Kin 12: Yellow Crystal Human codes our Round Table on Rhythmic Gamma 24

Yellow Crystal Human

Yellow Crystal Seed
White Crystal Wind Yellow Crystal Human Blue Crystal Hand
  Red Lunar Moon
I Dedicate in order to Influence,  Universalizing Wisdom.
I seal the process of Free Will with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Flowering.
Today’s Analog is Kin 207, Crystal Hand  which codes the 2012 Solstice.  The G-force is Spectral Wizard.
Postulate 12.12:  “Galactic universal life transport vehicles represent evolving synthesized crystalline floral projective structures of advanced types of multiple central axes. Experiments possible only after AD 2013.”
Red Eastern Castle of Turning     Core/HEART    SP-EARTH  Clan- Truth 
GAMMA 24:  PACIFY; THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
Seal 12:  Human corresponds to oUR Planet EARTH.  Image Preview
The first link here:  tells how the dumping of highly toxic poisons caused the death of thousands of birds in 3 different states, and 100,000 drum fish.    The former Pentagon official who threatened to expose it was murdered before he could do so. Mysterious Murder of Bush Official John P Wheeler III Found Dead in Delaware Landfill This link: corroborates it by describing how the body of that  patriotic American,  John P. Wheeler III, Spectral Night (Occult:  Kin 198) , was  discovered in a garbage dump.  He was last seen getting off the train (from Arkansas?)” “This is just not the kind of guy who gets murdered”  said his attorney.  This news item: also supports the information presented  in the first article.  Another 2 million fish just died in the Chesapeake Bay, America’s largest estuary;  cold weather is suspected. Spraying the Gulf
These poisonings are happening in the vicinity of the  Gulf  states that are already suffering from the results of the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico.   “this petroleum-based formula (Corexit)  is regarded as being at least four times more toxic to life, than the oil it disperses by many environmentalists”.
 “The British Petroleum catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico started one Galactic Spin ago, on Crystal Human:  12.12, on Planetary 17.
Many scientists, including this theoretical physicist: believe the ‘spill‘ has disrupted the Gulf stream, leading to  the dramatic weather conditions we are currently experiencing.  For example, in much of the world, the most severe winter in centuries has taken an early hold, and a sizable part of Australia is currently underwater.  A very recent report by a team of scientists warns that disruption of the Gulf Stream is causing an ice age to begin rather quickly.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceAida, Hun Ik, Galactic Agent 222 shares this from the Law of Time report for this Rhythmic Moon:  “New Moon. Partial solar eclipse, preceded two weeks earlier by the total lunar eclipse (10 Dec 2010). This set of solar eclipses repeats approximately every 177 days (sign of Galactic Earth). Solar birthday of mathematician and astronomer Sir Isaac Newton (1642), who discovered gravity. Galactic signature of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan who discovered the Law of Time (1989). 
Kin 222 also writes how important it is to share Chapter 1 of Book of the Transcendence with all  🙂  Paragraphs 11 and 12 happen to fall on page 12
11“To transcend is to go beyond the present state of conditioned being;  this is the purpose of life…We are meant to become channels of Divine Will.”
12.  “…This means waking up to the fact that the world is living mired in confusion within a veil of ignorance, and that a path(s) exist by which we may acknowledge the illusion and ignorance and move beyond it.”
S’ace Kin 22 responded to 222, and mentions how he is an adherent of  combining the Long Count with the Dreamspell.  Their combination today (12.12) plus Long Count Electric Seed (4.3) equals 16.2;  Lunar Warrior.  We are now in a sequence during which the Combined Dreamspell Kins {coding the year (9.5) Moon (15.6) and day (12.12) =} Planetary Warrior, both equal the same seal.
Reimar Kin 143 (who has been exhibiting Lunar Warrior tendencies lately) sent  this photo of a highly spiritual Warrior, which serves as a  reminder to be strong stewards of oUR Earth.  This great link from Galactic Agent 143 shows a crucial KEY to  our sacred task of becoming Channels of Divine Will:  YOGA;  which optimally facilitates Union with the Divine and Alignment with our Earth’s Axis.  As Reimar says,  Yoga also : “forms cosmic matrices that provide structures and pathways to focus our attention and to direct our behavior. The evolution of consciousness is about clearing our perceptional mechanisms so that we can perceive, integrate and operate from the highest expressions of these cosmic templates.” 
