Kin 7: Blue Resonant Hand codes Blue Rhythmic Alpha 19: Cube 13, and the end of 2010

Blue Resonant Hand

Blue Resonant Storm
Red Resonant Earth Blue Resonant Hand Yellow Resonant Human
  White Resonant Wizard
I channel in order to know
inspiring healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
Today’s Guide, Resonant Storm codes the year  which contains the 2012 Solstice and the 7 Mystic Moons until oUR Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  The Antipode, Red Resonant Earth codes Lord Seven Earth, who mediates the Radial Plasmas streaming here from the Heart of our Galaxy.  The G-Force is Solar Moon and the PSI for Rhythmic Limi 19  is Lunar Storm.  The Long Count kin for today is Spectral Storm.
Postulate 7.7: In the Telektonon the use of the recharge crystal integrates the primal crystalline order into the telepathic biological functionings regulated by and open to celestial harmonics. The purpose of the identification and mapping of the celestial harmonics of the Telektonon through telepathic applications, such as the “Rinri Project-Telepathic Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Experiment,” is to restore balance between AC and CA functions. This is also referred to as the magnetic re-education of humanity.”
ALPHA 19:   RELEASE;  THROAT  Chakra05.gif
TMQ was without internet for several days, until arriving home a few hours ago.  Thanks to Christine Electric Skywalker for providing the daily Kin Affirmation  🙂
Today,  we drove home via the  beautiful sunny East coast, and realized that the last time we were on that route was  on Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon.  There was plenty of time to contemplate the events between  that 13 Moon New Year’s Day, and today, the  Gregorian New Year’s Eve.  These events, and their corresponding synchronicities will be explored in the next blog, because in 15 minutes, it will be  Kin 8:  Yellow Galactic Star, and 20112011 is the last full Gregorian year of the 13 Baktuns of history.
Happy New Year!  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 6. 19.        Cube 13:  PROPHECY    Kin 7

18 thoughts on “Kin 7: Blue Resonant Hand codes Blue Rhythmic Alpha 19: Cube 13, and the end of 2010

  1. how can the line-up from 2008, 2009, 2010 into 2011 be interpreted?

    then see fo(u)r the numbers they vibrate:

    2008 =) 10 =) 1
    2009 =) 11 =) 2
    2010 =) 12 =) 3
    2011 =) 13 =) 4

    so there we have a wholly season of 4 years coöperating “a result”

    can we – kin here at noo – lignup the four seasons in this wholly 13?

    Lets Take the Whole of those 4 KIN 5-6-7-8 as a densed field of noodigm through the night oncoming …

    We flow into Galactic Star …


    LongCountPaired will be 220 – Crystal Sun
    (LongCountKin of o’22 – BolonIkDancer)

    3K: 220+8 =) 228 resonant star in WIND wave

    } the 2 stars collaborating are as Twin Star Sirius influencing the SUN {

  2. So glad you are home, TMQ, in time to post on Gregorian New Year’s Eve (and our joint Kin!:) Very much looking forward to hearing all the synchronicities. In the meantime Happy Gregorian New Year to all Kin!

    And here’s the latest from SaLuSa just posted:

    SALUSA 29.DEC.10 (A message from the Sirians to Dr Mike Quinsey):

    As you approach the New Year, you are to all intents and purposes bidding goodbye to the old systems of control and containment. They are about to collapse, as they no longer carry the power to sustain themselves for much longer. You are therefore looking back on the last year of duality as you have experienced it for millennia of time. Some how and at some time it had to end to make way for the new energies that are bursting to come forth and cannot be held back indefinitely. In so doing the chaos may grow but see beyond it to your release from the veil of darkness, so that you may invite the Light to be firmly established upon Earth. We are fully supporting you in these momentous changes and you will soon see a new direction for the better enter your lives. You will not and cannot be denied your victory over the dark Ones, as the Light is the most powerful energy upon Earth.

    Looking ahead 2011 is to be most memorable and will eventually re-write the history of the Earth. The truth will come out from all quarters, and your understanding will be such that you will not tolerate any attempt to return to the old ways. As a collective, Humanity has inordinate power through the higher levels of consciousness, and what you have achieved so far is a credit to you all. The awakening is well under way and will continue at an ever-increasing speed, and is resulting in the opening of more people’s eyes to where they should be placing their focus. It is the peaceful revolution that was always going to come about, and it is far too late for those who oppose it and would stop its rapid progress. The changes will really commence in 2011 and your path to Ascension will gradually unfold, so that you are prepared for the final year of 2012 when a great uplifting will occur. Then and only then will you have put behind you any remaining vestiges of the hold duality had upon you.

