Kin 2: White Lunar Wind codes Rhythmic Silio 14: Cube Eight; Art


White Lunar Wind


White Lunar Wizard
Yellow Lunar Human White Lunar Wind Red Lunar Earth
  Blue Crystal Storm

White Lunar Wind

This is a challenging post to write:  The first two-thirds were lost in the last ‘aftershock’, and then what was partially re-written also vanished.


The magnitude 4.2 quake struck at a depth of 5 kilometres, within 5 km of Christchurch at 2.07 am.”  Kin 207 codes the 12/21/2012 Solstice}

I polarise in order to communicate
stabilising breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Today’s Challenge/Antipode is a Pacal Votan Clear SignLunar Human (Tiger, Kin 133’s Husband.  The Hidden Power,  Crystal Storm, coded the first year of the Mystery of the Stone, and the Guide, Lunar Wizard coded the Catalytic 4th year of the Mystery of the Stone, when the Analog,  Kin 197:  Lunar Earth coded the Heart oracle of the 4th Lord of the Ring:  the indominitable Black Iron Garuda Crest.  Today, we begin the Nine Weavings of Bolon Ik, a.k.a. “The Nine Oaths of Powerwhich correspond to the realm of the Nine Bolontiku (7 Lords of the Ring plus two}, signified by E-X-C-A-L-I-B-U-R 

Today’s Oath/Weaving corresponds to the First Bolontiku:  Single Luminous White “A”, who was awakened during the Crystal Storm year:  “By my Star power of Art, and the mystic letter “E” may I regenerate Excalibur with the beauty of the Nine Lords of Time!  May the Original 144,000 of the Elect be awake Now!

The G-Force for Lunar Wind is Resonant Seed, and the PSI for Rhythmic 14 is Cosmic Seed.   Here is an excerpt from a channeling of the Sirians, sent in by Melovia 12 Moon (Kin 257 post comment), that applies to this day of  ‘Challenge’:  “The old ways that have controlled your world for the past eight millennia have run their course  ”  “There is no denying that hard times are still going to occur, as you cannot otherwise experience the decline and fall of your civilization. Yet your reward by being here to experience it, is that you will also be part of the changes by serving your traveling companions. One day you will look back and feel so privileged to have been part of it. By then you will have forgotten the hardships and challenges you had to face. It will all come under the heading of “experience” and you will have risen to high levels of consciousness as a result. It is why many other souls would have gladly joined you, but were not ready for such a tough challenge.

Postulate 2.2:  “According to original design principles, variable differences in evolution in time occur in the different stellar masses within the Galactic Brain.”


Christchurch  Christchurch (= 138) continues to be a literally unsettling place for Kin 138.

It’s wonderful to read yoUR comments–they make such a difference during these unsettling times  🙂  The owners of this large old home just stopped by to see how it’s weathering the shaking today;  they told TMQ of the extensive damage it incurred in the 7.1 Earthquake on Rhythmic Moon, and of new damage in downtown Christchurch.  Now feeling a bit sheepish:  The 7.1 Quake had 2,000 times more tons of energy than the ones so far today!  {P.S.:  After posting this blog, discovered that the North Island of New Zealand experienced a 5.9 Earthquake this morning!}

After posting the Magnetic Dragon blog, TMQ was able to get a few hours of sleep before being jolted by a stronger scarier quake around 10:30 a.m.  Afterwards, 8 of us were gathered on the deck, waiting for the power to return.  We each guessed what the magnitude would be:  it was strong enough to knock some masonry off of this house, knock lamps over, and leave us without power for an hour. 

TMQ had the winning guess:  4.9 Magnitude:  Chosen because the 7.1 Christchurch Earthquake happened on the 4th day of the 9th Gregorian month  🙂  Kin 138 experienced the San Francisco which brought down the Bay Bridge, but this is much scarier, because violent shaking continues:  We’ve had many violent shakes while writing this post, including the one which made most of this post vanish!

 SILIO 14:  DISCHARGE;  HEART Chakra04.gif


This series of continuing aftershocks began during the Analog coded by Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth.  {TMQ remains true to the Law of Time reckoning of each Kin/day beginning  at midnight, which is a universally fixed point, instead of fluctuating dawn times.  As always, Kin are free to choose what resonates with them  :)}

5 Wavespells have passed since the two Sacred Cycles (of 113 days each until the end of the Cycle on Kin 207;  12/21/2012; and of the  7 144 day cycles until oUR Galactic Synchronization on  Galactic Seed;7/26/2012) began on  Red Lunar Earth.  (The 5 wavespells were reiterated by the Earthquake at 2:07,   5 Kilometers from Christchurch, at a depth of 5 K.

