Kin 38: White Crystal Mirror codes end of the Resonant Cube Journey; and oUR Crystal Round Table

White Crystal Mirror

White Crystal Dog
Yellow Crystal Star White Crystal Mirror Red Crystal Dragon
  Blue Lunar Night
I dedicate in order to reflect
universalizing order.
I seal the matrix of endlessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of heart.
The last day of the Resonant  Warrior Cube Journey coincides with the last day of the first Gregorian month, while today’s G-Force;  20.11 (Spectral Sun) reflects this Greg. year  🙂  The Antipode,  Crystal Star is a clue to Space Time information received at Luminate  :).  Our Guide today:  Dog;  Divine Loyalty synchronizes with the Long Count of Electric  Dog  (Activating God)
Today’s PSI is  Galactic Mirror, relecting Kin 138 who is relaying  these words  on the 16th day of the Resonant Spirit Warrior’s Cube JoURney.
18.12“For any parallel universe, the evolution of time as consciousness proceeds in the same order as for the primary universe or galactic brain. Holonomic order of God does not distinguish between parallel universes, yet keeps a record of every type that exists, as well as which phase of time it is manifesting for any point of synchronic order. The Galactic Brain, of which our Earth and sun are a planetary stellar order, may be a parallel universe for one or any number of other galactic brains.”
DALI 22:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif
Today is the final one in our practice of Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord, which is part of our preparation for oUR Galactic Synchronization in 2013.
Day 22.  Kin 138 (300)  SP Neptune;  SIGNAL-SOLAR PLEXUS.  White Mirror;  Tone 8
Sixteenth Note:  DO (C)
Step 16:  Godly Power Attained-Power of transferring yourself into whatever dimension you choose.  You are whole.  Circle complete.  Lost Chord Sounded.  Interval of Lost Time restored as purification of your soul essence
Cube 16:  Warrior SP-Saturn (100) Intelligence–9th Bolon Tiku:  Primordial Knowing Body Lha;  Sirius Council of Nine convened with the Seven Seers of the Awakening.
Sound:  DO (C)  DO (C’)  DO (C)
After diligently performing this practice 4 years ago, on the 16th day, when  the day and PSI were both coded by Kin 138, Cosmic Dragon and TMQ observed a ‘divine show’ which included the full moon as the pupil centered in a beautiful “Eye of God“.  Valum Votan agreed that this was a sign that oUR efforts will be successful, and that the ‘Lost Chord’ will be sounded, restoring  The Harmony of the Music of the Spheres.”   
Just after the preceding words were written, TMQ received a call from two 21 year old Kins she met at Luminate, who walked the last 20 kilometers to Richmond.  They have totally unplugged from 12:60 life and are leaving here in the morning to walk their 13:20 path to Freedom and Enlightenment, initially via a 6 day trek through the rugged mountains of Nelson Lakes National Park. 
Andy, Electric Eagle, and Ryan, Resonant Mirror (whose 4 letter names have 3 letters in common),  Alan,  Rhythmic Sun and Galactic Mirror are experiencing so many synchronicities, including the fact that we add up to Ryan’s very special number:  11.11  🙂 
Our 7 hour long conversation shows no sign of abating, so the Cosmic Storm post will share about Luminate, and in particular, the fabulous talks by Jamie Janover of the Resonance Project.
Andy bears a beautiful map of oUR Earth on his chest, and this on his left forearm:
“I am the image of the world. 
Inside is the spirit  of freedom. 
A gift of nature,
 Ever to be free.”
Blessings and Gratitude to the Kin who kept oUR 441 Cube energized, especially Christine Electric Skywalker and Melovia Crystal Moon  🙂  We’ll share yoUR comments at our Crystal  Mirror Round Table in the Resonant 23 blog, coded by Blue Cosmic Storm;
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all“.
N.  S.  1. 23. 7. 22.   Cube 16:  INTELLIGENCE   Crystal Mirror Round Table

