Kin 258: White Spectral Mirror codes Rhythmic Gamma 10: Cube 4; Flowering

White Spectral Mirror

White Spectral Mirror
Yellow Spectral Star White Spectral Mirror Red Spectral Dragon
  Blue Electric Night
I Dissolve in order to Reflect,  Releasing Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Spectral tone of Liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s G-Force is oUR Guiding Star Galactic Star.    The G-Force of the Antipode; Spectral Star,  is Galactic MirrorToday, the Combined Kins equal 2.9, Solar Wind, Kin 22.    Bolon Ik, Solar Wind inspired the founding of the Galactic Mayan’s Star Base Command at Palenque.
TMQ was in her Galactic Mirror year when Pacal Votan’s elaborate Tomb was discovered in Palenque, and it was during  her Spectral Star year that the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered adjactent to Pacal’s Tomb,  in Temple 13, with only an 8 adorning it. 
The PSI for Rhythmic 10 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  GAP Kin 20:  Resonant Sun.    
The numbers coding today’s Kin are 18 and 11, and as  Valum Votan writes here: :  18 x 11 = 198: Electric Mirror, which codes  the 5th Solar Witness; and the 5th and only Feminine one of the BolonTiku:  Supreme Golden MaidenHe also reminds us that  The Galactic Masters are informing us that number is the language of telepathy, and that the 441 matrix is the grammar and vocabulary of this language.”  This article includes an analysis and photos of the Cube crop circle that appeared on Pacal Votan’s 27th Solar-Galactic return
Today’s Postulate is the only one missing from the  “260 Postulates of  the Dynamics of Time and the Evolution of Time as Consciousness“; and is only one of three Postulates to contain the word Mahabodhisattva:
18.11:  “Through telepathic radio intelligence of awakened mind, Mahabodhisattvic angel projections subliminally guide lesser evolving worlds toward conscious parallel universe realization of the self-reflective discovery of the Law of Time.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the French Jesuit co-discoverer  of the Noosphere was a Spectral Mirror.
On page 114 of Cosmic History Chronicles II,Book of the Avatar”, Valum Votan and Stephanie South write:  “The Galactic Maya (Mahabodhisattvas) got tapped for the assignment to help clean up Planet Earth, the goal being the attainment of full radial luminosity for all beings  on all star systems”.  A tall order, but some specific instructions are contained in their lastest volume:  Book of the Transcendence”.
The numbers for this calendar date, Moon day 10:  Cube 4 reflect the Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  10.4, Self-Existing Dog.  This day telepathically corresponds to Baktun 10; the 144,000 days of the Flowering of the Maya.
The letters in the names of The Mystery Queen and the Closer of the Cycle both add up to 141;  today’s Analog;  Spectral Dragon. It was during this watch that a 7.4 earthquake struck Japan, the land of TMQ’s Birth.  Many predicted a strong  earthquake hours around the time of the Full Moon Eclipse.   This writer was outdoors listening to the birds on this longest day, when a 7.4 Earthquake  struck  Japan at 5:19 (NZT) this morning.  Synchronistically, TMQ was born at 5:19 a.m. in Tokyo  🙂

May this 7.4 in the land of TMQ’s birth be a sign that the 144,000 shall prevail!

“someone captured this beautiful sight of Saturn having a “plasma explosion”


It illustrates how the radial plasmas enter and exit from a planets ‘polar region’.  In two years, we will extend Earth’s plasmas into the Rainbow Bridge.

FCC Votes 3-2 to Regulate the Internet Via Net Neutrality“The Obama regime is now using the FCC to pass laws even though that is Congress’ job…”  “The vote to institute net neutrality rules marks the first time the government has stepped into the world of internet regulation. Proponent’s of the net neutrality rules say that the move allows the government to stop companies from controlling too much of the internet, while opponents view it as a scary example of government control

Today, the Combined Kins equal 2.9, Solar Wind.  S’ace Solar Wind linked us to Sri Daya Mata, Kin 253:  Rhythmic Skywalker, whose message is especially apt, as this week we celebrate the Prince of Peace:    Sri Daya Mata is a “true “Mother of Compassion,” as her name signifies.”

Thanks to Christine Electric Skywalker, for filling the void left by the late posting of Spectral Mirror’s post  🙂  “I dissolve in order to reflect…”

From Kim, Kin 33:  Resonant Skywalker, here is a true story, that demonstrates how Peace between ‘Opponents’ prevails over orders from military commanders:  Inspirational Christmas Story

Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image

Kiwi Kin 113:  Solar Skywalker’s  Planetary Earth e-mail ended with these lovely words:  “I hope you’ll be able to keep up your writing while you’re in ChCh; it is an important witness and energy for all.”   The ‘Lord of the Dawn” may be disappointed, as computer problems (parts of this post were lost, and this computer is incredibly slow and noisy!) and holiday plans may prevent daily writing.

In fact, it is possible that, just as the 7.1 earthquake in the land of TMQ’s birth (Japan) triggered the beginning of this blog 18 moons and 21 days ago, today’s 7.4 earthquake might signal that this 494th post will be the last daily blog for this week away from home  {18 + 21 = 39;  18.21 – 20.13 = 18.8  :)}

There are so many synchronicities associated with the 7.1 and 7.4, and these words are written  in Christchurch where the 7.4 earthquake on Rhythmic Moon was downgraded to a 7.1.  Today, Rhythmic Moon (9.6) pluse 18.11 equals 7.4, = 144.!  The 144 is triply seared into oUR awareness this week.