The combined kin for this memorable Earth-shaking day is 6.13, the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of Kin 26:  White Lunar World-Bridger.   The Earthquakes began during the Analog of Kin 26:  13.13

Let’s take this as a doubly ‘Cosmic Sign’ that we have entered this first full Galactic Spin of the ‘RetURn of Sacred Power’ (which began on GAP Kin 197) more Empowered and United  for the Sacred work we all came here to Accomplish!

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace     peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N.  S.  1. 23. 6. 14.          Cube 8ART       Kin 2 

24 thoughts on “Kin 2: White Lunar Wind codes Rhythmic Silio 14: Cube Eight; Art

  1. this iz a very special WIND while it iz the first 2nd and challenging tone spicing the Electric Tzolkin Cycle in KweakSpell …

    and it iz BIRDY: 2×260 + 2 =) 522 (9)

    and we have it as the 2nd Christmassday in quite some countrees …

    Then i discovered a thing in the label “birdaya”
    while it sums from bivideotex decode into: 2 9 9 4 1 2 1 =) 28

    so there we are … my search for an identification for each daya in 3 syllabels is fulfilled with the identification created with “birdaya”

    each day(a) is actually a “new birdaya” … and this iz exactly what kweakspell does while from july 23, 2009 this program runs from one of the last kin in the Electric Storm Year (july 26, 2008): the minus 3 last day , kin259,

    What iz the key of that 9 tzolkin whole?

    Each Kin will number a 9 throught the cycle of 2340 kin running …

    as kin002 iz now effected by +520 into 522, each kin in that chain 2 – 11 – 20 – 29 – 38 – 47 – … 254 turns into a 9 as 254+520=) 774 (18=9)

    this means in practice 1/3 of all kin in the 2340 bunch iz blessed in the kweak-harmoniQ … and it is the spice of SERVICE re-spiritualizng all kin on earth in the NOO-mind-tobe-set …


    i calculated YaniQs son Thomas as KIN242 (my 3K number!)
    on a site which is recently renewed and calculates both DreamSpell and LongCount!

    watch its name :: STAR-ROOT

    LC of Thomas is MOON7 – KIN189
    this makes his 3K : 189+242=) 441 ! a number that is familiar to us here
    it reduces into 441-260=) 181 (a solid number 10) – red crystal dragon – a purified birthdaya (i suppose)

    happY birDaYa to all kin here and the special one too …

    • hmmm i made an error during the night shifting “the magic box”.

      so i rewrite:
      LC of Thomas is MOON7 – KIN189
      this makes his 3K : 189+242=) 431 ! a number that is familiar to us here
      it reduces into 431-260=) 171 (dynamic number 9) – yellow lunar human – a challenging birthdaya (i suppose) that carries the fruit of wisdom.

      some slight but refining changes to the “false” scriptur’


      then the magix box is at stake to this birdaya:
      while 522 marks the number that goes with each kin and its magic box aka cube: as todaya 2 19 259 242 sum into 522

      big smile and free from goals’

    • Thanks for this link, S’ace, to the updated Mayan Oracle. (I notice the creator is Kin 66).

      Also, Kin 181 is mai Guide 🙂

      Happy Dayas!

  2. i’nm idst these cRAcklings ofmother’s hickup of ZYlands shell vibratingnOise
    For YOU, tmq, as long as you bet on the strength, and number of OscillationpulsationFREEquency, and you win, lol, i’m not concerned, you loose your bRIght temper 😉
    as you know, yOUR mother loves you, so do WE…heee…

    some spins ago, afriend of san franCiscO, timmy,who lives in Zurch more than 25 years, like me, told me how he eXp this one in frisco those days…

    …he said the walls were wobblin, the cealing slinger, …and he was feeling outbursts of UTMOST JOY, harnessing the ener Geeees, feeling like RiDing a DRAGON !

    and Re member, kin our shortcomings, these dreadful burdens that kept us down for so long –—…are in toltecTerma–. our tickets to FREEDOM

    i wish you a wonderful ride todaya……
    love and fill your hearts with plenty, whitchIS endowed for US

    by the endless caring sea

    of mother’Slovve, and aBound ing co-DAL timings
    frOM other ent – Y – t(o)’ ease




    9 Underworld-Dwellers, rising in our subconsciousness transduced to

    ” The Ten Ox-herding Pictures” described by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-1987) Kagyü lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
    by the +1-factor

    4.Catching the Bull

    Seeing a glimpse of the bull, you find that generosity and discipline are not enough in dealing with your projections, because you have yet to completely transcend aggression. You have to acknowledge the precision of skilful means and the simplicity of seeing things as they are{like skiing¿}, as connected to fully developed compassion. The subjugation of aggression cannot be exercised in a dualistic framework – complete commitment into the compassionate path of the Bodhisattva is required, which is the development of patience and energy.