Magic Turtle Day! Kin 33: Red Resonant Skywalker codes Gamma 17 of the 7th Resonant Moon

Red Resonant Skywalker

Red Resonant Serpent
Blue Resonant Night Red Resonant Skywalker White Resonant Worldbridger
  Yellow Resonant Star
I channel in order to explore
inspiring wakefulness.
I seal the output of space
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of life force.
Happy Galactic RetURn to Kim, whose name (11+9+13) = 33, same as her Kin number!  Today is also Kim’s ‘solar-Galactic Return day  of her Solar-Galactic Return year (so she was born 52 years and one Galactic Spin ago)  as a Resonant Skywalker  🙂
Today’s numbers ‘Resonate‘  and Synchonize so strongly  🙂  Both the 13 Moon date (Day 17 of Moon 7) and the day’s Seal and Tone (13.7) indicate Lord Seven Earth, coded by Kin 137:  17.7.   Today’s Analog, Resonant World-Bridger reminds us that this third week of the Resonant Warrior Moon is coded by it’s Challenge;  Resonant World-Bridger:  6.7The Star, today’s Hidden Power codes the 6th and 7th Chakras of our 7th Bolontiku, whose Heart Oracle matches today’s. 
 Today’s Challenge, Resonant Night codes the Day-out-of Time between the end of the 7 Mystic Moons and oUR Galactic Synchronization on Galactic Seed 2013.
Kin 33’s G-Force is Solar Eagle (mentioned in a beautiful poem from Priscella Kin 214:  “An eagle and a hawk soon soar above which also serves as a reminder that next Moon’s totem is the Hawk)  The PSI for Resonant 17 is kin 133, which also codes Christine Electric Skywalker
Today’s CDK (Combined Dreamspell Kin coding this Year, Moon and Day) is PVCS Rhythmic Mirror which coded Valum Votan’s death.  Synchronistically, Kim’s birthday falls on the day TMQ determined (reported in the blog for the anniversary of the discovery of his tomb; June 15)) is the day Pacal Votan disincarnated:  5/11, which is one possible reason that Kin 5.11-(Spectral Serpent) is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign  🙂
That means that today is the  Solar-Galactic Return of Pacal Votan’s Disincarnation.  Perfectly sealed by today’s Long Count of 5.11:  PVCS Red Spectral Serpent!!!
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That same post revealed that (according to TMQ’s calculations) Pacal Votan’s 27th Solar-Galactic Return (of 52 years each) occurred on Magnetic 7 2007, the same day that Valum Votan laid the Cube Crop Circle in the fields of England.  Synchronistically, this is revisited on day 3 of  Week 27, on the day of his ‘other Solar-Galactic Return’
13.7“The alternative personality in tandem with other alternative personalities enters the flux tube which is engaged by the projection of mental electrons and mental electron-neutrons (cultivated through the creation of the Heptagonon of Mind/Primal Cubic Parton).   The interaction of the pattern of focused mental electron-neutrons within the electromagnetic field of the flux tube system sets up a wave pattern which provides the means of transport for the time traveling telepathic “crew.'”
GAMMA 17:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
Day 17:  Kin 133 (19×7) (16)  SP-Mars;  Signal-Solar Plexus,  Red Skywalker, Tone 3
Step 11:  Land of the Loving Ones,  Highest vibration of LOVE,  Fifth Supreme Time;  Fifth Green Castle of Enchantment, enter the Court of the Matrix.
Cube 11:  MonKEY SP Venus (7)  Magic–Black Iron Garuda Crest
Sound LA (A) and MI (E)
TMQ found it interesting, that (for some reason) on top of yesterday’s post, the kin number (32appeared in large letters.  It felt perfect, when Priscella Kin 214 sent this link:  32 : which corroborates and helps to explain Valum Votan’s Postulate for Kin 164 Galactic Seed (James) (4.8) which states in part:  “…32 represents the complex order, Crystal, from whose binary dialectic the secondary reflex life (64) is sprung.” 
Cheetah, Cosmic Serpent inspires us with this:  “It is our combined sight; our combined KNOWledge; our combined WISEdom that will prevail. So we must keep our sight on the light of the rainbow and not be drawn in. To all who love the planet, EYE LOVE YOU!
Another Cosmic Serpent,  delivered some URgent messages he was channeling for Spirit,  on PV 4 Dog.  TMQ is heeding the advice which was received by Kin 65   in a powerful way he has experienced on only a handful of occassions. 
On Resonant 18 (exactly 19 Moons since this blog began on Magnetic 18) TMQ will spend 5 days in 13:20 Natural Time, at a festival which offers plenty of Yoga, music, inspiration, and time for ‘writing by hand.’
She expects to retURn in time to write the blog for the last day of oUR Resonant Cube JoURney, Kin 38:  Crystal Mirror, which is coded by the PSI of her kin:  138;  Galactic Mirror.
Her first full day ‘back’ will be coded Kin 39;  Blue Cosmic Storm, whose Postulate
Pacal Votan repeated so often: 
19.13;  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
Enjoy this  truly magical Magic Turtle Day!
More Magic and Synchronicity just arrived via Christine kin 133:
Runaway star Zeta Ophiuchi
Note this ‘runaway Star’s name:  “This infrared image from NASA’s WISE telescope shows the runaway star Zeta Ophiuchi as it creates a bright shockwave (yellow arc) in an interstellar dust cloud as it zooms through space.”
NASA/JPL-Caltech/WISE Team