He also notes this of the Sacred Number 19Eclipses occur in the same sign and in approximately the same degree every 19 years“.
Melovia Kin 129 made  this observation:  “Kin 11 ~ during this spin the 4th day of the 1st month in the Gregorian calendar, Day 41 of the Seven Sacred Weeks. 41: Interval of God.”  “2011: Hope, Rejuvenation and Rebirth”  and offered this lovely video:
Kiwi Mike;  Kin 226 lets us knowGod Bless, Still here in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand beeming Global love Galactic intervention”  🙂  That is greatly needed, in part because:
Debra 7 Mirror informs us: Louisiana Latest Place to Rain Dead Birds 
“It seems more logical to me that these creatures are experiencing some kind of unusual energy field, or else impacted by higher level of geomagnetic forces.
Ani  Kin 62 shared:  “January 5, 2011 – Mysterious Deaths of Snapper in New Zealand  and  “Brazil’s Paraná-Online reports some 15 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish have washed up dead on the coast of Paranagua, Parana, Brazil, south of Sao Paulo, since Thursday, December 30, 2010.”
The devastation of  animal life and of  Human’s  food supply is accelerating in several ways.
Christine Kin 133  shares sentiments from that Mojo Nixon that we can resonate with. “Can’t wait for Washington to fix the economy. We must take bold action now.”  She also shares a link from the Daily Show that compares Barack Obama with Luke Skywalker.  The President IS a Skywalker:  Self-Existing.  That means his G-force is Kin 39:  Cosmic Storm–So there is hope  🙂  Thanks 3 Skywalker for noting that  blogs from a Spin ago contain information about the daily kin that is not being repeated this Spin. {And for this intriguing symbol-laden coat of arms from Chile, newly-stricken by an earthquake-vertical bars = 12*11*12}The 3 preceding kin have described how they are  sensitive to the strange energies impacting our planet now.  That is another reason to be radiating positive energy and high intentions.  As  Kin 98 wrote:  “I like to believe that we are ready and prepared to make a very smooth transition… worth anticipating that it will happen that way!
Pedro 4 Warrior (who is Guided by Seal 12) wrote:  “11.11 Valum Votan. 12.12 Osho. We are in good hands”  During the Galactic Mirror Moon of  the White Lunar Wizard year (2007-2008) the Hunab Ku  (a.k.a. Leap Day,  considered a special Day-out-of-Time) was nestled between Kin 11 and 12.  Kin 12 is the G-Force of Galactic Mirror
520 days later,  12.12 (12×12 = 144coded the Gulf of Mexico global disaster, and the launching of the 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth into the cybersphere.
Let’s observe oUR Galactic RetURn by engaging in Telepathic Meditation on behalf of oUR Earth, and meeting each other in Her Noosphere at 11:11 a.m.  MonKEY region (PST) time on 12.12  🙂  (8:11 a.m. on 13.13 here in the ‘First Land to See the Dawn)
This smiling sunrise solar eclipse was a beautiful beginning of our  sacred Galactic Spin 34 A.H {After Harmonic Convergence, 1987},  and the 2011 Gregorian year.  Since the Islamic year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the Gregorian year,  this year, 1432 A.H. {After Hejira} began on the Overtone Lover’s Reunion, on this 23rd year since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 .  This waning Crescent moon on the Rhythmic Lover’s Reunion marked  the beginning of the second month for the billion devout Humans who direct prayers to the sacred stone in the Cube in Mecca 5 times each day.
Verse 74 (7.4=144) of Chapter 12:  Time’s Special Witness  of  Pacal Votan’s Telektonon states: 
People of the  dawn,  people of the book,  children of the day of Truth,  many messengers have been given to you.  A Book of Enlightenment has been placed in the Earth for all to read incommunion with the Earth.  A Book of Dark Prophecies has been left for you.  A Prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells to accompany the Book of Dark Prophecies has also been left for you.  A great Prophet and Messenger has left you clear signs to understand, and a book of unassailable righteousness, the Holy Qu’ran.”
Verse 79 {=19.1, Noosphere Constant} of Chapter 12“Pacal Votan am I,  Time’s Special Witness, messenger of the Telektonon, instrument of the Seventh angel, I declare again and again:
N. S.  1. 23. 6. 24.    ‘Cube 18’TELEPATHIC MEDITATION       Kin 12

16 thoughts on “Kin 12: Yellow Crystal Human codes our Round Table on Rhythmic Gamma 24

  1. Todaya is my husband’s and brother-in-law’s Solar retURn – Lunar and Rhythmic Humans, respectively, born 4 years apart. 🙂

    Tones 2×6 = 12 Crystalline – haha!

