GAP Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon begins the 34th Galactic Spin on Rhythmic Limi 13: Cube 7

Red Magnetic Dragon

Red Magnetic Dragon
Blue Magnetic Monkey Red Magnetic Dragon White Magnetic Mirror
  Yellow Cosmic Sun
I Unify in order to Nurture,  Attracting Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
20.13, Cosmic Sun coded the last day of  Galactic Spin 33, which began on Limi 6 of the Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation {4/9/2009) , and ended at Midnight on Christmas Eve.   Kin 260 also codes the Hidden Power today, as we begin a new 260 day Spin of the most Sacred of the many Calendars/Synchronometers maintained by the Mayans. 
This is the 34th Galactic Spin since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which was signaled by the Quetzalcoatl Super Nova 1987A
The G-Force for Magnetic Dragon is Kin 251:  Self-Existing MonKEY, and the PSI for Rhythmic 13 is Crystal MonKEY.
 Postulate 1.1:  “In fourth-dimensional time, consciousness is viewed as the continuum of the evolution of time across the whole evolutionary spectrum of Intelligence.  This evolutionary spectrum of intelligence is called the Galactic Brain, and represents the index of time vectored potentials governing pre-life, instinctual life, telepathic life, and pure mind.
These two Galactic Activation Portals also signal that we have left the Green Central Castle of Enchantment andYellow Star Wavespell Twenty.  Today we once again enter Red Eastern Castle of Turning:  Court of Birth:  Initiate SeedLet us intentionally initiate the Seed of renewed and strengthened Unity, knowing that with Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, oUR imperfections can actually serve to create more integrity, trust,  and cohesion in oUR 441 Cube of Truth.
We had a ‘stormy and energetic Crystal Storm Round Table’, which served to catalyze some wonderful  comments from  many readers.  We welcome oUR ‘newest Kin’ Ani; Self-Existing Wind, who lives in Florida, near (or on) the Gulf of Mexico, and Rod Del, who  lives in the Hopi lands from which the Mayans migrated to Mexico.  We al welcome White Illusionist (in the ‘about’ section)  whose colorful informative site is here:   🙂

Dragon Wavespell One:   Power of Birth

Red Magnetic Dragon

White Lunar Wind
Red Cosmic Skywalker

Yellow Crystal Human

Blue Electric Night
Blue Spectral Monkey

Yellow Self-existing Seed
White Planetary Dog

Red Overtone Serpent

White Rhytmic Worldbridger

Blue Resonant Hand

Yellow Galactic Star

Red Solar Moon
Seal 1: Dragon corresponds to Galactic Karma NeptuneMagnetic Dragon is the Galactic Signature of Sir Frederick William Herschel, the German/British astronomer/composer who discovered Uranus.
 LIMI 13:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS:  Chakra03.gif
Today telepatically connects to the 13th Baktun, which ends in 727 days.
We are now familiar with Valum Votan’s discovery that Kin 197 (on Self-Existing Alpha 5)  initiated the beginning of the final 791 days until the end of the 13th Baktun on 12/21/2012.  On Kin 197;  Lunar Earth, Valum Votan also realized that 7 Sacred Cycles of 113 days (= 791) began on that day.  Kin 113 is Solar Skywalker, (13.9) who is known as “Lord of the Dawn“.
New Zealand is the first country to see the Dawn each day, and we will be the first to experience the end of the 13th Baktun.  A Solar Skywalker in New Zealand (whom TMQ met through Valum Votan) was quoted in the previous blog, and his words feel prophetic at this moment:
Two hours ago, we were shaken awake by a strong ‘aftershock’ of the Christchurch 7.1 Earthquake.  Over the course of that hour (which began around 2:09 a.m.), three more powerful shakes and some dawning realizations caused TMQ to arise and begin writing.  There have been no more aftershocks since beginning this Magnetic Dragon post  🙂  Now, perhaps it’s possible to go back to sleep now.
The preceding all happened during the Analog of Lunar WindKin 197;  Red Lunar Earth!  The time now is 4:41 a.m.  🙂
N. S.     1. 23. 6.  13.  Cube 7ACCOMPLISHMENT      G. A. P. Kin 1

10 thoughts on “GAP Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon begins the 34th Galactic Spin on Rhythmic Limi 13: Cube 7