On the day and PSI coded by Seal 13:  Skywalker, we receive news from 3 Skywalker which is a stunning  reminder of OPHIUCHIUS, the newly reinstated 13th Astrological sign  🙂
The time is now 1:26 on Greg. date 1/26  🙂


N. S.  1. 23. 7. 17.    Cube 11:  MAGIC          Magic Turtle Kin 33

Week/Heptad 27 corresponds to Codon  38:   
DISCRIMINATING;  Cosmic Order Holds Radiance of SpaceCosmic Order certainly seems  visible on this 7th day of the Wavespell coded by Seal 7:  Hand (7.1) during this 7th moon of the 7th year of The Mystery of the Stone  🙂

Kin 32: Yellow Rhythmic Human codes Resonant 16; Cube Ten: LOVE

Kin 32

Yellow Rhythmic Human

Yellow Rhytmic Human
White Rhytmic Wind Yellow Rhytmic Human Blue Rhytmic Hand
  Red Galactic Moon
I organise in order to influence
balancing wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
As with all tone 6 kins, the Antipode;  Rhythmic Wind,  is also the G-Force.  The PSI is coded by P.V.C.S. Lunar Human, which also codes Tiger.  The CDK is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign17.5:  Overtone Earth.
12.6: Construction of the transport vehicle is through a process of fully holographic visualization, the mental energy incorporating itself within the hexagonal volume of the form, the departure point of time vector potentiality defining one of the crystal terminations, the object point in time defining the other crystal termination point. The telepathic propulsion of the crystal is proportionate to total mental clarity.”
SELI 16:  FLOW;  ROOT  Chakra01.gif
Day 16:  Kin 132  SP-Earth;  Core HEART  Yellow Human-Tone 2
Tenth note:  TI (B)
Step 10:  Unification of Consciousness beyond immortality, with consciousness of the spiritual Plan:  Attainment of the Whole.
Cube 10:  Dog  S-P  Mercury (4)  LOVE  Reknowned  Conch Topknot (3rd Bolontiku)
Sound TI (B) and RE (D)

It appears that the Mid-point of the Overtone Moon year, and Valum Votan’s birthday on Overtone Monkey has been commemorated by a crop circle in Indonesia! 