    Some choice words from Crystal Human, Karl Barth for focUS…

    Jesus does not give recipes that show the way to God as other teachers of religion do. He is Himself the way.

    The best theology would need no advocates: it would prove itself.

    Belief cannot argue with unbelief, it can only preach to it.

    The center is not something which is under our control, but something that controls us.

    To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.

    In the Resurrection the new world of the Holy Spirit touches the old world of the flesh, but touches it as a tangent touches a circle, that is, without touching it.

    What expressions we used — in part taken over and in part newly invented! — above all, the famous ‘wholly other’ breaking in upon us ‘perpendicularly from above,’ the not less famous ‘infinite qualitative distinction’ between God and man, the vacuum, the mathematical point, and the tangent in which alone they must meet.



    i was contemplating posting my last cookie related for/tune when this little sync occURed!

    A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan next week.

    Sugar (tang, ha!)

    Lucky Numbers 16,22,33,35,40

    As i was contemplating this – simultaneously Mr. PVCS says, “Sugar” twice in relation to some canned product – TO THE PUB!


  3. The Trecena of Communication

    This Trecena is governed by Ik’, the Wind (Iq’ in K’iche’ Maya). Ik’ is the nagual of the element of air and the moon, of the spirit of human existence. This is trecena of communication, the thread that connects all human beings, and all living things on Earth.

    To communicate is, in its most simple essence, to be connected. To be connected, in turn, does not necessarily mean spending your life on social networks or talking on the phone… it means to be actively present, in your mind body and soul, and to be aware of others, other living beings, the natural environment, your family and community, and of yourself. Communication takes all forms: verbal, visual, auditory, kinetic, sensual, emotional, psychic or spiritual. And we are the ones who have the most tools and technologies for communicating, yet suffer the most of all species on Earth from miscommunication.

    Sp regardless of whether you think you are a good communicator or not, if you quiet those external voices that society and the marketing machines of our economy bombard us with on a daily basis, and tune into those finer, subtler frequencies, you may find yourself communicating on a much higher and deeper level, not just with your fellow human beings, but with the rest of the living planet as well.

    Ironically, Wind is as fickle as it is strong… it can change direction on a moment’s notice, but if you are aware and tuned in, you will notice those signs and hints of change that can be short-lived, ephemeral in fact, but tell of major shifts to come.

    This Trecena is not the time for control or rules. It is a time of fluidity, experimentation, and open-mindedness. Indeed, if you are one with the Wind, you will experience a different kind of freedom!

  4. true power does not come from a man or woman that can scream about errors made and expect for perfection in every instance. it comes from the person that can softly point out mistakes in a clear manner and motivate teams to solve the issue and set a standard so that issue never repeats.

  5. i have to be honest and claim ignorance to the blog. i love my wife and want to become more attuned to the coloquialness but i seem to fail. i have a somewhat side view on everything. But, i cannot deny the regular frequency with which happenstance happens for christine. i have to admit that i am not a firm believer in anything. in fact, i’m agnostic. i don’t know if this will ever change but i want you to know that you’ve given her a fantastic outlet. whether it be true or not is yet to be seen. i will engage. thank you. cole

  6. ………endure to eXplore…

    …….snavigation, earth-navigation , however possible.

    ‘tseems i’m gettin old… t took me 2h to re mambraine this song…lol
    let’s say, qualities of the Eternal become increasingly co-ordinated not a hypothesis ………………………………………………………
    except when y come of age, as saturn has bitten into the cells and it take y<a a hell of atime to re move

    .. the corresponding aphorism would be… " make the block you carry in front of your head a weapon“ or transl into mayan..:'see' the tollan, blockhead‘!
    … and use… .

    3 hellsofaTime ago i made a huge wallpainting , in the squat, i lived, a overdim clown's face, and a friend contributed the words. Those…

    whas adifferent clown, those days, lol

    and here, a dragOntune, from tollanTecOmni-LAW:
    Like a single Note of a Tune and Melody, You found Yourself in the wilderness of Your stasis, unable to move and express Yourself as the Unity of Oneness You represent. –
    A Named Note called Gaia The Beautiful!