    Already the higher vibrations are affecting many of you and on reflection you will find that you are now all the much calmer, and more able to keep your focus than you were previously. The vibrations will continue to increase in intensity, and as the year progresses you will find it becomes easier to assimilate them. They will carry you forward when the times become very testing, when physical changes to the Earth are going to take place out of necessity. Mother Earth must complete her own cleansing in good time and it will unavoidably cause some disruption. However, we will as always be monitoring your Earth’s activities, and just as we have in the past will lessen the effects it has upon you. Whilst it is all happening, the important issues of your financial problems will be addressed, and your life patterns will begin to change. You will be the eager participants in many schemes which will help overcome the past lack of progress where your everyday living is concerned. We will ensure that you leap into the new paradigm and benefit from all those advantages you have been denied. In the midst of change your lives will become much easier as the standards will be substantially increased.

    Bear in mind that whatever your coming experiences you will have known in advance what life opportunities were planned for you. Each of you has a role to play and is equally important to the whole, even although only some can take the centre stage. Your success in having come this far and defeating the dark Ones is more remarkable inasmuch that not too long ago you were in danger of being completely overrun by them. You are now seeing the tail end of attempts to take away your faith in those that are supporting you that also includes us. However, in spite of such action your intentions remain strong to achieve the results that will restore your sovereignty. You are as much responsible for the outcome as we are, indeed if not more as we have not come to do it all for you. It is your future that is being created and whether you fully realize it or not, you can exercise your power to create it in the manner you desire. Ascension is your goal, but many potential pathways can be taken to achieve it.

    So you will see that 2011 will be a mixed bag, but the overall result will be your greater preparation not just for the end times, but the continuing upward path to even higher dimensions. It may be seen that the upliftment from the 3rd dimension of duality, to the 4th/5th dimensions of greater Light is a milestone in your evolution. Also as you will ascend in your physical bodies Ascension is as told to you previously, a unique occurrence in your Universe. It follows that you have much to experience that will be very fulfilling and satisfying. There is so much to look forward to, that the changes should be seen as merely stepping stones that take you to your promised land. The Creator’s word carries the powerful energy of fulfillment, and nothing can therefore prevent the end times from passing as given to you.

    We can promise you that 2011 will be the year of action and 2012 will be all the more calmer for it, and once the stage is set the whole process of getting you in full readiness for Ascension will move very fast. Also once the truth of your past history is revealed you will feel more attracted to us, because we have had a hand in your genetic development. It enabled you to grow in consciousness to levels that awakened you to your true selves. You also began to find that you had all knowledge within, and could take personal responsibility for your spiritual development. That also will go forward with leaps and bounds in the latter part of this cycle. Many institutions are having to reappraise their position in this changing world, and one thing is certain that if they do not go with the flow they will stagnate and eventually implode. This is one reason why the dark Ones have no way out, because they cannot or will not change. Eventually only that which is of the Light will remain, and all else will disappear as nothing of the lower vibrations will have any place on the new uplifted Earth.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that the Galactic Federation is keen to open up an official first contact with you. Everything is in place for such an occasion, and we can adjust to any last minute requirements. The deadline for it is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year. Go forward in full confidence, as we are fully with you in this final stage of your journey.

  3. while the radio2 channel here is finishing the top 2000 of records in 2010 the dire straits perform “telegraph road” …; Happy NY to NZ and AustraliaH!

    we have still 7 hours to go …

    i focus on this quote in this great writing of VV & co. :

    “As a number, 2009 = 49 x 41. While 49 or seven squared, is the number of the matrix of creation of time, 41, a prime number, is referred to as the “interval of God.” This because 41 marks the difference between 20 squared and 21 squared: 21×21 = 441 – 41 = 20×20 or 400. This indicates that while this coming year we will see irrevocably terminal signs of the passing of the Old Order, in the higher-dimensional planes that govern the realm of the lower illusion, by divine mandate, a creative restructuring of the natural order of time and reality will be occurring in preparation for a new dimensional sequence set to occur in 2012.

    Further: 2009 is numerologically an 11 (2 +9 =11), galactic tone of dissolution and release. As the opening of a galactic activation portal the 2009 year promises to be as catalytic, if not as catastrophic, as any in the Gregorian history.”

    What does this speak abouT, dear Noo-tutorials and -Tutors?

