing but states of intensive experiences of the consciousness of the soul, experiencing either of the predominant counterparts of the opposite impressions while the soul is dissociated from the gross human body or form.[110]

      “Who are U?”

      In Lak’ech,

      • . while youR t i me Ing imprOves«…did u notice?
        (… looKinG like grouTchomX, witha JuliaCaesarBeak, this methanbaba had his head deep in a scheikh’s arse(noid)?while having been able to working with lepers, the poor, and the mentally ill.
        ……an it leads me toyoUR’s à ✯C ou nT(theDead) (c)ry✯ {“Th…is country accounts for 40% of global military spending.!!!
        and it’S unConsciOus‘!
        ”∞……an aide to Gandhi said, “You may say emphatically that Gandhi never asked Meher Baba for help or for spiritual or other advice.”[45]……
        An between his 2 aCci-dents he deClAREd to be go(♥)d lol
        so why do ya ask this mehembabA for ad VICE?
        you C UR i o Us Toma!toeNoodle, youare the dearest proS pec Tive, ever percieved in my life

        -ie…ve it
        -ea…ve it
        GRR…eave it,
        :…DEC………or a Ch…ie (-ei, OR ea!lol)Ve it.

        But it…♥… IS…

        but it neVer c ame tome/mimi(ymmKRY)nd, a trillionth P art o a SECond……‘
        when i asKed, if you like jeffMiLLs… who, at T imes makes my heART danCe…………
        there C uold Be sth like A M i L(e) inThe Way

        so, should iask ya M I L. for AD?lol

        THE UNITED “states of heaven and hell are nothing but states of intensive experiences of the consciousnessess of the soul, and the dramas experienced, the pAtterns of the UnfolDinG o’ the divine Plan either in or beYond the predominant counterparts of the opposite dualitY-impressions… while the soul is liñgeriñging in betWeen…it ‘stans’to’reason’all’in’the’postU-lates.

        :…and i have not meaSUREd a millionth pART of yoUR beauty
        … not Up, not Down {…iT hURles me though!)
        so, sweet, woodyou alloW tmy(Twoothousandandthir(s)TEaM)……
        to send me yoUR i-mehl?
        …or isItalReadyTuoomuchaGain.…?
        love to you swee’Kn. reimar from planet eARTh (see no 2 an then 5)
        -i’matruedog’seYesStupid, iknow
        20155 milano

  9. 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

    Tele-Hypnosis, MetaContrast, synaesthesia- Embedding of SubservianCe-Codes, new names, new terms for a very old, well-known praC-tice .

    MonKey region : hiGhly affeCted

    jUst now they had another holly figure as govna in KaliForniFiCation, ☠actor☠ as it were, who the preCedent 20 years☹, had filled up tender sensiTive brains with BrigHt BullShit., “softly and unnoticeably leadinG whole generations into the abyss.

    idon’t say it’s better in germoney, as ☠merk-el☠ is stuck with her whole head up to the shoulders in the arse{enoic} of ptb.
    {exemplifyinG the doublestrategy of life {human+reptile}

    you don’t see it from the outside, due to their excellent “shapeshifter” facilities, but as soon as she opens her jaws, it Oozes out brownishly {an nicelyso}

    the OverallpiCtURe {4D-Ox-herdinG, lol}

    ……And you can never Know , what they ‘re actually feelinG, as forInstanCe this, yesterdaY exemplified species (harshly reniT€nT) “barashia” tend to
    hide beHINd numbers and 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 ;)…’s, and lately also undernEATh ViV’s…ViV’s… ViV’s…ViV’s…V…if’s…VV…ViV’s… ViV’s…ViV’s…

    purvey escapism, rampant escapism and projection of fantasy into reality,

    to inflate false personas

    ::… so you don’t have to be you, ☤☤☤

    if you are able to see only what-is—then,………OnlY THEN……
    by Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is…LOL

    So…… You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what -is in order to attract something different or something more..fiTiTinG with yoUR Own inheRENT
    disavOweD NaTurE.