    A single note shall yet become a Tune and a Melody of Universes interacting and then a Grand Symphony, when the Children of the Cosmic Lion shall roar and banish the pains and the sorrows and the wars to self and Us.

    And so the Weaver of the Old World began to weave an invisible web of the Cosmic Huntsmen Spider; the Old Human GrandMother SpiderWoman awoke and remembered Her prey of the fake images usurping My power and My Honour in posing and pretending to be Me.


    to all… and thrive…

  7. Greetings kin.

    I resonated with Reimar Kin 143’s image of Sitting Bull. Yesterday I called on the spirit of Wallace Black Elk (a Lakota elder and shaman), the Navaho and the winged people (birds in particular) to assist in the healing of an ailing family member. As I wrote blessings in a greeting card and enclosed a feather, I heard the birds outside my window communicating with each other (and me?) very loudly. I took that as a fortuitous sign.

    I also resonated with the encouragement to initiate a yoga practice. Two days ago while in a bookstore contemplating an ancient Indian depiction “of the turning of the Sea of Milk by the asuras and the devas (and their Egyptian counterparts, e.g., Horus versus Set) who are cooperating to pull the coils of Vasuki around the pivot of the center of the galactic Sea of Milk so as to churn the experiments of life and overcome the negative programming forces that pull on the opposite side of the galactic rope.” [ref. Pistis Sophia: A Coptic Text of Gnosis with Commentary,1999, J. J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak, p. 691], I was approached by an Indian fellow who offered me a flyer on an upcoming free public lecture on Kriya Yoga (

    Grace to us all.

    Ani (Kin 42, White Electric Wind)

  8. todaya it spells 13.13 during the birdaya of the skywalker.13 edition of CLAIR’voyanth ;-))

    a serendipiticall conact brought me together in a’dam (where e’ve lives) with kin0’99 a Galactic Storm …
    his guide is mirror 8 😉 dear TMQ … Trans Mediating Queen …

    his occult partner is WIND5 … SEAL WIND – radiating spiceye

    after that the “tram” brought me to the end of line 13 … where sun’80 lives; dynamic LUNAR – second spice just after the MAGNETIC pur(ep)ose

    this all responding to the cosmic skywalker … experiencing the energetic sphere all around …

    we will eat an INDIAN dish – which corresponds to the Indian Summer Theme in dialogue this moment as the essential 5th season … when it comes up as appropriate to study its act …

    In LongCount it iz about 273 – 48 = 225, 4th spice in WINDwave – selfexistsing & self exciting SERPENT biting its own Tail as a BABY sucking its own thumb’leness 😉 arrividerci!

  9. In Lak’ech dear Kin

    lol the assange3King pic would fit today. He is ‘free’ again¿, as ‘free as we are.
    He’s under fire, so is the planet and are we.

    God’s power of all movement and measure (Hunab Ku) , is the recollection that is PROPHESY. Knowing this body as the measure of time, I had built this palace and this tower to correct and to also look for the Tower of Babel, a memory of the remembering. And in my NINEFOLD temple, where, guarded by the nine powers of time, I had this body laid, I left this legacy for you, the Talking STONE of Prophecy.”


    So, what is now up for us, kin united in oUR diversity
    mystery gems…; cut’e’ach… {lol} and every kin in his/her unique way. Le/a/d here, out of unEXplorable reasons; by forces, we can only dream of………canNOt have any per- app-, or outerception unless becoming One with the MYSTERy.

    ––which is a warrior/kin/et.c’s DUTY ……according to the 3. POSTULATE of STALKING .

    Being- AT-ONE with the mysterY the warrior comes to understand, that the crux of this mystery is the infinite MysterY of BEINGNESS, irrespective of wether this Beingness means an atom, a mineral, a plant, an animal, a human
    or even a superhuman Entity.
    Having come to this realization the warrior enters into a state of true HUMILITY, for within the mYSTERY OF BEINGNESS ALL ARE EQUAL

    SO, What’s left for us to contemplate , is how can we help…

    …those, out there and… who plan soon to land in numBer{u}s… ¿ what wants oUR innermost beingness US to do…? ………some like it this way…… ………
    ……others like it more comfortable, it actually does’nt matter, what outer posture…so much more important is the inner attitude which leads automatically, naturALLY, and by itself to the neccessary receptive mode

    _–_to perceive yOur godspark’s µtter…mutter…{natter} nud giñg dg ins.