    Ma Guess?
    talking on 49: we have 49 running in Seak 7 and Tone 7 ~ Dreamspell wise

    41 is mentioned in the Long Count while 219 is 41 from 260 as a whole …

    so this daya is very active in the snapshot quotation ;-))

    intuïtion iz a persoonal sense to be kept in sacred patterns …

    all the waya :~{ … }~:

    • i suddenly saw this fact: 441 + 49 = 490

      four nine zero also sums into 13 as 2011 does: 11+2 =) 13

      fools overture (supertramp) catalyses full presence

      (which rehabilitates all witches and their witchcraft aka intuit essentials)

      noo plan eth (ereal)

      • what ablessing that you’re there chèr frère..

        and moi who’s Ab sent
        so i recap from her:
        Operate souly from wish list.
        “Twinkle twinkle little star
        How I wonder what you are?!
        Up above the world so high
        Like a diamond in the Sky
        Twinkle twinkle little star….
        How I wonder what you are?”

        loving healing for all of US and the planet
        feel you in noO -time

  4. R.A.W. on 20o0o00o0…”In Leary’s terms, I think about one-third of the West now understands the neuro-somatic circuit, and some techniques foractivating it.

    I think that’s going to reach fifty to fifty-one percent pretty soon – and that will be a major cultural change. I think more and more understanding of the neuro-genetic and meta-programming circuits are coming along.

    It’s very obvious that quantum physics, parapsychology and all the work they’re doing attaching brain scanners to Yogis and Zen masters means we’re going to learn a great deal about the non-local quantum circuit. I think the history of mysticism has been sort of like a bunch of firecrackers with two or three going off every century. With the LSD revolution it became two or three every month and now it’s moving up to two or three every week. I see a real acceleration in consciousness, just like in technology. “

  5. archangel gabriel on stubborn bUGS {}

    Artificially induced bioelectrical conditions of depression, anxiety, and related detachments from spiritual sustenance are being broadcast at such an intensity at this time that many are floundering in all manner of negativity. This negativity is intensified by a sense of disorientation with respect to what is “reality”—a condition resulting from the planetary frequency rising faster than some of you can adjust.

    But do not be deceived by external appearances, dear ones. The opposing elite factions conducting their business through many “puppets” are ALL controlled, at a still higher level of inter-dimensional manipulation, by the SAME Dark Energies. They require that your planet be kept down in frequency for their continued comfort and survival in your domain.

    How is this accomplished? As we have explained in many past lessons, this is done as it has always been done—through the creation of conditions that generate or provoke negative (low-frequency) emotions like fear, despair, etc., in as many of you as possible. You, millions of you, reacting to their contrived ominous events, then radiate that negative energy outward, like a lot of radio towers, and thus is created a low-frequency “atmosphere” in energy space that’s comfortable and nurturing to them, and in the process partially cancels the unpleasant (to them) high-frequency energies impinging upon your planet (and your entire solar system, actually) with greater and greater intensity, and higher and higher frequency, with each passing day.

    Ultimately these Dark Energies will lose their hold and, through sheer discomfort from the intensifying high-frequency environment, choose to go elsewhere. But not without a fight. And if possible, not without destroying as much of what they can’t have so nobody else can enjoy it either.

    I, Gabriel, am historically known for having somewhat of a dramatic flair when it comes to making important announcements. So let me make this one perfectly clear (and you may add your own trumpet blast if so desired): We of the Host again urge those in major decision-making capacities to think twice and then act in good conscience—or be prepared to learn that lesson the hard way. The Golden Rule is not difficult to follow for those who are aligned with Creator’s Will. This is the time of Testing and Sorting—with no exceptions and no “wiggle room” as you ones put it.
    I am Gabriel—Archangel, Wayshower, and formidable ally to you who hear the call and effort to do your part in this most Grand Play unfolding. I leave you in the Light and Love that flows through me from the Source of All That Is. Salu. (see all you)

  6. Cleaver!!! Get yoUR fresh Cleaver!!!

    Salutations, Love and Bles/SINGs to oUR cube moving ever closer to the NOO! Thank you, Claire, for yoUR continual wisdom dissemination. And thank you, Reimar for the healing meditation 😉

    Off to crack a fresh box of tissues…


    • cleaver, cleaver, i thought you mean these cottonhandkerchieves {kachinachiefs} my poppet, to dry my tears.
      oh tenderñess, stand by me, resonating from oscillating singularities

      the splintered aspects of ourselves enlisted to guard and protect our delicate nature, 
      sacred space
      sovereign rights as Divine beings

      – Dave Lee (Chaotopia)”Your reality sir, is lies and balderdash, and I’m delighted to say I have no grasp of it, whatsoever!!”