    …we hadm’t this before?!. lol
    in lake’ch roÒoAmm……

  4. another ‘mümpferli’ from ~ A Course In Love ~

    …Closely linked to the doctrine of suffering and the escape therefrom was the philosophy of the Eightfold Path: right views, aspirations, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and contemplation. It was not Gautama’s intention to attempt to destroy all effort, desire, and affection in the escape from suffering; rather was his teaching designed to picture to mortal man the futility of pinning all hope and aspirations entirely on temporal goals and material objectives. It was not so much that love of one’s fellows should be shunned as that the true believer should also look beyond the associations of this material world to the realities of the eternal future…..

    A Melchizedek (on Buddhism)

  5. ……and still treading the old trodden path, the donkey’s ears are still full of folly.- oriwould see the mirORs, that i still take for reality ––inSIsting on seeing them………and i must shortly reach back, on sth a worrior MUST see.

    …if he wants to save at least a rest of honour, and this is the
    Law of Light and Reflection, toltecs refer to as , the concept of the mirrors of the soul ,
    our mirrors, that are incapable of lying to us.

    As Honour comes from honesty and considering that, to acknowledge my shortcomings and theirby to OWN them, is not at all sth bad.
    ––that’s the old ‘social conditioning!… and i said before, it’s a fact, that

    Barssiah, your telegramstyle wakes me up halfway out of my trance, i fell in on 6. or 7- dec., sometimes. but, how can i forget, that it was youz who gave me the last little soft nudge to plunge into the cosmic ocean of my disavowed scary and sad undersee-caverns.
    {i know, though, why i didn’t dare to go back there yet, as the main ingredient of my meditations the last days –and they are not few, increasing–
    « is water. The sewers are open, cause they were mailnllllllllly closed during my 1. round of/ on the tzolkin, this being now start of year 2 in round2}

    ::……and then your family inscr
    …seems i thought, i’d adressed you, you didnt answer, so………

    Oh MY LOVE, when isaw ths flamingoebook i couldnt believe, it was you.
    and i still can’t.

    but melted away anyhow, collapsed. One of the first ‘VICtims? of the self-double- inwards-folding of our current tine/space- warptimeloop.
    How can i be such a g¨fool– to not see the tenderness and beauty and strength, you radiate all the time, not only to me, no, to the whole club of metamorphing kin of all couleur, tribe and gender –in all their SPLENDOR, here

    which YOU see, from the beginning, and i don’t see YOU.
    But you loved me TOO. sorry for hurting you, in any way. Thankyou for loving me, though, while i tread the donkeypath………
    i’m doing training on the job
    and the stuff i reveal here is not new. But iam, sincesomeTime completely absorbed by an, seemingly et who nudges me to post, post, post and i enjoy every second of my doings, and when i not had been so welcomed and loved
    and wouln’t enjoy it myself completely ––even now, and more and more‘
    ……and learned myself so much – i still love every single of TMQ’s redblogs––sWinging thru my day and my night–
    -i would have stopped .‘!
    and now i find myself loving you and have to realize, i didnt appreciate you at all, as you deserve it…, schluchz
    because i still cannot understand how beautiful you are.

    How now? i’m out. But that’s not true. I had such a wonderful christmass, obviously alone, but NOT at ALL: i have my whole angeltroop here and you in my heart and i’m feeling so great, also sad of course, because i’m catalysing and processing stuff incessantly, this is a side affect of practising zazen, and we are downloading anyway all of the time, all of US.
    so, what can i do, sweet sky walker, to make you forgive me, that i rolled over you in suchoblivious way, well for now i know, i’ll search the PIC i had for you, and couldn’t find, all of the time…–i love you reimar

  6. We are here to challenge each other, Brother Night…there is noo sense in defining separateness – which is why forgiveness and grace are the greatest acts of self love – to harbor any ill will is to poison the host/self – a re/fuse/all of any part is to deny the whole – i went to my “dark part” about 10 years ago on a sad night, railing against the universe in a red wine driven implosion, screaming in pain because of the illusion of being alone – and after hours of uncontrollable sobbing, i heard my higher guide voice call out soothingly, patiently, in my head tell me, “the answer is inside you, Christine.” A wave of sheer pure grace came over me and released me from the psychic rack i had pinioned myself upon.