    So oUR Nebadonian spacefleet ET-kin would appreciate ; not a light thing for US to do:
    Forgive oUR perpetrators, and pray them into thick mists of love……
    Monjoronson speaking:

    “Imagine the word GREED.
    See this word in front of you and simply give it to me and ask for my MERCY to infuse my spiritual energy into it. You might liken this to a large boulder of energy that has oppressed many individuals in many ways over the course of your planetary evolution, and now you are asking for that boulder to be shattered.

    It is my MERCY that will to come against this energy and reduce its influence.

    This quality of selfishness is what is being dismantled through the exercises you are participating in.…blend with my MERCY and create a better and bigger field of light to reduce this.  Eventually it will fall into ashes.

    THESE are indeed your brothers and sisters–they are children–they are worthy to receive the ministry of MERCY within their minds. You are providing a fulcrum to uproot the distortion in them to begin to see the glimmering of hope and a way out of their own jail.…into the energies of selflessness. (Pause) we help you begin to make that faith step to love your brothers and sisters more. Be more merciful to them. Any time you feel resentment or anger growing within you, call upon me, call upon Christ Michael, or call upon another of the inumeral invisible helpers in expectance of a warm thought from the HEaRT……
    and you will be fed with MERCY.
    Let this word be one of the resolutions you make in the New Year: To be merciful. You will do much to seed goodness on the planet. Help us as we help you build Light and Life on Urantia.  Good afternoon. 

    in lak’ech

  10. 1. pic is nothin anyway

    COR rections:……comfortable may be interpreted from a wide range of
    possible and impossible body{div}-sensations.

    mEm anations. It features the Japanese Goddess Quanwon (Kannon, Quan Yin), whose energy field is thought to bring health and happiness to her worshippers. Juxtaposed is an artistic depiction of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation—the sea of energy pervading our universe, left over from the Big Bang

    28 11 2010( no telnumb! )
    Barssiah 133 (01:16:00) :
    666 meme [moUSe] enactAaiiiggghhhh!!!

  11. do you know where the clock is hangin’?

    and does that imply you know where its spoon iz?

    anyway one of the biggest clocks in the world is doing its dong on 3kingsdaya in Cologne / Koln, Germ’any 😉

    allow this sync on 13/13/13 daya

    well this is german language, probabilonya facilitates the story on an english site too (notice that one when you find that one)

    skywalking the dingadong with 3 kings sear’ching for a star born?

    • here Is the spoon
      why, dear s’ace is the dongey giving the spoon, up, kik
      is it KRAUTROCK

      SPICED by crystal soniC YoUth
      Hear LouD––……t shatter the REzzzt of an hear¿drum sum¿

      nothinGnew in popababalonIa

      in lake.p,’ech
      schneit…mal wieder hundert un paar zerquetschte

      • ach ja, “material-tired-driven” is the cause that did fall the spoon in wintertime …

        what does that word / reason sound?

        and then on the event to sound for threekingsdaya?

        iz this a signal?

        Rome and Köln were not built on 1 daya … however built within one day seen from another unity / layer of seeing things arise (or fall apart)

        “Genever can tell” pinpoints Juniper(ceptional Voyeurism)

  12. jen never is a yoyager, or better a Voyeurger, as y said

    She foolows with her behavior the object ions of AUrMisteryQuienTsch, but, in all her intelligence……has drowned.

    What means krautrock on dutch, or better y hv an example of CoolrockRollens

    marie-christine would say ChoucroutesR.roule ade
    while in NZZ they reject to write about such sub versi ve sounds.

  13. (sorry, i drifted away once again)

    havin’ this SOUL daya …

    we tribute the soil that has spread in Brasil, Australia & Europe from the waters that actually cleanse the soil however the smell will not tell that from conditioned minds and minds’set.

    just the day after the Hunab’Ku might always celebreate the Kuxan Suum …

    the heavenly highway that helps Kuna’Ku to reach all livin beings in its realm

    thX to the maYan and other ancients to in-form us on that heavenly principle

    “resonance” and “G’lorY” might be expressions that radiate “kuXan S’uum”

    🙂 may i see all ursmiles : ~))))))))) }} 9 bows will do!

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