Yellow Solar Warrior; Kin 256 codes Rhythmic Dali 8: Cube Two; Spirit

Yellow Solar Warrior

Yellow Solar Human
White Solar Worldbridger Yellow Solar Warrior Blue Solar Night
  Red Overtone Serpent
I Pulse in order to Question,  Realising Fearlessness.
I seal the output of Intelligence with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Free Will.
Today’s Challenge, 6.9 reminds us of the Special Full Moon Eclipse Solstice tomorrow on Moon 6, Day 9.  The G-Force for Solar Warrior is Lunar Wind, reflecting  Cube Day 2:  SPIRIT and Communication.  The PSI for Rhythmic 8 is Resonant Mirror, and today we received  Communication from oUR Resonant Mirror, Debra about this Solstice  🙂
Postulate 16.9“Spectralized weightlessness of Earth transforms into pure luminosity when hyperorganic super conscious order psychosynchronizes within itself the simultaneous experience of the sum of critical moments of incidence of pre- to post-organic stellar phases of evolution.  At this moment T(E(arth))=Art results in pure light, a photon geometric aggregate imperceptibly absorbed into the expanding hyperdimensional thermic luminic solar mass.”
DALI 8:  TARGET;  CROWN Chakra07.gif
Week 22 corresponds to Codon 3:  FRESH START:  Tree Holds form of Space.
 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace For  Solar Warrior, with Heart of Nine as its Analog, here is the Mayan hand signal for 9:  ” In Mayan handsign the number 9 is indicated by pressing the thumb and index (1st) finger together. This finger position also means “Sun” .     Interesting that in Mayan the left hand (feminine) has the sound “HU” as in HUman.” 
Also from R Cosmic Knight:
For this Yellow Dali 8, here is a beauty-full ‘Cosmic’ 8STAR:
In the Long Count, today is Yellow Cosmic Star  🙂
 {The following images are from a site Kin 143 found:
The triple aspect of the Full Moon Eclipse Solstice has been noted.
Additionally, for oUR 441 Cube, the CK  on this Greg. 12/21   will be Hunab Ku 21.21   on this Greg. 12/21  🙂
21.21 – 20.13 = 1.8 = Kin 21 (Galactic Dragon,  which is Valum Votan’s G-Force and TMQ’s Analog) for another triple aspect.
Great Gratitude to oUR Resonant Mirror, Debra, for her wonderful analysis of tomorrow’s Special Eclipse Solstice, and more:  It can be viewed in yesterday’s comments, or at Debra’s site:
Debra notes: Seismic activity is known to peak during eclipse points.  Another interesting concept about our solar activations (photon exposure) , is that an eclipse marks the end of a photon exposure cycle. (I’m reminded of the movie Contact where Jodie Foster thinks the signal has stopped – thought it is just a pause between transmissions of the series of prime numbers – before it starts over again.) Given the pause of 72 minutes (a sacred number) during the eclipse, a new series/pattern of photon activation will emerge after this 72 minute pause. (Bonnie Gaunt’s “Beginnings, the Sacred Design” puts math to the dimensions of the sun, moon and earth, and the distances between these bodies that make perfect eclipse possible. (Also, it would take 720 moons side by side (perfectly) to fill the entire orbital path of the moon around the earth. And, the largest number that can be perfectly divisible into the diameter of the sun, diameter of the moon, or diameter of the earth is 720.”
{720-441= a TFI of 279 for this significant number279- 260= 19, the most sacred number}
7 Etznab also shares:  “the last time we had eclipse on solstice was in 1638”  She also notes the ramifications of the increase of photons:  “I’m also considering Geoff Stray’s description of how our pineal gland may be the center of our ability to see into other dimensions, and is sensitive to photon exposure.”
This special Solstice is happening 60 days after we entered the 113 day Sacred Cycle of “Lord of the Dawn Arises”  This is a cycle of increased revelation of Truth.  Another interesting truth from Wikileaks reveals how countries are coerced/bribed into sending soldiers to war:  “[Prime Minister- Electric Storm] Helen Clark decided to send soldiers to Iraq to stop Fonterra (the largest dairy company in New Zealand) (from) losing lucrative Oil for Food contracts, WikiLeaks cables reveal”
 On oUR Galactic Synchronization, the Dreamspell Kin  (4.8:  Galactic Seed) and the Long Count (17.13:  Cosmic Earth) combine to make Hunab Ku 21.21 =441  🙂 (t0 become  Kin 21:  Red Galactic Dragon synchronizing a  link between oUR 441 Cube, tomorrow’s ‘Full Moon Eclipse Solstice’, and oUR Galactic Synchronization.  🙂
Total Lunar Eclipse!
 “The last lunar eclipse of 2010 is especially well placed for observers throughout North America on December 21st at 11:40pm PST.”  “At the instant of greatest eclipse (08:17 UT) the Moon lies near the zenith for observers in southern California and Baja Mexico”“During totality, the winter constellations are well placed for viewing so a number of bright stars can be used for magnitude comparisons. Pollux (mv = +1.16) is 25° east of the eclipsed Moon, while Betelgeuse (mv = +0.45) is 16° to the south, Aldebaran (mv = +0.87) is 20° to the west, and Capella (mv = +0.08) is 24° to the north.”The first Lunar Eclipse on a Solstice in 372 years will have a  partial umbral eclipse spanning almost 3.5 hours…= 210 minutes  🙂 