 According to several residents, they saw a tornado on Saturday evening,” 
  “On Sunday afternoon, we saw the footprint in our fields.” 
The work of aliens? Indonesia's first crop circle has left many wondering -- but scientists remain skeptical.
Found in a rice field in a hamlet of Sleman, Yogyakarta, the crop circle consists of triangles and circles with a diameter of about 70 meters.”
Yesterday, on Kin 31, Mehdig initiated a ‘chorUS’ of AYEs.  AYE adds up to 31  🙂
AYE (pronounced I) inspired Christine Kin 133 to share about another Kin 31 Yogi Sri Ramana Maharsi who wrote of his reflections  of I‘:  “Of all the thoughts that rise in the mind, the thought ‘I’ is the first thought.”
3 Skywalker ended that comment with: 
 Oh MonKEY! :)     DO DO DO!   
On this Cube day of Divine Loyalty, let’s note that KEY = 41= “Interval of God
DO, the Chord we toned for the two days in the center of oUR 13 Moon year and the center of the PSI Tzolkin,  equals 19  🙂  Kin 19: Rhythmic Storm.  Her 3 “DOs” add up to  PVCS  and GAP 57:  Today’s CDK:  Overtone Earth.

Priscella Kin 214 (Rhythmic Wizard)  enjoyed “a remarkable day”, and shares 3 links in her comment for Kin 31, including one about the Huichols of Mexico:  
 Huichol Girl  Huichols
” The Huichol consider themselves “Mirrors of the Gods” and strive to reflect a sacred vision of the world, both physically and spiritually. To the Huichol, everything is alive and has a soul (called Kupuri) and is therefore divine”  “Tile Huichol use their mode of dress as another important form of religious expression. Their highly ornate and colorful clothing is said to give pleasure to the gods…”
   The sacred trinity can be seen in this Huichol yarn painting: green peyote, yellow hairs of corn and Blue Deer, or “trickster angel” who is seen here in his form as the morning star or evening star”
Sadly, Christine relates how 12:60 materialism is encroaching upon this beautiful living example of 13:20 Creativity and Divine Loyalty: “Currently one of the Huicholes sacred mountains, Wirikuta, important in their ceremonial migration, Peyote hunt, and deer dance is being purchased for silver mining by a Canadian mining company, “First Majestic Silver Corp”

Thanks to S’ace 9 Wind, Christine kin 133 and Jara 9 Mirror for yoUR suggestions regarding technical issues, and  for yoUR encoURagement regarding a short break.  Ideas are percolating  🙂

DO = 19=19.6   From page 19 of CHC 6:
Paragraph 44:  “Our mission as reflective transistorized subatomic quanta of intelligence is to unify into a single thought reflex…The star (oUR Sun) requires a unified orbital field of intelligence to attain a state of higher resonance…”
N. S.  1. 23. 7. 16.        Cube Ten:  LOVE and DIVINE LOYALTY    Kin 32

DO, the Chord we toned for the two days in the center of oUR 13 Moon year and the center of the PSI Tzolkin,  equals 19  🙂  Kin 19: Rhythmic Storm.  Her 3 “DOs” add up to  PVCS  and GAP 57:  Today’s CDK:  Overtone Earth.

It appears that the Mid-point of the Overtone Moon year, and Valum Votan’s birthday on Overtone Monkey has been commemorated by a crop circle in Indonesia