    …and this beComes possible only by forgiVinG………

    …and for InstanCe {nOt on KurZweile…} By :


    9 Underworld-Dwellers, rising in oUR subconsciousness
    transduced to
    ” The Ten Ox-herding Pictures” described by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987)/Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
    by the +1-factor

    3D space/time mirrors 4D Time/space
    ego meets sui repressed parts

    3. Perceiving the Bull

    You are startled at perceiving the bull and then, because there is no longer any mystery, you wonder if it is really there; you perceive its insubstantial quality. When you begin to accept this perception of non-duality, you relax, because you no longer have to defend the existence of your ego{ameriCanDream}. Then you can afford to be open and …generous.
    You begin to see another way of dealing with your projections and that is joy in itself, the first spiritual level of the attainment of the Bodhisattva.

    in La’ech


  10. dear Kin aligned in the Noosphere ComeBatZone …,

    quite some moons ago and 520 daya ago the Kweakspell started on Dragon 1 just 3 daya before Seed4 – the mystery target spice – started on July 26, 2009 as a ref. . this vision on 9daya a kweak in a 9991 trinity doubling constellation enters its 3rd cycle in a few daya – on the 1st Christmas Daya considering a Celebration of Peace and Give Peace a Chance. Then peace is always all around us; just understand it mutually and be a wholly part of that.

    just some words i “speak by fingertripping” …

    then i sense grace in kinship vibrating the “daya” sound … which is more melodious than just “day”. A third leg is wished upon that star to make it more melodious than the 2 sillables … try “dadaya” or “BAHdaya” … and resonate your best star within this 6th rhythmic moon?

    anyway a search on the cybernet gave me a real sri daya:
    here she iz on Yogananda dotorg

    as a med’ tripping point while closing another T’zolkin …

    • kin 253 iz the DS number for sri DAYA on jan31 1914

      its the rhythmic tone in this current wave of STAR / / LAMAT

      Tone 6 Rythmic
      Seal of the Day, Destiny

      Red Skywalker (BEN) Explores and emphasizes Space.
      The seal of the day is the basis of life destiny, with power of the solar tribe.
      Kin 253 of 260 day cycle (20 wavespells of 13 tones).
      (13 Moon Calendar: moon:7 day:22)

      in kweak this is number 253+260 = 513 a 9 vibration aka kweakbird
      the tipping points are 249 and 257 , moon and mirror
      as an initiating notion in kweak~t’urbow

    • dadaya would be all but with prospective as KIn are hardly concerned with what “papa” has to say, kees.

      • hi rei-mar, dadaya crossed my electric mind magnosphere too

        i sense it too familiar with the ol’period closin’downdowndown

        “Qadaya” – how does that sound?

        it’s bivideotex-number is 19


  11. The next Galactic Birthday for kin 259
    is in 260 days on 9/9/2011 – witch then implies Kin 1 on 9/11/11 Hmmm…


    I Dedicate in order to Catalyze
    I Universalize Energy
    I seal the matrix of self-generation
    With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
    I am guided by the power of Magic

    Hope all is well…m/ore than a little concerned for oUR dear Patroness, Claire.

    In Lak’ech,

  12. why are all other comments approved by tmq(whonow seemsto fear her job here lololololololstupilolo

    ………and mine not??????

  13. so let’Ts EX ploDE this ridiculous NOPN saense
    where NOONE Can stick to where she’ claims to have ya blank slate











  15. Leave a Reply : i’m in FUZLL ELEMENT



    hands… hams

    …………hands… g
    ALL STUPID¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As you couldn’t trust nobody, thankyouaGain dear


    they have no mercy… they Only beHave, as if::…

    TMQ is a de ceiver!!!!!!!!!

  18. «««««why she approves now evrything. this bitch. suddenly,……… she fears for her blogg

    AND SHE IS RIGHT‘‘‘!!!




    WHOse participants were deceived

    their GOODWILL abused
    and the hearts of manY very much disappointed, … once more!

    this is just the beginning

    see you… elsewhere«……

  21. so do’n’t dare to do one more day here,

    an i’ll in form him, under whose aquayeaintance you dare to do this blobb here…………

  22. Reimar,

    Is that really you making these vile and threatening comments? This is the first time the F word has been allowed onto the blog, unapproved, which makes me think there are other forces at work here–it is the most reasonable explanation.

    If it is you, then please tell me why! This is all so surreal and bizarre.