The last Solstice Lunar Eclipse, on 12/ 21, 1638,  was coded by Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth!!!

The Moon is Full here at the significant number of 9:13 p.m. ( 21:13 {Cosmic Hunab Ku} by the 24-hour clock) and coincides with the time of Eclipse.  TMQ will meditate for 1 hour & 19 minutes (= 79 minutes) minutes beginning at 9:08 p.m. NZDT (9×8 = 72) which is 21:08 {=Kin 21} until 22:27; 10:27 p.m.   During this most auspicious time, let’s honor our connection with the Divine, the Noosphere and with each other.peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
The letters of Nelson (where TMQ is located) equal 79 79 is known as The Noosphere Constant (the difference between 441 and 520 (two PSI plates of 260 Kin) Kin 79 is Magnetic Storm.
Postulate 19.1:  “There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.”
N. S.  1. 23. 6. 8.      Cube Two:  SPIRIT             Kin 256

11 thoughts on “Yellow Solar Warrior; Kin 256 codes Rhythmic Dali 8: Cube Two; Spirit

  1. that’s 8:13 met

    mperceptibly absorbed into the expanding hyperdimensional thermic luminic solar mass.”d///// u//////a/////www/////////???????

  2. 9 Underworld-Dwellers, rising in our subconsciousness
    transduced to
    ” The Ten Ox-herding Pictures” described by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987)/Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
    by the +1-factor

    3.Riding the Bull Home

    There is no longer any question of search. The bull (mind) finally obeys the master and becomes creative activity. This is the breakthrough to the state of enlightenment – the Vajra-like samadhi of the Eleventh Bhumi. With the unfolding of the experience of Mahamudra, the luminosity and colour of the mandala become the music which leads the bull home.

    novelty engression
    Call it Rah Mind ✰ same thing ✻
    G-uided by the power of elegance It is important now to gather and use everything, to store it safely, and to make sure it will not become moldy.

    Then one should be open and alert and react to every new moment. Without any predetermined course. Not even with too much virtue
    the A I M is nigh, lol…:

    so, kin ⠓ĦÊ⡆■-◗ ::: harness yoUR SolarProphetic BuoyancySensation-SPace/Time

    And make it a Time/SPace Galactic-Karmic Diamond-Vehicle on the FluxTube of a very real and tOuchable, sensitive terrestial YoUr-ney

    or was it the other way round, lol
    who knows, where it begiNs?
    in lak’ech ry