    • So we have 30% online/world?
      logy longlogin,tag, so yesterday i logged into 391 bloggs to read the articles of interest, today it’s only 37, but it’s 1.1.11, even in miDDle time
      hookedUpFutur… what’s that…i’ll have to lookup later in my diary-Köchel-Verzeichnis.
      ……trippin on the barfoGenic course, {sick∫bag??is this a sugurparty?} alone in middle time, dreaming of the end of t i me.
      The end of remote-controlled robot time, quit dragging ourselves to work in senseless jobs that do not promote middleTime. ………

      Bi eARTh con-Troll……slowly it’ bet t ears

  7. on ly partly suiting reconvalescents……
    so 33 bloodlines matter, like the freemason deg{it‘}ree

  8. …….but nOthinG matters in middleTime.
    Time’s run out , the artificial construct vacillates, the incessant cacophony of intense random highly fractured em-bombardements canNOT overtune these distant signals from the sister sphere arcturus 108x, beam… beam…beam from a distant galactic cloud.……anymore
    ALthough the pompose matrix-rumble is approaching PEAK now, so the ot her et signals must, in some way also have become stronger!

    The grass is always greener in mt
    back in the 60ies, and after having gone thru several MtoN~phoses of difft kind leaving the donkey-phase thankfully behind i look like Dlanob, everybody knows me, i’m this duck, who is uncle and has three pupils, Trick, Trick & trick. but instead a beak i only have a very long nose atm, so i don’t eat.

    i only smell these fabulous fragrances of freedom and undisturbed joy, they are multicoloured vibrations lingeriñ.. behind every tree, it’s a beauty hardly to grasp, can only be smelled…

    strolling on danob meets felx von sigmaringen, the old poet and deep religious believer. He sits on one of curiously constricted stones, which seem to breathe… lost in parallel timelines, felix is lying at the golden beaches of jamaika, rollin a joint. while palmwings are smoothing the low breeze with their silent whisper…yes, it could have been run the other way then, when the redbearded kelts threatened his faith, {as he thought}.

    …a dragon roams majestically thru the spectralized glimmering airies, sounding his timbertoning quoorrcks thru the atmosphere.

    Simultaneously felix von sig begins his mass:

    dispensation from the Logos through hisher ‘cult’ of the two circles of the Brothers and the Sisters –– not from any conformist human mindset.
    WE reject the ‘cosmic parenthood’ – his voice thunders thru the pink tainted canyon ––
    taught to us by our human ‘elders’ as manmade creations of cruel and heartless abominations of nonexistent nightmares, built out of greed and ignorance of our biological fathers.

    In this way, the Daughters of the Mothers will Bear their own birth experience; no longer trapped in the genealogies and lineages.

    As space hips are not yet physical and plasma 4d and exist only as mists of outer-spaceintelligence and can number itself into 3d via divers rectangular navigational manouvres, felix explains dlanob the background of the transformation, that seems to have been diligently planned since noOotimes, …… after the first excitement of his stringent speech had vanished.

    Yester’day’ he’s met his scientistfriend from the dragonDen, tonioblu, whose explanations flowered his phantasies up to another aspect of the living bubble we call our space/time beingExistence, 2 million kilometres acriss, and a process of 2,2 million years across… now peaks. IT’s the nova 1987a {†=årt}, whose energypacket first ‘smoothed our dramatic ^planetary states of affairs^ and now is going to build within 18 months or so a ne w breath : cosmic creative living multdimensional intelligent torsionwaves {…last part maybe not approved by omniscience!lol…}

    In the ‘serene, marvellously, all-pure, brilliant sliding carpet of middleNOtime, with an all-inclusive’ odour of. the true nature of light.
    …the day floats into nothingness while the dragon groants his tone{i}s his good-heartened ‘adio’ into the night, which is completely VIOLETT at the moment.
    while felix mutters soothing words to three oscillating mushrooms, on the left of the vibrating stone he has settled upon. dnonoad looks thru his whimoers as he sees the navel of one of the tiny beauties quiver unnoticeably with joy {…nd don be too feng Shy, feli whispers, send’m a sign…}

    dnonab shruggs his shoulders…unbelievably, ponderingring with dreamy vision a former wayline to cristal horizons , “True happiness is uncaused and this cannot disappear for lack of stimulation. It is not the opposite of sorrow, it includes all sorrow and suffering.”

    (Hunab Ku-dreamlike, he remembers

    in lak’ech


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