Happy 72nd Birthday to Valum Votan on Kin 31: Blue Overtone MonKEY

Blue Overtone Monkey

Blue Overtone Storm
Red Overtone Dragon Blue Overtone Monkey Yellow Overtone Star
  White Solar Dog
I empower in order to play
commanding illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
 This year, the Closer of the Cycle will be Guided by GAP Overtone Storm.  The G-Force of Kin 31 is Kin 29:  Electric Moon.
The PSI for Resonant 15 is Kin 131:  Magnetic Monkey.
In the Long Count, Valum Votan’s new year is appropriately coded by Kin 243:  Solar Night; known as Heart of Nine-Heart of Votan.   These two kins  combines to 14.1, Magnetic Wizard.  Today’s CDK is 16.4,  Self-Existing Warrior.          
 11.5“Intelligence operating by the Law of Time finally has the correct knowledge base for identifying holon. When holon is properly understood as fourth-dimensional psychogenetic pattern or double of third-dimensional entity, accurate spiritual knowledge is re-established and ego is reduced or replaced in favor of holon development.”
DALI 15:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif
Today begins the retURn half of the Red Overtone Moon year.
OCTAVE OF RETURN;  Descending Scale
Day 15;  Kin 131  (7) SP Venus,  Cardinal-Throat,  Blue Monkey, Tone 1
Ninth note:  DO (C)
Step 9:  Frequency of Birth into Medium of Immortality–This is the place of Revelation of the Quran, the Last Book:
Cube 9:  G-K Mercury (4)  Purification–Red lightning Child  Great Emptiness
Sound DO (C’) and DO (C)
Planetary Service Wavespell

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 15.     Cube 9:  Purification  Kin 31


Red Overtone Skywalker

Red Overtone Dragon
Blue Overtone Night Red Overtone Skywalker White Overtone Worldbridger
  Yellow Solar Star
I empower in order to explore
commanding wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of birth.
Today, the Crown and Root Oracles of the 7th Lord of the Ring: Single Wing Red Fire switched places.
Now, Red Overtone Skywalker (which codes the next Day-out-of-Time) is the Crown Oracle.
Solar Star is the Root of Crown;  7th Chakra:  Third Eye.
5 Skywalker is now his Crown Chakra (his 8th Chakra out of 9)
5 Dragon becomes the 9th Chakra which is the Noosphere:  Crown of Crown.
This blog will be brief, to avoid the problems that have been occurring here (for example; today changing colors on its own), and to allow time for fixing them  🙂
May this 7th Mystery of the Stone RetURn JoURney to the Day-out-of-Time serve as a perfect practice for oUR RetURn to the Original Matrix Attained!
And may The Closer of the Cycle, Valum Votan, be blessed with Joy, Vitality and Peace dURing his 73rd year on the planet (this time around!)  🙂

PVCS Kin 30: White Self-Existing Dog Co-Anchors the Mid-point of this Overtone Moon year


White Self-Existing Dog
White Self-existing Worldbridger
Yellow Self-existing Sun White Self-existing Dog Red Self-existing Moon
  Blue Planetary Monkey
I define in order to love
measuring loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of death.


Red Overtone Moon


Red Overtone Earth
Blue Overtone Storm Red Overtone Moon White Overtone Dog
  Yellow Solar Human

I empower in order to purify
commanding flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of navigation.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Kin 109 codes the Crown Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time,  Single Wing Red Fire, until Midnight.   Then it will switch  places with the Root Oracle, Overtone Skywalker.

After the Mid-Year Swith,  Overtone Moon will code the Root Oracle.
PVCS & GAP Overtone Earth will then code the Crown of Root:  3rd Chakra ( SECRET CENTER).  Overtone Moon will code the 2nd Chakra (ROOT).  Solar Human will become the 1st Chakra:  Root of Root which corresponds to the  Heart of our Earth, the Domain of Kin 137;  Resonant Earth, who mediates the Plasmas streaming from Hunab Ku.