  3. Hello Halo mi Kin of the 441.
    Hear 2G-Ether for this Soul-Tea-sssss
    Truth sinking deeper into the marrow of mi bones…
    And the marrow of mi bones sends mi-Sages thru to mi 13
    cranial nerves…
    And EYE tremble.
    Back in the land of Ashes.
    Whispers of Shasta Activation bring fireflies to my Sol
    Noo LOT office…
    mi eyes have yet to see…but soon cum.
    E-Star’s father disincarnated on Self-Existing 26.
    Planetary Mirror.
    Brain Hemorage on gregorian 11:11.
    11:11 which first called me into the deeper matrix.
    11:11 which is E-Star’s and V.V.’s kin.
    E-Star rides through the Worldbridger Wavespell this UR.
    He says he is darth-mal. He greets death with curiosity.
    And eye am with Noo child.
    Expected arrival Planetary 11. Kin 108.
    Kin 108.
    Kin 108.
    Last UR’s D.O.O.T celebration…..
    which at the apex of–a woman who seemed transparent and odd came and asked for a reading…
    During the reading eye learned that eye was with noo-child. The reading was for her–but she was me and eye was her ad we were we, and EYE noo that it was so.
    Death. Re-birth.
    Galactic Mayan mind transmission.
    Eye look outside just now, and mi eyes sea the faintest Rainbow.
    Building a Rainbow Bridge for E-Star.
    Some nets and thorns still ahead…
    and yet, a
    is being built as we enter this darkest day of the year…
    And drink from our Soul’s ever brewing pot-o-tea.
    We birth a Noo.
    We land in the Hall of Mirrors.
    That all may see within.
    Eye enter the silence.
    Grateful for Kin.
    Grateful for E-star and Sea-Star’s
    Lights and the Abysss.
    Mi SerPAN-T ways–
    Full Life-Force in Full-Motion and
    then deep inner retreat into eternal caverns become
    more and more intense.
    Goddess Temple was founded here in Ashland yesterday.
    A Galactic Vision.
    It’s coming made the front page of the Daily Tidings.

    In the waves break… Star Eye Am
    Grateful for these T’s;
    truth, totality, telepathy…

    On Rythmic 10 at 8 a.m until noon eye will be in court. Any Kin thathave the meditation time–send your energy and light in creating a Rainbow Bridge for E-Star to cross.

    in lak’ech,

    • 11.11 might be associated to the Gregorian 20 … ELEVEN

      happy ending of a decenium , all kin in the myth of the 6th moon!

      let is shade the sun for a while


      winter starts here on dec 22 – 9 daya before 2011

    • And anoother congratulations! Light child!

      I Perfect in order to Survive
      I Produce Instinct
      I seal the store of life force
      With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
      I am guided by the power of Space

      On yoUR day dealing with the “Justice System”

      Spectral Mirror

      I Dissolve in order to Reflect
      I Release Order
      I seal the matrix of endlessness
      With the Spectral tone of Liberation
      I am guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

      Eye offer a mUSical inspiration by Spectral Mirror, Duane Eddy (What a master at wave manipulation 😉 )


      May the Phoenix Goddess rise from Ashland to lead and bless US!


      • iiiieeehhhhk!! suddenly smells like h air-jelly in the airies

        sniff, oh poor , my 3girlrHumba, there it goess…

  4. SwinG lOw, and then HiGh
    sweet C/hairi.ot like a fiREfly

    …die kleinen Lichtschimmer
    die sich langsam drehn
    und dann flicker-flacker flimmern
    als ob sie winken
    dass nie wieder eine dunkle Nacht.

    it’s, again, quite c/om/fOrt/ab/le/Lÿ here in the sunregion:

    partial eclipse begins about 1 hr 45 min beFORE peak loc/a:(l) time.

    ___Solstice: Dec 21: 23:38:28 GMT–_______________

    The eclipse should be spectacular to watch (weather permitting). The ring of light the moon will produce is the refection of every sunrise and sunset occurring on Earth all at the same time. (If you were looking from the Moon, you would see an Earth eclipse of the Sun, with the ring of light around the Earth being the sunrises and sunsets all around the Earth. It is this light the Moon will reflect back to Earth.)

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