Due to travel and computer issues,  TMQ has  been offline, and has just now read a few of the shocking comments from Reimar, Cosmic Night.  (I was able to write a few words earlier this afternoon, but had  to get offline before I had a chance to read e-mail))  Please know that my intent is pure, and every word written here is true.  I have selflessly devoted more than a third of my waking hours, every single day, to this blog, only missing a few out of 500 days.  I have given freely of my time, energy, knowledge and daily insights/decoding, and never asked for or received anything for it.  Perhaps the reason for the slanderous statements will become clear when I have a chance to read the rest of his comments, (I saw the most recent comments first, because it’s easier to get through them on my e-mail that way).

I wonder if these comments are really from Reimar, or ???  Just wanted to finally post this blog first, and now  will begin to explore this shocking mystery-  as much as time will allow during this Christmas Eve with many family members, and much competition for the few electrical sockets in this 100 year old house.  Please Reimar, explain why you are saying such false, hurtful,  and threatening words, if your 20  unread e-mails/comments do not explain. 


 (P.S.:  I just now read the comment accusing this of being a PTB blog:  Makes me laugh and I now realize Cosmic Night is very misinformed or deluded.   By stating the Truth, I actually put myself at risk from the PTB.  {As one wise man wrote:  “In times of universal deceit, telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act!}  My goal continues  to be practicing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE,  relating the TRUTH,  and to  UNIFY all of us  :)) 



N. S.   1. 23.  6.  10.    Cube Four:  FLOWERING    Kin  258



10 thoughts on “Kin 258: White Spectral Mirror codes Rhythmic Gamma 10: Cube 4; Flowering

  1. Greetings from USA/Florida. Thank you, TMQ, for your excellent blog and for all that you do to make this complex information available to us all. Wishing you and yours the very best this season.

    Kin 42, White Electric Wind

  2. I wish to apologize, dear kin

    for poisening this beautiful blogg, here yesterday. iT shows that i am truely unable to handle the energies i provoke, when i let go of my obSERVING consciousness-mode of the unleashed blockages of my unconscious, as well as that of our whole planet GAIA and it leaves me with a fractured conscience.

    Also som e of my prior comments may raise more than ?-marks on the current timeline and i ask submissively to forgive me for causing pain undeservedly, especially you TMQ, but maybe also some others.

    As i’m now the donkey of this facility here, with carrots growing out of my ears, i like to share, anyway, a gift i received from CA about the philosopher’s STONe;, i, once will have to focus on my own unconscious parts, by restudying c g Jung, if i want to survive the next 2 weeks.

    Cosmic Awareness is ‘online’ from the noosphere, since1977 to help out here in 3d , has been “known by many names throughout eternity, throughout many cultures on various planets and GAIA”, and describes our path thru to 2013 yout of a quite fascinating Angle.

    in Lak’ech (i dare not really say), and love from the abyss of this dark nothingness would be hard to take, but, anyway kin, i love you


    • Thank You Night 143.

      Know that you are loved here, and that your plethora of fabulous contributions are treasured 🙂

      In Lak’ech, Mirror 138

    • Eye feel in a way like eye owe u an apology. Reimar – please understand that we are all of the same ilk – else we would not be here now – predication of the shift – we all fall short of the glory of god. Hence – if you seek grace – please be graceful. This dance is so short. We seek. No more, no less.
      Love to all, C

  3. how do you know, sweet myst, that this cosmic universe dance is so short?

    As time itself does not exist, it is perceivable only by comparison with real cosmic phenomenae, which arise and are present in any more or less independent cosmic concentration.

    It’s predicament is also these nagging demands of our current being existence. As Our most Holy sun Absolut is the source of all phenomenae in general, without exception where they arise and manifest, as successingly, law-conformable ‘Fractions’ of some whole phenomenon…
    …and he/she/it… is spoOokinG since considerable ‘times’. and i promise to be even more sweet…

    re cap-ping”

    this is from a KINd visitor an.den courager in the darkest hour.:

    The Builder/compass in hand body is in phi with cube center

    and thankyou 2too, dearskYrider133

    and from kin218 (12110102) :
    Have you come to the edge of who you know yourself to be?
    Step into the abyss of the unknown.
    The intensity of your feelings will propel you
    through the apparent wall
    of your tomb of separation from Source.
    You are changed forever. There is no return.
    (posted before)

    …and the corresponding sermon: 20101121 ルカによる福音書 23章35節~43節 「あなたは今日わたしと一緒に楽園にいる」(any japkin?, please translate…)
    another link(previous posted) with otmost intelligent love brillance:

    …,, then somewhere in middle-time still dwells this melancHOLYcally looking creature, pondering the legacy of her bigbooks‘!?

    Good Night, Travel Well
    the unknown dis(r)tance
 to the great beyond

    stares back at my grieving frame
to cast my shadow by the holy sun
my spirit moans with a sacred pain
 and it’s quiet now …
the universe is standing still
    love + courage


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