  1. In natural time, it is felt that the day begins when the new sun appears. In 12/60, time has been broken up into chunks and apportioned in an unnatural way that does not resonate with the natural flow. Therefore, in order to determine one’s Galactic Signature, one must delineate if the event was prior to the sun’s emergence on the day. For example, someone born at 3am on Christmas Day, is not One Dragon, but rather Yellow Cosmic Sun. If we look at the natural flow of our distant ancestors, their day began with the sun and the next day began with the next day’s sun. We would hibernate in the winter when daylight was shorter and be born again in the spring when the daylight stretches out. So it is this cheetah’s feeling that One Dragon does not begin at midnight on Christmas Day, but a the moment when the sun lifts her head to the dawn, wherever that may be around the earth. The day is not shorter than any other day for it is one turn of the earth = 1 day. This day encompasses the darkness which is when healing is done and where we travel inside of our dreams. In Dreamtime, there is no mid-night. This being said, on Maui in this moment, I celebrate the beginning of the 34 turn of the Galactic wheel.

    • Dear 13Serpent,

      Joyous new spin to you as well. Just wanted to illuminate that it has actually been outlined by Valum Votan that the Dreamspell “day” begins not at mechanical “midnight”, but at the Nadir. Nadir is an ancient word which means the exact midpoint between sunset and sunrise — the darkest point of the night when it is noon on the opposite side of the planet. This is the point when we receive the galactic energy of the new kin and the tzolkin advances. The day is divided into four watches which are ruled by the four additional kin of the Dreamspell oracle. I can’t remember the exact correspondences at the moment. First watch is from Nadir to sunrise, 2nd is from sunrise to high noon (exact midpoint between sunrise and sunset), 3rd from noon to sunset, and 4th watch from sunset to nadir.

      I was born 5 minutes after 12:00 AM, so I often wondered if my dreamspell kin should be carried over from the day before. I even went by Red Galactic Earth for some time. But for all intensive purposes, the Dreamspell is fundamentally a tool to transition from 12:60 to 13:20. For ease of use, I am fine to go by the mechanical clock to determine the kin, just as leapyear babies are determined from the kin of the day before. When we eventually rid ourselves of the Babylonian//Roman/Catholic Gregorian Calendar, we won’t need to rely on these minor synchronizations.

      In Lake’ch, Jara 9Mirror

  2. With a gladful heart – wishing MANY blessings to TMQ for all you give and the energy you share. Found it remarkable that another master number 33 is brought into my awareness – just as we are completing the 33rd galactic spin… another master number to experience this December!

    I have also been looking forward and anticipating the completion of the 260 – and this morning as everything feels so new, wonder how the past few days have leaped by to find us back at ONE!

    Feeling one in heart with all my fellow daykeepers – and in lak’ech, celebrating you ALL as one of the greatest blessings in my life – a gift for Christmas that will carry me throughout the New Year!

    Will the joy of anticipation, and much love to all
    in lak’ech
    P.S. And, smiling here to be telepathically connected to my new friend and to follow her post here – Greetings Dear Cheetah Cosmic Serpent!

  3. dear sace,
    i’m a sl{eYe&theFamilyStone}owdogloverand ionly mjust begin ning‘{tGetwhatyoumean!} …as this is not the end………
    it’s only just the very much beginning for all of us and i looove it,
    YOU TMQ, …
    and all the DREAMERS or AWAKENERS, sooner or later,
    in this wavespel…lol

    What a bout dayaya, quite near to zuvuya and the first Blissiple of Yoganaya was
    a’gain a woman.
    AND… a message from our beautifulSERPENT’sis…… in Queak the forerunner of toDAYA’sdragonwhirlingDisc…… maybe, lol,

    said…: This day encompasses the darkness which is when healing is done and where we travel inside of our dreams. In Dreamtime, there is no mid-night. This being said, on Maui in this moment, I celebrate the beginning of the 34 turn of the Galactic wheel. thankyou and Halo to lovehaowAJhe’re,

    graceous Cheeta (could’n tfigur out your}

    :…and on focussing on my manu-scripts, which say:

    Ethers, channel for the rays of our SUN

    Four cosmic ethers, are on all planes of life and correspond to Four ethers of “light” on the physical plane.

    1.electric : effect atomes (‘is magnetic’) lawofAttraction

    directed by subconscious (selective, refined law in action)
    +-pole : attracting and consuming
    – -pole : expelling, excretion of waste (still same wise Law! lol)

    2.pranic : female reproduction and male fertilizing capability


    4. Mental reflection
    (tobe contiñ…)

    every thought is an accu and every condition an effect
    in the Sea of plastic mindsubstance’s bubbling probabilities.
    The process of evolution is instantly building our tommorrows out of todaya’s