  7. i am awaitin’ kin3 which carries both tone and seal 3

    so it is a 3x3x3 daya on dec 27 …

    27 is the number that holds 3 kweaks as a unit responding to birdaya 28 aka zero

    it is a kin that expresses the urge for intuition:

    I activate in order to dream
    Bonding intuition
    I seal the input of abundance
    With the electric tone of service
    I am guided by the power of accomplishment

    Long Count

    majix says EAGLE7 – resonant mind visionin’
    seal 15 – kin 215

    3K? 215+3 =) 218 mirror mirror on the wall tone 10 / planetary

    Games People PlaY

  8. in lake’ch dear kin
    it’s abit lame song, but the topicSectetsecret fits

    it’s electrifying serVICE-day

    We have the motor of this wave todaya and dragonheARTs/-queens have their fulcrumsource…at hand, when they soar

    …and not let themselves be distracted by diverse trip-stones…
    or allow themselves to Bee these very triqstOnes, lol

    so lettigin it flow to ourselves, from the universe, requires in the first place, absolute and ruthless honesty with yourselves
    bonding my intuition with our current process
    i intuit
    while stumbling into unprecedented Fashioned MysteryBlogBackrooms, quite in vogue and eX-pensive comfortRooms, which are hardly in balance with the current inFlowing cristalScreams (unaudible in y inner eardrums…)

    …which reflect all but honoUR…
    …and the yery stream of unfoldinG hap-penings
    {which we create with eVery single thought in eVery single Tolle-moment}
    may decide, as usual, if the desired is acCOmplished, or just another mirrorImage crYstaliZed ––in MirrOR / WArptime / inversion/exertion of unresolved living pattatterinGeeé…

  9. …if he wants to save at least a rest of honour, and this is the
    Law of Light and Reflection, toltecs refer to as , the concept of the mirrors of the soul ,
    our mirrors, that are incapable of lying to us.

    As Honour comes from honesty and considering that, to acknowledge my shortcomings and theirby to OWN them, is not at all sth bad.
    ––that’s the old ‘social conditioning!… and i said before, it’s a fact, that

  10. For the Mayans, man is in a certain way harmonized with divine nature, that his being is constituted of vegetable and animal substances, and his energy flow is governed by the same laws as the physical world, at the same time that the universe comports itself and acts like a man. That is to say, man is cosmic and the cosmos is anthropomorphic. Besides, man’s spirit, divided into one part impulsive and irrational, and in another part conscious and rational. It lives simultaneously in a human body and in that of a wild animal, thus also reconciling the scope pf the organized community and the environment of nature. But man and nature are subject to that which is sacred. The universe was conceived by the Mayans as a scene and manifestation of the divine forces, like a great collection of hierofanías? manifestations of what is sacred and, kratofanías, manifestations of power. The great cosmic levels (heaven, earth and the underworld), which were not for them static spaces, but were in constant movement and change, were populated by multiple visible and sensitive expressions of what is divine; meaning that the sacred was revealed before men in many of the beings who inhabited the three levels.

  11. as for oxes the time seems run out here, cause to the sURPRIsing elegant and mondaine environment in the backroo.s… where now of course a feverish mailtraffic takes place…, lol like in ol times, where you couldnt get at least 2/too(l) straight, coz of all those hidden agendas.

    So i ve to entertain our readers a little, i i would be glad about a comment from those, who not belong to the inner circle, lol, who are not ‘blessed with the inner ‘wisdom’ of secrecy!!
    so, SPEAK up KIN, i womder what capacities slumber in this cube( wo claims for himself to be truthful.

    …and concerning your gaming, meloDIa, thank you for the wonderful description you said here, once concerning a warrior’s honor, lol… which you also seemed to have learned in mickiMousebooks.
    Otherwise you had mentioned, that without a fifth, all the 4 facilities a warrior has, will not prevent her from finding herself quickly at the sharp end of the sword.……

    And this fifth is ÎMPECCABILITY, and here we are all : to learn.

    so we have a riddle of the cube now, lol

    …gladly i only scratched ‘the riddle of the mind’ shortly, would have been much to early.
    the ‘riddle of the heart will have to be postponed until far beyond 2013,
    due to inexplicable ^ripeness^-iSsueS
    in lake’ch,
    love, reimar∞

    …and if i do not have a decent mailadr in considerable time=art… lol, i will start to fill up this blogg/ night/side with fantastic sightseeingtours of zu-rich for our beautiful skywalker here, the one with the flaminGoe! -BeaK.

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