    These comments caused me to cry on Christmas Eve, but I still hope you enjoy Christmas with Valentin and your loved ones. 🙂

    Peace and Truth,
    Claire Galactic Mirror

  23. well, i see this as expressing the anger phase that comes after a hard search and co-operation for a goal … an outcome … a hope which seems a lot of waste after that search , quite some workin’ the study in mystic mode …

    the hope there is … iz the nature mode arizin’ after that “collapse” …

    “we will see a phoenix arizin'”

    thX to all the (K)noobodies that surrender to “the birdaya”

  24. Day 13 of the 20th Wavespell here, Seal 20 Tone 13, Yellow Cosmic Sun Kin 260 (occulted by the Kin our TMQ and others are already on). 20:13!!!

    (For the record (ha!) I for one wish we could all be on the same Kin, same Watch, All the same Time. All for One for All. All the better to synchronize!!)

    Beginning a new Galactic Spin. Fresh Start. All the Presence we need!

    I could see how TMQ might take this as a sign to discontinue her Blog, but I hope not 🙂 (even while there is a conscious alignment with the idea that everything is, in fact, unfolding perfectly).

    Beware looking into oUR Galactic Mirror if you would resist what you see!

    The good will out. 🙂

    In lak’ech
    Love to All
    Crystal Tone of Cooperation

  25. SALUSA 20-DEC-2010 (A message from the Sirians to Dr Mike Quinsey)

    We are pleased for you all that as the festive spirit grows, it is bringing to you a much needed break from the rigors and demands of everyday life. It proves that if you so desire, you can create an energy around you that is unaffected by the lower vibrations. How nice it would be if you could maintain that higher level well into the New Year. However we know that similar messages and ours do not reach everyone, and as the changes develop many are fearful of the future. This is where as informed Lightworkers you can help others, if in no other way than to make sure that they understand that it is only a temporary condition. That the outcome will lift your whole civilization up to higher levels not experienced previously.

    The old ways are no longer appropriate for ascending souls that have chosen to take the path to Ascension. By and large you have learnt whatever lessons you came to experience. You can therefore apply yourself to making the necessary break with all that is associated with duality. Move fully into the point of your focus, and by centering yourself you will become less inhibited or distracted by what is going on around you. Just let events find their own level and provide the opportunity for our allies to move in. A number of outcomes are drawing nearer, and disclosure still looks likely to be the first one to manifest.

    Certainly the general atmosphere now is one where it has become commonplace to find articles and messages about us. We are no longer viewed as aliens, but rather your Space Friends and that has been one of our objectives for a long time. We have had to overcome prejudice and deliberate misinformation about us, and confusion with the activities of the Greys that are not members of the Galactic Federation. We have some sympathy with them as to the plight of their civilization that was in danger of dying out. However, in their desperation they have made agreements that have not been in the highest interests of your evolution. On Earth intelligence or the understanding of advanced technologies does not necessarily make for its correct application. The greed for power has been paramount on Earth and it is only through the intervention of Divine Beings, that you have been saved from total destruction.

    Having at times felt that you were neglected and left to fend for yourselves, you would be amazed if you really knew how the forces of Light have closely accompanied you through duality. They have come from many different levels and also advanced civilizations such as those like us, who have been closer to you than most have. Furthermore, on a personal level you have always had your Guides and Angelic Guardians present, and where necessary they have protected you through each lifetime. Call on them if you need help, and be sure that they will hear you. Help often comes in unexpected ways so do not specifically demand one way to another, but leave all possibilities open. Remember also that time is not an issue away from Earth, so responses can occur at anytime and when they do they will be right for whatever needs you have.

    The last word in all of your activities and experiences is whatever you planned to do. Even those so-called negative ones are learning experiences that you agreed to before incarnating. It is why on another level that concerns your civilization; we would not interfere unless given divine permission. You might therefore understand why we sometimes have to stand back, and allow your creations to work out. What would indeed be the point if you did not see the full affect of your desires and intentions. The final closing of the cycle of duality, will be the end of an era of many battles between the dark and the Light forces. Yet you have subconsciously been aware that regardless of how low the vibrations fell, you would still be victorious. Now you are about to experience the last days that are opening you up to the Light very rapidly.