Synchronistically, the very last words in “The Seven Years Mystery of the Stone” are:
New Solar Human emerges from Mystery of the Stone.”  🙂
Just now realized that the first 4/5ths of this post have disappeared  (:
It included information about Prince Harry (Kin 30) and this special time of the year, which you can read here:  
 SorryDo not have time to rewrite everything.
White Self-existing Worldbridger
Yellow Self-existing Sun White Self-existing Dog Red Self-existing Moon
  Blue Planetary Monkey
I define in order to love
measuring loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of death.
N. S.  1. 23. 7. 14.  Cube Eight:  ART   P.V.C.S. Kin 30

Kin 29: Red Electric Moon codes Limi 13; Cube 7: Accompishment

Red Electric Moon

Red Electric Skywalker
Blue Electric Storm Red Electric Moon White Electric Dog
  Yellow Spectral Human
I activate in order to purify
bonding flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of space.
The G-Force of Kin 29 is  Planetary Night.  The PSI  of Resonant 13 is Crystal Moon.  Kin 29 is the 3rd day of the 3rd Wavespell:  Accomplishment, which matches today’s Cube 7:  Accomplishment.
Vinal 10:  YAX“Where the student clears the mind, taking account of what is not yet ripe.”
9.3: The cultivation of sensory teleportation through maintaining a projective geometry coordinated according to sets of time vector potentials, organized by a collective multiplicity of planetary stations or points, establishes a continuing conscious field known as the telepathic matrix. The telepathic matrix is not created as an abstract function, but is the evolved necessity of the biosphere-noosphere transition.”
       LIMI 13:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gif
Day 13:  Kin 129 (4)  GK Omega Mercury,  Gateway Root  Red Moon Tone 12
Seventh note:  TI (B)
Step 7:   Vibrations of 2nd (non-manifest) Universe,  Gate of Reflection to 1st (manifest) Universe–Perfection of  orginal  days of creation.
Melovia and Angel’ s Kin 129 code today’s PSI.  From Melovia’s most recent comment, TMQ was gratified to learn there are at least two of us (one in each Hemisphere) sounding the chords each day  🙂

For this 13th day of the 7th Moon, 13 crystal skulls here is a link from Burbuja 33 (Kin 33 = 13.7; today’s 13 Moon date)  “According to Mayan Legend, there will come a time when 13 ancient crystal skulls are reunited that can affect the Earth and the course of humanity…This date is calculated as December 21, 2012 and there are many interpretations of 2012 Mayan prophecies.”
Image Preview George Lucas (producer of Star Wars) recently  revealed to actor Seth Rogan that he is firmly convinced the world will end in 2012.
May we Resonate with this Sovereign Free Human:, whose courageous and intelligent defense earned the judge’s respect-and preserved his own freedom  🙂
 On Magnetic Hand, Christine Kin 133  had a ‘Handinduced dream’ of “a holographic multi-colored Hunab Ku pulsating in the sky above a large body of water – as i realized eye was dreaming the focUS of the galactic center accelerated and i felt a “zooming” effect – what was perceived as “in the sky” was compressed and i felt a warm connected radiance from the Hunab Ku directly to my heart chakra – it filled me with a joyful bURst of energy as i stood on the beach’
beach’  Galactic Center
Today’s Kin number: 29 was seared into the conciousness of Key-We s the past few months (because of the 29 miners lost at Pike River =113}, and the components of the Cube = 29.  Kin 29 also marks  Hunab Ku 21 days until the end of the first cycle of   the Seven 113-day Cycles of the Lord of the Dawn.
As Valum Votan revealed, in his report of the Terma he began ‘unlocking’ on kin 197:
 113 is a key prime number, and as a kin equivalent, (Kin 113) it is the Red Solar Skywalker, and represents Quetzalcoatl as Lord of the Dawn. This is because Skywalker is the equivalent of Acatl, the Reed, the sign of Quetzalcoatl’s natal signature, and Solar represents the sun and the dawn. Sura 113 in the Qur’an is entitled, Lord of the Dawn, confirming the Kin 113 designation.
The 7th cycle of 113 days ends on “The prophetic date, December 21, 2012  {which} marks the crest of the 104,000 year galactic spiral density wave, an evolutionary shift point of unprecedented magnitude, the shift from mind to supermind and the ascent of spiritual-mental values over materialist ones.
GAP Kin 197;  Lunar Earth  also marked the beginning  of “the 1008-day cycle of the Seven 144-day cycles of the Return of Sacred Power and the Six 36-day cycles of the Cubing of the Earth”.
 At the end of the 7th cycle of 144 days, we will ‘Launch Timeship Earth 2013’ to complete oUR GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION.