    Wind is air in motion

    Thought is mind in action ––
    mechanically responding mechanism approved: Brain
    in lak’ech

    love, peace and an overboarding JOY from

    • dear ReiMar,
      everyone may offer typos to the me at some moments …
      but then that me is part of a serial of me’s in a dynamic stream

      and i consider this applyable to every kin i meet …

      in lak’ech ala kin,
      have a good cycle, a’Gain
      S’ace aka 3K242

  4. The Jaguar follows the cheetah and now the cheetah follows the jaguar . . . I left out something from my earlier post and wanted to comment to TMQ that you are glorious in your wish to bring enlightenment of Natural Time to your readers. As Einstein was quoted on his kin yesterday “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.” Not to worry that any negative comments by “others” will change the opinion of any of us who know better. You have given us the playing field and it is up to us to maintain decorum and respect to its Creator. Happy Holidays to the Mystery Queen from Queen Bee! Cosmic Serpent

  5. ……and to add, einstein had violent battles at home with his wife……
    a tribute to feminism?
    ……more likely a compensation of these violent attacks from powerfull, but weak and sluggish minds _dual-sratetigenetic or elsewhat.

    and to let more peace into this christnight, a messge from my midwayer-friends, concerning the day/ night aspects and dychotomy of certain living.-being.-patterning.-unfolding.- any moment in this time/sp’ace

    much love and more courage
    Illawarra District, Australia, December 22, 2010.
    Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
    Teachers Samuel and Aaron.
    Subject: “Universe Credits and Forgiveness.”

    Received by George Barnard.

    Bzutu: “Your Teachers, of course, can always play cards whilst you take care of the mundane. They are here with you now, and meanwhile we have had an interesting discussion about some of the strange ideas you humans have in your heads about your lengthy future lives in the immediate hereafter. I take it that this is what the discussion will be all about. Over to your Teachers Samuel and Aaron right now.”

    Samuel: “We are both here, Samuel and Aaron, and with us a considerable number of friends and associates, relatives and students, some of which are investing their time in studying human receptivity on your planet. Our discussion has focussed on your ideas of the hereafter, and in particular did we discuss the jolly idea of (gold) Universe Credits and (platinum) Melchizedek Bars whilst your currency of today finds its way ever closer to resemble Monopoly money.

    “Here in time space, here on Mansonia, beyond planet 606 of the local system, there is a currency and there are savings accounts, however they do not consist of Universe Credits or Melchizedek Bars. Your savings account is represented by the way you shine for all to see. Your currency is represented by the way you live and cooperate, by what you learn, and by what you manage to teach that is of value.

    Aaron: “This is Aaron. Only initially upon arrival is any credit extended to those who are entirely unknowing of what Mansonia living is all about. Logically, all of good-will reaching these higher spheres will slot themselves into their places with great ease. They contribute, they learn, and in time they become great teachers. Those who on earth have lived selfish or violent lives can for long times be almost endlessly disoriented. They will often not progress, and it is in this sense Machiventa told you that they grow tired, that they diminish in realness, and eventually choose not to survive.

    “Often, those who have lived a less-than-godly life will survey the task ahead and decide it is all too much to catch up on the wrongs they have done. And so here, Samuel and I advise you that for you it is the ultimate in forgiveness to pray that those who have done you wrong, and have done wrong towards many others, will have the heart and energy to pay back their great debts, and belatedly serve the great Master Creator of all. ‘Forgive them, since they know not what they have done.’”

    © The 11:11 Progress Group.

    You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


  6. Mer E Xmas!!! FYI – EasTer falls on 4/4 – Magic T/UR/tle Daya, Planetary 1, Kin 101, Planetary Dragon – JesUS fractal! 😉 Swimmetry!!!

    Love is the key. Always.

  7. my dear highborn anddeepthrown skyladderTonoOoO MarCHenñcrow.
    i think it was on solsticeday, i saw, a little swarm of hurling ?what¿¨¨!! far, far up in the sky, from my kitchenwindow.

    …lookingupG sharper, it was a huge flockof 30-40 eagles not but falcons or milans_ the more local birds of PRAY!.
    and they were soaring wildly , some hurling beautifullooPs into the sky …yet, very, very small. slowly streaming their waves in the far distance of our airy atmo-spehre
    so, i wished one to come down{lol…}, and… see

    …in tiny rotational spiral miEyefollowed one descending down into my courtYArt… … …¿ and it was a ” schneider”, dont Know the engl name, one with lnsect -long slim wings and also legs, … was fun!!

    so, be strong, sweet Angle of Light
    the end of niGht is near
    Behold the Light and feel…
    the warmth that flows now free from Mother Gaia and her interdimensional doubleManasSpirit…… into your anguished heart,

    You Finally Know You are a Witch When… –

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