    Still be on your guard as the final acts of the dark Ones play themselves out, and as we so often implore you, do not give in to fear. All of the time you hold the Light whether you realize it or not, you are transmuting the lower energies wherever you go. When thousands and thousands of you do so, the affect is tremendously greater and that alone is a way of serving the Light. You can all play a part and believe us that every contribution is as valuable as any other. You may be individuals with a mind of your own, but you are nevertheless an important part of the whole and what you do affects everyone else. Therefore how fast you progress is down to all of you.

    There is no denying that hard times are still going to occur, as you cannot otherwise experience the decline and fall of your civilization. Yet your reward by being here to experience it, is that you will also be part of the changes by serving your traveling companions. One day you will look back and feel so privileged to have been part of it. By then you will have forgotten the hardships and challenges you had to face. It will all come under the heading of “experience” and you will have risen to high levels of consciousness as a result. It is why many other souls would have gladly joined you, but were not ready for such a tough challenge. You are special whether you believe it or not, and soon you will return to those levels that are your real home. Are you now beginning to grasp the magnificence of the Light that permeates everything That Is, and the Love that the Creator has expressed in all that has been created for your experiences. Your finite minds would understandably have difficulty in total comprehension, but as you grow into the Light it will expand.

    I am SaLuSa, and I can tell you Dear Ones that we like you are getting excited that the end times are approaching very quickly. How time has gathered speed, and you have only to consider how the years have been passing quicker than ever since the Millennium. But for your expanding consciousness you might not have experienced it in this way. They are all part of the signs that dramatic changes are taking place, and none are greater than those happening because of your Sun. It is increasingly conveying to you more energy than ever, and it is helping you to expand your levels of consciousness. We are All One and share our love with you all.

  26. NIDLE 21.DEC-2010 (A message from the Sirians to Dr Sheldan Nidle)

    We return to continue our discussion with you as the world you live in completes another of its Gregorian-calendar years. We come at this time with much news and to proclaim the manifestation of a new reality! The old ways that have controlled your world for the past eight millennia have run their course; the trite reiterations of your authority figures fail to convince; and the economic, governmental, and social underpinnings of your reality are falling apart. The depth and extent of this system’s failure is global in scope, and it is apparent that widespread panic is indeed setting in, spreading from one continent to another. Presently, a fake digital bastion disguises the breakdown that lies behind it, but this deception cannot last much longer. What is being perpetrated is a series of monumental misrepresentations which are shortly to collapse in on themselves. Everywhere the need for change grows with each passing day. Our Earth allies have begun to listen intently to what we have to say on these matters, and we are encouraging them to act and to act now!

    The banking sham and the huge debt that is engulfing the system portend the start of a global collapse the likes of which your world has never seen. Similarly, governments, especially in the Americas and many nation-states in Europe, are reaching the end of their rope. Civil unrest and other forms of national disobedience are beginning to crop up in many parts of your world, and the more totalitarian regimes are apprehensive about a degree of civil disorder not seen since the days when the communist regimes of Eastern Europe collectively fell. These conditions do not go unnoticed by the dark cabalists, and their henchmen are now flying around the world to assure many regimes of their support and their ability to keep the lid on the growing public rebellion. Their assertions are hollow and are made to maintain some semblance of control and stability, which is being increasingly undermined by the concerted actions of our Earth allies. Developments are coming to a head, and the time is fast approaching for us to actively insert ourselves into your affairs to turn the tide swiftly in our Earth allies’ favor.

    Our diplomats and liaison teams are monitoring the global situation carefully and at the proper moment we need to intervene on a massive scale. This intervention will be swift and enable deliveries to be made quickly and easily. The dark cabal is watching the approach of this ‘first domino’ closely. Despite their best efforts, our Earth allies are unable to push it through on their own, so we have decided to do it in our own way. At the right moment, this special intervention will happen. It will signal the start of a chain of events that is to change governments and usher in a new global hard monetary structure. We have been over the procedures for these changes many times with our Earth allies and our Agarthan cousins. These events herald the end of your non-disclosure policies, and once we are formally announced, we intend to begin an education program that will make first contact much easier to carry out. Right now, many of you are in a quandary over whether we are benevolent or even truly real! Our broadcasts and ship tours will put these questions formally to rest.