Today:  Moon 7;  Day 13:  Cube 7 marks a significant milestone in the Accomplishment of oUR Final Cycles of TRANSFORMATION.

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 13.   Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT   Kin 29

On Magnetic Hand, Christine Kin 133  had a ‘Hand-induced dream’ of
Hot Gas in Galactic Center 

Kin 28: Yellow Lunar Star codes Resonant Alpha 12: Cube 6

Yellow Lunar Star

Yellow Lunar Sun
White Lunar Mirror Yellow Lunar Star Blue Lunar Monkey
  Red Crystal Skywalker
I polarize in order to beautifiystabilising art.
I seal the store of  elegance with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of universal fire.
Today’s  G-Force is  Resonant Dog.  The PSI is Spectral Star.  The CDK is 13.1:  Magnetic Skywalker a.k.a. Quetzalcoatl.
8.2:  “The critical period of adjustment is defined by the biosphere-noosphere transition. The primal cause of the crisis bringing on the biosphere-noosphere transition is the separation of the AC from the CA function, exacerbated by the 12:60 artificial timing deviation from the 13:20 biospheric norm.”
ALPHA  12:  RELEASE;  THROAT  Chakra05.gif
Day 12:  Kin 128  (7)  G-K VENUS;   SIGNAL-SOLAR PLEXUS;  YELLOW STAR-Tone 11
Sixth note:  LA
Step 6:  Channel of Transition from religious to Universal Consciousness-spiral vibrations of sound radiate to atomic (Cosmic )whole
During this Resonant Cube Journey, the PSIs in the center of the of the Tzolkin are aligned with the center of the 13 Moon year.
Graphic of 13:20 Tzolkin/Harmonic Module
This stunning photo (captured at 1/8000th of a second) brings to mind a  Quetzalcoatl, a Red Skywalker or oUR Single Wing Red Fire, whose Resonant Spine is nearly 1/2 awakened  🙂
HFreeze! A Red Shafted Northern Flicker is frozen by amateur wildlife photographer Roy Hancliff at 1/8000th of a second
The 19 parts of each wing, and the 9 tail feathers can represent 19.9 (Solar Storm;  Princess Diana) the Kin (+ Occult 122:  Overtone Wind) whose Kin  bookends this central Resonant Cube Journey.
A ‘POLARIZING’ decision was made by the Supreme Court on Crystal Serpent:
U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void”
For this day of Art and Beauty, here’s a quote that arrived via spam:
We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

 Bienvenu beaucoup au Marilyn, who responded today (About) from France.  She, like oUR delightful and frequent contributor Christine, is coded byKin 133:  Red Electric Skywalker.

This brings the total of 441 Cube of Truth Kin residing in the 7th Mystic column of the Tzolkin (Whose Kins code the PSIs of the 7th Cube Journey) to 7Rachel: 123;  Melovia and Angel:  129;  Tiger: PVCS  132;  Christine and Marilyn:  133, and TMQ:  138.

 On this 6th day in the Cube, we’ll close with this, from CHC Volume 6, Chapter 6:  paragraph 7:

“The PSI bank is the working mechanism of the Noosphere, Earth’s mental sheathe.  The PSI bank also contains the timing codes for release of different changes and mutations in the evolutionary process.  PSI bank is to Noosphere what brain is to mind…”

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 12.  Cube 6 :  Bridging the Worlds    Kin 28



 Bienvenu beaucoup au Marilyn, who responded today (About) from France.  She, like oUR delightful and frequent contributor Christine, is coded byKin 133:  Red Electric Skywalker.