    Another aspect of these educational broadcasts is our massive technology bequest to you. Our technologies are to supplement the presently sequestered technologies that the new regimes are to release into the public arena. You are to vault ahead technologically by several decades to make up for the past century during which these discoveries were made and then kept from you. A much-needed new scientific paradigm will be born, preparing you for what is to come. We intend to assist your sciences to coalesce a new paradigm. We discovered long ago that once truth begins to come on line in any given situation, it gets harder and harder for the governments to stem the surge toward full disclosure. We look forward immensely to this technology transfer and all that will follow it, as the situation on your world requires urgent, massive upgrading. Our personnel are ready to go and carry out their assigned responsibilities at a moment’s notice.

    Now let us look at the sequencing of events as set up by our Earth allies. We have basically taken over responsibility to see that the flood of global deliveries is carried out at the appropriate moment. Further, we have used our good offices to ensure that the new governments are in power by the time this first task is completed. The new governments, especially the American one, have the job of broadcasting the dramatic, initial series of announcements which will lay the groundwork for all we have been talking about in this message. They have a range of immense responsibilities to carry out. In the case of the new American regime, there is the grand task of reestablishing the US Constitution as a true working document, and the first broadcast will address how this is to be done. The next series of edicts will establish guidelines for debt forgiveness and new monetary and international policies.

    These proclamations will establish a new reality for America. In this new atmosphere, a number of new governments in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania will have the opportunity to contribute additional global guidelines. These are to be the basis for an unprecedented level of global cooperation and will be enhanced by our good offices and by our own educational broadcasts. You are then to enter a new era in which you, as a people, can reach out and rediscover the true nature of Gaia and reunite with your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans, who have waited for nearly thirteen millennia to interact with you without outside interference. Then comes a short interim period prior to your return to full consciousness; a time for celebrating your reunion with and getting to know your Inner Earth family.

    We see this coming time as a period when Heaven allows us to be the element ‘that makes a difference.’ We possess the means to turn our Earth allies into a force to be reckoned with! We have been in orbit around your world for nearly two decades, and this is an unprecedented situation for any Science and Exploration (S&E) fleet. During this time we have been asked to intervene increasingly deeply, all in accordance with Heaven’s dictates. Another interesting facet of this mission is the high turnover of motherships joining and leaving the fleet. A further unique aspect is the high exchange rate of motherships between star-nation fleets, giving us a composite made up of members of almost every S&E fleet in the Federation. Normally, the Main Federation Council would not allow such an extensive migration of Motherships!

    What lies just ahead of you is Heaven’s grand thrust to institute a new fully conscious reality for you. Our part in these proceedings is to make it happen! We take this role very seriously as we comprehend fully what Heaven intends for you. The suffering you have had to endure is now to end. You are ready now to embrace a wealth of facts and astonishing truths that will run counter to what you have long been given to believe. The cabal has fought tooth and nail to maintain those lies that keep them in power, but that option is no longer available. The time has come for you to learn that you are not alone, and for you to graduate to your incredible future as fully conscious Beings of Light. Celebrate, now, the emerging events that are bringing you this imminent and wondrous destiny!

    Today, we reviewed what awaits you and ask that you prepare for what is now to happen. Be ready to help your fellows and to inform your community about what is happening in their world. We are to stage a mass landing, and then lead you in grace and joy to your new fully conscious world! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

    • hi MeloVia (Appia;~)

      i didnt read the message as a whole just snapped:

      “The depth and extent of this system’s failure is global in scope,
      and it is apparent that widespread panic is indeed setting in,
      spreading from one continent to another.”

      but then … i donot know why i snapshot just this one …

      probably it fed my wholly base into a huGGG

      “i simply love u without any physical recognition as a mirror, as a wholly 260 kin tzolkin’ethic partnearing my flame”

      red planetary earth on … , MAgnetic DRAGON ON dUTCH Clocktime running my Moon …

      YaniQ just S’kyped her Son Thomas who has birth daya on WIND2 celebreathing his 20th birdDaya in Shanghai, China …

      This is about havin’ seal 17, 1 & 2 in a focus … where we have our Christmas Diner in a fewww minutes honoring the Earth at its rebirth Dragon in a True Spirit … from a Lover Couple at a Dimension …

      LoVe to All Kin Alive and at a VoiD’


      considering the work and input of a special Kin i seem to enter contreebution 59 … which alignes to a STORM 7 ~ catalsing what iz to be catalyzed ~ i suppose

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